Open the attached message read it and get back to me, Attachment content - Good day.docx: Good day, I - Attorney Michel Lawson, personal attorney to a foreign construction engineer who had been a resident here in Lome Togo. My client died with his family while on holiday in Phuket in Thailand...see more in December 2004. Asian Earthquake Disaster Terrestrial(tsunami disaster) I decided to contact you so I know that you carry the same surname with him. Deposit valued dollar for (US$ 8.5 million only), and he settled with the Bank.I have the necessary legal information, which in legal terms,I will refer you to support the demand from the Bank. contact me for more details e-mail: mich13lawson@yahoo.com Kindly get back to me with your email address for more details and clarifications, thanks and have a nice day. I am waiting for your positive response, Kind Regards Mr,Michel Lawson (Esq.)
Click to view scam #74107 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 9:57 pm by mich13lawson@gmail.com
-- Hi Friend, Im a Banker. I want to transfer an abandoned USD5.5Million to your Bank account. 40% will be for you while 60% for me.
Click to view scam #74106 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 9:51 pm by smithawaawala@gmail.com
THE PRESIDENCY FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA PUBLIC DEBT COMMITTEE/FOREIGN PAYMENT 126 Marina Road, Victoria Island, Lagos-Nigeria Email:frankwilliams126@admin.in.th Attention Dear Beneficiary "URGENT NOTICE OF PART PAYMENT OF $5,000,000.00 OR $2,000,000.00 OR $1,000,000.00 TO ALL FOREIGN CONTRACTORS / BENEFICIARIES OF ALL TYPES OF FUNDS OWED TO YOU BY ANY BANK IN NIGERIA OR COMPANIES/GOVERNMENT PARASTATALS OWNED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA OR NEXT OF KIN INHERITANCE FUNDS WHO ARE YET TO BE PAID BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMEN OF NIGERIA". Your Name And Your Total Amount Was Given To This Committee In Respect Of Your Total Sum/Money Owed To You By Any Of The Above Bodies Mentioned Which You Failed To Claim Because Of Either Non Compliance Of Official Processes Or Because Your Representatives Did Not Represent You Very Well In The Past. Therefore, This Is To Alert You That You Have A Good News To Your Payment This Time Around. This Government Have Finalized Every Arrangements To Pay You The Above Part Payment Without Further Delay As One Of The Struggles Of Improving Nigeria Image Abroad. The Federal Government Have Mapped Out Several Millions Of U.S. Dollars In Raw Cash To Be Paid To You And Other Beneficiaries In Other Parts Of The World. The Approved Part Payment Above Is To Show A Full Commitment To Solidify The Both Countries Economic Relationship And Other Countries Of The World. The Federal Government Under President DR.GOODLUCK JONATHAN Have Mandated This Committee To Handle This Part Payment By Paying The Same Raw Cash To All Foreign Beneficiaries Of Funds Who Are Yet To Receive Their Genuine Payments Owed To Them, And To Those Beneficiaries Who Have Not Yet Received Any Part Payment Before From The Federal Government Of Nigeria Or From Any Of The Above Mentioned Bodies. This Committee Which Is Made Up Of Men And Women Of Honor Have Worked Out Special Government Internal Arrangements With A Government Approved Diplomatic Courier Company Called 'Access Diplomatic Courier Service WHOSE HEAD OFFICE IS IN LONDON,U.K Who Will Dispatch This Part Payment Raw Cash To You With Immediate Effect Upon Your Acceptance To This Special Government Arrangements And Applying Officially In This Office For The Part Payment Delivery to your door step in your city. The $5,000,00000 Cash Payment Are All In $100 Denominations And Will Be 50,000 Pieces Of Currency Notes Of U.S. Dollars Or $2,000,000.00 Which Is 20,000 pieces Or $1,000,000.00 Which Is 10,000 Pieces Which Will Be Neatly Packaged By This Committee And Handed Over To The Courier Company For Urgent Delivery To Your Confidential Address In Your Country And At Your Door Step Including Other Beneficiaries Of Funds In Your Country.This Part Payment Is First To Apply And First To Be Paid As Only 8 Persons To Be Applied In Each Of The Countries Are The Ones To Be Paid First, Because We Have A Limited Cash For This Part Payment Project. THE COURIER DIPLOMATIC HEAD OFFICE TEL:44-7045742739. Take Note That The Federal Government Have Only Taken Care Of The Tickets, Accommodation, Feeding And Basic Traveling Allowances Of All The Two Officials Of The Above Courier Staff And One Federal Government Representative Who Will Come Live To Your Address To Deliver This Part Payment Cash Package To You. If You Have Accepted This Cash Part Payment Arrangement As Above Stated, Please Urgently Forward To This Committee Without Further Delay Your Confidential Address Where The Courier Men Will Deliver The Cash Package Or Your ATM CARD Loaded With Your Funds To You And Also Give Us Your Direct Telephone And Your Private Email Address For Easy Contact To You Upon Their Arrival To Your Country. Remember To Indicate To Us Your State/City Name And Your Nearest Airport To Your Address And Also Indicate Your Total Funds Owed To You.This Special Arrangement Is To Convince You That This Government Is Not Deliberately With-Holding Back Your Genuine Payments.Please Accept Our Humble Apologies For The Delay To Your Payment. Please For Security Reasons, Don't Reveal This Private Arrangements To Pay You By Cash Package Or By ATM CARD To Any One And You Are Warned To Stop Contacting Any Other Official In Regard To Your Payment Or Any Part Of Your Payment Or To Contact Fake Officials Who Have Nothing Good To Offer To You. Note That One Of The Federal Government Official Have Been Appointed To Follow The Courier Company In Their Trip To Your Country As To Oversee All The Cash Deliveries To Various Beneficiaries. Awaiting Your Official Application To This Part Payment Approval For Immediate Delivery To You. Should You Wish To Reconfirm This Part Payment Approval Direct From The President Of Nigeria, Please contact this email address for Mr president DR GOODLUCK JONATHAN:presidentgoodluckjonathan2014@ gmail.com And should you want a wire transfer of your funds direct to your account, please apply for your payment directly to the President of Nigeria on his email above. PLS NO RISK INVOLVED TILL YOU GET YOUR FUNDS SINCE IT HAS THE PRESIDENT APPROVAL AND MANDATE. THANKS. 1.YOUR Full Names:......... 2.YOUR Full Address with city code:...... 3.YOUR Cell Phone Number:... 4.YOUR Private Email..... 5.The Nearest International Airport Nearest To Your Address Yours Faithfully, FRANK WILLIAMS SECRETARY TO THE CHAIRMAN,PUBLIC DEBT COMMITTEE/FOREIGN PAYMENT Email:frankwilliams126@admin.in.th
Click to view scam #74105 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 9:33 pm by postmaster@finzoom.ro
$750,000 US Dollars has been donated to you; Please reply for more information  
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Attachment content - img1.jpg:ÿØÿà?âkqý?å?Ýÿµ?)¤ÝyVÒÛ?î|ÿ=?íqZßj,?3,ª»?s|?~ï»ütsH®_xÛÔ~ øOYÕ/o¯¬ï®Þòán.­.uk?¸d?}»Kå2®Äù6íùk^ÿ
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Hello,I'm  looking to finance any profitable business, do you need funds to establish or support your business, I'm ready to invest or finance any business of your choice as joint venture business.your response waited.Mr Ahmed HanniForMubarak & Family
Click to view scam #74100 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 8:43 pm by familym@inbox.ru
Querido Uno, Soy Miss.Aisha Gadafi, hija del difunto presidente Guerra de Libia (late. Col.Muammar Gaddafi) Actualmente estoy residente en uno de los países África, por desgracia, como refugiado. Tengo la suma de EE.UU. $ 20,5 millones quinientos mil en un solo Treinta banco en Burkina Faso Llamado (ECO-BANK). Quiero que me ayudes y reclamación. Si este transacción interés, por favor me respondió de inmediato para más explicaciones y detalles. Por favor, tengan paciencia mi traducción. mejor relación calidad- La Sra. Aisha Gaddafi
Click to view scam #74098 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 8:29 pm by lindaadam_501@yahoo.co.uk
HTML Message We wish to announce to you that your email emerged as one of thebeneficiaries to receive a grant of $715,810.00 US Dollars In Collaboration of Euro *millions/Blackberry/Samsung and Iphone Services *Promo. For claims contact us on email : euro.millions.dpt@outlook.com1. Full Name:.........2. Country:........3. Address:..........4. Telephone:........../ Occupation...........5. Your Age....../Sex..........Contact Person/Officer in chargeMr Jerry Morgan*
Click to view scam #74097 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 8:14 pm by euro.million.dpt@outlook.com
Send Response to: Colinchrisweir2134@gmx.co.uk We won one of the biggest Euro Millions prize of £161 Million GBP in 15 July 2011 and in 2013. We set up Charitable Trust. We will be giving out grants of each to improve the lives and careers for Lucky Individuals, Charity Organizations from any part of the world,making out donations. To confirm this, you may watch and view both web for our interview by visiting the web page below; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/8640580/Scottish-couple-celebrate-161m-win-on-Euromillions-lottery.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-21322283 Your email address was submitted to my wife and me from the best web directory and search engine by legal advisers to Weir Charitable Trust,. You received this message because we have listed you as one of our lucky individual. If you receive this email on your office email address, you are advised to reply with this message on your private email address for more details on how to receive your cash grant. Congratulations. Weir Charitable Trust
Click to view scam #74094 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 7:02 pm by info@inss.gov.br
Dear Email User, we are presently working tirelessly as a Sovereign State and also, in conjunction, Internationally with SADC (Southern African Development Community) and ECOWAS (Economic Community Of West African States) as we all have similar national agenda (job creation, security and so forth) I will like to know if you can use funds worth £ 1 Million British Pounds Only, to create Job opportunities for our citizens. If yes, I will like you to get back to me asap so I can add your name to the beneficiary list. I will be hoping to read from you soon,and kindly reply to: southernafricandevelopemnt@aruba.it
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Click to view scam #74092 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 6:28 pm by dnu@utlonline.co.ug
Dear Friend, I am a lawyer Taju Bango, I contacted you about 10.5 million U.S. Dollars left in the account of my late client Your cousin from your country kindly get back to me through my private email address for more information urgently needed, Contact me with this email address: esqedwinroland@gmail.com Hoping to hear from you immediately Yours faithfully Mr. Taju Bango ESQ.
Click to view scam #74090 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 6:06 pm by 9373183z@gmail.com
Hello Sir, I've just come from Central Sudan Darfur Sudan ,A few days ago the party field of my late father was to contain the Amount Of 12.5million Euro, and spent the money. Why Do I Contact you, for you To be my foreign Beneficiary, who will invest their own money for me and Cares about me as about his son. That is why I need Your help.  The woman, a single United nation diplomat, who brought me from central Sudan Darfur Sudan to Ghana concluded an Agreement With Me that, When we come Ghana, I'll pay her a balance in the amount of 500 Euro , Before she Would leave My box with me, It Is a pity that I don't want to  Open her that I have a huge amount of money in The box, Because I had Already told her that her Contain my clothes and school records, in the Window and a Key to The box with me here, as I say unto you at the Present time.  Please, help me to claim my consignment box from a woman diplomat And give me the names to send you the money Immediately I get your mail Box argued for a woman diplomat. I want to keep this confidential, because This is Africa, and all that Could happen to me if they shall know that I have This huge amount of money they can Even kill me, because my money And I don't Want to die. I love you daddy Your sincere refugee  son Bashiru Amidu Limann
Click to view scam #74087 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 5:23 pm by bashiruamidulimannn@gmail.com
Please I need your help, How are you doing today , Hope you are in perfect condition? Please i apologies with you to exercise a little patience and read through my letter, i feel quite safe dealing with you in this important business , i know my letter will come to you as a surprise because we have never meet for the first  time, but i really like to have a good relationship with you because i have a special reason why i decided to contact you, I decided to contact you due to the urgency of my situation here, My name is Miss Mary Kipkalya Kones, 25yrs old female originated from Kenya in East Africa. My Father was the former Kenyan Road Minister and Assistant Minister of Home Affairs Lorna Laboso had been on board the Cessna 210, which was headed to Kericho and crashed in a remote area called Kajong'a, in western Kenya, After the burial of my beloved father, my wicked stepmother and uncle conspired there self together and sold my father's property which the shared the money among themselves and live nothing for me, fortunately one faithful morning, as i was cleaning my late father bed room i found an important documents which my late beloved father use to deposit huge amount of money in one bank in Burkina Faso with my name as the next of kin so i travelled to Burkina Faso since is a nearby country to withdraw the money for a better life so that i can take care of myself and start a new life. But on my arrival to the bank in Burkina Faso, the Branch Manager of the Bank whom i met in person told me that my father's instruction to the bank is that the money would only be release to me when i am married or present a trustee foreigner who will help me invest the money overseas, i am in search of an honest and reliable person who will help me and stand as my foreign trustee so that i will present him to the Bank for transfer of the money to his bank account overseas and i have chosen to contact you after my prayers and i believe that you will not betray my trust. You may wonder why i am so soon revealing myself to you without knowing you, To me i will say that my spirit and mind convinced me that you may be the true person to help me, I will like to disclose much to you if you can help me to relocate to your country because my stepmother have threaten many times to assassinate me due to her wickedness and jealousy?s because she has no issue for my father since she was married after the accident that killed my mother years back, The amount of the money deposited is($8.5 USD) Million United State Dollars, the Branch manager whom i met in person have confirmed to me that the money is there and that i am the next of kin but the only thing he told me is that my father's instruction to the bank is that the money would only be release to me when i present a trustee foreigner who will help me and invest the money overseas, and he advice me to look for a honest and reliable person who will represent me as my trustee so that their bank will release the money to me. However, you will help by recommending a nice University in your country so that i can complete my studies. It is my intention to compensate you with 40% of the total money for your efforts and kindness services and the balance shall be my capital investment in your country. As soon as i receive your positive response showing your interest i will inform the bank that i am ready to present a foreign trustee who will receive the fund on my behalf. Please i want you to keep this only to your self for now until the bank transfer the fund. I beg you not to disclose it till i come over because i am afraid of my stepmother who has threatened to kill me and have the money alone ,I thank God today that am out from my country (KENYA) but now In (Burkina Faso) where the money is deposited. Thanks for your patient and understanding hope to hear from you .God Bless you.Contact me via my private email:(marykipkalya26@gmail.com ) Yours forever friend, Miss Mary Kipkalya Konse.
Click to view scam #74089 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 4:48 pm by mkipkalya.mkipkalya@aol.fr
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GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU REPLY URGENTLY Dear Child of God, Calvary Greetings in the name of the God Almighty and  the giver of every good thing. Good day and compliments of the seasons, i know this letter will definitely come to you as a huge surprise, but I implore you to take the time to go through it carefully as the decision you make will go off a long way to determine my future and continued existence. I am Mrs. Arawa Hara an aging widow of 61 years old suffering from long time illness. I have some funds I inherited from my late husband Mr. Hara Bara, the sum of (Four Million  Dollars) and I needed a very honest and God fearing devoted child of God who can withdraw this money then use the funds for Charity works. I WISH TOGIVE THIS FUNDS TO YOU FOR CHARITY WORKS. I found your email addressfrom the internet after honest prayers to the LORD to bring me a helper and i decided to contact you if you may be willing and intereste d to handle these trust funds in good faith before anything happens to me. I am desperately in keen need of assistance and I have summoned up courage to contact you for this task, you must not fail me and the millions of the poor people in our todays WORLD. This is no stolen money and there are no dangers involved,100% RISK FREE with full legal proof. Please if you would be able to use the funds for the Charity works please kindly let me know immediately. Please kindly respond quickly for further details, reply quick or you will give me room to contact someone else to handle this task on my Warmest Regards, Mrs Araw Hara.             
Click to view scam #74085 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 4:14 pm by ciease@yahoo.co.jp
Hello ,Firstly, for avoidance of doubt I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Chief Inspector William Azadou. The Chief Security Officer (CSO), Central Bank of Benin (BCEAO). My schedule of duties covers security of all outgoing remittance.This is to inform you of your long overdue Payment outstanding our Banking records. Our remittance department saw your name in the Central Computer among list of unpaid inheritance claims individuals and has to update your information through this email contact for immediate confirmation.Your name appeared among the beneficiaries who will receive payment this month of November as we are balancing annual records and we are at the verge of closing quota for the financial fiscal year 2013 so every unclaimed funds has to be paid out to the beneficiaries or returned to the Benin Republic Treasury and the amount attached to your name is (Ten Million United State Dollars).However we received an email from one Mr Saidik Muhhamed and Mr. George Benard and the content of their email is that Mr. George Benard is your next of kin and that you died in a car accident last month. They also submitted Bank Account information to our remittance department for transfer of the fund to Mr. George Benard as your inheritor. We are now verifying by contacting your email address as we have in our computer records before we can make the transfer into his account and for us to be sure that you are truly dead. And that is why I was invited by our remittance department as the Chief Security Officer of this Financial Institution to contact you and investigate if you are really dead or alive which is why I?m writing you myself as we are suspecting that you are still alive hence your email address is still valid.However, if we do not get a response from you, we shall consider you to be dead as Mr Saidik Muhhamed and Mr. George Benard have claimed and our remittance department will proceed in making the transfer into the bank account they have provided. But if this investigation proves that you are still alive by hearing from you, Mr Saidik Muhhamed and Mr. George Benard will be arrested under a directed order from Central Police Station Benin Republic and your rightful money will be transferred into the bank account you will provide us with.I believe this is enough to gain your response if you are still alive.Thanks.Chief Inspector Willaim Azadou.Chief Security Officer (CSO)Central Bank Of Benin(BCEAO)
HelloLadies voted your profile,have a look please, it is a chance to meet your sweet lady [jquehs]you have missed calls for chat : Iren 15866297 missed call 16.04.201418:04:43 You have missed calls for video chat [qebfy]Ekaterina 15883258 missed call 16.04.201418:04:43 you have new replies: [eevpytv]Tatiana 14005839 new reply 16.04.201418:04:43 Your login and password: [jnwutwk]login: [eylmv]password: have a nice time, administrator Anastasia[sywvjbg][dcxttt] [izliufr] [cihnrlxa]
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MICROSOFT LOTTO has given you Cash Grant of £950,000.00 Great British Pounds.Your email was selected from our email ballot system with WINNING NO: SB/02/72728 and REFERENCE NO: MCL/9420X/05,No tickets was sold, your email is what qualifies you for this draw.Contact Our UK Fiduciary Agent Mrs. Rose Walter, Email: ukclaimsdept01@outlook.com Tel: +447087622412, Send Your Name, Tel and Address to her via email for more details on how to claim your prize. Congratulations once more. Regards, Mr. James Moore. Microsoft Lottery Controller General.
Click to view scam #74080 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 2:19 pm by mus13@singnet.com.sg
Dear Sir/Madam,   Good day, My name is Pieter Swart, I got your contact details from your country Exchange Information On-line Service on my personal programmed search on the internet for a reputable company or individual to assist me sincerely & confidential which your information & profiles were very satisfactory, so I decided to contact you immediately. It is my great pleasure to write you this letter Within the Department of Minerals & Energy where I work as a Regional Director of Audit and Project Implementation; I have in my possession an overdue payment in US funds. The said funds represent certain percentage of the total contract value executed on behalf of my Department by a foreign contracting firm, which, I the official over-invoiced to the amount of US$90,200, 000.00 (Ninety  Million Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). Though the actual contract cost has been paid to the original contractor, leaving the excess balance unclaimed.     Since the present elected Government is determined to pay foreign contractors all debts owed, so as to maintain good relationship with foreign governments and non-government agencies, we included our bills for approvals with the Department of Finance and the South Africa Reserve Bank (SARB). I am seeking your assistance to front as beneficiary of the unclaimed funds, since I am not allowed to operate foreign accounts. Details and change of beneficiary information upon application for claim to reflect payment and approvals will be secured on behalf of you/your Company. I have to propose that should you be willing to Assist me in this transaction your share as compensation will be (35%), I receive (60%) and the balance of (5%) for taxation and miscellaneous expenses incurred during the transfer process. The business is completely safe and secure, provided you treat it with Utmost confidentiality. It does not matter whether you/your Company does contract projects, as a transfer of powers will be secured in favor of you/your Company. Also, your area of specialization is not a hindrance to the successful execution of this transaction. I have reposed my confidence in you and hope that you will not disappoint me. Your urgent response please. Thanks for your co-operation.     Regards, Mr. Pieter Swart N.B Please email your confidential Telephone and Fax numbers to enable me contact you for further clarifications.  
Click to view scam #74079 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 2:05 pm by info@discountdomainsuk.com
NetSpend Dear NetSpend Customer, Reactivate Your Card or Register for Security Online Access Due to recent fraudulent activities on some of NetSpend online accounts we are launching a new security system to make NetSpend online accounts more secure and safe.You need to reactivate your card and confirm the authenticity of the holder. To reactivate your card please Login - complete the required information - make sure you account balance has not been changed - make sure you details have not been changed
Click to view scam #74078 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 1:54 pm by inform@nelspend.com
From Mr. Franklyn White Chairman Refund Payment Committee National Assembly Abuja. Dear Beneficiary, This letter is written in order to change your Life from today. Please note that this letter came to you as a result of information received from our monitoring network regarding so much payments which you sent through Western Union and Money Gram to Nigeria and some other part of the World without receiving any payment to your name, further investigation reveals that you have lost hope towards receiving your payment after being deceived so many times. Following the on going re-branding of Nigerian image laundering to the International Communities, the Federal Government of Nigeria have directed our committee to compensate/refund the sum of US$1,500,000 ( One Million and Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) to you through payment by VISA ATM CARD being one of the most convenient means of receiving payment in recent times.We wish to inform you that the members of Refund Payment Committee are honorable men of Great Repute who have served the Government of Nigeria with integrity in different capacities, we also wish to inform you that the Committee members were appointed by our respected President to pay foreign Debt such as Contract Debt, Inheritance/Next of Kin Debt, Compensation Debt, Lottery Debt, Purchase/Sales of Good Debt, and all other Foreigner debt own by Nigeria Government, in order to restore good image to international Communities. Now, in other to receive your compensation payment, you are advised to contact authorized Bank in charge to remit your payment to you via ATM card at the below address: CONTACT PERSON : JOHN FLETCHER BANK NAME: FIDELITY BANK PLC E-MAIL: fletcher.jr78@gmail.com PHONE: +234-703 557 8881. You are to contact the above bank in respect to your payment, and have the following information listed below forwarded to them to have it to complete processing of your card payment. Your Full Name: Your Home/Mobile No: Your Home or Office Address: Age: Occupation: Marital Status: Scanned copy of your I.D: We are deeply sorry for whatsoever plight you might have been through in trying to get your due payment in the past, and we do hope you make do with this compensation payment for your past efforts. Regards, From Mr. Franklyn White Chairman Refund Payment Committee. National Assembly Abuja Nigeria.
Click to view scam #74077 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 1:36 pm by scanner@taxis.be
microsoft edistäminen syntynyt sähköpostiisi yhdeksänsataatuhatta dollaria. toimitettava tiedot, nimi, puhelinnumero ja maa
Click to view scam #74074 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 12:56 pm by aportela@hcdn.gob.ar
Dear Customer, Having gone through your listed products, we offer great interest to do a purchase agreement with your company. Please get back to us with the following information Please Quote. 1. Prices FOB 2. Payment terms 3. Delivery Period 5. Specified delivery date assuming from the Date of Order. Please your quick reply will be highly appreciated Regards, Purchasing Operations Manager. Alvinco Industrial Co.LTD E-mail:alvincoindustrials@hotmail.com
Click to view scam #74073 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 12:47 pm by alvinc.oindustrial@hotmail.com
Hi Dear! How are you doing today, hope fine, my name is Chandrine Ahmed Abdalla and I am a girl. I will be very glad if you can contact me through my email address, And I will tell you more about myself here is my address (chandrine.abdalla@yahoo.co.za) Remember the distance, color or age does not matter but love matters a Lot in life. I am waiting for your reply, Yours Chandrine.
Click to view scam #74070 - Sent on April 16, 2014, 12:16 pm by chandrine_abdalla@aol.fr
Bonjour, Je me nomme JEHOVANA SANTOS. Née le 12. /?07 /?1947 originaire de la France, hospitalisée dans un hôpital ici a Londres suite a une maladie incurable laquelle mon médecin ma dit si je croie en Dieu je serais peut être sauvé. Je souffre de la tumeur du cerveau qui se traite depuis plus de 7 mois aujourd?hui. Je ne comprends plus rien de ma vie. Cela vous semblera un peu suspect. Je suis veuve et je n'ai pas d'enfant. Je recherche un âme frère et âme s?ur a qui je peut confié tout mes biens. Pour qu'il a y aider les orphelins et aux sans abri. J'ai en ce moment dans une mallette noir, une somme de 2.025.000 $ que j'ai déposé dans une BANQUE en Afrique pour ces projets. C'est un don de Dieu que je vous fais et sans rien vous demander en retour. Émail :(jehovanasantos@ymail.com)
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Brigitte Dupond -- Vous avez jusqu'au 30 avril pour resilier votre contrat #outlook a { padding:0; } body { width:100%; -webkit-text-size-adjust:100%; -ms-text-size-adjust:100%; margin:0; padding:0; background:#eaebe9; } .ExternalClass { width:100%; } .ExternalClass, .ExternalClass p, .ExternalClass span, .ExternalClass font, .ExternalClass td, .ExternalClass div { line-height: 100%; } #backgroundTable { margin:0; padding:0; width:100%; line-height: 100%; background: #eaebe9; } img { outline:none; text-decoration:none; -ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic; display:block; } a img { border:none; } .image_fix { display:block; } p { margin: 1em 0; } h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { color: black; } h1 a, h2 a, h3 a, h4 a, h5 a, h6 a { color: blue; } h1 a:active, h2 a:active, h3 a:active, h4 a:active, h5 a:active, h6 a:active { color: red; } h1 a:visited, h2 a:visited, h3 a:visited, h4 a:visited, h5 a:visited, h6 a:visited { color: purple; } table td { border-collapse: collapse; } /*table, td, tr { line-height: 0px; font-size: 0px; } Bring inline: Yes */ table { border-collapse:collapse; mso-table-lspace:0pt; mso-table-rspace:0pt; } a { color: orange; } table[class="contentTable"] { max-width:590px; margin:0 auto; border-spacing:0px; } table[class="contentTable"] tr, table[class="contentTable"] td { border-collapse:collapse; border:none; border-spacing:0px; padding:0; margin:0; } table[class="contentTable"] img { width:100%; height:auto; display:block; } @media only screen and (max-width: 620px) { table[class="contentTable"] { max-width:98%!important; width: 98%!important; } /* table[class="contentTable"] p { font-size:30px!important; line-height:32px!important; } table[class="contentTable"] p[class="small"] { font-size:22px!important; line-height:24px!important; } */ table[class="floatmobile"] { width: 100%; } table[class="floatmobile"] img { display: block; margin: 0 auto 15px auto; } table[class="floatmobile"] { width: 100%; } td[class="layout_six"] p { text-align: center!important; } table[class*=hide], td[class*=hide], img[class*=hide], p[class*=hide], span[class*=hide], br[class*=hide], font[class*=hide]{ display:none !important; width:0px !important; height:0px !important; } } @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 1024px) { table[class="contentTable"] { width:590px; max-width:590px; margin:0 auto; border-spacing:0px; } } @media only screen and (max-width: 480px), only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.5), only screen and (min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.5) { table[class="button"] {width:90% !important;margin-bottom:10px; height:10px; } table[class="button"] td[class="buttonTop"] {padding: 0 !important; } table[class="button"] td[class="buttonTop"] a {padding: 1em 0 1em 0 !important; display: block !important; } table[class="button"] td[class="buttonBottom"] {font-size: 1.4em !important; display: block !important; } } @media only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2) { } @media only screen and (-webkit-device-pixel-ratio:.75) { } @media only screen and (-webkit-device-pixel-ratio:1) { } @media only screen and (-webkit-device-pixel-ratio:1.5) { } Ne ratez pas votre résiliation Version en ligne Votre contrat d'assurance arrive à échéance le 1er juillet 2014 ? Vous avez jusqu'au 30 avril 2014 pour résilier Comparez 78 offres   Empêchez la reconduction automatique de vos contrats d'assurance en ne ratant pas leur date limite de résiliation. Nous interrogeons pour vous les acteurs du marché et vous permettons de comparer gratuitement et en détail leurs meilleures offres.   Découvrez nos autres produits : Assurance Auto Assurance Santé Assurance 2 roues Assurance Vie Assurance Crédit Assurance Chien Chat   ©Copyright 2013 © CAPDÉCISION, Tous droits réservés Conformément à l'article 34 de la loi Informatique et Liberté du 6 janvier 1978, vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de modification, de rectification et de suppression des données vous concernant.    Déclaration CNIL n°1291376 Vous recevez cet e-mail car vous êtes référencé sur la base de données de notre partenaire CAP DECISION. Si vous souhaitez vous desinscrire, merci d'utiliser le lien suivant.
?????? ????,? ??????? ????? ???????, ???????? ???????, ????? ??????? ??????,????????? ????? ??????, ??????? ???? ?? ???? ????? ?????? ? ???????????????? ? ?????? 26, 2007, ? ???????? ? ????, ????? ?????? ? ?????????????? ????? ?? ????? USD12.500, 000.00, ??????????? ???? ???????? ? ??? ????, ???? ?? ?? ???????????? ??? ???????? ??????????? ??????, ??? ??? ????? ???? deposited.if ?? ?????????????? ???????? ??????? ?? ??? ??? ????????? ?????????????? ??????????. ????? ??? ??????????? ?????????? ????? ??????? ???????
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Dear Winner,Congratulations!!!  We Are Using This Medium To Officially Notify You:  Please Open  This Attachment. Attachment content - FORMAT-1.docx: -514350180975 FROM: ANGLO AMERICA SA ONLINE Today your e-mail id was selected through the computer ballot system, as a winner in Anglo America Gold industrial lottery winner in SA. You have to contact your claim agent for your payment process and include your personal information with your winning details for smooth transaction. Claim Agent: Mrs. Sithole E-Mail: serviceonline_angloclaim@outlook.com Tel: +27-61-221-0969 For verification purpose, forward to him your claim details below:- 1).Your Full Names: 2). Your Nationality/Country: 3). Your Occupation: 4). Your Tel (Mobile):5). Your Age: Your Winning Details Ref No: 06, 08, 10, 19, 30, 45 Batch number: 13/26/DC45 Security code: 632 Amount Won: US $3,000,000.00 (Three million United States Dollars). Congratulations once again. Kind Regards, Chris Griffith, CEO of Anglo American Platinum
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  We have concluded today to effect your payment via Western Union,$5000daily until your total compensation fund ofdollar2.5000.00m iscompletely transferred to you.Now do contact us with at(w.moneytransfer77@yahoo.com) Remember to reconfirm your fullinformation such as Your name: Address:... Phone :Regards,Mr Kevin Jarry
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??? ?? ?????? ???? ?????, ??? ?????? ?????? ???? ??????????? Queen -70% Diesel -60% Parks London -70% Noon Copenhagen -80% Saniplast Italia, Florina, Botti -80% Diesel -60% GF Ferre -80% Bay Nine -70% Richtenburg -90% Veroni Bohemia -70% ????? ?? ?? ????????? ???? ?????????? ?????????, ????????? ?? ????????? ????????? ? ?????????? ??????????? ?????? ????????? ????????? ????, ??? ???????? ? ????? ?? ??????????: ????? 1000, ?????? ??????????, ????? ????????, ???. ???? ???????????? ? 10, ??. 3, ? ??? 202706277, ?????? ??? ??????????? ?????????? ? ??? ?????? ?????? ??????? ?? ???????? ?? ?????, ??? ????? ??? ??????? ?? ? ??????? ?? ?? ???????????? ??? ????? goldensales.bg ?????? ?????? contact@goldensales.bg ? ????????? ?? ?????, ?? ?? ????????? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????? ???????????. ?? ????? ?? ????????? ???? ???????? ????? ?? ?? ???????. ???        
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  nt?l. Wire Transfer/Telex Department, Central Bank Of Nigeria,(CBN) Office Number:+23412130615 Direct Telepone:+234 8033435257 Our Ref: CBN/IRD/CBX/021/09 Honestly after a serious thought, I have decided to personally reach you directly because I do not have anything against you, but your so called representatives working with you to realize the remittance of your payment. However, have you ever wondered why you have been going this vicious circle over the past years with respect to having your fund paid to you without any success? It is possible that you were informed that your payment was brought to me for finalization, neither were you informed that I am the person frustrating every move to get your fund remitted to your local bank account in your country, I can assure you that this yetanother deceit on the part of your representative(s).Well, like I said earlier to you, I have nothing against you or your payment but I?m only trying to protect my interest also. I do not want to mention names here, but am certain you are aware of whom I am referring to having not received your fund. I am the Director, International Wire Transfer/Telex Department,Central Bank of Nigeria, the apex bank in Nigeria. Some time in the past a representative of yours approached me through a friend of mine who works with one of the Government Ministries here and requested that I assist him conclude a money transfer deal having you as the beneficiary and we all agreed.According to him, he wanted to use this strategy to transfer a huge amount of US Dollars by presenting your name as?Beneficiary? whose fund has not been paid. Although we agreed that once I did that, he would give me 20% of the total fund and he will equally give me your contact information before I release the fund to your account. When he saw that I have programmed your fund for onward transfer and your name has been approved among the list of those to be paid as beneficiary, instead of him letting me have your contact information to enable me regulate the transfer of funds and confirm when it arrive in your account to enable me send to you my private account details for my share of the 20% as was agreed previously, what he does was to start avoiding me and which thereafter,resorted to threats,because of that, I immediately deleted your payment initializing code (PIC) from the list of those to be paid, and this made it very IMPOSSIBLE for the transfer to be completed to your account. However, he your local representative became very angry when he came to discovered i was smarter than his plots could not work out as he wrongly wished. What he did was to start looking for other means of trying to bribe other junior officers to see how they could assist him secure approval to enable them transfer the money to you but all their efforts was to NO avail. Is it not so funny my good friend, that you as a beneficiary is being asked to pay several statutory fees over and over without your fund being transfered to you as well expected. Well, your fund is right here with us and am 100% responsible for the delay and obstructions of completing the transfer of funds to your account because of the breach of the gentleman agreement between me and your representative. If you doubt what I have just told you now, then go ahead and pay any amount he may oblige you pay and thereafter, he will subject you into another form of tax payment and it goes on and ! ! on WITHOUT SUCCESS. ! I did not AND AGAIN BEAR IN MIND YOUR PAYMENT IS NOT IN ANY OFFSHORE PAYMENT CENTER FOR NOW and YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE YOUR PAYMENT FROM ANY OFFSHORE CENTERS FOR NOW AS FOLLOWS LONDON, SPAIN, HOLLAND, DUBAI, not even the United States of America or anywhere outside Nigeria BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY MAY HAVE TOLD YOU. Now if you want us (you & I) to work together for me to conclude the remittance to your account, these are my conditions. (I). You must keep my information to you in this correspondence highly secret because I don't want to get involve with he,your local representative again in my life and I will have 20% of the money if successfully transfere to your local bank account because it is only two of us in connection to logical remittance of the fund to you. (ii). You MUST assure me that you will not betray me at last and my own share will be safe until when I will redirect you to lodged my part of the fund into an account that i will forward to you. (iii) As you have seen, it will be useless and mere waste of money if you continue with your local representative and i can assure you that with trust and confidence we will conclude the transaction with utmost secrecy and confidentiality if you wish to adhere to my directives and instructions. If these conditions are acceptable to you, contact me as soon as possible to let us finalize all the arrangement and conclude the remittance of the fund to you immediately without any other delay attached. I will give you more important details once I hear from you based on if you promise to keep away from your local representative and handle this matter with utmost confidentiality because I want to transfer the money without the knowledge of any other officer of the bank or even without the knowledge of your local representative. May the peace of our Jesus Christ be upon you. Faithfully Yours In Him. Dr. Rev. John Okolie Int?l. Wire Transfer/Telex Department, Central Bank of Nigeria +234 8033435257    
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( I.M.F ) Head Office Senior Resident Representative 9 Hon . Justiz Mohammed Bello St. Asokoro Abuja Tel.: +44-7024045625 REF : - XVGNN82010 Achtung Fonds Begünstigten , Dies ist , um Sie über eine sehr wichtige Informationen, die eine intime sein wird informieren einlösen große Hilfe für Sie Die Schwierigkeiten , die Sie Ihren längst überfällig erfahrenen Zahlung getan haben, durch zu hohe Nachfrage nach Geld von Ihnen von beiden korrupten Bank- Beamten und Kurier-Unternehmen , von denen Ihr Fonds bleiben unbezahlt zu Ihnen. Ich bin Mr. John Smith, ein hoher Beamter des Internationalen Währungsfonds (IWF). Dort können Sie daran interessiert zu wissen sein kann Die Tatsache, dass unser Büro hat Berichte über so viele auf dem Konformitäts unruhig Weise erhalten hat, Menschen wie Sie behandelt werden Mehrere Banken -und Kurierdienste / Diplomat ganz Europa nach Afrika und Asien / London UK . Wir haben beschlossen, ein Set zu erstellen zu stoppen, um das und das ist , warum ich in der Transaktion beauftragt, hier in Nigeria zu behandeln. Alle staatlichen und nicht- staatlichen, nicht -staatlichen Organisationen , Wirtschaft, Finanzen , Banken, Sicherheitsfirmen und Kurierdienste in Kontakt mit Ihnen in der letzten Zeit sind angewiesen worden, von Ihrem Unternehmen zurück sein und Ihnen geraten wurde, nicht auf sie zu reagieren , wie die Internationale Währungsfonds (IWF ) ist nun direkt verantwortlich Ihre Zahlung. Ihr Name erschien in unserem Zahlungsplan Liste der Begünstigten , die ihre Fonds in diesem Quartal erhalten Die Zahlung des Jahres, weil wir nur zweimal Fonds übertragen in einem Jahr nach unserer Bankenregulierung . Wir entschuldigen uns Bitte stoppen Sie den Zahlungsverzug und die Kommunikation mit einem Büro jetzt und Aufmerksamkeit zu unserem Büro Zahlung entsprechend. Jetzt ist Ihre neue Zahlungs , Groß Nation Zulassung wird Nein, UN5685P , Weißes Haus Genehmigt Nr.: WH44CV , Referenz Nr. - 35460021 , Allocation -Nr : 674 632 Passwort -Nr: 339331 , Pin -Code -Nr: 55674 und Ihre Certificate of Merit Zahlungs No: 103 , Veröffentlicht Code-Nr : 0763 ; Unmittelbare ( IWF) Telex Bestätigung No: -1114433 ; Secret Code No: XXTN013 . Ihre Teilzahlung Vererbung Fonds ist 10.7million Euro. Nach Erhalt dieser lebenswichtigen Zahlung Zahlen , daher sind jetzt auf einem qualifizierten und bestätigen die Zahlung mit dem Internationalen Währungsfonds (IWF ) African Region sofort innerhalb der nächsten 168h . Wir versichern Ihnen , dass Ihre Zahlung so lange wie Sie , meine Richtlinien und Anweisungen zu erhalten . Wir haben uns entschlossen , Sie ACODE , der Code ist : . 601 Bitte , jedes Mal, wenn Sie eine E-Mail mit dem Namen Mr. James West erhalten überprüfen, ob es CODE ( 601) , wenn der Code Bitte geben Sie die Massage wird nicht von Ihrem Löschfeldgeschrieben! Sie werden hiermit empfohlen, nicht zu Zahlungen an alle machen Transfereinrichtungen in Bezug auf die Transaktion als Mittel können direkt von unserer Quelle übertragen werden. Ich hoffe, das ist klar. Jede Aktion auf diese Aussage auf eigene Gefahr . Antworten rufen Sie an diesem E-Mail ( imfheadoffice30@yahoo.co.uk , mit sofortiger Wirkung , und wir werden weitere Informationen, wie Sie Ihre Fonds werden freigegeben, erhalten Ich auch. Sobald Sie die E - Mail zu senden , so dass Sie sofort eine Antwort gegeben werden : Direkte Hotline: Tel.: +447024045625 Grüßen, Mr. James West ( I.M.F ) .
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Complement of the day from Dr.Ma.Weihua to you, I am writing you this brief letter to seek for your assistance to help me transfer FUNDS from Hong Kong to your country. reply for more details/info if you are interested. Warm Regards, Dr.Ma.Weihua
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My wife and i are donating the sum of 1.5million Pounds to five recipient globally view prove http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-19254228 of 1,500,000GBP from bayford family.Cash Donation/Send Name, Country,Age,Occupation & phone Number
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JP MORGAN CHASE BANK 270 Park Avenue New York City NY United States                 Attn:             We have been informed by the concern authority's, to have your fund release process completed otherwise, the funds will be declared un-serviced by the bank managements and consequently be confiscated. The time frame is very short and bank Wire Transfer is the fastest means of getting this done.               Mandate has been issued to a commission namely UNCLAIMED ASSET/ASSETS RE-UNITED, USA here in the UNITED STATES to effect this payment to you using it's traditional banking process, VIA WIRE TRANSFER and you are to contact the Wilmington Delaware Branch Managing director of JP MORGAN CHASE BANK for the release of the fund, to be transferred into your nominated bank account.                     Here is the contact information below.                     Managing Director JP MORGAN CHASE BANK Mr. Robert Tas  Email:(2375393085@qq.com)                 If you are receiving this notification for the first time, the ($8.65M) can only be paid upon the receipt of your beneficiary identification security transfer CODE, which is ZX1983KQ. Send it immediately to Him for instant accreditation of your proceeds into your account and fill out the needed information for confirmations as listed bellow.                 1) Your full name: 2) Phone, fax and mobile#: 3) Address: 4) Copy of your any valid ID card.ATTACHED !!.               NB. THIS TRANSACTION IS BEING MONITORED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IN ORDER TO GUARD US FROM INTERNET IMPOSTORS.           Thanks. Mary Callahan Erdoes Asset Management CEO JP MORGAN CHASE BANK
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Bonjour à vous, Acceptez et tolérez mon intrusion peu décente dans votre messagerie. Je ne pourrai pas faire autrement pour m'exprimer et partager avec vous ce que j'ai  de si important sur le c?ur.Je me nomme Josephine ANESTAZIO, d'origine Française. Le véritable but de mon message de ce jour est que pendant ma vie professionnelle, j?ai parcourue pas mal de pays en tant que fonctionnaire de Catégorie A pour les NATIONS UNIES. C?est dans cette optique que j?ai laissée une petite fortune de(5.000.000 EUROS) dans une banque Africaine située dans un pays en Afrique de l?Ouest .En ce moment là, j?étais chargée d?Exécution des programmes à la représentation des Nations Unies au Bénin. Aujourd?hui, je compte faire donation de cette fortune car je souffre d?une tumeur dans la cage thoracique qui est en phase terminale. Donc je demande à DIEU, de rendre votre c?ur saint afin de réaliser mes projets avec ce DON. Veuillez m?écrire à cette adresse Email:josphine.anestazio@gmail.com  Cordialement.Josephine ANESTAZIO
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Bem-vindo oferecer garantia de empréstimo a taxa reduzida de 2% para o seu negócio e outros motivos pessoais. Para mais informações contacte-nos através do email: richardwallace2014@gmail.com
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Querido Uno, Soy Miss.Aisha El Gadafi, una de las hijas del difunto presidente en guerra de Libia (Late. Col.Muammar Gaddafi) Actualmente estoy residiendo en uno de los países africanos, desgraciadamente como refugiado. Tengo la suma de EE.UU. $ 30,5 millones quinientos treinta mil en un banco en Burkina Faso Llamado (ECO-BANK). que quiero que usted me ayude y reclamar. Si este interés transacción, por favor, responda yo de inmediato para obtener más explicaciones y detalles. Por favor, tenga con mi traducción. Por favor, póngase en contacto conmigo a través de este mi dirección de correo electrónico alternativa si usted está interesado (aishael_gaddafi@yahoo.com) Mejor relación Srta. Aisha Gaddafi
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From: Mr. RWH Lee Email: (1952025347@qq.com) Good Day I am Mr. Raymond Wing Hung LEE the Executive Director and chief Financial officer of Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited. I need your assistance in transferring funds worth $47.1million dollars. Kindly write back to (1952025347@qq.com), I shall let you know what is required of you. Best Regards, Mr. RWH Lee Fubon Bank (Hong Kong)
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From: Mr. RWH Lee Email: (1952025347@qq.com) Good Day I am Mr. Raymond Wing Hung LEE the Executive Director and chief Financial officer of Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited. I need your assistance in transferring funds worth $47.1million dollars. Kindly write back to (1952025347@qq.com), I shall let you know what is required of you. Best Regards, Mr. RWH Lee Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Attachment content - purchase Order Sample 7x.7z:Rar!2ñnkø??jÇ'ã?è{IÖB^?Û'E?¤õÈ>y1?V»?½¨R|\c¡åË??*|DïÔå?uA-ë??ï?'?û9 ?#NûëI44B?¤??.{à*ç?¢R«LSFLDJr?ü???(IX?T®??0æ?ýë?Eè?áÁÉP= ¨ÐR(h}qÐrrþ(¤ûÿDLÙzl}?q?çÁ0c?¶íz?·­XÖ+»+jÕ5Jz?-B??ë¦ùé~:@?7@r?®Sn3. \® |?}§??å³ò±|?nF#?ËÆÂñY8?.?ÇÁbà0ïï{æ íãú»o÷w=ÕÇù^?î-Û{fÚ?Òy?)TÔÌüaÊh?mzPG~`}qÆúcC (?v?G­#F??:GphhÊë?Zÿ?$×éÐ]O²?x¹?ÈâZ?¬u^üs=¼ = ,Ê_'ð:ðÕ`º??
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? Devenez proprietaire d un mobil home pour 99 euros par mois html body { -webkit-text-size-adjust: none; -ms-text-size-adjust: none; } * {line-height:100%;} body { background-color: #E7EBEC; } #full { display: block; } #mobile { display: none; } Bonjour , nous vous adressons cet email car vous êtes inscrit sur Domosource avec l'adresse [censored]@gmail.com. Si ce message ne s'affiche pas correctement, visualisez-le ici. Pour vous désabonner, suivez ce lien. ? Siblu, devenez propriétaire d’un mobil home pour 99€* / mois 15 campings Achetez votre mobil home neuf dès 99€/mois* *Offre disponible sur une séléction de nos villages 5 BONNES RAISONS d’être propriétaire sur un village siblu L’EXPERTISE 35 ANS À VOTRE SERVICE LA SATISFACTION 7500 FAMILLE NOUS FONT DÉJÀ CONFIANCE LES REVENUS LOCATION GARANTI + GESTION LA GARANTIE RENOUVELLEMENT GARANTI AU CONTRAT LA TRANSPARENCE CHARTE FNHPA ADHÉSION À LA CHARTE DE TRANSPARENCE *Exemple pour une location avec option d’achat de 14 630 € d’une durée de 121 mois, avec un apport constitué d’un premier loyer de 4 600 €, puis de 120 loyers mensuels de 99 €, frais de dossier de 0 €, option d’achat finale 1 463 €. Montant total dû avec option d’achat finale 17 943 €. Pour un mobil home neuf : Trigano Sencilo gamme 2014, 2 chambres. Offre promotionnelle, non cumulable avec toute autre promotion, valable du 24/01/2014 au 01/05/2014, pour une location avec option d’achat du mobil home indiqué, selon stock disponible, sur une sélection de villages. Conditions en vigueur au 14/01/2014. Sous réserve d’étude et d’acceptation par Cofica Bail, SA au capital de 12 800 000 euros - 399 181 924 RCS Paris - Siège social 1 boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris - N° ORIAS 07 023 197(www.orias.fr). Publicité diffusée par Siblu France SAS en qualité d’intermédiaire de crédit à titre non exclusif de Cofica Bail. Cet intermédiaire apporte son concours à la réalisation d’opérations de crédit sans agir en qualité de prêteur. Le Contrat Village siblu, couvrant la location annuelle de l'emplacement, est exclu de cette offre et est en sus. Le modèle de mobil home présenté est disponible uniquement pour une location avec option d'achat aux conditions indiquées, non disponible à ce tarif en dehors de cette offre. Conformément à la réglementation informatique et libertés vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de modification, de rectification et de suppression des données qui vous concernent (art.34 de la loi Informatique et Libertés du six janvier mille neuf cent soixante dix huit). Site Domosource, déclaré à la CNIL (norme simplifiée du vingt six avril deux mille sept). Ce droit peut être exercé à tout moment auprès de notre service utilisateur : contact@domo-source.com Vous désirez vous désabonner? Me désabonner
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VERY IMPORTANT FOR SECURITY REASONS, REPLY ME THROUGH MY ALTERNATIVE EMAIL ADDRESS STATED HERE: idrississamamadou@hotmail.com Dear Good Friend, This message might come to you as a surprise. However, it all just my urgent needs for a foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction. I got your contact from yahoo tourist search while I was searching for a foreign partner. I assured of your capability and reliability to champion this business opportunity when I was praying to God or Allah about you. I am a banker by profession in Burkina Faso West Africa and currently holding the post of assistant Audit & Accounts director in our bank. I have the opportunity of transferring the left over funds ($15 million dollars) of one of my bank clients who died along with his entire family on Monday 31st July 2004 in a plane crash. I am inviting you for a business deal where this money can be shared between us in the ratio of 60 / 40% if you agree to my business proposal. Further details of the transfer will be forwarded to you as soon as I receive your responses. Please indicate your willingness by sending the below is information for more clarification and easy communication. Your Full Name............................................. Your Sex....................................................... Your Age....................................................... Your Country................................................. Your Occupation........................................... Your Personal Mobile Number...................... Thanks. Best regards, Mr. Idriss Issa Mamadou. PRIVATE PHONE NUMBER (+226 77716498). VERY IMPORTANT FOR SECURITY REASONS, REPLY ME THROUGH MY ALTERNATIVE EMAIL ADDRESS STATED HERE: idrississamamadou@hotmail.com
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allo-credit -- jusqu'a 40 000 euros en 4 minutes chrono Un crédit vous engage et doit être remboursé. Vérifiez vos capacités de remboursement avant de vous engager © CAPDÉCISION, Tous droits réservés Conformément à l'article 34 de la loi Informatique et Liberté du 6 janvier 1978, vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de modification, de rectification et de suppression des données vous concernant.    Déclaration CNIL n°1291376 Vous recevez cet e-mail car vous êtes référencé sur la base de données de notre partenaire CAP DECISION. Si vous souhaitez vous desinscrire, merci d'utiliser le lien suivant.
From: Mr. George Culmer Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer. LLoyds Banking Group United Kingdom. Greetings To You !!!!! Firstly, I am Mr. George Culmer, the Group Finance Director of Lloyds Banking Group United Kingdom. I am contacting you for a legitimate business transaction strictly for you and me alone. I personally discovered a dormant account with a total sum of USD$95,000,000.00 (NINETY FIVE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS) here in our bank. The owner of this dormant account died on 4th Jan 2002. Since his death, nobody has operated in his account because the account has NO BENEFICIARY attached to it. According to our BANKING CODE OF ETHICS and decision imposed by the new British Prime Minister David Cameron; this dormant fund will be confiscated by law and will be diverted to the British Treasury as Unclaimed fund if it remains dormant for a period of [11] Eleven years without any claim. I therefore solicit for your sincere cooperation in transferring this dormant fund to your foreign account as the foreign beneficiary of the fund to avoid confiscating it by our bank. I will split the transfer into two 2 stages for easy and smooth transfer. Firstly, I will transfer $5,000,000.00 to any valid foreign account you will nominate. After a successful transfer of the fund, I will fly to meet you in your home destination for sharing. Thereafter we jointly transfer the remaining balance of $90,000,000.00 for big investments. This transaction will be done in a legitimate procedure within 7-8 banking days to avoid any breach of the law. HOW THE TRANSACTION CAN BE HANDLED: As the group finance director of our bank,all our client account details and file are in my possession and that makes it easy for me to include your name as the beneficiary of the fund in all necessary documents involving the money we wish to transfer out from our bank. Most importantly, you will be required to: - Act as the original beneficiary of the funds. - Receive the funds into a business/private bank account. - At the completion of this transaction, the sharing rates shall be 55% for me while 45% for you. If you are willing to cooperate in this project reply back to me as soon as possible now through my private email below for more details: PRIVATE EMAIL: mrculmer@yahoo.com Anticipating for your positive response for more details. Yours truly, Mr. George Culmer http://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com
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CONGRATE.......Attachment content - FORM.docx: THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA ELECTRONIC TRANSFER DEPT, 6, SANSAD MARG JANPATH, NEW DELHI,H.O. 110001, NEW DELHI. Our ref: Cub/Hog/Oxd1/2012 Payment file: RBI/id1033/201/2014 Payment amount: £500,000.00GBP RESERVE BANK OF INDIA OFFICIAL PAYMENT NOTIFICATION Dear Beneficiary: The Foreign Exchange Transfer Department (RBI) hereby bring to your attention of the payment of your deposited fund here in the RBI, you were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of the past edition email/sms award incurred by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT, which is yet unclaimed up-till date due to some circumstance according to your file record; Your payment is categorized as: Contract type: Lottery/inheritance/ Undelivered Lottery fund/ The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, Dr Raghuram Rajan. and Ban Kin-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations met with the Senate Tax Committee on Finance RBI Mumbai/Delhi branch. Regarding unclaimed funds which have been due for a long run, at end of the meeting (RBI) Governor, Dr Raghuram Rajan mandate all unclaimed funds to be released back to the beneficiary stating that it is an unfair practice to withhold funds for government basket for one reason or the other for tax accumulations. Therefore, we are writing this email to inform you that (£500,000.00GBP) will be release to you in your name, as it was committed by (RBI) Governor. To credit your account immediately you will have to send copy of your Pan/Voter card, and one picture of your passport size for file record, This is according to law assigned and the security covering your fund from the source The assigned transfer department don?t have any right to DEDUCT from your fund because it?s made to reach your account in complete Value. We decline for 5 working days after date of receiving this mail. Also reconfirm your details- for crediting. Please you are advised to fill the form below and send it immediately to our transfer department for verification through email below for prompt collection. Contact transfer Manager in charges of foreign exchange Transfer department Contact Person: Mrs. Shweta Singh sends e-mail with all details to this mail ID: rbiadmain_corp@cpu.in.th VERIFICATION FOR PROMPT COLLECTION OF YOUR FUND.Fill The Form Below: 1. Full Names: 2. Residential Address: 3. Mobile Number: 4. Occupation: 5. Sex: 6. Age: 7. Country: 8. Marital Status: 9. Passport id: 10. E-mail id: 11. Bank Name: 12. A/c No: 13. A/c Holders Name: 14. Bank Branch: NOTE: (£500,000.00GBP) will be transfer directly to your Bank Account immediately we receive your filled details. Also be informed that the assigned British representative to supervise the transfer of your fund from the Reserve Bank is in the person of: (BRITISHDIPLOMAT) MR JAMES SMITH. HIS TELEPHONE NUMBER IS: +91952880514. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA (CENTRAL BANK).CONTACT TRANSFER DEPARTMENT EMAIL: rbiadmain_corp@cpu.in.th FOR MORE DETAILS, VISIT THE LINK BELOW http://www.financialexpress.com/news/find-whereabouts-of-unclaimed-deposit-holders-rbi-tells-banks/909041 CHIEF RAGHURAM RAJAN RESERVE BANK OF INDIA GOVERNOR. Accept my hearty congratulations once again! And make sure you reply to this Email: rbiadmain_corp@cpu.in.th
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Greetings to you, I want to ask for your help in getting back the money left behind by a citizen of your country, Mr. Mukesh Kumar. If this will endanger your position and reputation, I would not have contacted you. This is safe and beneficial. I am presently the Facilities Operations Manager of my bank here in United States of America and please do not expose this transaction for any reason I will give you more information of myself, our bank and the transaction itself once you accept to do this with me. Yours sincerely, Mr. Matt Kear.
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©United Nations Development Programme.Corporate Headquarters,91 Station Road,West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 7LT, United Kingdom.Ref No: UNDP/442/001Batch No: 32286PFThe UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME would like to notify you that the sum of $1,000000 (One Million USD).was donated to you by the UNICEF organization in conjunction with the (WHO) WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. your email address was selected randomly from over 20,000 internet websites around the World.well your e-mail address have be chosen as one of this year beneficiary among seven (7) others. contact Mr. Thompson Powell via Email with the below information for claim who is by duty going to guild you with your claim process.Your Pin Numbers:UN-999-9814, 1.FULL NAME................2.ADDRESS..................3.COUNTRY..................4.SEX......................5.AGE.......................6.OCCUPATION..............7.TELEPHONE................- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -NAME:Mr.Thompson Powell.Email: unitednations_promoscheme@yahoo.co.ukunitednations_developmentprogramme@outlook.comClaims Processing Agent,Tell: +447035908293Verifications/Logistic Department.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -NOTE: If you found this message in your spam or junk its due to your network provider.On behalf of the Foundation kindly accept our best congratulations.Weylin Morton.(Online Announcer UNDP).http://www.undp.org
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