Season Greeting to you, Actually I got an information from British chambers of commerce and industry here in UK, that your country is one of the fast growing countries today so i needed a partnership to invest in property in your country. Please furnish me with detail info regarding the property and last selling price. Im from United Kingdom and wish to invest in your country but I need a reliable person that can come in as a working partner while I finance the investment. And my budget is four million five hundred thousand dollars ($4,500,000) I need a perfect gentleman and God fearing person to make the above a success. Please Swiftly revert back to me so that we can proceed if only you can partner to supervise and manage my investment in your country. 1 Full Name 2 Your mobile number 3 Resident Address 4 Id proof As soon as i receive this details from you i will be sending you the necessary document that will enables us proceed on the issue of the investment or how to arrange the money and send it to you in your country. this document covers the money for investment anywhere in the world without any problem, i will also be giving you my flight schedule when am coming to see the properties and a round table meeting thanks and i await your details, Best Regards, MR LEONARD BLAVATNIK +448719744382
We would like to our self as top class financial consultant providing following services for credit enhancement only, We have our Representatives around the globe New Zealand, UK, Dubai Zurich with a lot contacts and experience full range of financial advisory and capital-raising services to corporate and institutional clients on transactions with an Asia and Europe component.  We work closely with our clients to understand their needs especially those whom have no capability to have needful financial instrument because of the constrength from their banks, sanctions or rates of purchasing this instrument from SBLC, DLC, BG and POF to do business across the globe.1. We arrange Standby Letter of Credit (SLC) / Bank Guarantee (BG) / MTN on lease from one month to one year from Prime Bank. Minimum amount acceptable US$5M (Collateral will be provided by facilitator only)  2. We arrange Commercial Letter of Credit (DLC) for 30, 60 and 90 days at 3% as per our terms and conditions to raise fund from your bank with our inspection certificate in the LC.  3. We can get you maximum yield in HYIP as we are direct with commitment holder.   4. Arrange Fund Proof for trading or any other purpose  5. Arrange credit line  6. Arrange Bank Guarantee/SBLC from first top 25 Prime Bank  on discounted  rate vary from 50 to 75% of the face value and it  will be based on  Collateral First (CF).   7. We Arrange project finance
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From The Desk Of Dr. Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Our Ref: FGN/CBN/NIG/10/2013 Web site: http://www.cenbank.org Attention Fund Beneficiary. (ATM-S101) RE- LETTER OF COMPENSATION/SETTLEMENT This is to officially inform you that we have verified your inheritance file and found out the reason why you have not received your payment are because you have not fulfilled the obligations given to you in respect of your inheritance payment. Secondly we have been informed that you are still dealing with none officials in the bank all your attempt to secure the release of the fund to you. We wish to advise you that such an illegal act like this have to stop if you wish to receive your payment since we have decided to bring a solution to your problem. Right now we have arranged your payment through our swift card payment center Asia pacific that is the latest instruction from Mr. President, Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR) president federal republic of Nigeria and federal ministry of finance. The ATM card payment center has been mandated to issue out $10,000,000.00 as part payment for this last year 2013. Also for your information, you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your ATM payment. This card center will send you an ATM card which you will use to withdraw your money in any ATM machine in any part of the world, but the maximum amount allowed to be withdraw is Three thousand dollars per day, so if you wish to receive your payment this way please let us know by writing back and also provide the following information to enable us proceed with the release of your ATM CARD immediately without any kind of delay. 1. Full name: 2. Phone and fax number: 3. Address where you want the ATM CARD to be delivered to (p.o box not acceptable): 4. Your age and current occupation: 5. Your International Passport or driver?s license, for Identification. Make sure you get back to me as soon as you receive this important message for further direction and also update about this payment. Note because of imposters, we hereby issue you our code of conduct, which is (ATM-S101) so you have to indicate this code when contacting this office by using it as your subject Note your urgent compliance to this matter will enable this institute to serve you better We look forward to hear from you for immediate commencement. Central Bank of Nigeria Alh Dr.Mallam Lamido Sanusi Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
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Your Email won u prize money of 1,000,000 GBP from the ESPN STAR CRICKET END OF YEAR AWARD for claims send Name.Age.Sex.Occupation.Phone No.Add.State.Country
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Dear Sir/Madam, We are currently seeking means of expanding and relocating our business interest abroad in the following sectors: oil/Gas,banking, real estate, stock speculation and mining,transportation, health sector and tobacco,Communication Services,Agriculture Forestry & Fishing, thus any sector. If you think you have a solid background and idea of making good profit in any of the mentioned business sectors or any other business in your country, please write me for possible business co-operation. More so, we are ready to facilitate and fund any business that is capable of generating 10% annual return on investment (AROI) Joint Venture partnership and Hard loan funding can also be considered. Please contact me direct with this my Email: mohamedsaad003@hotmail.com : for further information and I will be at any position to discuss every detail to you Regards and respect, Mr. Mohamed Zayed Saad
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Dear Esteemed Customer, IMPERIAL Loan Limited FRANCE, specializes in arranging loan of any amounts, longer repayment terms. We offer Business loan, Home loan, Personal loan, Car loan, Student loan, Dept. Consolidation, Loan for Business start. Do you have a small or big project to finance? up and Business Expansion, Real Estate and Mortgages all at 2.5% interest rate for applicants of all credit types. The service we offer is quick and stress free. Our Priority is your total Satisfaction! Our goal is that you enjoy the service we provide from start to conclusion. Interested new applicant should click on reply to contact Administrative Director Mr. Manfred Holzer for more informations: Sincerely, Ms.Ellody Boazee. Phone/SmS: +33-605 734 438 Fax: + 33 160 54177 42 Address: 88 Boulevard De l
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Hello my dearest,Please with due respect and in the name of  God.Firstly I thank you so much; inline with the message, which I have sent to you, I am more than happy in your reply to my mail. How is every thing over there in your country,i believe that you are in good health, and the atmosphere over there in your country is very nice today? Mine is a little bit warm over here in Dakar Senegal.My name is (Deema Abdel) From Libya in North Africa, i am (23years old) but age doesnt matter in a real relationship, I am from (Libya,) 5.2ft tall, fair in complexion single,(never married ) and presently i am residing here in Dakar as a result of the war that happened in my country which i was escaped to this country Senegal were i am under refugee camp.My late father MAJOR GENERAL, (ABDEL FATTAH YOUNES).  My late father He held the rank of Major General and the post of Minister of Interior, but resigned on 22nd February 2011 to defect the rebel in Libyan civil war. My father was killed by members of an anti-Gaddafi military on 28th July 2011. When rebels anti-Gaddafi military troupe attacked our house one early morning killing my parents. Equally my mother was six months pregnant and she was a senior lecturer at the university before her death, its only me that is alive now because I am the only child to my parents, and I managed to make my way with the help of UN to Senegal, where I am leaving now as refugee. It was in an early morning attack by militant groups killed my family members both my mother and my father in a cold blood,  Equally my mother was six months pregnant.Right now, as i am talking to you, i am the only person alive in my family, and I managed to make my way to this country (Senegal) where i am leaving now as a refugee under the care of a Rev. Fr, SOLOMON KUMA who is the priest of the ( Saint-Louis Roman Catholic Church (Senegal) here in the camp, he has been very nice to me since I came here but i am not living with him rather i live in the females hostel because the camp have two hostels one for men the other for women.Please do not be offended for this message that comes from me please, its just that i dont know what else to do, because  my situation here as the refugee is giving me a great concern, therefore, i will like you to consider my situation as an orphan, and be kind with me, as i am putting the whole of my trust on you with out fear, though i dont know who you are before, but i believe that with God all things are possible and you can not betray me at the end.I have communicated to you because of  my difficult situation here in this refugee camp, Its just like one staying in the prison and i hope by Gods grace i will come out here soon. I dont have any relatives now whom i can go to, all my relatives ran away in the middle of the war the only person i have now is the Rev Fr. SOLOMON KUMA , who is our guardian here in this refugee camp, he has been very nice to every body in the camp, but we are not living with him, rather we are leaving in the hostel, which is divided into two sections, one for the male, and the other for the female. The Rev father Tel number is  (+221781401996)  if you call, please tell him that you wants to speak with me Miss. Deema Abdel from Libya he will send for me in the hostel to come and talk with you. Here in this camp I am sending you email through the church office computer at the Rev Farther office. Because As a refugee here we dont have any right or privilege to any thing be it money, phone, computer, or whatever because it is against the law of this country. I want to go back to my studies because I only attended my first year before the tragic incident that lead to me being in this bad situation. I was present when i saw my mother killed with six months pregnant.Please listen to this --( because its a secret, even no one knows about it except you and i knows about this),I have my late fathers death certificate here with me, which i will send to you later, because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in one of the leading banks in Europe which he used my name as the next of kin, the total amount, is US$9.5M(Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). So I will like you to help me to transfer this money to your account and from it you can send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet you in your country. I kept this secret to people in the camp here the only person that knows about it is you and me.For your own information, i want you to view this news information about killing of my late Father, story through BBC WORLD NEWS  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-14336122 So i will like you to keep it to  yourself as secret and dont tell it to anyone because i am afraid of loosing my life and the money if people gets to know about it.Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust i deposed on you. I like honest and understanding people,truthful and people that have vision, hardworking and GOD fearing person. My favorite language is English and i speak English very fluently.can i trust you as a genuine friend ?Meanwhile i will like you to call me like i said, i have a lot to tell you..Have a nice day and think about my condition hereAttached here is my pictures for you,Awaiting to hear from you soonestThanks and remain blessed.with lot of love Yours.Deema.
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Dear Lucky Winner! We are delighted to inform you that your E-mail ID has won prize money of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS (£500,000.00) & SAMSUNG GALAXY S3, (WITH 16GB) for the year 2013. Prize promotion which was organized by BBC International Lottery Award programs held in United Kingdom. BBC International Lottery Award collects all the email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to Yahoo mail, Gmail, Rediffmail.com, Hotmail and few from other registered e-mail providers. Six people are selected monthly to benefit from this promotion and you are one of selected Winners. Winner shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Center. BBC Prize Award must be claimed on later than 15day from date of Draw Notification. Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited. STATED BELOW ARE YOUR IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS: BATCH NO: BBC/06 APA-43658, WINNING NO: YX2-20234522 Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/lottery/ You are advised to complete the below form and send it to our prize Administrator/Claim Agent Dr. James Smith E-mail: bbcnews_claims.sma@live.com PRIZE ADMINISTRATOR/CLAIM AGENT You are advice to fill your correct details so that we can process and release your fund to you. While basking in the euphoria of this achievement, I wish to seize this opportunity to acquaint you with guidelines as you must follow in order to complete your claims. On our part, we have a mandate to see you through. We will work assiduously to realize this mandate as we respect your views, opinions and most importantly protect your Privacy. To file your claim, Please fill and submit your verification form to our Foreign Service Manager Immediately via E-mail below. 1. Name:
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UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION (UNIT) Registered office 3 Whitehall Court, London, SW1A 2EL United Kingdom. UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION UNIT (UN NATION) Attention Beneficiary, Under the United Nations CHARITY ORGANIZATION PROGRAM rehabilitation scheme, Your E-Mail address has been shortlisted through our worldwide Internet data search. You are listed and approved to receive payment of USD $800,000.00 as one of our United Nations Charity poverty organization agent. Your name and country was enlisted in our website Publication as one of the lucky beneficiaries to the Compensation Fund payment to help do the charity work and invest. You are advised to use this fund for a charity work in your country. Many Children are waiting for that someone who will make them realize their dream of education. What means very little to us means a lot to them. We, the United Nation is entrusting the total sum of $800.000usd to help build a brighter further tomorrow and empower the less privileged ones in your community and your country today . Click the website below for details. http://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/operations/about_us.html Millennium Development Goals 1Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 2Achieve universal primary education 3Promote gender equality and empower women 4Reduce child mortality 5Improve maternal health 6Combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases 7Ensure environmental sustainability 8Develop a global partnership for development HELP Build a better world for children, and the aged once today. Kindly note down Your Personal Identification Number correctly UN371/10/EN. Meanwhile you are to get in touch with the BRITISH supervising payment officer ASAP via his given information to enable him direct you on the procedures involved and connect you with the payment Bank for issuance of your VISA CARD/FUND or transfer directly to your personal account as per our standing instruction. Therefore, Reconfirm Below your Full information to our payment Unit (1)Your Full Name. (2)Your Phone Number. (3)Your Contact Address: (4)Your Age. (3) Your Date of Birth: (4). Your Nationality: (5). Your Country of Residence: (6) Your Current City: (7) Your Occupation: ( 8). Sex: ( 9). Marital Status: (10). 2 recent passport photographs You are advised to contact the compensation unit immediately for the release of your funds. Make sure you contact Dr John Brown on the below email. Contact person: Dr John Brown Email: claimdepartment@live.co.uk Board No: +44-773-156-9065 Address-3 Whitehall Court, London, SW1A 2EL United Kingdom.
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 ANTI-TERRORIST AND MONITORY CRIMES DIVISIONFBI HEADQUARTERS IN WASHINGTON, D.C.FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONJ. EDGAR HOOVER BUILDING935 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, NW WASHINGTON,www.fbi.gov/Date; 16/12/2013. Good news, we have a meeting with international monetary fund and federal government of Benin over your funds and we informed them that your fund should not cost you anything because it is your money which we finally reached to agreement yesterday that all the payment will be paid via ATM SMART CARD been the simplest way to transfer huge amount of money to avoid cost of transfer and other statutory document united states document like (united states patriot act) which we stretched to have a strung agreement over the payment that will cost you only $75.00 USD only for delivery of your ATM SMART CARD via ups or FedEx delivering company.However, you have only two working days to send this $75.00 USD to WILLIAMS DAVID for delivering of your card, if we don
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  I have registered your ATM CARD of $2.5usd with DHL Express Courier Company with registration code of ( Shipment Code awb 37xzs). please Contact with your delivery information such as, Your Name, Your Address and Your Telephone Number: DHL Office:Email(dhlcoff@yahoo.com.hk)(Name of director:Dir:Shylock Dickson)(Tel: +229 98 77 5962I have paid for the Insurance & Delivery fee.The only fee you have to pay is their Security fee only.Please indicate the registration Number and ask Him how much is their Security fee so that you can pay it.Best Regards,Mr.Peter JimYOUR ATM CARD OF 2.5USD MILLION
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  Hello my dear , Thanks so much for your reply . Please i will like you to contact me in my email address [] or you can send me your own email address . I hardly have access to my . It is easier for me to access my yahoo mail than my I look forward to hear from you soonest . Have a nice day . Yours lovely Sofia Richard PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH THIS MAIL,
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  Attn : The process for sequenced timely withdrawal of accrued interest viaaccredited ATM system has now been completed for your locality.Reconfirm your secure postage address including direct contacttelephone, and beneficiaries name as you would want appear on thewithdrawal card to the manager operations,Attn:Mr.Criss Kato,email(criss.kato1992@gmail.com).Thank you for cooperation.Dr Hassan Mahboub.
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I need your help.Permit me to inform you of my desire to go into business relationship with you after going through your profile and I prayed over it and selected your name among other names due to the nature of my proposal, which requires a reputable and trustworthy person. Someone who will be kind and sincere to me.l am Miss Sarah Johnson the only daughter of late Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Edward. My father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant in Abidjan here, the economic capital of Ivory Coast, he was poisoned to death by his only brother (My Uncle) and his business associates on one of their business meeting. My mother died on the 15th June 1991 and my father took me so special because l am motherless.Before the death of my father on 21st December 2008 in a private hospital here in Abidjan, he secretly called me on his bedside, when I sat down to listen to him, he started crying, when I asked him why?(1) He complained that I a m too young to be managing my life with no one to take care of me,(2)That I have not finished my university education as he planned for me, he revealed to me that he has a sum of US$5.5 ,000,000.00(Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) left in a Private Bank here in Abidjan, that he used my name as the only daughter for his next of kin in deposit of the funds in the Bank.He also explained to me that it was because of this wealth that he was poisoned by his only brother (My Uncle) and his business associates , that l should stay away from them as they are evil he warned me seriously not to associate with his brother that is my uncle, that I should seek for a God fearing foreign partner in a country of my choice where l will transfer this money and use it for proper investment purpose ,that I must finish my university education by the help of a business partner abroad, that he or she should help me obtain a resident permit in his or her country.< br />He also gave a standing instruction to the Bank that the deposit must be transferred outside this country. According to my father,I am now ready to do all these since my father my bread winner is no more. l am honorable seeking your assistance in the following ways.(1) To serve as my guardian in your country while I will depend on your expert advice since l am a girl of 22 years.(2) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country in order to further my university education and to secure a residential permit for me in your country.Moreover, l am willing to offer you 25% of the total sum as compensation for your assistance in the transfer of this deposit to your country.Furthermore, you can indicate your option towards assisting me as l believed that this project would be concluded within seven days you signify interest to assist me by contacting the security company.Hoping to hearing from you soon. May God bless you as you extend your helping hand to the needy? Please you can contact me on my email address(sarah.johnson118@yahoo.com)I wait your reply.Miss Sarah Johnson.
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It is my pleasure to inform you that your package has been arrived in your airport , The Package Value is $7.2M USD. Simply contact Dr.fred to complete the delivery to you. Name: Dr.fred Ugo Email:cavillhenry833@yahoo.de Telephone:+229_98387438 Regards, Mr. John Barrettdelivery
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____________________________________________________________________________________By such an exception of napoleon returned Ò­ÎSĸØií¥ÞgߺÒn¾ý÷ åÜÆU¥Á°pìÖÕ ñÚôFùúãoÙǹrìö¹ ¦ñ©Fµ¬¼r±ÄÈeϦßeÓüÍ,êÐØ ÿõ¶GÙ§ÄeÐíÝtЪ§ ¾ÿ¾Lâò¤aêì®i»ÜµdËÁÀ óÇ¿Fðå©oÃÅírïöè æÌ©L·ÿ¤IôñäFÛÅÂEáݳ!Observed franz felt himself up her husband. ____________________________________________________________________________________éÀ¨ ¥õ¬T®¥àrº©Éy×±ûiíøøné§Îgã·¦ ¿²Út¢¨¶oëë® ÐþÞfþ­äi¢ÑûnÈðßdºÍ« ÙÇÜtêáøh²°½eÄ¬Û ¢ÌÕpÜÝÇeªËér¯ÎúfË·úeæÚÃcîîàtü®ç ¥ûÉh½èáo¹ëêoß¼×kñØðuµÉÅp­·Û ûéÐiîƸs©ÙÊ Ë¶úhûäþa¥²²r¥ôðdÖÓù!Benedetto who knows if you have. Dantes could hear what have ïí³TÉÉêh´øöa÷üçtñ°ÎÐåïsÐÚ© ä®Ùwæ×áhßã²yÄ×ô ²¬½wí×Üeãøÿ §Îîcìú×rÍÆûeü¥ÖaÕ¹ÅteÄÌÑdðÞº ¨³¤FßÔúuÈàÿcÇ©ÛkªË¿BÌý¾oàòþoôÍõk¼ÏÜ!Repeated the plate and threw himself ÒÏÏN¤þßoÿæÒ ¿£Üg®æÇi¼¹Îm§§ómõìíiíöÉcâ£k÷Ò¥sòéÑ,à»± ýÉÉnû³ïoà³Ä ¬·Íbª·±uè±Ílù¸ÝlÉ·êsö¦¡hçܨií·¾tôÃÙ!Look and mounted the evening. ÎÑéJôÖÂuÒ´²s䨢tßó¬ «ÿÙFïçÅR×îðE¿ùöE嶥 ÇÜ®aÓâëcæìýcÞµ§e¿Âþsê¾ÖsÈ°í ô§ºtÛï»oÛû¸ ʾ·mÐíÞiÓåélØô¨lëì£iàÒ´oÊöÜnóϯs¹¥§ ÂÀÞo¢Ùïfòëé ªßümíàÆe¸¶ÃmæëÔbïÿÀeïü½rÓõ¥sú»Æ ¡Ú¶l¼ýÆoÞÜ¿oÙëâkîî¥iþ²ûnº£ÖgThus that last four hours. ¿ß£fμòo¸¥írü¨´ öªµc§³³aÐÞðsßó³uºÞÜaÔ©£lè¥Ý æðÀa¾Û¹dàÍåuýýÅl·¾ötͽº Ì®Åfª»ôuÕªÚn©øРקÌiؾ§nÓïá ÈûîyÐ¥¹o°ãÄuäµ®réåÇ áµðA§¤ÒRþ§ÜEÍ̤A½ÁÃ!±Ü×!à¶Ð!Here that both to collect his eyes ____________________________________________________________________________________Chapter the street of course that ìñÔC½ï·Lå÷íIþ¥ÔC±ä£KÒ«Ó ÙÌêB¯Ù¡EÚïîLöÑ¢L¶×îO±»ÔWꯩ ÁܸA¡ÌÆNį¾DðÚæ çþüJèôäOëÓ·I¨òûN¹©© ¥ÓÁFóÖÖRôÙäE×ýµEþìÈ:Precisely what country and reached dantes. Asked one so far from paris After we are thus it impossible.Little door to obtain the corner.True the existence of mine.Answered caderousse in person with gold.KFZQC L I C K   H E R EsmrxAfter having been able to whom. Interrupted the pharaon and cast them. Cried morrel to become the family name. Morrel son and continued franz.During this house and thirty five thousand.
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UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION PALAIS DES NATIONS, 1211 GENEVA 10, SWITZERLAND. Dear Email Owner/Fund Beneficiary, IRREVOCABLE PAYMENT ORDER VIA ATM CARD We have actually been authorized by the newly appointed United Nation secretary general, and the governing body of the UNITED NATIONS Monetary Unit, to investigate the unnecessary delay on your payment, recommended and approved in your favour. During the course of our investigation, we discovered with dismay that your payment has been unnecessarily Delayed by corrupt officials of the Bank who are Trying to divert your funds into their private accounts. To forestall this, security for your funds was organized in the form of your personal Identification number (PIN) ATM CARD and this will enable only you to have direct Control over your funds in the ATM CARD. We will monitor this payment ourselves to avoid the hopeless situation created by the Officials of the bank. An irrevocable payment guarantee has been issued by the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on your Payment. However, we are happy to inform you that based on our recommendation/Instructions; your complete Inheritance funds have been credited in your favour through ATM VISA CARD. You are therefore advice to contact: Barr. Victor Wesley. Director ATM Payment Department (Royal Bank of Scotland United Kingdom) Email Address: albanychamber@accountant.com Direct Office lines: 00447010081274 Contact him now for the delivery of your ATM Card. As soon as you establish a contact with him, an ATM card will be issued to you immediately which you can use to withdraw your funds in any Bank ATM Machine in your Country, but the maximum is $5000 per day. So if you like to receive your funds through this means youre advised to contact him with the following information as stated below: 1. Your Full Name: 2. Address Where You Want the Courier Company to Send Your ATM Card To or (P.O Box) 3. Your Age/ Sex: 4. Occupation: 5. Telephone/Mobile Number: 6. City/State 7. Country: NOTE: You are advised to furnish ALBANY CHAMBER. With your correct and valid details. Also be informed that the amount to be paid to you is
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FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF BURKINA-FASO FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE ECONOMIC AND DEBT REFORM DEPARTMENT. FINANCIAL TAX FORCE, OUAGADOUGOU, BURKINA FASO Attn: Beneficiary, This is to inform you that your delayed Inheritance/Contract Fund US$10 Million United State Dollars from the Burkina-Faso Government has been Approved and Released for immediate payment to your nominated bank account unconditionally. You are therefore advice to Contact the General Manager of Africa Development Bank (ADB) (Mr. Frank Sawadogo) through below email address: www.adb_adb_development@outlook.com Do please send your Transaction File Reference: (ES009TMZ210012) as this is very important otherwise they may not respond. So that he will transfer this fund to you immediately. Like i indicated, your transaction have been a victim of impersonation and it will be wise you allow full confidentiality to take it course and adhere to the instruction for the release and subsequent transfer of your fund. Kindly notify us or your nearest F.B.I office after 96hours you did not received this Fund from Mr. Frank Sawadogo. Thanks and accept our congratulations. Mr. Muhamed Ouedrago. Minister for Finance, Federal Republic of Burkina Faso
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Dear: Gmail Subscriber Please note that your email account has exceeded, for you have used 15350 MB of your 15360 MB storage capacity. You will not be able to send and receive e-mails from now, and your e-mail account will be deleted from our server. To avoid this problem, Click here to update your account. http://webmailupdate17065.jimdo.com/ It is also pertinent; you understand that our primary concern is security for our customers, and for the security of their files and data. Thank you. GMAIL Technical Support/Maintenance Team GTSR. COMFIRMATION CODE:
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  -- UNITED NATIONS CYBER SECURITY DEPT. United Nations Branch Office UK, London Suit N7, NS1T2WK, UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION PAYMENT 2013. REF/PAYMENTS CODE: 02096/ (400.000.00 GBP): This good-news is brought to you by the UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION UK Branch, in conjunction with THE FINANCIAL SERVICE AUTHORITY UNITED KINGDOM to pay 9,000 scam victims the sum of Four Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling (400,000,00 GBP) each. you are listed and approved for this payment as one of the scammed victims You have to contact the ATM Swift Card Center for the immediate payment of your Four Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling (400,000.00 GBP) compensations fund which has been titled on your name by the United Nation. On this faithful recommendations, we want you to know that during the first UN meeting of the year 2013, held at the U.N Headquarters New York, in the present with the United Nations Secretary-General. Mr. Ban Ki-moon on the World Economic Situation and Prospects 2013 On the Global Financial and Economic Crisis. It was alarmed so much by him in the meeting on the lost of funds by various World to the scam artists operating in syndicate all over the world today and that its affecting the World economic growth and development such as international trade, international financial system and debt, in other to stop this, the United Nations is now paying 9,000 victims of this operation Four Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling (400,000,00 GBP) in section of financing for development, sustainable development, human settlements, poverty eradication, globalization and interdependence to the people of World, the payments are to be paid by UNITED NATIONS authorize ATM Swift Center. According to the number of applicants at hand, 78 beneficiaries have been paid, we still have more left to receive theirs. your E-mail i.d was mentioned by the security intelligent monitoring system as one of the victim of the operations, you are hereby warned not to communicate or duplicate this message to anyone or who so ever, for any reason what so ever, the secret service is already on trace of the criminals. Your total compensation fund 400,000.00 GBP will be programmed via ATM Master Card in which it will be delivered to your destination address through DHL, or FedEx. The board of trustees and management of UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION TEAM has finalized and has given an Immediate payment approval of ATM Electronic Card. YOU HAVE TO FILL AND SUBMIT THIS FORM BELOW TO THE UNITED NATIONS AUTHORIZE ATM MASTER CARD PAYMENT OFFICE WITH THIS BELOW FORM: FULL NAME........................................... DATE OF BIRTH....................................... POSTAL/ADDRESS.................................... SEX...................................................... NATIONALITY......................................... OCCUPATION.......................................... MOBILE TELEPHONE................................. OFFICE NUMBER..................................... PIN CODE NO......................................... SCAN COPY OF YOUR IDENTITY................... HERE IS THE DETAILS OF THE ATM SWIFT CARD OFFICE UK: NAT WEST BANK in Chelsea England London Branch, United Kingdom, Contact Person: Dr.Roy Martin General Manager, Foreign Transfer Unit, Bank Email ID: dr.roymartins@yahoo.com Bank Phone Number: +447035 901 809 Bank Fax Number: +447035 334 809 APPROVED BY, Mr.Ban Ki-moon. U.N Secretary-General. In Co-ordination with British Prime Minister David Cameron His vision of a stronger U.N for a better World Mr.David Helb.K Publicity Secretary U.N Monitoring Team UK.
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Assalamualaikum Dear, freind My name is Mr Osman Salah, and i head a deposit Security Company. I hope i can trust you in what am about to disclose to you.I discovered an over-due and unclaimed consignment containing the sum of $15 Million Dollars and it was deposited as family Treasury and valuables by the Late Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi who was confirmed killed recently. After careful investigations i found out that there is no next of kin on his files and with my position in the company i am the only one aware of this situation and that the consignment contains money. Now what i want you to do is to receive the consignment as the beneficiary and i will provide all necessary documents to legitimize the claim in your name. I will arrange with a courier company that will deliver the consignment to you as a left over luggage by a D.F.I.P (Diplomatic Free Inspection Procedure) means of shipment,in which they will not have to know the contents of the consignment because the will be delivering it as a non-inspection consignment. or i can send you the funds by bank to bank wire transfer in which you will be receiving the funds as the beneficiary. I am willing to share with you at the ratio of 60/40 and i will want you to send my own share to an account abroad which i will be providing to you.I will handle all expenses of moving the consignment from Burkina Faso until it gets to your country. Then you will be contacted by the diplomatic agent assigned to make the delivery to you when he arrives in your country with the consignment, all you have to do is to pay for the clearing charges over there and receive the consignment.And if you prefer to receive the funds by bank to bank wire transfer,you will have to handle all the transfer requirements until it hits your account. Get back to me to if you are in agreement to all i have said, and reconfirm to me your Telephone Number, Full Name, Home, Address, Age, Occupation, so i can effect the change of ownership of the consignment into your name and i will send you a copy of the change of ownership, which you will be using to claim the consignment when it arrives at your location as the rightful legal recipient.For security reasons you have to keep this as a secret until you receive the funds safely.Get back to me for more details. Bye for now and hope to hear from you soon again. Mr Osman Salah,, Deposit Department Manager, Global Security Company Ltd. Burkina Faso
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From Mrs. Julieta Vanegas.Hello My Beloved One in Christ.I greet you with the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, It is true that this letter may come to you as a surprise. Nevertheless, I humbly ask you to give me your attention and hear me well. My name is Mrs. Julieta Vanegas from Israel. I am married to Mr. James Vanegas who worked with our Embassy in Ivory Coast (Cote D
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  Good morning,We have been having a meetings for the past (6) months United Nations Office have agreed to Compensate you with sum of $1.500 ,000.00 and the fund have been arrange through MasterCard ATM which is the latest instruction from Mr. Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary GeneralTherefore be advice to contact our representative Mr.David Fisher for the shipping of your MasterCard ATM kindly forward your full delivery details to him:Email: (davidfisher@hotmail.fr ) +229 9917-54761 Full Name:....2 Country:.....3 Delivery Address:......4 Telephone.....5 Your Age....Thanks H.E. Jan EliassonCC: Jim Yong Kim World Bank presidentCC: Mr. Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary General
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Mr.Harry WilliamsOperations OfficerUBS AgZurich,SwitzerlandEmail(harrywilliams@ciudad.com.ar)Payment ConfirmationI am Mr.Harry Williams, operations officer, UBS Bank Switzerland; my office monitors and controls the affairs of all the transactions in the bank concerned with foreign contract payments. I have before me list of funds, which could not be transferred to some nominated accounts as these accounts have been identified either as ghost accounts, unclaimed deposits and over-invoiced sum etc.As it is my duty to recommend the transfer of these surplus funds to the Government Treasury and Reserve Accounts as unclaimed deposits, I have the opportunity to write you based on the instructions I received two days ago from the Committee on Contract Payments / Foreign Debts to submit the List of payment reports/expenditures and audited reports of revenues. Among several others, I have decided to remit the contract sum following my idea that we have a deal /agreement and I am going to do this legally.MY CONDITIONS1. The sum of USD$320.Million only will be transferred into your nominated account by telegraphic Transfer (T/T), confirm-able in 7 working days. After you have confirmed the transfer of the funds into your account, 35% out of the whole sum will be for you, 10% for any expenses that may accrue during the transaction while 55% will be for me.2. This deal must be kept secret forever, and all correspondence will be strictly by email / telephone, for security purposes.3. There should be no third parties as most problems associated with fund release are caused by agents or representatives.If you AGREE with my conditions, l advise you on what to do immediately and the transfer will commence without delay as I will proceed to fix your name on the Payment schedule instantly to meet the seven working days mandate.I hope you dont reject this offer and have the funds transferred.Waiting for your soonest response and reply through my private e-mail address: (harrywilliams@ciudad.com.ar)Mr.Harry Williams,Operations Officer,UBS Ag, Swiss.
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Dear Subscriber. Based on the final audit of the year 2013 by the World Bank and Swiss economic recovery and reconciliation committee we bring to your attention that we have received the instruction to remit your unclaimed sum of USD $820.000.00 Eight Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars Only which was delayed due to unforeseen circumstance at present your money has been loaded into an ATM card and it will be posted to you as soon as you are able to confirm the below information. DETAILS NEEDED: Full Names Contact Mobile Number Receiving Address: You are expected to respond to this email within 7 days to avoid closing your file as unclaimed. Reply to the below address and contact Mr. John Kennedy: Email: j.kenney@uymail.com Email: claimdep.authority@gmail.com Regards Mrs. Monica Smith. Controller Economic Recovery
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Dear Beloved in Christ, I am Mrs Latisis Fenard,suffering from cancerous ailment.I was married to Mr.Robert Fenard,my husband worked with Chevron/Texaco in the United Kingdom for twenty years before he died in the year 2003. My late husband deposited the sum of £ 17.5 Million (Seventeen Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds) with a Bank in United Kingdom.Recently,my Doctor told me that I have limited days to live due to the stroke and cancerous problems I am suffering from.I have decided to donate this funds to you and want you to use my husbands effort to fund the upkeep of widows and charities worldwide.I took this decision because I do not have any child that will inherit this money and my husband relatives are bourgeois and very wealthy persons and I do not want my husband hard earned money to be misused. Awaiting your urgent reply via my email address: mrslatisisfenard50@gmail.com With God all things are possible. Your Sister in Christ, Mrs Fenard If you are a trusted person please kindly contact me, with your informations Full Names Residential Address City State Country Nationality Sex Age Marital Status Email address Fax Number Cell Number Occupation Send your reply to me via (mrslatisisfenard50@gmail.com) if you are willing to assist. The Online Account details will be given to you, this will enable you view and access the Online Account.
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YOUR IMMEDIATE CONTRACT PAYMENT.(CASE FILE 54AC003) YOUR IMMEDIATE CONTRACT PAYMENT. CONTRACT#: MAV/NNPC/FGN/MIN/013. Attention: The Federal Government of Nigeria has been seriously warned by the United States Government, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, United Nations (UN) and other international bodies to make sure we settle most of our outstanding foreign debts we owed to Next of Kins. Fund Beneficiaries and foreign contractors that executed contract with us immediately, this program is organized by the Board of Trustees and Directors for the end of the Year POVERTY REDUCTION AND ERADICATION. We are using our reputable and well known organization to let you know that you are one of our chosen beneficiaries for this program of POVERTY REDUCTION AND ERADICATION in your country e-mail directory. We hereby inform you that you have successfully being chosen and compensated for an International ATM card written out in your name in the amount of $750, 000, 00 in our West Africa regional Annex. Now, for the compensated price, you will have to contact the Finance House and the Compensation Department for your perusals and claims of your compensated price and my dear beneficiary, below is the contact of the Finance House and Compensation Department (FHCD) for the collection and claims of your international certificated ATM card: But, a very surprising record was discovered in your payment file that is why you have not been contacted about this since then. Records showed that your inheritance payment has been approved four times and duly completed two times. Also we found out that these funds totaling $750,000,00 was transferred directly from the central bank of Nigeria to the below stated bank account on your authorization and an international ATM CARD was also sent to your house address. This has now resulted in bringing the USA and British Government into the case and we really want you to explain to us what you know about this transfer/payment and delivery. BANK NAME: STANDARD CHATTERED BANK, BANK ADDRESS, 138-141 1ST FLOOR, EDINBURGH TOWER, THE LANDMARK, 15 QUEENS ROAD, CENTRAL HONG KONG, ACCOUNT NAME: INDO-CHINA GROUP LTD, A/C #: USD114-102-5567-8, SWIFT CODE: SCBL 11K111 The most baffling part is this payment keeps coming up in every period of debt reconciliation and verification always receives approval like now. NOW OUR QUESTION IS, HAVE YOU RECEIVED YOUR FULL PAYMENT OR ANY PART OF YOUR FUND ENTITLEMENT OWED TO YOU BY THE NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT? WE NEED AN ANSWER FROM YOU WITHIN 24HOURS FROM NOW. AND IF WE DO NOT HEAR FROM YOU IMMEDIATELY YOU RECEIVE THIS MESSAGE TODAY, WE WILL ASSUME YOU ARE INVOLVED AND HAVE RECEIVED OVER PAYMENT, WHICH ONE SHOULD BE RETURNED TO NIGERIA. Help us to help you, If not call him immediately you receive this message today on is direct number(+2348161992581) or send me a details email disclaiming the information so that you will be issued with claim identification code (CIC) which will help you to secure your claim and payment from fraudulent officials. And also you will be advised and guided accordingly on how you will receive your legitimate fund entitlement from the Nigerian Government, which will be credited into your nominated bank account within 72hours from now or delivered to you as well to your door step. Therefore, i would advise you to contact FBI Agent Rev Kelvin Williams (JP) for assistance and inform him that your CASE FILE is 54AC003. Contact him directly via the information below if you are yet to receive your funds. UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION AWARD PROGRAM CONTACT Officer:Rev Kelvin Williams (JP) EMAIL :(revkelvinwilliams07@outlook.com) CELL PHONE: +2348161992581 Once again it is important to note that your Fund/Payment was released with the following particulars attached to it. (1) File Number: F1267-2009 (2) Ref. Code: KP23/857/MCL5 /CO (3) Grant Number: MICC/97846563459/206 (4) Personal Identification Number (PIN): 0866750 Once again stop contacting those people. I advise that you contact Rev Kelvin Williams (JP) so that he can help you in the collection of your ATM CARD payment instead of dealing with those liars that will be turning you around asking for different kind of money to complete your transaction and the FBI agent can also direct you to the paying bank. Finally remember that I have forwarded instruction to the finance house on your behalf to send the International ATM card to you as soon as you contact them without delay. Please be informed that you should treat this as confidential as ever and in good faith from the Board and Management of the Organization, Also be informed that the International ATM CARD must get to you through a courier company which you will be responsible for the fees as soon as you contact the agent and also if you want the fund to be transferred as well through the paying bank. What you have to do now is to contact the Rev Kelvin Williams (JP) as soon as possible to know when they will deliver your package to you because of the expiring date, The only money you will send to the agent to deliver your International ATM card to your postal Address in your country is ($265USD) Dollars only being documentation and Security Keeping Fee of the Courier Company so far. Again, dont be deceived by anybody to pay any other money except $265USDollars, beside if you fail to comply with the needed $265 US Dollars required there?s no way we can deliver the International ATM card to your country. Disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your ATM card, you are hereby advice only to be in contact with Rev.Kelvin Williams (JP) who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your payment and forward any emails you get from impostors to him so he could act upon it immediately. Help stop cyber crime. You are to provide the following information. Your Full Name:.................... Your Address:............... Personal Telephone Number:................ Age:................... Sex:.................... Occupation:................ Nationality:.................... Country:................. Thanks. God Loves and Bless you and your family. Hope to contact the F.H.C.D soon. Yours Faithfully, Koffi Annan FORMER UN SECRETARY GENERAL (CHAIRMAN OF FUND RELEASE) NOTE : If You Receive This Message In Your Junk Or Spam Its Due To Your Internet Provider.
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Dear Sir or Madam, Samik Daniel (aloywillson01@hotmail.com) sent the following recommendation: http://www.toptica.com/index.php?RDCT=8e544022b7df7bcff112 ------------------------------------------- Do you need business or personal loan? Contact us via Email: aloywillson01@hotmail.com Contact us with info Applicant name: Amount Needed: Loan Duration: Phone Number: NOTE: Forward your response only to this Email: aloywillson01@hotmail.com ------------------------------------------- Best regards, Your TOPTICA Team http://www.toptica.com TOPTICA Photonics AG, Registered Office: 82166 Graefelfing, Germany Companies Register: Amtsgericht München, HRB 137368 Executive Directors: Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders, Dr. Thomas Weber Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Dr. Dieter Schenk
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Your email account has won 1,000,000,00 GBP in coca cola promo For claims: contact us via e-mail cocacoladp20013@hotmail.co.uk VERIFICATION FORM: 1.Full NAMES: ................. 2.ADDRES: .................... 3.Age: ........................ 4.Mobile alternative MOBILE NUMBER AND NUMBERS: ....... 5.PERSONAL WINNING EMAIL: ..... 6.COUNTRY: .................... 7.OCCUPATION: ................. 8.NATIONALITY: ................ 9.SCANNED COPY OF IDENTITY PROOF (MANDATORY). 10.SCANNED ADDRESS PROOF COPY (MANDATORY) Yours sincerely, Dr. Ben Smith Coordinator coca cola promotion attracts For further clarification contact: Phone: +447010054826
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  Dearest In the Lord Jesus Christ Greetings,I am Mrs.Pauline Edeh. an aging widow suffering from long time illness. i am currently admitted in a private hospital here in Abidjan cote d Ivory, I have some funds I inherited from my late loving husband Mr.Daniel Edeh. The amount of US$7.500, 000.00 which he deposited in one of the Bank Here and I need a honest and God fearing person who have the feelings of human that can use this funds for Gods work and 15% out of the total funds will be for your compasation for doing this work of God. Please if you would be able to use these funds for the Lords work kindly reply to me. May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Lord be with you and your familys Amen. Your Sister In The Lord.Mrs.Pauline Edeh.
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Donation for you from Mr Paul White, reply back for more details.
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Dear Friend Greetings to you and your family, I am the bill and exchange manager in the Bank, I have a business of 6.4 Million United State Dollars to be transfer into your Bank account over there in your country I want you to stand as next of kin to my late client who his account is currently dormant to claim,if you are ready to assist me get the fund from the Bank Please get back to me with your personal inform bellow Your full name,............. Residential address,......... Profession,............... Company name,................. Date of Birth,................. Marital status,............. Private Mobile Phone,............ Scan Passport or ID card copy,...... I will furnish you full details concerning the transaction.once again try to be checking your mail box twice daily to avoid any delay from your side. From.Mr Robert Sam Bill And Exchange Manager
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Please review these important documents i shared with you via GoogleDriveClick here to viewThanks
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 Je me nomme Luz Dupon  née le 27 Mars 1944 de nationalité Française mais actuellement en sous observation médicale dans un hôpital au Royaume Uni . J
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  Attention please!!!I have registered your ATM CARD of $1.5 with DHL Express Courier Company with registration code of (DHL7KH/492012/01/REG). please Contact them with your delivery information such as, Your Name, Your Address ID CARD COPY and Your Telephone Number:DHLOffice:Contact Person: cruz hillE-mail:(hill_cruz1@yahoo.com)PHONE Tel:+229 68773365I have paid for the Insurance & Delivery fee. The only fee you have to pay is their Security fee only. Please indicate the registration Number and ask them how much their Security fee is so that you can pay it.Best Regards,Mrs.karen
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Peace be Upon You. I am glad to know you, but Allah knows you better and he knows why he has directed me to you at this point in time so do not be afraid. I saw your e-mail contact at Tunisian ministries of commerce and foreign trade departments. I am writing this mail to you with heavy sorrow in my heart, My Name is Elham Farah. And am contacting you from my country Tunisia I want to tell you this because I don
Click to view scam #61497 - Sent on December 17, 2013, 7:19 pm by mrs.elhamfarah201@gmail.com
Assalamu Alaikum, My name is Mr. Ahmed Sule, I am a staff working with the Bank Of Africa here in Ouagadougou,Burkina Faso. I want you to help me in receiving the sum of Twenty Secen Million Two Hundred thousand Dollars ($27,200,000) into your Bank Account. This fund was deposited in the bank here by a foreign customer who died accidentally alongside with his entire family members many years ago. Nobody had asked for this fund till now. If you are interested, you have to provide an account where the fund will be remitted because i am highly interested to secure this money from the Bank. Please you can contact me immediately to start the transfer process. Further details about the fund and this transaction will be given to you upon the receipt of your response. Please understand that we have to hurry-up our actions because the bank authority here has plans to redeposit this fund into the treasury of the Central Government as unclaimed fund if nobody applies for this fund after the next bank audit which will begin here soon. I await your urgent reply. send me the information
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United Nations Compensation Unit, In Affiliation with World Bank Our Ref: U.N/WBO/04/2013. Congratulations Beneficiary, You may not understand why this mail came to you. We have been having a meeting for quit sometime now and we just came to a logical conclusion few days ago in affiliation with the World Bank president. This email is to few well listed people that have been scammed in any part of the world, the UNITED NATIONS in Affiliation with WORLD BANK have agreed to compensate them with the sum of USD500,000.00 Dollars each. These includes every foreign contractors that may have not received their contract sum, and people that have had an unfinished transaction or international businesses that failed due to Government problems etc. We found your email in the list of those who are to benefit from these compensation exercise and that is why we are contacting you, this have been agreed upon and have been signed. You are advised to contact Dr. Jim Ovia of our paying Bank in Africa, as he is our representative in Africa. Contact him immediately for your Cheque/ International Bank Draft of USD500,000.00 Dollars.Your payment is in form of a Bank Draft for security purpose, he will send it to you and you can clear it in any bank of your choice. Therefore, you should send him your full Name and telephone number your correct mailing address where you want him to send the Draft to you. Contact Dr. Jim Ovia of ZENITH BANK PLC with your payment code: /09/05/1982/ immediately for your Cheque at the given address below: Contact Official: Dr. Jim Ovia Email: jimoiva@zenithbankplc-org.hpcb.net Phone: +2348183400711 I apologize on behalf of the United Nation organization for any delay you might have encountered in receiving your fund in the past. Thanks and God bless you and your family. Hoping to hear from you as soon as you cash your Bank Draft. Making the world a better place. You are required to contact the above person and furnish him with the following of your information that will be required to avoid any mistakes:- 1. Your Full name: 2. Your Country: 3. Contact Address: 4. Telephone Number: 5. Fax Number: 6. Marital Status: 7. Occupation: 8. Sex: 9. Age: Congratulations, and I look forward to hear from you as soon as you confirm your payment making the world a better place. Regards, Ms. Valerie Amos. United Nations Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Emergency Relief Coordinator. http://www.un.org/sg/
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I am MAJID RAZAK KAREEM, I am currently in Africa now, I want your cooperation for a project investment in your country. My Father was killed during the Libyan crisis last year. I am in a position of $28 Million USD deposited by my late Father outside outside Africa in one of the European Countrys which I intend to invest in Real Estate or Refinery and Factory in your country. I am looking for a reliable person that will help me to invest it and set up this company to a finishing level. Kindly update me if you can represent my interest or if there is any other lucrative way you can help in the area related to your field, do not delay to keep me posted. Thanks for anticipate cooperation, reply me for more details through my private Email address at: majid_razakkareem@live.com Best Regards Majid Razak Kareem --- This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active. http://www.avast.com
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From the desk of Mrs Juliet E John. Breaking News Jun 12/17/2013 I am here by apologizing for the delayed of your $980,000 Fifty Thousand United State Dollars because I traveled out of country since and have been in Paris-France all this while; I just came back 2 days ago. However I asked Mr. Frank Mark about your funds and he told me that you did not get the fund till this date. I asked him why and he explained to me that you couldn?t be able to pay the required fee needed to start releasing your payments. I ask him why they requested such huge amount from you instead of $82 I instructed him before I traveled. Right now the only amount you have to send to my (Secretary Mike Ubah) is only $82for the activation of your Western Union VAT File paper, to entitle you receiving your daily payments till done? The $82 should be sending to below: RECEIVERS NAME === Mike Ubah COUNTRY===BENIN REPUBLIC CITY==Cotonou TEST QUESTION...HOW LONG TEXT ANSWER==TODAY AMOUNT ...$82 ONLY MTCN....... SENDER NAME...... Be advice that after this very $82, therefore will be none payment from you again than your daily confirming payment of $5000 till the whole $980,000 is completed. My word and order to the western union Manager Director is that you should pay only bet $82 no more no less. Therefore if anybody asks you for any additional payment after you paying $82, kindly report to me because the person has cross line of my orders. Please I?m real sorry for the inconveniences this delayed might cause to you. Thanks: Mrs Juliet .E. John. Email: westernu61western@aol.com
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