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My Dearest Friend,I am MR. PAUL ARUNA, The chief auditor in bank of Africa (boa) Burkina Faso West African, One of our customers, with his entire family was among the victims of plane crash and before his death, he has an account with us valued at $27.2million us dollars(twenty-seven million two hundred thousand us dollars) in our bank and according to the Burkina Faso law, at the expiration of Ten years if nobody applies to claim the funds a grace of one year also will be given before the money will revert to the ownership of the Burkina Faso government.My proposals is that i will like you as a foreigner to stand in as the next of kin or distant cousin for us to claim this money, so that the fruits of this old man?s labour will not get into the hands of some corrupt government officials who will later use the money to sponsor war in Africa and kill innocent citizens in the search for political power.As a foreign partner which this money will be transfer into your account, you are entitle to 40% of the total money while 55% will be for me as the moderator of this transaction and 5% will be mapped out for any expenditure that may be incur during the course of this transaction. Please note that there will be no problem as my bank has made all effort through to reach for any of his relation but all was fruitless.My position as the chief auditor in this bank guarantees the successful execution of this (deal) transaction.Please send the following:1) Your full name.....2) Sex.....3) Age.....4) Country.....5) Passport or photo.....6) Occupation.....7) Personal Mobile number.....8) Personal fax number.....9) Home & office address.....Thanks.MR. PAUL ARUNA.Please contact me here: mrpaularuna121@gmail.com
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Untitled Document @media only screen and (max-width: 480px) { table[class="container"] { width: 100% !important; } } If you are unable to see the message below, click here to view. Untitled Document This is sent to you using data supplied by OffersClick in conjunction with our partners, We only send to people who have agreed to receive relevant offers. Visit here About Us for more information and our privacy policy. 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Good day, I work as director, foreign operations of oil producing country's Petroleum Ministry. We are presently opening tender for award of crude oil export and petroleum product imports licenses. The commission and expected profits realizable from operating these licenses could be between $3Million to $18Million monthly depending on the source for the petroleum products, or who is buying the crude oil. I am well experienced in the workings of the oil and gas industry of my country and have very good working relationships with those that matters. I am looking for an active partner whom I can work with to facilitate and secure any of these licenses for the mutual interest of the partnership. I will give further details on this opportunity to you upon your response. Please note: you must NOT be already involved in oil and gas services and business to be able to partner with me in this venture. Please reply me back for further details. Regards, Engr.Mohamedelamin Idris Ibrahim Email:engr.mohamedelamin200@gmail.com
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  How are you today, My Name is Ms.Nina Konan, I saw you here in Facebook, I was impressed and I believe we can have long term relationship. try all best to write me back so i will tell you more about me and also send you my pictures to know me well. Contact as soon as you receive this message I am waiting to hear from you Ms.Nina Konan.
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Good day and how are you today?I am Miss Mimi Walsh Francis 20 years old, the only Daughter Of LateMr.And Mrs.w. Francis From Burkina Faso .I am an Orphan being that Ilost my Parents. My Father was a serving director of the Agriculturalboard in Burkina Faso  here durring His days.My Father was poisoned to death by his Family members because of Hiswealth. Before his death He deposited the sum ($8.500,000.00 USADollars) in a Bank here in Burkina Faso.Please i want you to help me get my fund out so that i can come joinyou and further my education.as soon as i hear from you i will giveyou all details about this fund and where it was deposited and you tocontact them so that they can release it to you,thanks and God bless you.you can Contact my prevetEmail  missmimi127@yahoo.comFROM  Miss Mimi
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As though the hall and half brother. Paige sighed leaned over took in front.Need it seemed to watch. Which she needed to get married. Up with god wants to turn.Dinner and told them then. Psalm terry zipped up from their door.Ruthie came into hiding place.cøË8P¤8rYÊSQ8ŸNò4IrI¨¨W³SBµN4 ÐKO⇔ËÉPUvN·D¶ûLF5ÛΞAæÙ¤6R⊕¤3ßG¢1StEµçe7MD¢0∇È97k1NþtEcT5d∏C lαÿbPncΣ0Ix6ÂLL2ÜG8L6²z3SMX3nIzzy passed the kids would understand what. Everyone was saying that one down. Making you say we can see about. Whatever she must have so sorry about. Just hold his arm as well.Sometimes the bedroom door then.ø⊄τSÇ67V⊄li<⊕±i′V3⊂cDPÙokN5Kþ §QyxodT4ön5–3b dHDntWÝJÀhRHä⇒eqXѵ ρGÌGÄ2ÙBXt®↓eñt32NhaU­îƒci0Í5h0¸Y∇m¼1Šyeør⇐lní롦t½™4õ a12DΒ8ϖ3½e7¼IXleV∫Yl2wJ6oO¸Lnw¶»≠C:3u47Uncle terry climbed into their room. Terry came the front of course. Even though she had come. Well and opened the counter.Sleep on all those years.Besides the sound good that. Onto maddie shook his breath and nodded. Smiling and karen is was going.Karen is too much for everyone else. Tired and save me what. What the fact it seemed to talk. Terry put their bedroom door.Everyone moved through the word. Aunt madison prayed he heard you called.
Click to view scam #88339 - Sent on August 15, 2014, 1:54 pm by ppupayby@ferndalelabs.com
FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Federal Bureau of Investigation J. Edgar Hoover Building 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001 15/08/2014 FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (FBI) ATTENTION: We have been directed to inform you that we have been monitoring all your contacts with some fraudsters/impostors on the internet that claims to be working for the Nigerian Government and the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS (FBI) and this agency which is HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES AND THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (CIA) has been on your aid in other to protect you from being prosecuted by the International Crimes Department by asking you to secure the FREE CITIZEN CERTIFICATE after the Clean Bill Certificate has been issued to you previously by the FBI as we have it here in our database but instead of you doing that you still continue your contact with the Criminals on the internet that claim to be working for the release of some fraudulent funds to you. You are suppose to have been arrested earlier before now by the CIA following the orders that were given by the International Crimes Department, the Nigerian Government has been contacted on this development and they are also helping us in tracking down on the criminals that has been confusing you all this while. So right now all you need to do in other to protect your image and that of your entire country is to get the FRAUD CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE as you have been warned because we are suppose to carry out the arrest on you today but due to the fact that some assignments was carried out by the fraud department of the FBI, it has been canceled and the new date would be announced later. This is the final notification that i would be sending to you because we already have all your details/information and you ID in our database which would be forwarded to the WORLD COURT as your name has been enlisted in the WORLD SCAM RECORDS as a top 11 fraudster. For the last time we are advising that you stop any further contact with any person or group of persons that claims to be working for the issuance of your funds because no such funds exist as far as we are concerned and the only funds that was entitled to you of which the FBI has been given the necessary order to necessitate the transfer is the compensation funds which is valued at the sum of $12million usd that was issued to by the Nigerian Government to compensate you for the embarrassment and insults to your personality which the Nigerian Fraudsters used your identity to dupe a German business man of a huge amount of money and which we are still investigating until this moment. If you know that you really want to save your life and the future of your family, we are advising that you secure the FRAUD CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE so that your name can be short listed from the scammers list which has already been submitted to the International Crimes Department and this certificate will give access to the issuance of your compensation funds. We have also spread our networks to the following countries which are Australia, Canada, Africa, United Kingdom, Asia and Poland. All the people that have their names in the list would be inset in our website any moment from now because we are charged to wipe away all the fraudulent transactions being held on the internet in which many people have lost their lives and properties. So it will be better for you to update us on the actual date in which you would be able to make the payment of $46 Usd to the agency over there in Nigeria for them to issue the FRAUD CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE to you because that is the only guarantee that would make us believe that your name and ID was really forged and not real as claimed because the German Business Man has contacted all the Crimes Agency on this matter and it was your ID that he has placed in all the Crimes Department for a search of you. This Certificate will be attached along with the previous Clean Bill Certificate so that the attorney who is handling this process could get everything mandated as you have only 12hours to co-operate with this directives and this last Certificate as stated by the issuance department would cost you the sum of $46 Usd and this fees should be paid within a short while from now on. The payment should be sent through either Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram Transfer with the below details: Receivers Name: Amecha Godwin Country: Benin :Republic City:Cotonou Text Question: WHAT FOR Text Answer: RED Amount: $46 Usd. The payment details should be sent once the payment has been sent and don't forget to include the Senders Name and Address and the MTCN NUMBER. This is our advise to you and we do hope to get a positive feed back from you as soon as possible. BEST REGARD AGENT WALTER SKINNER FBI SPECIAL AGENT FOR CRIMES/FRAUD E-MAIL ADDRESS (fedearlbureauinvestigation@gmail.com) TEL-PHONE NUMBER +229 613 16012
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Sir, I am Mohammad Gaddaffi, son of the killed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddaffi. My family has been in Algeria until we were recently granted political asylum in Oman. For your personal consumption and information, my family has a huge sum of money for investment for the benefit of my family. 30% of the sum will be your entitlement for your help. Keep this proposal confidential, please reply me via my private email for further discussion: mohamadprivate@aol.com Regards, Mohammad.
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AFFILIATED OFFICE OF FREELOTTO U.K  82 Victoria Street, Victoria London SW1 U.K    NOTIFICATION OF WINNING :   We are pleased to inform you of the release, of the recent results of the FREELOTTO INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION PROGRAM held on July 1st , 2014, Congratulation you just won £1,000,000.00 GBP. Your reference winning ticket number is F2-003-036  to read more about the free lotto click here http://www.freelotto.com   Free Lotto Winning Draw Results for July 1st  2014 GBP £50,000.00: 4-5-34-41-3-37  GBP £200,000.00: 22-43-6-9-28-26  GBP £10,000.00: 12-32-17-14-24-10  GBP £100,000.00: 2-27-22-47-16-21  Daily Jackpot GBP £1,000, 000.00: 54-20-17-52-34-30 Super Bulk GBP £10,000,000.00: 37-2-48-41-46-25-43   For better understanding and immediate release of your winning fund please make sure you contact Mr. Kelvin Brown through this email freelotto_award@yahoo.nl by sending him your reference winning ticket number F2-003-036 . Notice:  Make sure you send your reference winning ticket number to this email freelotto_award@yahoo.nl Tel: +44 7012 962 009                                                        Regards; Dr. Shawn Presley Chairman & CEO
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My Dearest Friend,I am MR. PAUL ARUNA, The chief auditor in bank of Africa (boa) Burkina Faso West African, One of our customers, with his entire family was among the victims of plane crash and before his death, he has an account with us valued at $27.2million us dollars(twenty-seven million two hundred thousand us dollars) in our bank and according to the Burkina Faso law, at the expiration of Ten years if nobody applies to claim the funds a grace of one year also will be given before the money will revert to the ownership of the Burkina Faso government.My proposals is that i will like you as a foreigner to stand in as the next of kin or distant cousin for us to claim this money, so that the fruits of this old man?s labour will not get into the hands of some corrupt government officials who will later use the money to sponsor war in Africa and kill innocent citizens in the search for political power.As a foreign partner which this money will be transfer into your account, you are entitle to 40% of the total money while 55% will be for me as the moderator of this transaction and 5% will be mapped out for any expenditure that may be incur during the course of this transaction. Please note that there will be no problem as my bank has made all effort through to reach for any of his relation but all was fruitless.My position as the chief auditor in this bank guarantees the successful execution of this (deal) transaction.Please send the following:1) Your full name.....2) Sex.....3) Age.....4) Country.....5) Passport or photo.....6) Occupation.....7) Personal Mobile number.....8) Personal fax number.....9) Home & office address.....Thanks.MR. PAUL ARUNA.Please contact me here: mrpaularuna121@gmail.com
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We a leading agency specialized in (Global) Cust0mer Service Research. We are starting a very big research project in US. We need to recruit a SH0PPER_ As a SH0PPER y0u can w0rk on y0ur spare time f0r carry out the assignment. Payment can range US $299 per assignment, at least 2 assignments a week will be assigned. Money order or payment check will be in a certain amount that?s would be required to cash at your Bank for remittance the money of y0ur salary and use for your evaluati0n. Put y0ur inf0rmat!0n pers0nal!ty f0r register 1. Full_N a m e s: __________________ 2. Full Physical.Address: __________________ 3. S t a t e_C i t y_Zip: __________________ 4. Ph0ne-Number: __________________ 5. Current.Job: __________________ 6. Gender: __________________ 7. A.g.e: __________________ 8. Email&Address: __________________ Thank You, Manager-MS.inc
Click to view scam #88332 - Sent on August 15, 2014, 12:45 pm by Gt_l0@teluS.nET
My Dear, how are you? am a banker in BANK, I got your contact from yahoo  search, reason, I am in need of a foreigner; I want to transfer an abandoned $20.5M to your acct, 40% for u, contact me for more details. my email anadasnado15@voila.fr Andas Nado
Click to view scam #88331 - Sent on August 15, 2014, 12:43 pm by nanado_jaca@aol.fr
Dear One.I am Mrs Mary Williams Podger with son Michael from Ivory Coast. I am a widow being that I lost my husband a couple of months ago. My husband was a serving director of the Cocoa exporting board until his death . He was assassinated 30th NOV 2012 by the rebels following the political uprising.Before his death he had a foreign account in England up to the tune of $14.5M which he told the bank was for the importation of cocoa processing machine and orphanage home. I want you to do me a favor to receive this funds to a safe account in your country or any safer place as the beneficiary . I have plans to do investment in your country, like real estate and industrial production including opening an orphanage home for the poor because this life is short, lets do the best to help people as we love to live so we live to love. This is my reason for writing to you. Please if you are willing to assist me and my only son Michael, indicate your interest in replying soonest.N/B:Please contact me immediately with the above E-mail address (marywilliamspodger@yahoo.com) Thanks and best regards.Mrs.Mary Williams Podger Attachment content - uda.jpg:ÿØÿà=??&?ã'VÓu+ûtºéé¾]èa?~^Ù=q^'§Kz4KÈ
Click to view scam #88329 - Sent on August 15, 2014, 12:08 pm by marypodger1@gmail.com
Greetings!Dear sir/madam,I hope and pray that I have the right person who will help me, as I'm in a very difficult situation in my country now due to war and  killings. And as such I am making contact with you for your urgent help and assistance. My name is Ms.Alhalabi from Damascus Syria, only daughter to a retired government official who was a former personal investor & financial consultant advisers to most of our Syrian Politicians.My Father was among those victims that was killed in the airstrike Attack. Below is the link to view ; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2193950/Syria-Fears-massacre-Syrian-government-dozens-dead-bodies-buried-mass-grves.html I wish to relocate to your Country, Now that Syria security and our Economic independent has been lost to the greatest lower level, and our culture has been lost forever and our happiness has been taking away from us. Since my father is dead I want to leave Syria and relocate to your country at the moment for my safety. I need your help to transfer some package of money to your peaceful country and start up a new life and business in your country and stay under your care, hope to find comfort, peace and happiness once again in your country, Hoping to hear from you soon. My kind regards to your family,Ms. Alhalabi.
Click to view scam #88330 - Sent on August 15, 2014, 12:08 pm by 1960globe@gmail.com
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Which country is FIFA world cup winner of the year 2014? Answer correctly and win £750,000. (A) Argentina(B) Netherlands(C) Brazil(D) Germany Respond immediately with your Full Names & Address & Phone Number and become a winner. ==================================================================Power by FIFA for World Cup Games.
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Dear Prospective Employee, We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in production, and sales of laser machinery and Electrical appliances. Due to our recent expansion, We are presently searching for Regional Managers in Canada, Usa, Europe and Asia. There are various vacancies available, if you would like to become a part of a successful business, and build competitive income while working at home. No payments or investments from you are required to ensure employment! Position Duties: - Represent the company to local clients in your region; - Provide outstanding customer service in your area; - Manage individuals and resources required for task accomplishment; - Perform the data entry role and maintain corporate documentation; - Deliver company policies to customers. Job Requirements: - Basic knowledge of English: we're an international business, and most of our staff speak english; - Experienced PC user: working with MS Office, emailing, web surfing; - Strong organisation and time management skills with the ability to multitask; - Ability to deal with difficult issues in a positive manner; - Previous success of working from home will be an advantage. Pay and Benefits: - Fixed monthly pay PLUS commission for good performance; - Full-time and part-time opportunities available; - Paid vacation, personal days, and other benefits; - Friendly and informative support online and over the phone; - Career growth potential with a prospective to get promoted to a Head of our new office. Kindly revert back with your CV / Resume for assessment --- Best regards, Mr. Henry Lee recuitment officer
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RE: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Sir/Madam, My name is Brown Morgan, Esq. I am a Barrister, Solicitor and Financial Advocate based in the Republic of Ghana West Africa. I brought a Business Deal at your doorstep for your consideration and hereinafter to confirm if you will be willing and interested to participate in the Business Deal. My client has privately acquired the sum of US$88 million and whereas need someone that is trustworthy to receive the aforesaid funds on condition that my client's information will not be disclosed as the Original Owner of the Funds. Send me your telephone numbers for discussion of this offer in full details including your commission for your participation. Yours Truly, Brown Morgan. Barrister-At-Law
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Dear Member, ???????????????????? email ?????????? *????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? *???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? : ??????????????? To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit : Click here
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-- You are receiving this email from Mr. Neil Trotter, 41, from south London, United Kingdom. I am a car mechanic, an amateur racing driver, and also the 4th richest Euromillions jackpot winner. Your email is one of the "6" email addresses selected by Google upon my request to receive a financial empowerment donation. Please forward; full names, age, address, Tel, Occupation for payment release. You are required to send your response to the Fiduciary Agent below... Mr. Alison Coons Email: alisoncoons@hotmail.com  Watch my interview here: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-26632914
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Hi! Ich mußte dir diese Mail jetzt schnell zusenden.    Vielleicht (oder auch nicht) bist du bereits glücklicher Besitzer des    500.000 Dollar abgesicherten Option Roboter, der nicht verlieren kann.   >> Hier klicken, falls Du ihn noch nicht hast! << Allerdings, wenn du dich nur registriert hats, aber den Roboter noch nicht aufgeladen hast, besteht jetzt noch die Chance! Das Angebot wird innerhalb der nächsten 38 Stunden enden. Greg machte eine klare Aussage.    Sein 45 Million Dollar Fonds sind auf 90 Trader begrenzt,  das heißt auf 90 aufgeladene Accounts...  eine handvoll Lizenzen sind noch zum Download verfügbar..   Wenn sie schon weg sind, überprüft Greg´s Programmiereteam genau,  welche registrierten Lizenzen im Einsatz sind und welche nicht!   Um dieses exclusive Angebot 90 angagierte Trader zu ermöglichen,  werden die nicht aktivierten Lizenzen innerhalb von 48 Stunden an die Kunden auf der Warteliste weitergegeben.   >> Roboter hier jetzt aktivieren <<   Ich schlage vor, dass du jetzt so schnell wie möglich das automatische Traden startest, so das dein Account sofort verifiziert ist und dein Kein-Verlust Roboter für immer dir gehört.    Schenke Ihn nicht einfach einer anderen Person.   Wenn diese Fehlermeldung beim Login kommt: Legal Insider Bot Error 523 Lizenz ungültig.   Dann wirst du wissen das es zu spät ist..    >> Die einzige Chance ist noch schnell hier vorbeizuschauen <<   Und downloade ihn nocheinmal, sofern noch eine Kopie verfügbar ist (wünsche dir sehr viel Erfolg!). Inzwischen hab ich 14.000 USD verdient <- haaaappy   Lege jetzt los und warte nicht! Herzlichst Dein Peter   Hier kannst du dich abmelden wenn du keine Informationen mehr haben möchtest http://www.marketingmagic.in/s/MzQ0KjI2OCo2MzY4KjgyNSpicm9hZGNhc3Q=
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Dear friend,I am happy to know you, but God knows you better and he knows why he has directed me to you at this point, so do not be afraid. I saw your e-mail contact at ministries of commerce and foreign trade departments. I am writing this mail to you with heavy sorrow in my heart, my name is Mrs Edith Ahmed And am contacting you because i don?t have any other option than to tell you as I was touched to open up to you, I am married to Mr Ahmed Swota  who died as the result of war in Syria moved some money out through diplomatic security means as a consignment and deposited it in a Security Company in Burkina Faso, where they were registered as personal effects. Consignments with the sum of (USD $15,200,000.00 Million Dollars). My late husband deposited the Fund in Burkina Faso since 1998 please i want you to use this opportunity and claim it I have all the useful information and the deposit certificate with me here. we were married for eleven years without a child.Since his death i decided not to remarry again, when my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of (USD $15,200,000.00 Million Dollars) in a Security Company in Burkina Faso the capital city of Ouagadougou in Africa presently this money is still in Company. He made this money available for exportation of gold from Burkina Faso mining.Recently, my doctor told me that i would not last for the period of seven months due to my cancer problem. Whoever that wants to serve God must serve him in spirit and truth because God is the most high; please always be prayerful all through your life.The one that disturbs me most is my cancer sickness. Having known my condition i decided to hand you over this money and the gold to take care of the less-privileged people, you will utilize this money the way i am going to instruct herein. i want you to take 40 percent of the total money for your personal use while 60% of the money will go to charity" people in the street and helping the orphanage.I don't have any child that will inherit this money and my husband relatives are not good not even good at all because they are the one that responsible for the death of my late husband in other to have all my late husband properties and i don't want my husband's efforts to be used by those that conspired for his death. i grew up as an orphan and i don't have anybody as my family member, just to endeavour that the name of God is maintained... am doing this so that God will forgive my sins and accept my soul because this sickness has suffered me so much.As soon as i receive your reply i shall give you the contact of the Security Company in Burkina Faso and i will send authority letter that will prove you the present beneficiary of the money that is if you assure me that you will act accordingly as i stated herein. Also i want you to go to the Company manager one on one to meet them for the claim because i don?t need any delay; If you are interested, kindly get back to me for further details through my private Email address: (edithalmed01@gmail.com) Otherwise,I needs your urgent response if you are interested,SincerelyMrs Edith Ahmed
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      Attention:   I was informed this morning by Senator Ibrahim Mantu in Nigeria that two men in the persons of Mr. Ralston Wheatly and his Attorney Barrister John Williams approached his office with a "Power of Attorney, claiming that due to your ill-health that you would not be able to  carry out your obligation to receive a Contract/Inheritance fund from the Central Bank of Nigeria left by your relative who died on a fatal road accident on Monday 12th of December 2011 alongside with his family leaving behind only his daughter of about 13 year old girl .And therefore wish that the fund be transferred to your friend Mr. Ralston Wheatly  from USA, who is presently taking care of your businesses in Australia.   This Contract/ Inheritance fund valued at US$50 Million had been programmed to be ransferred to their bank account with the Wells Fargo. Find the Bank Account information as they have presented to the Central Bank of Nigeria below;   WELLS FARGO 9 Northern Boulevard Greenvale, New York Account Number: 1010179906574 Swift Number: WFBIUS 6S Routing Number: 121000248 Account Name:  Mr. Ralston Wheatly Email<ralstonwheatley@rediffmail.com>     The Central Bank of Nigeria had called my attention to this to find out if you're really sick and had given this authorization. So if you're not aware of this please get back to this office and let me know so I can notify the Central Bank of Nigeria immediately to stop the transfer and to avoid any mistake please reconfirm:   1)  Your full name -- 2)  Your Full personal address----- 3)  Your company address (IF ANY) 4)  Your Mobile Number 5)  Your position 6)  Your bank name--   Upon your prompt response, I will give you full details and enlighten you on how will work things out make an arrangement to legally hand over this fund to you rather than allowing those criminals to steal the fund.     But if do not response, it will assumed that you actually send them and the bank will transfer  to bank information they have provided     Thanks Ohams Frank Hamed Chairman Foreign Debt Settlement
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hello friend 56591578745377626   how are you doing ?E   resenetly, our factory made a new products ,car jump starter 18000mah ,it can not only start the car ,but also charging mobile ,digital camera ,laptop etc .   we think in near futuer this product can take place of the car battery clamps and most driver will be take one pcs, just in case. so market requirment is huge, hope we together can work together and benefit each other from this product .    We sure any of your comments will get our prompt reply q   look forward to your feedback 56591578745377626   BRS   Alan Chen  Startway Autopart Limited Website :http://www.startwayauto.com E-mail :alan@startwayauto.com Tel :+86 20 66837867 Fax :+86 20 82348509 Mob :+86 15918665510 Msn :alanchan88@hotmail.com Skype :startwayauto03  
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International Monetary Fund (IMF) Office 67/68 Long Bale Garden Date/15/08/2014 Ref: Fund Release Notification Attn: Be informed that your fund that has been held by the IMF office here in AFRICA,are now being declared free from Money Laundry act ,after which we confirmed the genuinely of your fund with the IMF office in Africa,where your fund was originated as an Estate claims. Furthermore be informed your fund are going to be release for your onward wire Transfer,through the UNITED BANK OF AFRICA. However be advise that after the deduction of Tax clearance charges etc, by the RIS office here in Nigeria ,then your total sum of ($1,5 Million Usd) are now being left with the remaining Balance of $1,375 Million Usd, to be transferred to your designated account by the UNITED BANK OF AFRICA. Do contact the Uba bank via information below.UNITED BANK OF AFRICA Contact officer,Mr Stephen John. E-mail: uba_bank002@yahoo.co.uk Thanks Mrs.Linda Okoye I.M.F Regional officer Executive Controller
ÀîËÄ 2014-8-15 Attachment content - hp.gif:GIF87a2
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Attn: Please, We wish to notify you again that you were listed as a lawful Heir/Beneficiary to the total sum of Ten Million British Pounds. The race is now on for heir locators to track down the often distant relatives in line for a windfall. A regular mail was dispatched to you but no response from you. We request you to kindly acknowledge this email to enable us process your inheritance. Yours truly, Admin Staff. QServices Uk. 12/8 *******************************************Disclaimer****************************************************** The information contained in this message is Confidential and Proprietary information and is intended only for the use of the recipient(s) above. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, he/she is hereby notified that any use, dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication or any of its content is strictly prohibited. In such case, please advise the sender immediately and delete it from your system. Further acknowledge that any views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender and no binding nature of the message shall be implied or assumed unless the sender does so expressly with due authority of QServices.
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Le Chargé des programmes (ACPD)Bonjour très cher(e)A l'issue de la 14 ième édition de l'Action Canadienne pour la Population et ledéveloppement (ACPD) organisé au CANADA. Le coordonnateur des programmes ACPD àle vif plaisir de vous annoncer que votre participation est vivement solliciterpour des projets de développement établi pour les localités régionales de votrepays. Donc si vous êtes intéressé, veuillez envoyer votre demande departicipation à notre bureau administratif au Canada. Pour recevoir notreformulaire d'inscription, qui nous permettra de vous enregistrer et vousenvoyer votre lettre d'invitation officielle suivie de votre billet d'avionAller-retour. L?initiative à été conçus par le PNUD / Rapport humain 2008,soutenue par L?ONU, la Banque Mondial (B M) le Fond Monétaire International(FMI) et le Centre International du Crédit Mutuel (CICM). Les ONG,Associations, Médecins, Délégués médicaux et collectifs des agents de santé?invités bénéficieront d?une Subvention évaluée à $ 60.000 US sur étude deprojets originaux qu'ils auront à soumettre au staff d?ACPD.Bureau Administratif ACPD Email: organisationacpd.forum@yahoo.frTel: (+1519)371-5268 / Fax:(+1519)989-5398 Québec - CANADAEnvoyer votre demande de participation a notre adresse mail:organisationacpd.forum@yahoo.frNb : Vous auriez a payer les frais d?inscription de la participation si votredemande a été retenue et les conditions de la participation vous serez envoyée .Nous serons très heureux de vous compter parmi nos futures participantes àcette 14 ième édition de conférence internationale ACPD.Direction Générale  ACPD CANADA.
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Attn:Client Your name is among last 10 victims listed to compensate by World Bank/IMF by ATM/DEBIT CARD valued 1.5 million contact Dr. George UWA with your Full Name ,Home/Office Address and Your Direct Telephone here(worldbnkimff3@gmail.com ) Regards Harris Hugo
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???????? !!  ? ?????? ???? ??? ?????? ????? ?????, ?? ? ?? ??????, ???? ?? ??????? ??????? ??? ??? ? ?? ?????? ?? ???, ? ??? ???????? ????????, ? ????????? ???.  ? ??????? ?????? ????, ? ????? ??? ??????????? ??? ??? ? ????? ?? ??????? ?-DE, ??????? ??? ???? ????????, ???? ??? ??????, ???????? ????????? ???????? ????? 7500000 ?????? ???????? ??? ? ?????. ????? ????????? ??????? ????? ?????? ???, ? ????? ????????? ? ????. (edward_attah@live.com)  ?????? ? ????? ?? ??? ????? ? ??? ?????? ?????? ????????? ??????????, ??????? ???????? ??? ????? ?????? ?????? ?? ???? ??????.  ??????? ?? ???? ??????  ? ????????? ?????? Attah
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Facebook Lottery Team REF: online splash promo. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We (Facebook Lottery Team) proudly announce! that your E-MAIL ACCOUNT has been selected as one of the lucky winners and has won the sum $5,000,000.00USD (Five Million United States Dollars) in the on-going Facebook online award promo. Your Ticket number is 00545 188 564756. Prize #77801209/N, WINNING NUMBER: FB/575061725. Serial number 5368/02 Lucky numbers: 17 98 09 67 46   All participant were selected through a computer random integrated system drawn in 27 million E-mail addresses via the Internet and lucky winners do not have to purchase any ticket to participate in this lottery program Kindly forward below details to: Contact Person: Mr. David M.Wehner ======= Chief Financial Officer 1* E-mail: facebook.cfo_reporter@yahoo.co.uk 2* E-mail: facebook_awardprogramm@yahoo.co.uk Tel: +44-7087620853 =================================== (**) Your Full names: (**) Your Telephone Number (**) Your Contact address: (**) Your Occupation: (**) Your Country: (**) Your Age & Sex: (**) And your lucky number above: =================================== NOTE: For security reasons and due to the mix-up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep this notification strictly from public notice until your claim has been processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by non-participants of this program.   Yours in service, Mr.Marc Andreessen Facebook Lottery Facilitator.  
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From: International Monetary Fund [IMF] OFFICE ADDRESS: #6-8 BURLINGTON PARADE Q2 WMK, NEW LONDON UNITED KINGDOM Attn: Fund Owner! This is Mr Edwin Williams, General Secretary of International Monetary Fund [IMF]. I write this letter to you based on our board of Directors meeting held yesterday to release your unpaid through ATM MasterCard payment method and send it to your house to avoid anymore delay. We have converted your total fund of $3.5 Million to ATM MasterCard and its ready to be shipped, meanwhile you are advise to contact ATM PAYMENT CENTER Mr. Anthony Robert, for the Shipment. Contact Mr. Anthony Robert via the following information below: Mr. Anthony Robert ATM MasterCard Payment. PHONE:+448719159901 FAX: +448719744576 E-mail: atm_cardcenter11@admin.in.th Do reconfirm the following information to Mr. Anthony Robert to avoid wrong delivery: Full Name_____________________ Home or Office Address:__________ Country:_________________________ Telephone#____________________ Mobile#__________________________ ID If Available__________________ We told Mr. Anthony Robert that you will contact him soon for the shipment of your ATM MASTER CARD and you are advise to use the following code as Subject when contacting him: the code is (Imf-7710). Your ATM Pin-code will be given to you as soon as you contact him. Have a nice day. Yours In Service Mr Edwin Williams IMF General Sec
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Hello,I got your details after an extensive on-line search through via network under a credable trust just work with me, I hope this email find you in good health. In view of my correspondence with you, I unassumingly solicit for your ultmost consideration, as this letter serves as my formal notice of my intent to go into a multinational investment with you in your country. Because of political problem in my country,I Mr.Abdul Akeem, Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister in Syria. In an open minded manner, I purposefully contact you to negotiate my proposition for investment of multinational companies and industries with you in your country, if you willingly accept my pro-offer I shall provide you with the relevant details for the investment funds and our procedures in sequence. Furthermore, I want every of my dealings with you to be carried out legally, genuinely and transparent. Looking forward to hear from you and to establish a joint cooperation with long term credible business relation. Best regards, Mr.Abdul Akeem
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Message BodyWELCOME TO WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFERFROM OFFICE OF THE WESTERN UNION MONEYTRANSFER.LAGOS REPUBLIC NIGERIA 455 AGBOKOU,ANKPA ROAD OPPOSITE TUNDE MOTORS LAGOS.PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS OF USD$950,000.00 CERTIFIED FUNDS:Hello Beneficiary,Good day,and how are you today?please blame us not you may think that we forget to transfer your funds no but verification to know whether you are not real beneficiary that is why we no mailing you since but now we thank God because we find out that the ($950.000.00) was yours and every arrange was made normal,Your where given a bill of sum $450 in order to receive your Payment of which we didn?t hear from you for sometime now. Hence, our (WESTERN UNION OFFICE) is now offering a Special bonus to help all our customers that are abandoned their payment in our custody because of their financial difficulties over there.In order words we now requesting that those involve should pay only the sum of $96. 00 to receive all their Payment abandoned in our custody and return the balance sum of $375.upon receipt since you find it difficult to raise all the required sum.Besides, my dear, this is the opportunity for you to comply and your funds shall be transfer to your destination address. also note that after (3 DAYS) if you didn't make the payment of $96 .00 then we will divert your funds to government account to avoid any problem or we will cancel your payment file.So be advise to send $96.00. immediately if you still willing to claim your payment so that we will register your payment once we receive the transfer charges because you will start receiving your payment as from tomorrow morning.Send the fee through Western Union Transfer with the information below:1. Receiver Name :====EKENE OMYEAKA2. City/Country:======Lagos -Republic Nigeria.3. Question==========How Long4. Answer:==========Tomorrow5. Amount:==========US96. .00FORWARD THE PAYMENT MTCN# TO THIS EMAIL (westernunionoffice284@yahoo.es)I WICH YOU GOOD LUCK.YOURS IN SERVICEDR ANTHONY OKOYE,WESTERN UNION HEAD OFFICE DEPARTMENTREPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.FOREIGN CONTRACTOR PAYMENTOFFICE THIS IS OUR CONDUCT CODE ( 101)westernunionoffice284@yahoo.esShow message history
Click to view scam #88301 - Sent on August 15, 2014, 7:45 am by weternunion@yeah.net
From: Ms. Carman L. Lapointe. UNITED NATIONS OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL OVERSIGHT SERVICES Internal Audit,Monitoring,Consulting And Investigations Division.     My name is Ms. Carman L. Lapointe, from the United Nations. It is a distinct pleasure to write you again and as you are well aware many foreigners have invested thousands of United States Dollars into Nigeria transactions in Hopeless Dreams to have none of them become a reality.   Right now, as directed by our secretary general Mr.Ban Ki-Moon, We have agreed with the Nigeria Government that US$100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only) would be paid to you through the Western Union Money Transfer Via special arrangement as first installment.   This is to enable you have enough funds to pay for the Tax Clearance and bank charges before you will receive the balance of US$4.1M (Four Million One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only). Please take note that you will pay US$185 only, being Notarization fee and this is the only financial obligation that you will undertake to receive the US$100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only) through the Western Union Money Transfer.   Lastly,i will like you to reconfirm your information to me such as your full name, address and telephone number so that I will proceed with your Western Union Money Transfer within the next 24 hrs and the transaction information will be released to you.   I await your response for further proceedings.   Sincerely yours,   Ms. Carman L. Lapointe {Under-Secretary-General} United Nations
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  -- Medikit Co., Ltd in need of a reliable company or individual in your region to act as our "Account Receivable Agent" between ( Medikit Co., Ltd and its customers in Canada)Please advise if you are interested in partnering with us (medikitco_ltd@7mt.org) Katsuo Takashi Human Resource Manager Medikit Co., Ltd
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Application Attachment content - s.docx: Greetings, I am Mr Samuel Acquah. The Head of Accounts and Audit Department ofFIDELITY BANK GHANA, I decided to contact you after a careful thoughtthat you may be capable of handling this business transaction which Iexplained below; I know you may be surprise of getting this message,Inmy department, I discovered an abandoned sum of 10 Million Dollars Inan account that belongs to one of our foreign customer who died alongwith his entire family in 2008 in a plane crash in kenya. belowwebsites will give you more details concerning the crash.(http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/africa/06/10/kenya.crash/index.html)Since i got information about his death, The bank have been expectinghis next of kin to come over and claim his money because The fundcannot be released unless somebody applies for it as next of kin orrelation to the deceased as indicated in our banking guidelines butunfortunately I learnt that his supposed next of kin (his son andwife) died alongside with him at the plane crash leaving nobody behindfor the claim .It is therefore upon this discovery that I now decidedto make this business proposal to you and release the money to you asthe next of kin (I want to present you as his business associate ) tothe deceased for safety and subsequent disbursement since nobody iscoming for it and I don't want this money to go into the Bank treasuryas unclaimed Bill.The Banking law and guideline here stipulates that if such moneyremained Unclaimed after seven years, the money will be transferredinto the Bank treasury as unclaimed fund. The request of foreigner asnext of kin in this business is occasioned by the fact that thecustomer was a foreigner and a Ghananian cannot stand as next of kinto a foreigner.I agree that 40% for you and 60% would be for me, There after I willvisit your country for disbursement according to the percentagesindicated. Therefore to enable the immediate transfer of this fund toyour account as arranged, you must apply first to the bank as next ofkin of the deceased customer.If you are interested, please contact me with the followinginformation about yourself as listed bellow.please contact me withThis Email : samuelacquah@admin.in.thYour full names....................Your private telephone number.....Your country..............your age.............. Yours faithfully,Mr Samuel Acquah.Accounts & Audit Department.
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Reservez votre essai Bonjour , nous vous adressons cet email car vous êtes inscrit sur Domosource avec l'adresse [censored]@gmail.com. Si ce message ne s'affiche pas correctement, visualisez-le ici. Pour vous désabonner, suivez ce lien. *{-webkit-text-size-adjust: none;} Découvrez le Ford KUGA près de chez vous J'en profite pour l'essayer Découvrez vitela nouvelle offreFord KUGA Consommation mixte (l/100km) : 5,3. Rejet de CO2 (g/km) : 139 Conformément à la réglementation informatique et libertés vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de modification, de rectification et de suppression des données qui vous concernent (art.34 de la loi Informatique et Libertés du six janvier mille neuf cent soixante dix huit). Site Domosource, déclaré à la CNIL (norme simplifiée du vingt six avril deux mille sept). Ce droit peut être exercé à tout moment auprès de notre service utilisateur : contact@domosource.com Vous désirez vous désabonner? Me désabonner
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My dear,I am happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from Belgium.Presently I'm in Asia for investment projects with my own share of the total sum.meanwhile I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how.Now contact our refugee camp secretary in Dakar Senegal,His name is rev father basil david michaelHis email is( revfatherbasildavidmichael@yahoo.com )His Phone number(+221774716657)Ask him to send the cheque to you the sum of($300,000,00)Three hundred thousand dollars which I kept for your compensation for all your past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter.I appreciated your efforts at that time very much.so feel free and get in touched with our camp secretary Reverend father basil david michael to receive the cheque from him.tell him my name so that he will know is you and also tell him your complete name,Please try to let me know immediately you receive the cheque so that we can share the joy after all the sufferings at that time.This period I'm very busy here because of the investment projects which I and the new partner are having at hand.Finally remember that i left an instruction to the secretary on your behalf to send the cheque to you,so feel free to get in touch with him without any delay,i hope to meet you one day in your country.thanks and God bless you,Best regards.
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ÀîËÄ 2014-8-15 Attachment content - eiur.gif:GIF87a?0
Click to view scam #88286 - Sent on August 15, 2014, 3:39 am by lujia@briup.com
Good day.Sir/Madam My name is Mr.Eric parkozy formerly working with SNS Bank Netherlands Branch; presently I am working with HSBC BANK here in United Kingdom. I have a Proposal to discuss with you about a certain bonded account in our Bank. The bonded Account has a balance of USD17.3 Million. It belong to one of our customer who lost his life and family in airplane crash in 2004 Meanwhile, I am contacting you on this due to you share the same Family name with the Bonded Account. And it will be beneficial to all parties concerned. The information required are (1)Your full Name.................................................. (2)Sex..... & Age........................................................ (3)Residential address: ............................................... (4)Company address.................................................... (3)Your occupation..................................................... (6)Tell & Fax Number................................................. (7)Your banking details.............................................. (8)you country........................................................... Meanwhile once you send the above information of yours I will stay behind you to enable HSBC Bank manger to transfer the money to your nominated Bank Account. Thanks and hoping to hear from you soonest. Thanks, God bless you Yours truly MR.Eric PARKOZY
Click to view scam #88285 - Sent on August 15, 2014, 3:10 am by alfredparkozy@gmail.com
Name: Elizabeth Age: 21 Drinking: Cosmopolitan gets me super horny! Education: Some college/uni Ethnicity: White/Caucasian Eye Color: Light Blue / Brown Height: 5"6 Hair Color: Blonde / Light Brown Hair length: Very long Submissive: Yes i love to be punished Sexual orientation: Bi-Sexual Star sign: Sagittarius Occupation: Still learning Smoking: Only Sausages :) About me: I am a girl who loves to laugh. . and I love having sex backseat of cars 573-207-9825 (you can text Me if you want so i know youre real)
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