Attention Please, My regards to you and your family, it  is an urgent needs to contact you as a  foreigner. I have a deal of US $7,200,000.00, which I want you to  apply as the beneficiary or next of kin  in the bank where I work.  If  interested and willing to handle the  deal with me please send your  information as below to know each other  better. Thereafter, I will send to you  a draft text of application form to  apply for the funds. 1. Your Full name: 2. Current Address: 3. Telephone N°: 4. Age: 5. Country: 6. Occupation: Best regards Mr.Zakir Hossain.
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Hello,I'm prisca.I will like to be your friend only if you don't mind,please write so i can share my pictures with you.Here is my [email address removed] reply me with my email address [email address removed] Report (spam score: 0.6) pts rule name description ---- ---------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -0.7 RCVD_IN_DNSWL_LOW RBL: Sender listed at http://www.dnswl.org/, low trust [ listed in list.dnswl.org] 0.0 TVD_RCVD_IP4 Message was received from an IPv4 address 0.0 TVD_RCVD_IP Message was received from an IP address 0.0 FREEMAIL_FROM Sender email is commonly abused enduser mail provider (priscazamba[at]hotmail.com) -0.0 SPF_PASS SPF: sender matches SPF record 1.2 FORGED_HOTMAIL_RCVD2 hotmail.com 'From' address, but no 'Received:' 0.1 DKIM_SIGNED Message has a DKIM or DK signature, not necessarily valid 0.0 T_DKIM_INVALID DKIM-Signature header exists but is not valid
Click to view scam #176132 - Sent on February 26, 2016, 10:38 am by priscazamba@hotmail.com
Dear friend how are you? I feel quite safe dealing with you in this important business. Though this medium Internet has been greatly abused, I choose to reach you through it because it still remains the fastest medium of communication. However, this correspondence is private, and it should be treated in strict confidence. At first I will like to assure you that this transaction is 100% risk and no trouble, free to both parties, In order to transfer out $28,000,000.00 into any of your bank account, the fund to transfer is of clean origin The owner of the fund is a foreigner, a program leader who was believed to acquire the fund through his secret Crude Oil deal with the Former IRAQ government and also dealing with Gold?s Company and Cotton Company in Burkina Faso. The Bank shall transfer above fund into your designation bank account as the foreign beneficiary of the fund. Please be rest sure that this is a real genuine business. I am waiting for your urgent respond to my private E-mail ID. [email address removed] Regards Mr. Adama E-Mail: [email address removed] Mobile No 00226-6458-5998
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Click to view scam #178548 - Sent on February 26, 2016, 10:28 am by ssaw25@sohu.com
Dear Chuck Soludo,Top of the morning. I am contacting you regarding an Estate domiciled by my late client who may be related to you and since you bare the same last name i decided to contact you about this unclaimed asset in order to administer it in your name since i as the assigned Executor to the Estate can confer your legal rights of claim.Feel free to revert back to me for more briefing.Best regards,Bernard Reilly Esq.Legal Consultant12 Regent Court, 254 Main Road, Gidea Park, Romford, Essex, RM2 6LX. UKTel: +44 7937 451 061, +44 7937 416 098.
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Inquiry Dear we are ATLANTIC TRADING DISTRIBUTING CO.LTD based in Qatar,We are in need of your products, Urgently please send to us your complete catalog / website ?in our email [email address removed] Best regards, Mr,khaled Grupo Purchase Manager
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@media screen and (max-width:480px) { table { width: 100%!important; } }   pleasing   As a valued customer we would like to present you with an opportunity to make a quick buck. We are offering £15 each to a selected number of customers in exchange for completing a quick survey relating to our service.   Your opinions and thoughts are vital in order for us to provide the best possible service. Please get started.   Get Started ⇒   Best regards,Amazon Customer Services   © 1996-2016, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates                                                                                                                                                                                       
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P { MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px; MARGIN-TOP: 0px }   From: ALONDRA J. CORTES Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2016 4:06 PM Subject: News 700$ offer contact [email address removed]
Click to view scam #178543 - Sent on February 26, 2016, 9:45 am by CORTES_ALONDRA@salkeiz.k12.or.us
I have a project request...
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i have gone through your profile that speaks good of you on this site,I have something very important to tell you. please i need you to assist me on something very important, i will give you more clarification on my details
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Begin forwarded message:From: JULIE MORGAN [email address removed] 26 February 2016 06:41:43 GMTSubject: HOW ARE YOU?Reply-To: JULIE MORGAN [email address removed] VIEW THE ATTACHED CONFIDENTIAL LETTER AND GET BACK TO ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.REGARDSJULIE MORGAN
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Sent from my iPadBegin forwarded message:From: Support [email address removed] 26 February 2016 03:52:32 GMTTo: [email address removed] Your Account Has Been Limited Until We Hear From You ?¯??Y?¯??l SU?¯?¯?­RT ! Please Update your Account Information. Dear ?¯ay?¯al costumer our service has been updated for new work and we will Block Your ??ccount after 24 hours if you don't update your information from link below. U?¯D??TE Y?­URE ??ccount Please do not reply this email. Copyright © 1997-2016 ?¯ay?Ïal INC
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Begin forwarded message:From: Support [email address removed] 26 February 2016 03:52:26 GMTTo: [email address removed] Your Account Has Been Limited Until We Hear From You ?¯??Y?¯??l SU?¯?¯?­RT ! Please Update your Account Information. Dear ?¯ay?¯al costumer our service has been updated for new work and we will Block Your ??ccount after 24 hours if you don't update your information from link below. U?¯D??TE Y?­URE ??ccount Please do not reply this email. Copyright © 1997-2016 ?¯ay?Ïal INC
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Begin forwarded message:From: marilyn calabrese [email address removed] 26 February 2016 02:02:38 GMTTo: [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] Order Cheap Medications Without a RxReply-To: marilyn calabrese [email address removed] Do you know how to prevent erectile dysfunction? Get ready!
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Bonjour bien aimé, je vous prie d'accorder une attention particulière à mon message. À l'état civil on m?appelle Madame JULIETTE ANNIE je suis de nationalité française, hospitalisée à l?hôpital (St. Michael's Hospital 30 Bond Street Toronto M5B 1W8 Ontario Canada) au CANADA suite à une maladie incurable que  mon médecin m'a diagnostiqué trop tard. Cependant j'ai plein de projets en vue qui m'attendent et que je suis incapable d'entreprendre compte tenu de mon état de santé car mon docteur a été formel sur sa décision de ne pas me laisser sortir. Comme vous même vous le savez je ne peux sortir et toujours rester à l'hôpital donc je ne vois pas comment je peux réaliser tous mes v?ux. C'est pour cela je veux faire DON d'une partie de mes biens comme la Bible l'a dit: qui donne aux pauvres prête à Dieu; car le mal me plonge de plus en plus dans une faiblesse totale. Pour cela je vous pris d'accorder une réelle attention à mon appel. Ainsi, l'esprit du seigneur m'a oint pour annoncer la bonne nouvelle aux pauvres et proclamer aux captifs la délivrance. Mon réel désir est d'aider les enfants de la rue les orphelins des personnes en situations difficiles ou construire un centre social pour les personnes démunies et rendre heureux les familles pauvres. Dans le passé je faisais des donations à des associations mais j'ai été déçue de leur manière de gérance. De plus en regardant à travers le monde il y a trop de souffrances qui assaillissent les êtres humains. Pour ce fait il faut que nous qui avons la possibilité d'aider un temps soit peu le fassions sans arrière pensée pour les personnes qui sont dans les difficultés. Cette mallette contient une somme de:(850.000,00?) Dans un coffre dans un pays de l'Afrique de l'ouest(BÉNIN).J'ai pu réunir ce capital grâce a de florissantes affaires dans le domaine agricole et le commerce en Espagne. Vous avoir contactez a été une grande réflexion.Malheureusement nous n'avons pas eu la chance d'avoir des enfants mon mari et moi après vingt ans de vie commune; il a perdu la vie suite à une courte maladie. Répondez-moi s'il vous plait à mon adresse [email address removed] si vous êtes d'accord car le gouvernement a décidé de saisir mes fonds après ma mort vu que j'ai pas d'héritier.Jean 3:16 que le seigneur nous assure son soutien.Mme JULIETTE ANNIE
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Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 13:44:38 -0500To: [email address removed] Fw: Teacher in stockingsFrom: [email address removed] in stockings here
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Good Morning My name is Tony Ang, I am the Procurement Manager of the SINGAPORE REFINING COMPANY. I have important business to discuss with you. Will send you full details on receipt of your response. ? Your telephone would be helpful as well. Regards, Tony Ang Manager - Procurements ?Division Singapore Refining Company. 1 Merlimau Road , Singapore 628260, Singapore
Click to view scam #178506 - Sent on February 26, 2016, 6:41 am by info@SRC.com
THE TOTAL OF FUND WILL ARE GOING TO TRANSFER TO YOU IS $980,000.00 USD.Attention; Fund Beneficiary; Information reaching us from our Western Union Corporate Headquarters now, States that you only have 48hours to effect payment for the activation of your of your payment $980,000:00 USD to enable you cash up your total (fund) since you are finding it difficult to believe and now i want to a sure you that this is real for you to receive the total payment immediately, We have decided that you are to go ahead and pay $65.00 for the activation fee since you are not able to come up with the total required sum of $165.00. Time is of the essence here. You are to pay $65.00 as activation fee; we will activate your fund upon receipt of this payment to enable you receive your first payment of $5,000:00 USD from any Western Union center around you today. Be informed that you will have to pay the balance sum of your activation upon cashing up of your first payment. Also i am using this medium to inform you that failure to pay the balance sum will leave us with no option but to deactivate your fund of which you will and can never cash up your total sum again i want you to use Western Union to send $65.00 for the activation fee with the information  Bellow. Receiver Name: ONYI KEVINReceiver city:  COTONOU.Receiver country:  BENIN REPUBLIC.Country code:  229.Text question:  COLOR.Text answer:  BLUE.Amount: $65.00.(M.T.C.N) Money Transfer Control Number ::::::::Sender's name :::::::: Send us the MTCN number, Sender Address, immediately you send the money and immediately we confirm the activation fee, we will transfer you the fund today and not tomorrow. Regards my direct phone line is +229 68771904 Mrs. AMANDA JOHNSON. For your payment, Email me On the Email [email address removed] promise you as soon as we hear from you with the payment of $65.00 will told you to send today, we shall send your first payment of $5,000.00 for you to pick up with the information you need to receive your payment the same day you send the payment of $65.00 and I swear you will receive your payment immediately we confirm this payment from you today.I will guarantee you 100% and assurance that you will not pay any more money after you send this fee because you will pick up your first payment within 45minutes after receiving the last fee from you and I will bear the cost of the fee if it is any other fee but I believer that no any fee we will ask you to pay again I am makes sure that I must put smile on your face in next 45 minutes I am waiting for your payment because this transaction has taken so long and I don't want you to lose this fund at the end This are your funds which is already in our system to transfer to you and it will be release to you as soon as you pay the activation fee and (A.R.O) Authorization Release Order fees of $65.00 USD. EMAIL ME WITH THE MTCN NUMBER OR CAIL  ME OK I AM WAITIG. Mrs. AMANDA JOHNSON.Head Office Operations Manager..Western Union Office DepartmentTelephone number: +229 68771904. Call or Send Me SMS Text Message.Contact E-mail [email address removed]
Click to view scam #178472 - Sent on February 26, 2016, 6:30 am by terrasur@speedy.com.ar
Dear Sirs/Madams,ALI GLOBAL COTTON AND COMMODITIES  is a Minerals, mining & Trading Company. Its a registered trading house in Pakistan and confirm with the rules and regulation as laid down by the Government of Pakistan. Company deals in mining and export of minerals, refractory materials, abrasives and metallurgic products. We are focused on developing mining projects in Pakistan. The Company operates in the richly mineralised Provinces of Pakistan. We can supply large quantity on regular basis with SGS, (a world's leading multinational inspection, verification, testing and certification Company) certificates of minerals. The origin of the minerals is Pakistan. And we can meet any demand on immediate basis. Product Types:1.Soap stone in both crushed and powder form2.Lime stone in both crushed and powder form3. Gypsum in both crushed and powder form4. Copper Ore, Bauxite Ore,Chrome Ore, Iron Ore, minerals5. Ash etc General pecifications 1. Shape: Lump powder2. Concentrate Or Not: Non-Concentrate 3. Color: White or colored4. Size: Different 5. Origin: Pakistanwill provide you item wise specification according to your inquiries.Also we can supply you LIME STONE , ASH ETC(SPECIALLY FOR CEMENT AND STEEL INDUSTRIES) , SOAP STONE IN POWDER, CRUSHED , LUMPS FORM AS WE ARE HAVING FULL CONTROL AND HAVING ALWAYS STOCKS IN HANDS FOR LOCAL AS WELL INTERNATIONALLY SUPPLIES .PRICES : UPON YOUR RESPONSE ACCORDINGLY THE TYPES REQUIRED AS WELL ACCORDING TO THE QUANTITIES AS WELL SHIPMENT MONTHS.At your services for further information's,test results etc .Thanks /BrgdsMohsin Ali 0092 333 22 77 808email [email address removed] / [email address removed] GLOBAL COTTON AND COMMODITIES618 HUSAIN TRADE CENTERNEW CHALLI KARACHI PAKISTANSkype id : pakcotint
Click to view scam #178407 - Sent on February 26, 2016, 6:28 am by aliglobalcommodities@gmail.com
-----Original Message-----From: Booker, Felicia [email address removed] Undisclosed recipients:;Sent: Thu, Feb 25, 2016 6:28 pmSubject: /pls #AOLMsgPart_2_43a70807-4333-40db-ad1d-3214a8157c4d td{color: black;} @font-face {font-family:"Cambria Math"; panose-1:2 4 5 3 5 4 6 3 2 4;} @font-face {font-family:Calibri; panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4;} @font-face {font-family:"Segoe UI"; panose-1:2 11 5 2 4 2 4 2 2 3;} .aolReplacedBody p.aolmail_MsoNormal,.aolReplacedBody li.aolmail_MsoNormal,.aolReplacedBody div.aolmail_MsoNormal {margin:0in; margin-bottom:.0001pt; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri",sans-serif;} .aolReplacedBody a:link,.aolReplacedBody span.aolmail_MsoHyperlink {mso-style-priority:99; color:#0563C1; text-decoration:underline;} .aolReplacedBody a:visited,.aolReplacedBody span.aolmail_MsoHyperlinkFollowed {mso-style-priority:99; color:#954F72; text-decoration:underline;} .aolReplacedBody span.aolmail_EmailStyle17 {mso-style-type:personal-compose; font-family:"Calibri",sans-serif; color:windowtext;} .aolReplacedBody .aolmail_MsoChpDefault {mso-style-type:export-only; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Calibri",sans-serif;} @page WordSection1 {size:8.5in 11.0in; margin:1.0in 1.0in 1.0in 1.0in;} .aolReplacedBody div.aolmail_WordSection1 {page:WordSection1;} I want your Co-operation, respond.
Click to view scam #181950 - Sent on February 26, 2016, 5:28 am by Felicia.Booker@sbdinc.com
-----Original Message-----From: Antonietta Jimenez [email address removed] Thu, Feb 25, 2016 7:18 pmSubject: attn #AOLMsgPart_2_29775468-25f6-438d-a5dd-d9f8eb87c4c3 td{color: black;} .aolReplacedBody p {margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px;;} $2m dollars has been donated to you, email; [email address removed] for more details
Click to view scam #181825 - Sent on February 26, 2016, 5:25 am by ajimene3@jhmi.edu
? alert('Download error! Please update your Gmail! mail account to view attachment. Please sign in again to update your account.. Contact customer care if problem persists'); Gmail html, body { font-family: Arial, sans-serif; background: #fff; margin: 0; padding: 0; border: 0; position: absolute; height: 100%; min-width: 100%; font-size: 13px; color: #404040; direction: ltr; -webkit-text-size-adjust: none; } button, input[type=button], input[type=submit] { font-family: Arial, sans-serif; } a, a:hover, a:visited { color: #427fed; cursor: pointer; text-decoration: none; } a:hover { text-decoration: underline; } h1 { font-size: 20px; color: #262626; margin: 0 0 15px; font-weight: normal; } h2 { font-size: 14px; color: #262626; margin: 0 0 15px; font-weight: bold; } input[type=email], input[type=number], input[type=password], input[type=tel], input[type=text], input[type=url] { -moz-appearance: none; -webkit-appearance: none; appearance: none; display: inline-block; height: 36px; padding: 0 8px; margin: 0; background: #fff; border: 1px solid #d9d9d9; border-top: 1px solid #c0c0c0; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; -moz-border-radius: 1px; -webkit-border-radius: 1px; border-radius: 1px; font-size: 15px; color: #404040; } input[type=email]:hover, input[type=number]:hover, input[type=password]:hover, input[type=tel]:hover, input[type=text]:hover, input[type=url]:hover { border: 1px solid #b9b9b9; border-top: 1px solid #a0a0a0; -moz-box-shadow: inset 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); box-shadow: inset 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); } input[type=email]:focus, input[type=number]:focus, input[type=password]:focus, input[type=tel]:focus, input[type=text]:focus, input[type=url]:focus { outline: none; border: 1px solid #4d90fe; -moz-box-shadow: inset 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.3); -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.3); box-shadow: inset 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.3); } input[type=checkbox], input[type=radio] { -webkit-appearance: none; display: inline-block; width: 13px; height: 13px; margin: 0; cursor: pointer; vertical-align: bottom; background: #fff; border: 1px solid #c6c6c6; -moz-border-radius: 1px; -webkit-border-radius: 1px; border-radius: 1px; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; position: relative; } input[type=checkbox]:active, input[type=radio]:active { background: #ebebeb; } input[type=checkbox]:hover { border-color: #c6c6c6; -moz-box-shadow: inset 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); box-shadow: inset 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); } input[type=radio] { -moz-border-radius: 1em; -webkit-border-radius: 1em; border-radius: 1em; width: 15px; height: 15px; } input[type=checkbox]:checked, input[type=radio]:checked { background: #fff; } input[type=radio]:checked::after { content: ''; display: block; position: relative; top: 3px; left: 3px; width: 7px; height: 7px; background: #666; -moz-border-radius: 1em; -webkit-border-radius: 1em; border-radius: 1em; } input[type=checkbox]:checked::after { content: url(//ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/menu/checkmark.png); 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background: #c03523; text-decoration: none; } .help-link:active { opacity: 1; background: #ae2817; } .wrapper { position: relative; min-height: 100%; } .content { padding: 0 44px; } .main { padding-bottom: 100px; } /* For modern browsers */ .clearfix:before, .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; } .clearfix:after { clear: both; } /* For IE 6/7 (trigger hasLayout) */ .clearfix { zoom:1; } .google-header-bar { height: 71px; border-bottom: 1px solid #e5e5e5; overflow: hidden; } .header .logo { margin: 17px 0 0; float: left; height: 38px; width: 116px; } .header .secondary-link { margin: 28px 0 0; float: right; } .header .secondary-link a { font-weight: normal; } .google-header-bar.centered { border: 0; height: 108px; } .google-header-bar.centered .header .logo { float: none; margin: 40px auto 30px; display: block; } .google-header-bar.centered .header .secondary-link { display: none } .google-footer-bar { position: absolute; bottom: 0; height: 35px; width: 100%; border-top: 1px solid #e5e5e5; 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position: absolute; left: 0; margin: 0; padding: 1.5em; font-size: 13px; background: #f1f1f1; border-top: 1px solid #e5e5e5; direction: ltr; white-space: pre-wrap; width: 90%; overflow: hidden; } .banner { text-align: center; } .banner h1 { font-family: 'Open Sans', arial; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; color: #555; font-size: 42px; font-weight: 300; margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 20px; } .banner h2 { font-family: 'Open Sans', arial; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; color: #555; font-size: 18px; font-weight: 400; margin-bottom: 20px; } .signin-card { width: 274px; padding: 40px 40px; } .signin-card .profile-img { width: 96px; height: 96px; margin: 0 auto 10px; display: block; -moz-border-radius: 50%; -webkit-border-radius: 50%; border-radius: 50%; } .signin-card .profile-name { font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; text-align: center; margin: 10px 0 0; min-height: 1em; } .signin-card input[type=email], .signin-card input[type=password], .signin-card input[type=text], .signin-card input[type=submit] { width: 100%; display: block; margin-bottom: 10px; z-index: 1; position: relative; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; } .signin-card #Email, .signin-card #Passwd, .signin-card .captcha { direction: ltr; height: 44px; font-size: 16px; } .signin-card #Email + .stacked-label { margin-top: 15px; } .signin-card #reauthEmail { display: block; margin-bottom: 10px; line-height: 36px; padding: 0 8px; font-size: 15px; color: #404040; line-height: 2; margin-bottom: 10px; font-size: 14px; text-align: center; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; } .one-google p { margin: 0 0 10px; color: #555; font-size: 14px; text-align: center; } .one-google p.create-account, .one-google p.switch-account { margin-bottom: 60px; } .one-google img { display: block; width: 210px; height: 17px; margin: 10px auto; } .banner h1 { font-size: 38px; margin-bottom: 15px; } .banner h2 { margin-bottom: 15px; } .one-google p.create-account, .one-google p.switch-account { margin-bottom: 30px; } .signin-card #Email { margin-bottom: 0; } .signin-card #Passwd { margin-top: -1px; } .signin-card #Email.form-error, .signin-card #Passwd.form-error { z-index: 2; } .signin-card #Email:hover, .signin-card #Email:focus, .signin-card #Passwd:hover, .signin-card #Passwd:focus { z-index: 3; } .banner h1 { font-size: 22px; margin-bottom: 15px; } .signin-card { width: 260px; padding: 20px 20px; margin: 0 auto 20px; } .signin-card .profile-img { width: 72px; height: 72px; -moz-border-radius: 72px; -webkit-border-radius: 72px; border-radius: 72px; } .jfk-tooltip { background-color: #fff; border: 1px solid; color: #737373; font-size: 12px; position: absolute; z-index: 800 !important; border-color: #bbb #bbb #a8a8a8; padding: 16px; width: 250px; } .jfk-tooltip h3 { color: #555; font-size: 12px; margin: 0 0 .5em; } .jfk-tooltip-content p:last-child { margin-bottom: 0; } .jfk-tooltip-arrow { position: absolute; } .jfk-tooltip-arrow .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplbefore, .jfk-tooltip-arrow .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplafter { display: block; height: 0; position: absolute; width: 0; } .jfk-tooltip-arrow .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplbefore { border: 9px solid; } .jfk-tooltip-arrow .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplafter { border: 8px solid; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowdown { bottom: 0; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowup { top: -9px; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowleft { left: -9px; top: 30px; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowright { right: 0; top: 30px; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowdown .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplbefore,.jfk-tooltip-arrowup .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplbefore { border-color: #bbb transparent; left: -9px; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowdown .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplbefore { border-color: #a8a8a8 transparent; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowdown .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplafter,.jfk-tooltip-arrowup .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplafter { border-color: #fff transparent; left: -8px; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowdown .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplbefore { border-bottom-width: 0; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowdown .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplafter { border-bottom-width: 0; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowup .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplbefore { border-top-width: 0; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowup .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplafter { border-top-width: 0; top: 1px; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowleft .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplbefore, .jfk-tooltip-arrowright .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplbefore { border-color: transparent #bbb; top: -9px; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowleft .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplafter, .jfk-tooltip-arrowright .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplafter { border-color:transparent #fff; top:-8px; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowleft .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplbefore { border-left-width: 0; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowleft .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplafter { border-left-width: 0; left: 1px; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowright .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplbefore { border-right-width: 0; } .jfk-tooltip-arrowright .jfk-tooltip-arrowimplafter { border-right-width: 0; } .jfk-tooltip-closebtn { background: url("//ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/common/x_8px.png") no-repeat; border: 1px solid transparent; height: 21px; opacity: .4; outline: 0; position: absolute; right: 2px; top: 2px; width: 21px; } .jfk-tooltip-closebtn:focus, .jfk-tooltip-closebtn:hover { opacity: .8; cursor: pointer; } .jfk-tooltip-closebtn:focus { border-color: #4d90fe; } .jfk-tooltip { display: none; } .need-help-reverse { float: right; } .remember .bubble-wrap { position: absolute; padding-top: 3px; -o-transition: opacity .218s ease-in .218s; -moz-transition: opacity .218s ease-in .218s; -webkit-transition: opacity .218s ease-in .218s; transition: opacity .218s ease-in .218s; left: -999em; opacity: 0; width: 314px; margin-left: -20px; } .remember:hover .bubble-wrap, .remember input:focus ~ .bubble-wrap, .remember .bubble-wrap:hover, .remember .bubble-wrap:focus { opacity: 1; left: inherit; } .bubble-pointer { border-left: 10px solid transparent; border-right: 10px solid transparent; border-bottom: 10px solid #fff; width: 0; height: 0; margin-left: 17px; } .bubble { background-color: #fff; padding: 15px; margin-top: -1px; font-size: 11px; -moz-border-radius: 2px; -webkit-border-radius: 2px; border-radius: 2px; -moz-box-shadow: 0px 2px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 2px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); box-shadow: 0px 2px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); 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May i call your attention for A business discussion..Reply please
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BLOCKQUOTE{margin-Top: 0px; margin-Bottom: 0px; margin-Left: 2em} body {border-width:0;margin:0}img {border:0;margin:0;padding:0}   Dear Manager,   Thank you very much for your attention.we are Balancing Machine specialist.   The main business of which is supply various kinds of Dynamic Balancing Machine.   Our main products as follows: 1.Belt Drive Balancer 2.Universal Joint Balancer   3.Auto-positioning Balancer 4. Vertical Balancing Machine 5.Drive Shaft Balancer 6.Cross Flow Fan Balancing   If there is anything you need, please feel free to inform us.    Thank you very much for your cooperation.     Sincerely, Jessie  Lee   Email: [email address removed]
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Good Morning, Do you have any news regarding the attached confirmation? Many thanks, Herminie HENRIETSales Assistant for Latin AmericaOffice Phone N°:  + : 793 --Email Scanned by MailShark Safeguarding Global Emailhttp://www.mailshark.com.au
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Hello. I am looking for a mature, smart experienced man with various interests, so, we have plenty to talk about. I like to prove yourself gradually. I am peaceful and do not get depressed. Profiles:471242. http://levaraf.gm.gy I am an ambitious woman. But my main trump card is a beauty. I can talk about anything but I love and listen to the interlocutor. I like music, walking, cooking, communication with friends. Do not try to look perfect, I need a real man. What if you are my destiny? Bye, Nastya. -- Email Scanned by MailShark Safeguarding Global Email http://www.mailshark.com.au
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Good Morning,   Find attached Bank confirmation copy from your customer Is everything correct ? Please confirm me. Thank you.       If you have further questions, don´t hesitate to contact us.     Best Regards,     PHAIROJ CHALERMCHAIVINIJKUL SALES REPRESENTATIVE     THAI DAIICHI INTERTRADE CO.,LTD 3 Moo 13 Bangna-Trad Rd., Km 6.5        Office: +66 2312 0321    -- Este mensaje ha sido analizado por MailScanner en busca de virus y otros contenidos peligrosos, y se considera que está limpio. --Email Scanned by MailShark Safeguarding Global Emailhttp://www.mailshark.com.au
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Dear Sir/Madam, From Mr. Ahmed Bello The Chairman Contract Awarding Committee Nigeria National petroleum corporation {NNPC} Email Address: [email address removed] I am most delighted to write you about this sensitive project.My name is Mr. Ahmed Bello. I am the chairman contract awarding committee of Nigeria National petroleum corporation {NNPC}. I saw your name in our directory of Nigeria chamber of commerce and industry and developed an interest to contact you for this lucrative business proposal which I know that you must be interested to participate although you may be surprised to be opportune to be involved in this lucrative business but that is your own luck because I don't know you before. As I stated above, I am the chairman contract awarding committee of Nigeria National petroleum corporation {NNPC}. In 2010 we awarded a contract to one firm / company in Germany at the cost of $75,000,000.00 Seventy Five million united state dollars for maintenance and services of our refinery in Port Harcourt refinery which we manipulated to be over invoiced by 10% as our commission and 10% of the amount is $75,000,000.00 Seventy Five million united state dollars. So we want to transfer / remit this over invoice fund to a foreign account as our own commission and we are looking for a very honest and trust worthy person who will receive this fund on our behalf because we are not allowed to operate foreign account because we are still in service. So, I was mandated by the officers involved to bring any honest and trust worthy person who will receive this fund on our behalf by providing his or her bank account where we will credit this fund for our sharing. We will give you 30% of the total amount This is very big opportunity and it is risk free. The original contractor who executed the contract has already received their capital fund in good faith remaining the commission which is floating in the central bank of Nigeria suspense account. Please if you are interested do not hesitate to contact me immediately on my email address:YOUR EMAIL? and also forward your bank particulars where you want to receive the fund on our behalf. Your telephone and fax number scan copy of inter"l Passport is also needed for ease communication. As soon as the fund is credited / transferred into your account I will come over to your country to receive our own share of 70% which is for me and my colleagues and I will like to invest part of my own share in your country. Hope that you will assist me.I am expecting to hear from you soonest and please acknowledge the receipt of this message. Yours truly, Mr. Ahmed Bello The Chairman Contract Awarding Committee Nigeria National petroleum corporation {NNPC} Email Address: [email address removed]
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JAMES B. COMEY, JREXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FBI.FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FBI.WASHINGTON D.C.FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION SEEKING TO WIRETAP INTERNET.ATTENTION: BENEFICIARY,The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in conjunctionwith other relevant Investigation Agencies here in theState have been informed through our Globalintelligence monitoring network that you have an on-going transaction with the Bank mutual as regard toyour over-due contract payment which was fullyendorsed in your favour. It might interest you to knowthat we have taken time in screening through thisproject as stipulated on our protocol of operation andhave finally confirmed that your contract payment is100% genuine and hitch free from all facet and of whichyou have the lawful right to claim without any furtherdelay. We will further advise that you go ahead and dealwith the wood forest national accordingly as we will bemonitoring all their correspondence with you.In addition, also be informed that we recently had ameeting with the Executive director of Wood ForestNational Bank, along with some of the top officials ofthe ministry regarding your case and they made us tounderstand that your file has been held in abasedepending on when you personally apply for the claim.They also told us that the only problem they are facingright now is that some unscrupulous element are usingthis project as an avenue to scam innocent people offtheir hard earned money by impersonating.We werealso made to understand that a lady with name of Mrs.Joan C. Bailey from CANADA has already contacted themand also presented to them all the necessarydocumentations evidencing your claim purported tohave been signed personally by you prior to the releaseof your contract fund valued at about US$8,000,000.00(Eight million united states dollars).More so, we were advised to warn our dear citizens whomust have been informed of their contract paymentfrom Bank mutual, to be very careful prior to the on-going internet irregularities, so that they would not fallvictim of ugly circumstances. In case they are alreadydealing with anybody or office from the  Bank mutualare strictly advised to STOP further communication withthem in their best interest and thereby contact the realWood Forest National Bank via the below information:NAME: MR. Timothy HicksOFFICE ADDRESS: Wood Forest National Bank OhioCentral Business District,Cadastral Zone,OHIOEmail:  [email address removed] In your best interest, you should ignore anymessage that does not come from the above emailaddress and phone number for security reasons.Meanwhile, you are hereby advised to contact theAccountant in charge of your fund.via above detailsimmediately and request for instant attention to yourpayment files as directed herein, so as to enable youreceive your contract fund accordingly.To enable them attend to your payment files, you arerequired to reconfirm and authenticate your personaldata/particulars as listed below for onward processingand release of you fund as we will not be held liable forany wrong payment.FULL NAMES: __________________________________CITY: _________________________STATE: __________________________________ZIP: ______________COUNTRY________________________________SEX: _______________AGE: __________________TELEPHONE NUMBER: _____________________Ensure you follow all due process as required byAccount office in order to hasten up the wholeprocedures of your fund transfer to your designatedaccount. Bear in mind,that the WOOD FOREST NATIONALBANK equally has an operational operandi (paymentprotocol) in line with international banking policy. So,you should adhere to avoid any delay which maybedetriment your fund transfer.Once again, we hereby advise you to contact them viathe above email address and make sure you forward tothem all the necessary information which they mayrequire from you prior to the release of your fund toyou. All modalities have already been worked out andwe will be monitoring all your dealings with the WFNB?sDIRECTOR in respect to your fund transfer. Thus, youhave nothing to worry about as far as we the FBI isconcerned.Henceforth, you should always update us as to enableus be on track with you and the Wood Forest NationalBank. Finally, we want you to contact them immediatelyvia the above email address so as to enable them attendto your case accordingly without any further delay astime is already running out. Should you need moreinformation(s) in regard to this notification, feel free toget back to us on this email address so that we can putyou through and as well guide you during and after yoursuccessful actualization of this [email address removed] you very much for your anticipated co-operationin advance as we earnestly await your urgent responseregards to this matter.Best Regards,James B. Comey, JrFederal Bureau of InvestigationJ. Edgar Hoover Building.935 Pennsylvania Avenue,NW Washington, D.C.
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On Friday, February 26, 2016 8:44 AM, Erialc Yvi [email address removed] wrote: On Thursday, February 25, 2016 11:26 PM, Rev Raymond Paul [email address removed] wrote: Attn: BeneficiaryThis is to inform you that the America Embassy office was instructed to transfer your fund ($15.600) U.S Dollars compensating all the SCAM VICTIMS and your email was found as one of the VICTIMS. by America security leading team and America representative officers so between today the 5th of JANUARY till 31th Of MARCH 2016 you will be receiving the sum of ($5,000dollars per day)however be informed that we have already sent the ($5,000dollars per day)dollars this morning to avoid cancellation of your payment, remain the total sum of ($15.600)You have only six hours to call this office upon the receipt of this email the maximum amount you will be receiving per a day starting from today's($5,000dollars per day) and the Money Transfer Control Number of today is below.NOTE; The sent ($5,000dollars per day) is on hold because of the instruction from IMF office, they asked us to place it on hold by requesting the (Clean Bill Record Certificate) in order to fulfill all the necessary obligation to avoid any hitches while sending you the payment through MONEY GRAM money transfer,the necessary obligation i mean here is to obtain the (Clean Bill Record Certificate)Below is the information of today track it in our website https://secure.moneygram.com/transactions/92169799/CORASSto see is available to pick up by the receiver, but if we didn?t here from you soon we'll pickup it up from line for security reason to avoid hackers stealing the money online.The first payment of $5000 information?Sender Name:.....CLARENCE CORASSReceiver Name:......In Ur NameMTCN/ REFERENCE NUMBER...92169799Test Question..how longAnswer...48HRSAmount...$5000?The 2nd payment of $5000 information?SENDING PERSON:......ROBIN WILLIAMSReceiver Name:......In Ur NameMTCN/ REFERENCE NUMBER..55064120TEXT QUESTION:..GOD ANSWER:...BLESS AMOUNT...$5000We need the below details from you, to enable us place the payment to your name and transfer the fund to you.(Full Receivers name)........................(Your Country).................................( Address)........................................(Phone Number)...............................(Your Age).......................................(OCCUPATION )....................(A Copy Of Your ID CARD)..............Furthermore you are advised to call us as the instruction was passed that within 6hours without hearing from you, Count your payment canceled. Number to call is below listed manager director office of release [email address removed] and God BlessRev.Raymond Paul
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> From: [email address removed] Subject: RE: JOINT VENTURE> Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 14:10:49 -0800> > I'm Mr Juan ColombÂs from Lloyds banking Group United Kingdom. I saw your profile and I want to have a Joint Venture with you. You can view my website and contact me for more details> > http://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com/about_us/directors/board_directors.asp> > Mr. Juan ColombÂs> Email: [email address removed] > Mobile: +447872219425> http://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com
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> From: [email address removed] Subject: Re: Your Outstanding Bill Payment notification 2016> Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 06:11:18 +0700> To: > > Attention,> > I am Mr. Thomas Gardner, a senior officer at Tacoma International Airport Terrace Wa. I have sent you a several emails but it keep returning back as failure messages. I am contacting you regarding an abandoned diplomatic consignment box and the x-ray scan report box revealed some U.S dollar bill in it which could be approximately 3.3 Million dollars and the official paper of the box indicates your contact details. To confirm you as the authentic beneficiary, do send me your full name, your home address, your mobile tel number, occupation and the nearest airport closer to you.> > For your information, the box was abandoned by the diplomat who was on transit to your city because he was not able to pay the ATL clearance fee of 3,800 Dollars. I have taken it upon myself to contact you personally about this abandoned box so that we can transact this as a deal and share the total money 70% for you and 30% for me. As soon as I get the requested detail from you for verification, I will pay the clearance fee and make arrangement for the box to be delivered to you which can be concluded within 4-6hours after confirmation is made and upon your acceptance and willingness to co-operate.> > All communication must be held extremely confidential to ensure a successful delivery. Send your response to my private email address [email address removed] ). I will send you an SMS to confirm i got your information.> > Warmest Regards> > Mr. Thomas Gardner
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> Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 20:15:30 -0400> From: [email address removed] To: [email address removed] CC: [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] Subject: The hottest naked bodies can be yours right now!> > http://mahendrabooksellers.com/wp/jaaloc> >
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Begin forwarded message:From: Nursing Degrees  [email address removed] 25 February 2016 23:02:49 GMTSubject: Online Registered Nursing Degrees: Now Enrolling! .ouatiizid{color:#40ef65;} Online Registered Nursing Degrees: Now Enrolling! .vlhxhhntcarrr{color:#d8ca7c;}.orgtqmdssdzkf{color:#21b769;} .ckovkmhduwyg{color:#9129df;}
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Hi,Please assist me to execute a business project.Mr.Ha Kwong
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Begin forwarded message:From: mark james via Smartsheet [email address removed] 25 February 2016 18:48:14 GMTTo: [email address removed] Attn Please!Reply-To: mark james [email address removed]   We have finally arranged to deliver your consignment box worth $2,500.000.00usd,through thenational UPS company. The agent is already in San Diego Int'l airport CA (USA)with your package We were able to accomplish this through the help of IMFdirector John Andy and every necessary arrangement has been made successfullywith UPS Agent Mr. Daniel Turner. Contact person: diplomat mark james with youdelivery information such as full name, mobile no: home address. Call theagent at +1(626)239-1465 [email address removed] CARD registration code (GL-1416) andYour Pin code (4917).Yours SincerelyJerry Anderson   Sent using Smartsheet, the online tool that helps coordinate anything with anyone.Sent by [email address removed] 2016 Smartsheet.com, Inc. | Contact | Privacy Policy | User Agreement
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Sent from my iPhoneBegin forwarded message:From: Erika Ballard [email address removed] 24 February 2016 06:05:00 GMTTo: [email address removed] 1 New SnapHookupMsg I am looking for a cute sex lover I need a passionate mature man My virgin shaved pussy is all yours I?ll show you my dirty photos Come to my house I want to say thank you in a special way
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Hello my Dear, I will greatly appreciate my correspondence meets you in good health condition. My name is Mr. Antoine Burrell, I am seeking for your co-operation for investment partnership in your Country. I shall provide the FUND for the investment. When you acknowledged the receipt of this correspondence, thereafter I will give you the Full Details of my investment proposal. I await your response in earliest. My regards, Mr.Antoine Burrell
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Russian Match Found For You If the link is not visible, please move this message to your inbox Russian Match Found For You Images not loading? These Russian women are desperate to find a boyfriend* If you are experiencing difficulty viewing this important message, visit here. "WANTED: Boyfriend!" These Women are Desperate to Find a Boyfriend! This is an . *See site for details. To stop receiving messages, please visit here or send a request to: 103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
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>----Origineel Bericht---- >Van : [email address removed] >Datum : 25/02/2016 22:04 >Aan : >Onderwerp : Heb jij al meegedaan, [email address removed] >
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From: [email address removed] Attention;Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 15:53:35 -0300Attention; This is coming to you in regards to the recent meeting within the United Nations based on the Agreement with the World Bank Assistance Project. This email come to those who are yet to receive their compensation/inheritance/winnings and who have been scammed in any part of the world, this includes every foreign contractors that may have not received their contract sum, and people who had unfinished transaction or Compensation payments which failed due to Government problems etc. The UNITED NATIONS have agreed to compensate you with the sum of $4,700,000.00 USD (Four Million, Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). Your name and email was in the list submitted by our Monitoring Team observers and this is why we are contacting you, this has been agreed upon and signed. You are advised to contact Mr. Elvis Johnson, as he is our representative in the USA. Contact him immediately for your Compensation payment of $4,700,000.00 USD (Four Million, Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which will be released directly to you through an ATM MasterCard in accordance with legal clearance and procedures. However, you should send him your Full Name/Telephone Number/Residential Address/Gender and Occupation. Contact Mr. Elvis Johnson immediately for your compensation payment by replying to this email or emailing the address below: Mr. Elvis JohnsonEmail: [email address removed] expect your urgent attention to this email to enable me monitor this payment effectively. Most importantly you shall be requested to pay the sum of $350 only covering the application fee, processing fee, evaluation fee and mailing cost of your ATM MasterCard with 100% no extra charge or hidden fees involved. Payment will be made to our payment office in the USA only. Good luck and kind regards,Making the world a better place! Yours Faithfully,Dr.Joan Clos I Matheu.Executive Director United Nations Human Settlements ProgrammeUnited Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC)
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   On Thursday, February 25, 2016 11:30 AM, Dr KINGSLEY MOGHALU [email address removed] wrote: FROM OFFICE OF MONEY GRAM.BENIN REPUBLIC/ADDRESS 455IJUNDIA ROAD  IJU BENIN REPUBLICContact Payment department; MR GEORGE EDWARD.OFFICIAL EMAIL ADDRESS:After today's Federal Executive Council Meeting, The ministry of Finance has approved that your fund of ONE MILLION,TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY THOUSAND($1,240,000.00) which was initial approved that western union will be paying to you $5000 us dollars on daily basis until your ($1,240,000.00) is completed. It has come to the notice of the newly appointed Minister that western union department wanted to rip you off as a result of so much fund they are demanding from you and some of their staff were into fraudulent act.Federal Executive Council Meeting (FEC) Has now ORDERED that your total fund ($1,240,000.00) will now be paid to you through MONEY GRAM.We are aware that western union department requested about $2950 us dollars from you for them to use and re-activate your FILE which has been dormant, Well, it has now been approved that you will only send the sum of $100 us dollars for the re-activation, The minister of finance was unhappy when he come across your payment file, He ordered that instead of the initial demand which was $2950,He now ordered that you will pay only $100 us dollars for the re-activation of your fund because he does not want your fund to still be in the country without it been transferred, So I would like you to act fast and send the $100 us dollars immediately after you receive this email, Remember that this is the only way you will claim your Money without any problem,So you are been advise to send the re-activation fee of $100 us dollars to this below information, I want to assure that once you send the fee today. You will start receiving your $5000 us dollars daily through Money Gram by Tomorrow morning,BELOW ARE THE PAYMENT INFORMATION TO SEND THE $100 US DOLLARS OK, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SPELL THE NAME CORRECTLY TO AVOID ANY MISTAKE OR DELAYRECEIVER NAME:::::::::::: JERRY IKEMCOUNTRY::::::::::::::::::::: BENIN REPUBLIC.CITY:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: COTONOU.TEST QUESTION:::::::::::: HAPPY?ANSWER:::::::::::::::::::::::LIFEAMOUNT:::::::::::::::::::::::$100AFTER THE PAYMENT OF $100 YOU WILL START RECEIVING YOUR $5,000 THROUGH MONEY GRAM EVERY DAY UNTIL YOUR TOTAL AMOUNT OF FUNDS $1,240,000.00 IS FULLY PAID TO YOU. BELOW IS THE REF# NUMBERS WHICH WE HAVE ALREADY PROGRAM FOR YOU TO USE AND PICK UP YOUR PAYMENT, BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PICK IT UP UNTIL WE RECEIVE THE PAYMENT INFORMATION OF THE FEE REQUIRED,ONCE WE PICK UP THE FEE WE WILL ACTIVATE THE REFERENCE NUMBER FOR YOU TO BE ABLE TO PICK IT UP AT ANY MONEY GRAM OFFICE IN YOUR AREA.Note; this is the only payment you are required to make in this regards for every other fee have been waived by the Federal Ministry, Also, Don't expose this numbers to anybody else reason,YOU?RE PAYMENT OF $5,000.00 USD DETAILSSenders:........... Juel SmithREF#:...............577-342-20Amount: :...........$5000.00Thanks,DR. JOHN CHIBUIKEDirector Foreign Remittance DepartmentMONEY GRAM.---This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.http://www.avast.com
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