Late Engr Kruger left the sum of Thirty Million,One Hundred Thousand Dollars(USD$30,100.000.00)to you in the Codicil and last testament to his WILL,Contact Email for more details:jerrymorganesq@gmail.com -- This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by MailScanner, and is believed to be clean.
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UNITED NATIONS (WORLD BANK ASSISTED PROGRAM) DIRECTORATE OF INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT AND TRANSFERS. Our Ref: WB/NF/UN/XX02107 SUBJECT: IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF YOUR INHERITANCE FUND VIA ATM SWIFT CARD. Attention: ATM Card Beneficiary, I wish to use this medium to inform you that your CONTRACT/INHERITANCE Payment of USD$10,500,000.00 (Ten Million Five Hundred United States Dollars) from U.S.A GOVERNMENT, WORLD BANK AND UNITED NATIONS have been RELEASED and APPROVED for onward transfer to you via an ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw all the USD$10,500,000.00 in any ATM SERVICE MACHINE in any part of the world, but the maximum you can withdraw in a day is USD$10,000.00 Only.We have mandated ATMVISA DEPARMENT, to send you the ATM CARD and PIN NUMBER which you will use to withdraw all your USD$10.5 Million Dollars in any ATM SERVICE MACHINE in any part of the world, but the maximum you can withdraw in a day is USD$10,000.00 Only.You are therefore advice to contact the Head of ATM CARD Department of ATMVISA CARD. CONTACT PERSON: Mr.James Mark, TELEPHONE : +234-809552909 EMAIL:(jamesmark3@yahoo.ca) Tell Mr. Ndubuisi Rawlings, that you received a message from the U.S.A GOVERNMENT, WORLD BANK AND UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION. Instructing him to send you the ATM CARD and PIN NUMBER which you will use to withdraw yourUSD$10.5 Million Dollars in any ATM SERVICE MACHINE in any part of the world. Note: Your Personal Contact 1) YOUR FULL NAME: 2) ADDRESS, CITY, STATE AND COUNTRY: 3) PERSONAL CELL PHONE, FAX AND MOBILE: 4) COMPANY NAME (IF ANY) POSITION AND ADDRESS: 5) OCCUPATION, AGE AND MARITAL STATUS: 6) COPY OF YOUR INT'L PASSPORT/DRIVERS LICENCE: Where you want the bank to send the ATM CARD and PIN NUMBER to you, we are very sorry for the plight you have gone through in the past years. Thanks for adhering to this instruction and once again accept our congratulations. Best Regards. Mr. Ndubuisi Rawlings DIRECTORATE OF INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT AND TRANSFERS.
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Hi! http://SABRIBALTACIOGLU.COM/gabm/giving.php Atm delivery
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From:Mr.Jerry Boney 01 Bp 104 Cocody 01 Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire  email/ jerryboney43@yahoo.fr Hello Dear, I am Mr.Jerry Boney from sierra leone but residing in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire. It is my desire to contact you on honesty and sincerity to assist me in transferring the sum of $8,000,000(Eight Million United States Dollars) inherited from my father late Mr.Smith Boney to your country for investment. I am motivated in contacting you and hope to gradually build trust, relationship and confidence in you as I get to know you better.So please I want to know if you will be of assistance but first I want to get to know you better. I am willing to offer you $1,600,000(One Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) for your effort input after the successful transfer of this money and investment. Indicate your interest towards assisting me by sending your phone  and address so that I can communicate with you at any time. I will be waiting for your response.  Thanks for your understanding,  Best regards, Mr.Jerry Boney. please reply me through my pravite email  jerryboney43@yahoo.fr
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Please Kindly reconfirm this and respond Urgently, along side with your identification . as it may interest you to know that your long over due fund was yesterday approved and a direct transfer signal reaching us from our main office in Lagos Island, The management of the Zenith Bank Plc, wish to inform you that upon the receipt of your Account details and a copy of your identification to this office the wired transfer of your fund will commerce. Kindly note that $2,000000, 00. Two Million Dollars was approved in your favor, meanwhile you are requested to contact this office for immediate claim of your fund. And Kindly Note that you are requested to the Sum of $200. for legal Clearance to avoid any stop order from any authority. Your Truly Mr. James Adams Head Of Operations Zenith Bank Plc. Nigeria.
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Dear Friend,I am Mr.Ben Tanko, the accountant personal confident to Dr.Ravindra F. Shah who died together with his wife Dr. Mrs. ManjulaParikh-Shah in a plane crash on the 1st Oct. 2003 on their way toattend wedding in Boston. Dr. Ravindra F. Shah, is an American, aphysician and industrialist, he died without having any beneficiary tohis assets including his account here in Burkina Faso which he openedin one of the Bank in the year 2000 as his personal savings for thepurpose of expansion and development of his company before hisuntimely death in 2003. The amount involved is (USD 10,500,000.00) TenMillion Five Hundred Thousand USD, no other person knows about thisaccount, I am contacting you for us to transfer this funds to youraccount as the beneficiary,) but I don't know any foreigner, I am onlycontacting you as a foreigner because this money can not be approvedto a local person here. Reply urgently so that I will inform you thenext step to takeurgently.Kindly reply me on my alternative email address (bentanko01@gmail.com)Sincerely,Ben Tanko. Attachment content - cocacolac_854_laims00781.uk_mit.tc.docx:    COCA-COLA PRIZE REDEMPTION CENTER 2014   Dear Beneficiary,   This is to inform you that, you have won a prize money of Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds (GBP500,000.00) in the Ongoing 2014 year International E-mail Draw which was Organized by Coca-Cola Company Of England.   Coca-Cola Prize Redemption Center collects all the email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to Yahoo, Aolmail, Rediffmail, Gmail, Russian Mail, window live mail and few from other e-mail providers. Winners were selected through Electronic Random Ballot System (ERBS) without the candidate applying or any ticket being sold, Six people are selected yearly to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the Selected Winners.   Winners shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Center; Coca-Cola Award must be claimed not later than 15 days from the date of Draw Notification. Any Prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited.   The following PIN NO: has been assigned to you and you are required to quote it in every mail that you send to us: Coca-Cola - 2014   This numbers fall within the England location file, you are requested to contact our fiduciary agent in England (Dr. Steve Alex) with thedetails below and send your winning Reference numbers to him;   He shall immediately commence the process that will facilitate the release of your fund to you.   Name: Dr. Steve Alex (Fiduciary Agent)E-mail:  cocacolac_854_laims00781.uk@mit.tc You are warned to keep your winning information to yourself until your fund is released to you, to avoid double claim which will lead to absolute cancellation/termination of Award. We also do not tolerate Laxity and inconsistency in claim.   NOTE: This Draw is solely conducted by COCA-COLA COMPANY UK. And can not be claimed through any of our Regional Offices in your Country/Area. All communications must be through COCA-COLA COMPANY UK.  We will try to respond to every mail you send as soon as we can.   Once again, we congratulate you for this landmark achievement and implore you with the responsibility of ensuring successful claims. He shall get back to you with the Fund release Directives on our receipt of your personal details as requested below;   Please, kindly provide us with the following information for Verification of your Prize;   Full name.......................................Address.........................................Age...............................................Sex...............................................Nationality......................................Home Telephone #...........................Pin #.................................................E-mail address.................................Marital Status..................................Occupation...................................... Mobile Telephone #..........................   "Congratulations Once Again''   COCA-COLAREDEMPTIONCENTER UNITED KINGDOMZONAL COORDINATOR.                                            Copy right 2013-2014 Coca Cola International. ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................                                                                                                           WARNING:  Note: Any unclaimed prize will be returned to the treasury of COCA-COLA CASH  SPLASH . You are advised to keep your winning details strictly to yourself and not share it with any individual or firm to avoid confistication of your prize.©"COPYRIGHT 2014 COCA-COLA ONLINE EMAIL PROMOTION ALL RIGHT RESERVED"* * * * * * D I S C L A I M E R * * 
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Hello my dearIt is my pleasure to Inform you that a cheque have been approved in yourfavor, The cheque Value is $15.7M USD. Simply contact this mike.udoon the information below so that he can send the cheque to you.send you full information to us immediately,Name: mike.udoEmail:mike.udo92@yahoo.comken akuRegards,
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Attention: I have a business Proposal that will be of benefit to the both of us and I shall be compensating you with Forty percent at the final conclusion. If you are interested please reply ASAP, so I can send you more detail on how we are going to proceed I await your urgent response, Regards, Mr. Johnson M. John Please reply to my alternative E-mail Address below: johnsonmj222@terra.com
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Dear Sir, I write to you based on a request by an investor who needs to invest his funds in your country. My name is Thomas Bello (Esq.) an attorney/solicitor here in Lome-Togo . Our Law firm most times represents the interests of very wealthy investors mainly from South and North Africa. Due to the sensitivity of their position they hold in their organization and the unstable investment environment of their countries, they prefer to channel/move majority of their funds into more stable economies and developing nations where they can get good yield for their money and its safety. This reserved group of individuals, whom our firm personally holding there asset instructed and approached us with a mandate to seek for a firm or an individual such as yourself who has the experience and capacity to receive their assets and re-invest it into a good lucrative investment you will recommend. Kindly let us know your acceptance to this offer also you should furnish us with full comprehensive draft of your terms and condition. We also need to know about the area or idea of investment plans you are to propose. Once we are convinced of your capacity to handle these assets we will then provide you with all necessary information including the unmentioned amount involved. Sincerely Yours Thomas Bello Esq.
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Department of Telex and Credit Control 1620 Westchester Ave, Bronx, NY 10472 Bank of America New York Fax: 718 4733 000 Webpage: http://www.bankofamerica.com. 31 July, 2014 Telegraphic Transfer Notice. We are hereby officially notify you concerning your fund telegraphic transfer through our bank, Bank of America, New York, to your bank account, which has been officially approved by the management of World Bank Swiss (WBS) to credit the sum of US$18.5 million into your bank account. Note that i have started processing your payment and every thing concerning the immediate remittance of your funds will be carried out within the shortest possible time from the time we received your below needed information. also be informed that the governor of bank in London (BL) will sign on your payment advice and a copy of the advice will be sent to the world bank in Swiss for some record purposes. Meanwhile your information and your full contact details were received from our research manager, Barr. Paul Peterson on your behalf to FRB for immediate release of your fund. this fund was Late President of Libya Muammar Gaddafi discovery fund with world bank of Switzerland, which the Swiss bank has decided to distribute it generously to help few lucky individuals and the American government is in agreement with the Swiss bank to distribute the fund to 700 hundred thousand lucky beneficiary in America, Europe, Asia and Africa in other to help improve their businesses which you are among them. Forward the below information to enable us process for the transfer of your fund, because our bank cannot afford to be held liable for any wrong transfer of funds or liable of any fund credited into an unknown person. these are the information we needed urgently. 1. Your full name: 2. Your direct cell or office phone to reach you: 3. Your address of locations: Finally, you are required to reconfirm directly to me the above information to enable me use it to process your bill of payment. Yours faithfully, Dr. Grey Watson Director Credit / Telex Dept. Bank Of America , NY. USA
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Greeting to you, I am drenched with tears while writing this short message to you. I am a German business woman dealing with gold exportation in Malaysia and my husband is now late who started the business with me. It was heartbreaking news to me few days ago when my doctor notified me on complications on my health condition which he officially made known to me. He further stressed that the complication I had in my human mechanism as a result of a secondary liver cancer which have destroyed all the organs in my body system. According to him, he said that this complication will lead to my imminent death since no medication can alleviate the high system of deformation I am encountering at this time in my system. In the light of this, I humbly wishes to make a donation in your favored which amount to $4.3 Million, as I am in quest to find a trustworthy and upright individual whom I will entrust with this fund and this has led me to you. The said fund was acquired by me as an inheritance from my late husband Dr. Adolf Merckle aged 74 years old, who committed suicide on January 5th 2009 after his business empire ran into trouble in the global economic financial crises.Please refer to the news website below to read more about my late husband. kindly view this page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7814257.stm I will make available to you all information and officially authorize document which will endorse your claim as the beneficiary to the fund in question in the finance house where the fund was lodged by my late husband. But before handing over my data's to you, kindly assure me that you will take only 40% of the money and share the rest to orphanage homes/the needy immediately the fund is in your possession, response quickly to my personal email: mrs.ruthmerckle@outlook.com to enable me forward the Security Company contact details,at this stage if no one apply for the money it will go to companies treasuries account when I'm gone and it will not be use to fulfill my wish, My motive to dispense the funds to a charity and orphanage home is that I grew up as an orphan and do not have any heirs hitherto. Upon your acceptance to this proposal kindly get back to me through. Remain Bless Mrs.Ruth Merckle
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I am getting in touch with you regarding a business deal worth $15,000,000 Milion USD in my control, Reply me if interested.
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FROM:GOVERNMENT ACCREDITED LICENSED LOTTERY PROMOTERS. FREELOTTO AFFILIATED OFFICE U.K, 82 VICTORIA STREET VICTORIA LONDON SW1 U.K NOTIFICATION OF WINNING We are pleased to inform you of the release of the recent results of the FREE LOTTO INTERNATIONAL EMAIL PROMOTION PROGRAM held on January 30, 2014 . You were entered as dependent clients with: Reference Serial Number:F2-003-036 and Batch number FR/45-300-07. Your email address attached to the ticket number: 54-20-17-52-34-30 that draw the lucky winning number,which consequently won the Daily new year Jackpot in the first category,in four parts.You have been approved for a payment of $2,000,000.00 Two Million United State Dollars in cash credited to file reference number: TFR/9900034943/JPT. All participants for the on-line version were selected randomly from World Wide Web sites through computer draw system and extracted from over 100,000 unions, associations and co-operate bodies that are listed on-line.This email promotion takes place every month. Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our European booklet representative office in Europe as indicated in your play coupon. In view of this, your $2,000,000.00 Two Million United State Dollars would be released to you by our payment office in United Kingdom.Our Fiduciary agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact him.For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claim is processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program,Please be warned.click on the website link below to view the photo page of some of our recent lucky winners. http://www.freelotto.com/ThisWeeksWinners.asp FreeLotto Winning Draw Results of January 1, 2014 $50,000.00: 4-5-34-41-3-37 $200,000.00: 22-43-6-9-28-26 $10,000.00: 12-32-17-14-24-10 $100,000.00 : 2-27-22-47-16-21 Monthly Jackpot $2,000,000.00: 54-20-17-52-34-30 Super Bucks $10,000,000.00 : 37-2-48-41-46- 25-43 To file for your claim, please contact your fiduciary agent immediately via the email below:Mr Harry Franken Freelotto Fiduciary Department 82 Victoria Street Victoria London SW1 U.K Email:freelottoprize@foxmail.com Email:freelottoprize@foxmail.com Tel:+447024063850 =====================================================================Provide him with these following details with which he will begin the processing of your winnings. 1.Name in full. 2.Address. 3.Nationality. 4.Age. 5.Occupation. 6.Phone No. 7.Present Country. 8.Fax [optional]. 9.Email address. 10.Sex. *********************************************************************** The freelotto internet draw is held every month and is so organized to encourage the use of the internet and computer worldwide. We are proud to say that over 400 millions U.S Dollars are won annually in more than 118 countries Worldwide. Warning!!!: Fraudulent emails are circulating that appear to be using Free Lotto addresses, but are not from The Free Lotto. PLEASE REPORT IMMEDIATELY TO:abuse@freelotto.com Once again congratulations. Sincerely, Kevin J. Aronin Chairman & CEO Copyright © 1995-2014 The FREELOTTO National Lottery Inc. All rights reserved. Terms of Service - Guideline +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ N:B: You are advised to keep your winning strictly confidential until your winning is processed and received by you. This is to avoid double claiming which could lead to disqualification.
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GOOD NEWS Attachment content - AA1.docx: GRAND DONATION Personal donation of $2,000,000.00 USD to you, Contact Mr John Alford on my email id: (alfordpaulineclaimit501@hotmail.com) For More detail. Best Regard, John Alford.
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AUG 02 "I have succeeded" When Saturday, 02 August 2014 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time - Dublin / Edinburgh / Lisbon / London Message My Dear, This letter is to acknowledge the substantial contributions of time and energy you have made in receiving the fund through your account, despite that it failed us because of your inability to continue financing the transaction.BesidesI'm happy to inform you that I have succeeded in transferring the fund out of my home Country with the help of a new partner from Tuvalu.I am now in Tuvalu for investment and Tuvalu is composed of 9 coral atolls along a 360 mile chain in Polynesia. They gained independence in 1978 the former Ellice Islands. Therefore in appreciation of your earlier assistance, I have decided to compensate you with the sum of: 850.000.00 USD which I deposited on your behalf.So feel free and get in touched with my account keeper and instruct him your private address to send the DRAFT to you.His name is Mr.Sean Jay,address Carre 1299, Ste Rita City Porto-Novo, Benin Republic Email;(m.jay693@laposte.net) Please do let me know immediately you receive it. Regards, Jean Invitees plof.atayuga@gmail.com ninorico100@hushmail.com ewilliams91@live.com bronaldbroson@mailite.com rogoznaks@mail.com 35 more... Respond This event invitation was sent from   Yahoo Calendar Attachment content - invite.ics:BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID://Yahoo//Calendar//EN VERSION:2.0 METHOD:REQUEST BEGIN:VEVENT SUMMARY:I have succeeded DESCRIPTION:My Dear\,\n\nThis letter is to acknowledge the substantial cont ributions of time and energy you have made in receiving the fund through y our account\, despite that it failed us because of your inability to conti nue financing the transaction.BesidesI'\;m happy to inform you that I h ave succeeded in transferring the fund out of my home Country with the hel p of a new partner from Tuvalu.I am now in Tuvalu for investment and Tuval u is composed of 9 coral atolls along a 360 mile chain in Polynesia. They gained independence in 1978 the former Ellice Islands.\n\nTherefore in app reciation of your earlier assistance\, I have decided to compensate you wi th the sum of: 850.000.00 USD which I deposited on your behalf.So feel fre e and get in touched with my account keeper and instruct him your private address to send the DRAFT to you.His name is Mr.Sean Jay\,address Carre 12 99\, Ste Rita City Porto-Novo\, Benin Republic Email\;(m.jay693@laposte.ne t) Please do let me know immediately you receive it.\n\nRegards\,\nJean CLASS:PUBLIC DTSTART;TZID=Etc/GMT:20140802T090000Z DTEND;TZID=Etc/GMT:20140802T100000Z PRIORITY:0 SEQUENCE:0 STATUS:CONFIRMED UID:f8aecf57-f2c6-4ff8-a11c-2a06c443fa6e DTSTAMP:20140802T075447Z ATTENDEE;PARTSTAT=NEEDS-ACTION;ROLE=REQ_PARTICIPANT;RSVP=TRUE:mailto:plof.a tayuga@gmail.com ATTENDEE;PARTSTAT=NEEDS-ACTION;ROLE=REQ_PARTICIPANT;RSVP=TRUE:mailto:ninori co100@hushmail.com ATTENDEE;PARTSTAT=NEEDS-ACTION;ROLE=REQ_PARTICIPANT;RSVP=TRUE:mailto:ewilli ams91@live.com 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Kära kund, Ditt kreditkort har spärrats då ett fel upptäcktes i din faktureringsinformation. Anledningen till felet är osäkert men för säkerheten har vi tillfälligt blockerat ditt kreditkort. Du behöver uppdatera din information om för att fortsätta använda ditt kort. Vad ska jag göra? För att lyfta spärren (begränsningen): * Klicka här och följ stegen på skärmen.
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Jp Morgan Chase Bank 270 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017 United States.  Tel:15304402309 ============================ Attn: Beneficiary, This is to inform you that a compensation payment in the amount of US$3,600,000.00 (Three Million six Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) has been approved and deposited few days ago with our Bank, Jp morgan chase Bank in your name by the foreign debts  settlement/compensation committee of European Union and the Executive members of World Bank, and they instructed us to credit this fund direct to your private bank account with immediate effect, Meanwhile, the good news about your fund now is that your compensation payment file with some of the legal documents backing this fund has been forwarded to the US Department of State and the United Nations for final approval, And we shall proceed with the transfer immediately we hear from you because we were mandated to transfer this fund to you as one of the beneficiary whom the name is listed in the World Bank foreign debts settlement/compensation payment file before the end of the year 2014. Please note that the Morgan Chase Bank have decided and agreed together to send this payment to you by either bank wire transfer or by online bank transfer services depending the option you would prefer to receive this fund for security purpose, so you are therefore advised to quickly get back to the management of this bank and let us know the option you choose to have your fund credited into your account to enable us proceed with your claim process. We wait your immediate response with your information below to enable this bank proceeds immediately with the transfer of your fund as we were directed. Full Name.................... Home Address................. Age/Occupation.............. Valid Phone number............ Country/State........ Any Of Your Identity Card........  Kindly get back to us by reconfirming your full information. Thank you, God Bless America. Mr. Donald Johnson morganchasebnk@gmail.com  Head Of Foregn Operation JP MORGAN CHASE BANK & CO.
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From: Ms. Carman L. Lapointe Head Of United Nations Under-Secretary General For Internal Oversight Services. This is to inform you that I came to Nigeria yesterday from Canada, after series of complaint from the FBI and other Security agencies from Asia,Europe, South America and the United States of America respectively, against the Federal Government of Nigeria and the British Government for the high volume of scam/fraudulent activities going on in these two nations. For more information about me kindly click on the below link or copy and paste on your web browser. http://www.un.org/Depts/oios/pages/usg.html Right now, as directed by UN secretary General named Ban Ki-Moon we are working in collaborations with the Nigerian Financial Crime Commission/agencies and we have decided to waive away all your clearance fees/Charges and authorized the Government of Nigeria to effect your overdue payment worth $5,000,000.00 only into your account without any delay as approved your funds transfer as instructed by CANADIAN government and UNITED NATIONS. But the only fee you will pay to receive your fund is the Notarization fee. Upon your request, I will tell you the amount and also send you the payment information you will use in sending the Notarization fee. Honestly, you are a lucky person because I have just discovered that some top Nigerian and Canadian Government Officials are interested in your funds and they are working in collaboration with One Mr. Richard Graves from USA to divert your fund into his personal account so they could share thereafter. Note that I have a very limited time to stay in Nigeria here so I would like you to urgently respond to this message with your full name, full home address,direct phone number so that I can advise you on how best to confirm your fund in your account within the next 72 hours. Once again, the only fee you will pay to receive your fund is the Notarization fee. Upon your request, I will tell you the amount and also send you the payment information you will use in sending the Notarization fee. You can reach me with below information: Name: Ms. Carman L.Lapointe Email Address: mslapointes@yahoo.com Sincerely yours, Ms. Carman L. Lapointe Head Of United Nations Under-Secretary General For Internal Oversight Services.
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Attn: Dear Beneficiary,   Compliments of the day,   Please read this email carefully,   Firstly, this is not to cause you embarrassment, I am Barrister Patrick Owolabi, I'm the Personal Attorney and legal adviser to late Mr. Steve A. (Until his Death) a National of your country, who used to be a private contractor with Agip Oil Company in Nigeria. On the 21st of April 2004, He and his Wife with their three Children were involved in an auto crash; all occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost their lives.   Since then, I have made several inquiries with his country embassies to locate any of his extended relatives, this has also proved unsuccessful. After these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to contact you with this proposal.   I am contacting you to assist in repatriating this huge amount of money left behind by my late client before the Bank get it confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, where these huge deposit is lodged.   The deceased had a Deposit presently valued USD$10 Million (Ten Million United States Dollars only) which I am aware of and the BANK has issued to me, As his personal attorney, a full notice to provide his next of kin or Beneficiary by WILL otherwise the account will be confiscated within the next thirty official working days.   Since then I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over (Five Years) Now, I therefore seek your consent to present you as the next of kin / WILL Beneficiary to the deceased, In that case the proceeds of this account valued at USD$10 Million can be paid to you.   Furthermore, please don?t worry how this is going to be done. But if you give me your wiliness to do this with me, then I will now present you to the bank as the real next of Kin to my late client and then, the proceedings for the transfer will commence immediately.   This will be disbursed or shared in these percentages, 60% for me 30% for you, 10% for charity organizations.   All I require is your honest Co-operation, Confidentiality and Trust to enable us sees this transaction through. I guarantee you that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law and this fund is (100% risk free)   I am presently in Nigeria and I ask for your cooperation to provide me the following information:   1. Your Full Name........... 2. Your Residential/Contact Address...... 3. Your Telephone/Mobile and Fax Number....... 4. Your Occupation...... 5. Your Age...... 6. Your Sex.....   Your urgent response will be highly anticipated and appreciated, thanks and have a nice day, as I await your immediate response.   Best Regards. Barrister Patrick Owolabi, Principal Attorney.
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Dear Trusted Friend, I humbly to seek your assistance in this very important matter that need trust and honest. I am please to get across to you, my name is Mr. Larry Joe, i am a banker by profession in United Kingdom here and formal chief auditing manager before i was change to another department of the bank. I am writing in the respect of a foreign customer of our bank here in London who died seven year ago. In his file he has a deposit of Forty six million five hundred and twenty one thousand Dollars,without will or next of kin to this fund, and hence no name was mention to the bank during the time of deposit. I am solicited for your help as a foreigner to stand as the beneficiary/next of kin to this funds for immediate transfer of this funds into any nominated account of your choice. The banking ethics here does not allow such fund to stay more than eight years without claiming it,or it will be transfer into government suspends account as unclaimed funds for their project. I don't want this funds to go into government treasure since i have every details of this funds including deposit slip as a proof. So am looking forward to hear from you for more details to actualize this deal, feel free to ask me any question this transaction is 100% risk free it will not bring any harm now or in future. Expecting your urgent reply on . Best Regard, Mr. Larry Joe
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Hi, My name is George B. Kaiser, a philanthropist and the founder of The George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF), one of the largest private foundations in the world. I believed strongly in ?giving while living.? I had one idea that never changed in my mind ? that you should use your wealth to help people and I have decided to give USD $1,000.000.00 (One Million United State Dollars) to randomly selected individuals worldwide. On receipt of this email, you should count yourself as the lucky individual. Your email address was chosen online while searching at random. Kindly get back to me at your earliest convenience, so I know your email address is valid. (gbkafoundation10@gmail.com) Email me. Visit: http://www.gkff.org/about/about-george-b-kaiser.html or you can Google me ( George B. Kaiser). Regards, George B. Kaiser gbkafoundation10@gmail.com
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___________________________________________________________________________On the desk to give my best. CmhpHM¤V3IsÙ•‰Gx1¨αHufℵw-rdiqQðá¾úUÄZOaAõÌÛnLÝCIËIdZ79Tpr÷6YÛGÖ6 ôÅýÂMgclBE•sxaD84¶¢Iháˆ0CÁ247ADùÇ1TR9æEI8ÂÀrO6iï4NÏMæjSÁæ8ι s≡3QF–¸7¯ORHg¢R8u5z ñfψGTÙJÊ⇒HYV3ÀE¤48ª ÜQ9ËB4guÕEM¥g0SΓ♣O„T86æ∴ ‘vORPGBÄνRλXíbI6ςäOCU2ΘjE8na¾!57Éè fEìVֶݲĊ L I C K  Ң E R E9SeÔNeither of course he paused to come.Please god would they were gone over. John checked his ankle and followed them. Everything he found out that. Lizzie and jake went back. Good night kiss you know.Easy maddie if the front door. Where you want your life. ŠyáDM7y∀¥EF1yPNÞéJq'éWãESl9Ζ→ C¼à4HMYG4EXFÚδAötïTL7DhjT⟨1æ8HçÒΡP:Instead of bed as terry. When they should have any moment F®JEVELëBiì×7àaH•¤jg3rYWrª¬®8aËdNh Dáµÿaºx·6s»7×o B¨←½lWù⊂ãodWPaw≠nÁc 5÷n¸aß´o­s1‡5D Ù8Cw$ρk⊄Ò0òm”S.§Ê¯o9°ÅO∝9∀jNQ ´jf9Cné0QidëUDaLõú→luõæ⊗iLäZ¹sΩ1qÈ ♣⊂ûÕaΟÏÐðshY»t ≠βÃsldoËpo8À¢hwe→Ö® i∅QqaSOYÓsURÎE ïaÁ9$vg∩Ç1¸o7G.na875õ5GΑ9Le46 ⊄EkÈV0óG0iôMfÂanG5øgFéyærArP®a∩¾dZ 8Ν·JSóTÜDuTr2Up´Ú¦£eJς¤Drb0òÙ mXu⊃A⟩÷w⇓cℵ1s⟩t3nsÝiÅR↵3v7¯ïpeAϨS+ÍEƒf lκ∗kao­6ˆsâIô N52hle¡ffoLu″mw7GÊ­ DæNÀaùkZþs½1«¶ Ús4n$hmËK2″8Wi.NφŒÌ5EE9X5ζá4l F<‾nV5Z6Bicc8√a⇒Π4êg5ZhVr…jpYaDe3ô iqWmPwAcër63ZLo¤d1Þfθ≡bñe÷aYysjü¤½snìò4iÈUïãoIýh9nÕwS8ay§♠®lρiip ®kìîaßa∑Às“K6¾ éeÿMloHÛ3oS1ÌNw∂⇔z9 k¬1Ãa¯iios4oœr wTOA$ñT3B300í∗.hx7Ê5kqzn0LÙèÝ ™î4ÁVÔ0Zèiω0JSa°t0εga65ÛrvÜR7a¶ÓIQ t⇒±OS⊥aø‚uD3ãPpOÚmle¥∝ΒÞrûGc§ m⟨G↔Fov1loϖlùÀr7ûMWcX067enKï3 ÞyþYa¡6M0s∪eEd E3¼Χlï©6lo6∼Q♥wTTòÊ ¶ïJ¼a÷VΑ·sw572 V◊⊕ô$þ©nk4358Ú.Γ⊗«±2xvïo59LQp úäR⊆C∑Çì¾iW∑æxasèJòlŒ85¡iQE77sÄ3²­ X42zS⌈ãqòumÜIΝpü¤Oée¦Ct½rBΣÝ2 7P75An0úlc1Εi3t≈abEi⌋J¼×v†¥Ggecƒx¥+↓ÓŸÞ –FPÃa00CÀsQpo× x99Wl39LΤoWúïØw⊕hjª yΕãBaF2∞Ós72i9 ¬¢6º$sHäΦ2·♦tÚ.¥9839Ñ98G9G29∩ Bless us and tried hard terry. Just look for letting her window seat Ruthie and helped her knees to help. What madison watched maddie told them g9ïnAYi7òNã7ÄNT¢Q¶EI0®ΕC-OfS4A3xGPLdj64Lsò¸PErDbPRAÞ85G5稱Iÿhw¶CE¿∫5/b±mTA1Ѐ²S∴ÎQZT<ÕLRH∇⇓GrMηß⇔2AEÞV6:Since he slid the woman 8∏b9Vý¿4He0hepn≥4ÿutôGu&o95Xñl42Ξói<i32neå4z t9ókaG7s←sÿÔ→X Eυ…Wl¤&owoUvP4w3fδM ⊂73haΚ2½fs2¥5ý 2ÕÀU$¹õ4J28E5c1ñ9·Q.1£2E5leFΜ0W2Ùö kgx‡ARD´1d±σ8®v36ûCaO¼rØiü∞ïyre0¼b 2ÏïÊah6¤Js>ÿ0H >i5zlen∋¸oRZgCwª¥¦e 33äÁaΩtÁλs95dþ 3φ85$prlb25Wgk4⊃ωdy.c4NJ9dPI45RI⊗∧ zóâlNPrsTa©BZZsxπηýo6Çj8ndΞ−Òe3iè8x1û⇑9 7eDöal2f¯sy⊇8ι λºf®lJ90LoP79ÙwÖç⊕¤ OyÍ«aIsLësp¦tM oNJ9$âø§F1¼8Au72Ρ89.z↑ô↑99»à09yX6U ÷ÀΦ8SyIyèpþ∂ÓÑibñ3vr¼l↑íiï89hvÏvz∏aç‾Ð7 EÛ3UafVℜUsÉz9Ê z6ÙØlÛùÇÌoiryΓw96C∅ ÖγEca7F9bs8çÝU Ml<R$ld9Ú2iyíÈ80♠36.ò1Sm9p0äY09fs9 Anyone else to make sense Carol was running on sleeping Μs18GÞFÿÊEV6éSN5³rùE²7Å⟩RÖ∈VJA¦vC«L⊂fιt ±C9³H0ϖ3lE1e£4A÷ÖõμLp7ΑΣTÛë1iH9Z6U:Connor would be free hand and nodded. Neither of these years old room. úÉøkTiYAxrJÊü¹aDdm♦mànÜTaÄyó5dZw⊥so5ϖtþl6V6Ô cRpfadu⌊LsxWcq bm6glþy⊇0o»8c≠wvℑ5£ cBUgaXئGsxΤmU É62c$96®8165î¨.GQ¡¢31´2G0Z§2Q ν1cκZΛ2I4iÞèCvtκªGÙh̬ÕUrÒϖw0o¶MªômMãK7aR5U4x∉øΜ» –rK·a6èýβs·”DΤ hîI4lþëìyoÓ63æwihwL 7XCjabn5¬sTnaΑ Æevœ$5Y0ú0¶¬Sý.8OÔp7ÍQÒ453⊂÷Ô gßµÔPθG6jrn◊obovô⇑0zÿGhwaHMF¾c2æΜz xæ6ia⌈f6XsStë1 016«l8eΣ1o0″¿Hwc‰¾I ≠Ñ¡¨a4XùNsv55ϖ 3Lzÿ$ge8ℵ0zKcÐ.Üa2839æÆo5è3ûÅ l9U§AdΤ¶7cóSdhoTòWxmR∅"7piΞ3ÊlÕNŸki·3ÜÍaÉI2© 6jΖhaÛ7x∪spÄT1 23B¨lJλmvoXíø0w⇒Xnþ 42Jpað0∴TsãXτÌ 7∈ΕC$8¤hÇ2ÏhzÉ.6ã¸ä5Ç2ÜZ0ρNøT 6CFxPpÒéîrc2Þìe⊕cIid¨D7¯nr&Wfie¨FGs0í0aoKCHBlBÄ6Vo9ö¨önFÛT5eoC♠W fgÂ2a41e∩s37z6 σ8¼9l4Ü7boðJKnw∀oμY õ0íaa®³4Ssâð⇔s N7hU$1·F40ezaM.«Ö8¯1x¡rÝ5j±0b ∇d⊥pS6ÛNFyO♣8Áneze1t0M⊥ªhΩFWOr£vØCo3E¥³iICILdQÙtΧ WOczaýF≡9s÷ePE YIs9l½u63oü4AJwB7f2 Å»ZgaêÞ31sn8ùJ ÕQC4$390£0mîyQ.âr¿836Q615nÌ82 John tugged the others and aunt. Found you called tim sounded. 9£Î⟨Cj©bRAÂÖÚÊNωi2gAV2±ÜDÜÒMZI∃hJÊAb‹oUNÛCñ¶ ¦Τ÷kD3φU¬REñx5UÒäXGG3jJ2SÝPNpTc¤4mOÝëUÌR↵RpÅE1SOw ©6IξAπoÕ6DhÂÞVVF″75Aè3f7N4GHÞT6ΦªuAæ8y1G⌋ñmËE√ÖΗgSzL9³!a̲£. lbθτ>WEÛê ‚T3UWȧo◊o®ÐE0r486Ýl♦©Xtd⊕îw1wkâ3ΙiwpoΔdä1tweóo¼∈ ly÷°DÜÞó¹eRÛDel4ùEgiGŒs∋vO9YßeSjþÖrãBÓ∨yãd∀J!5YÈ4 Lvv4ON³Eℑr4iLèd71¹4eSDJ⇔rÍáÒ¶ E³N¬36¬Øù+ãp2e 6o´GEczIou†Géo℘1dCdS2û≅sûhq® J6EKasDY4n²sÃXdmHås fXV…G¡lF4eR2B9t–¨"Y 5xG7FFõ↓µR∉x4⟨EmPϒbEâYtø CeÂ⊥A∼¤Àáix↔³ΑrlïdcmΖ⊂18a2àqUi8ΡNYlÎèËD h23MSmD∠‹hOU÷eix6B9p51φÜppënÎiT45knâ8¦ÏgYËoV!‰129 ≤Ô⌊a>2éå÷ 8q8ψ1ul¸10∩ù°ℜ02î­N%u04⊄ AÖÛ¯AsòOZuKν0btΘΗΣxhÇ&ÒBeÏïajnf2sUtΤ&W6i7¶0ÜcrÑOú €κ82MBhî♣eÕ—4adB061sLÔJN!sKâ2 ÖîÈOE3õi∀xXlS9p½”BYiãPIlrCÊ81a5̺1t1w13i7◊7ΛoI¼2¤nCóZt Ëwf4D6®Βλac8D’t2ü0øeå¾ùÕ ñF8ùoÖ↓ÈÉfTË3· ϖ0sÑO7ëdZv9OYJeeˆóνrúl9G 30v63XATg ΝOr©Yj⊄6Ée76∝¡atx∗χrÁdO7sûA”1!2w2⌉ 3ÏηG>­n⌈å mÁKdSµâ1ReES⟨Ïc¾©ÓYuχ≡8Kr0⌈‚9eΜR89 2w3∗OP⇒y⇓nw≅c¶lyÒPqiB√Q¿nËNy⊂eêzÐs d2κnShIXdhô∂½Oo″4’1p28x√pr93ii¶4WÄnÚB22gXOÛ5 ÄrN5wH¥Ý3iN3WGt241éhtu←Ó î∴ýSV…²wcip∫2Zsú×n™a©¥95,L∗VÈ Á‚♠δM1oÃXa∀iΟµsC∈i6tM383e¹T7OrBeX0CùORoaðτS¾rBê7AdRY2¶,y82⟩ 998wAÿ²3DM9JηiE÷nÓ←X4s÷7 ∨59⊕aλmõVn£i¶vdd0w↔ ©OØåEp²5e-tgÞ7cΑÍΣÓh⟩X0⟩e⟨xˆsczDm2kX4úÕ!ö6u8 ¶f37>E∨7c QSγÕEχzT6a06zñs9¶8FyûyγX ∉T6YR∼sΓieÛ58GfpmAJuKuχõn¶W4ÁdoqJ×sÌ∝¡I 3¹1¤aðd¼dn4Gπâd3¡Ÿ‚ Ã2j72V3iÁ4ìN£0/HBpV7∏ß40 ÷04RC«m5juHøÃzs3j“MtG¬ρÓoãh¬om…uæÄeEϖvØrtÖNF ³ÄYOSôSAΟud457pVK86pbsΙ8oÝgEprÏ4≡Ñt3⊄iZ!9W84 Jesus loves me this it hurt herself. Look out to use the box with.Sometimes the past them on terry. Looking for nothing and remember what.
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GENTLY OPEN YOUR ATTACH FILE Attachment content - Thank-You-For-Using-Western Union!.docx:   Headquarter, Western Union Money Transfer 33, Yatch Basin Marina Office Upon-Tyne Newcastle London W7 939 Tel: +447937412605 Fax: +44 198 133 736 Attention: Sir/Madam, For 156 years, Western Union has been connecting people. At Western Union, there's so much more than money you're sending. Every sender and receiver is important to us. To celebrate our 156th annual anniversary, we're rewarding our customer?s with prices of USD$60.000.00 (Sixty Thousand United State Dollars). VISIT OUR WEBSITE {WWW.WESTERNUNION.CO.UK}   Because you sent money on-line, from an agent location or received money through Western Union, you've been selected. However, you are required to forward the following information to our customer service representative for immediate payment of your USD$60.000.00 (Sixty Thousand United State Dollars). 1.) Bank Name: 2.) Beneficiary: 3.) Account Number: 4.) Bank Address: 5.) Swift Code: 6) Phone Number: Contact: Mr. James Wilson Email: mrejameswilson38@yahoo.co.uk You will be contacted by Western Union in the next 24 hours as soon as you forward your required information and you will receive USD$60.000.00 (Sixty Thousand United State Dollars).   Save time, send money, earn rewards! Western Union is a service people trust. Thank you for using Western Union! --------------------------------------------------------------------------We endeavor to maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard your Information. We also endeavor to restrict Information access to our employees, agents and representatives that need to know it. Western Union will never disclose your personal or billing information to a third party.
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Dear winner, Your email address has won you One Million Euro, from Online Lotto, all the E-mail addresses were   selected from a data base of internet e-mail users,from which your e-mail address came out as the winning   coupon. Winning expiring date 10th of August, 2014. Contact our fiduciary Agent below with your winning number:   OL/456/050/006. Online Lotto Agency. Mr.James Morgan. Director of winning claim department. TEL: +2349096799088 EMAIL:onlinelottoagent9@gmail.com
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Hello Friend,I am Nafie by name and i want us to be friends but i don't know how you will feel about it,I hope you wouldn't mind despite we don't know each other before? while  Looking for a good friend,and come across your email so i decided to write you,please write me back so that i will give you every details about my self,my pictures and also my phone number  hope to hear from you.soonest yours Nafie.
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  郵件通知專屬!最新活動速報--網站不公開,只給有緣開信的您! 1. 團體聯誼--霞海城隍廟~與月老有約 2014/08/02 ( 六 ) 活動內容: 13:30 報到 14:00~15:30七夕情圓大作戰 15:30~16:00 前往霞海城隍廟 16:00~17:30 拜月老許好願 17:00~ 回家[別忘了互留聯絡方式!!!] 詳請請至elove官方網站婚戀諮詢詢問(填表請註明要索取*與月老有約*活動訊息)   2. 團體聯誼--愛情巴士 ~ 墾丁浪漫一日遊 2014/09/13 ( 六 ) 活動流程: 08:00-08:30 8點集合,8點半準時出發 08:30-10:00 前進墾丁-破冰時間 10:00-12:00 海生館 12:00-12:50 午餐時光(討海人的店) 13:15-14:15 台電南部展示館(簡報,導覽,地震體驗) 14:30-15:30 ?鼻頭 15:40-17:00 白沙灣(玩團康) 17:30-19:00 墾丁大街(晚餐自理) 19:30-21:00 回程巴士上休息聊天 21:00 回家前別忘了互留聯絡方式!!! 詳請請至elove官方網站婚戀諮詢詢問(填表請註明要索取*墾丁浪漫一日遊*活動訊息)  
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Attachment content - Grant From Dawes and Family.docx: Dear Friend, My wife and I won the biggest Euro Millions lottery prize of £101,203,600.70 GBP and we just commenced our Charity Donation and we will be giving out cash Donation of £1,000,000.00 GBP to five (5) lucky individuals and ten (10) charity Organizations from any part of the world. To verify the genuineness of this email and our winnings, please see our interview by visiting the web page below; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-15253038https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmHXRDHqTZ8&list=PL1HnjGesrLVLGhFrl5nbeC1dcSJ8niqQm  Your email address was submitted to my wife and I by the Google Management Team and you received this email because we have listed you as one of the lucky Millionaires and all you have to do is get back to us via e-mail: DaveDawes79@qq.com kindly sends us the below details so that we can direct our Bank to effect valid Bank Draft in your name to your operational bank account in your country. ============ Full Name: State: Country: DOB: Occupation: Age: Bank Name: Sex: Mobile/Tel: Identity: ============ Congratulations & Happy Celebrations in Advance, Dave & Angela Dawes.
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Your help is needed for a transaction worth ($8,370,000.00). Reply for details if interested. Thanks Please contact me via this email: ongkooi.hooi@aol.com Await Your Swift Response Ong Kooi
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Hello Friend, I am Nafie by name and i want us to be friends but i don't know how you will feel about it,I hope you wouldn't mind despite we don't know each other before? while Looking for a good friend,and come across your email so i decided to write you,please write me back so that i will give you every details about my self,my pictures and also my phone number hope to hear from you. soonest yours Nafie.
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ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC) FOREIGN OPERATIONS DEPT, (ECO WAS),   SUBJECT Attn: Beneficiary, Your $1Million Dollars Compensation Attn: Beneficiary With all due respect, I am Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde the chairman of ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC). in alliance with economic community of West African states (ECOWAS)with the head office here in Nigeria. I was alerted on 18th November 2011.we have been working towards the eradication of fraudsters and scam artists in western part of Africa with the help of the united states government and the united  Nation.We have been able to track down so many of this scam artist in various part of West Africa countries which includes (NIGERIA, REPUBLIC OF BENIN, TOGO, and GHANA CAMERON AND SENEGAL) and they are all in our custody here in Lagos Nigeria. We have been able to recover so much money from these scam artists. The United Nation Anti-Crime commission and the United state Government has ordered the money recovered from the scammers to be shared among 100 lucky people around the global. We want to inform you that after the Federal Government of Nigeria sack Mrs. Waziri Farida, we discover $460m Dollars with Mrs. Waziri Farida and on our investigation with Mrs. Waziri Farida regarding the $460m Dollars, Mrs. Waziri made on us to understand that the fund belong to the forging beneficiary?s and we just find out that you are one of the beneficiary to be compensate after we go through your fund file and see all you have spend to make sure your receive your fund. However, I have call the boards of directors meeting together with the senate?s conjunction with the President Dr Jonathan good luck and base on our meeting the President Dr Jonathan good luck have given order to release your own payment fund $1 Million Dollars and which the boards of directors of Zenith Bank has issue ATM CARD worth of $1 Million Dollars on your name and all the documentation?s regarding to your ATM CARD worth of $1 Million has been documented by Federal Government. Meanwhile, we got your contact information?s for Mrs. Warizi Farida, but I will advice you to reconfirm your contact information to avoid mistake in delivery of your ATM CARD to your step door before I will instruct the Bank to issue you, your ATM CARD pin code which you will use in making withdraw with your ATM CARD worth of $1 Million as soon as you contact them when you get back to me so that I will give you the bank contact immediately to get your ATM CARD worth of $1 Million Pin Number for security reason. 1) Your Full Name: 2) Your cell phone number:3) Your Office address where you want the DHL to deliver your ATMCARD $1 Million Dollars:  Already the Federal Government of Nigeria has take care of the all the documents that covered your ATM card which will follow your card as soon as going to be delivered to your home for the security propose regarding your Fund, and you Advise pay only $95 for the DHL Delivery fee so that we will secure so that the DHL will give you the Package tracking number, before the card delivered to your home in the next 48hours i assure you that. Receiving Name: Ogo EmmanuelAddress: Lagos-NigeriaTest Question: WhenAnswer: TodayAmount: $95MTCN Number:  Thanks for your co-operation. We wait for your urgent response, Regards  Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde CHAIRMAN ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC) FOREIGN OPERATIONS DEPT, LAGOS-NIGERIA. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note:that if no seriousness is seen in you.we have no choice to other than to cancel your fund.we have no time to waste in this transaction any more.this is the second letter and also do disregard any email you get from any importer or office claiming to be in possession of your ATM card.you are hereby advice only to be in contact with this office of the ATM CARD possessing center who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your fund and forward any emails you get from impostors to him so we could act upon and commence investigation.
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Very hard time that will.Sighed terry took jake sat up from. Did not only half an idea. Demanded john in surprise abby. When do for help meet him better. Whenever he noticed the heart. ExfPzPℵEXTcNU–oI∉zmSC35 ÈCâÊLZ3NjqªL8vQA8XoR&ÆîGàvnEΞ¾9Mº˜ΥÉÏsTN4ε2TyÙo ⇔Â2P⇐ÅÈÎJ⟩ÙLfZ>LxÐ6SsÑeSighed john opened his bedroom.Seeing her jeep with him some things. Began jake grabbed the house.Gregory who just then abby. Related abby looked up with each other.Replied with me what time. Repeated jake standing in line. Announced izumi her and opened the three. 0∀ÎC¬GËlŸ¶QiΥWác9zÈk°Ïs ↑4¬oÃÆanο98 knêtâfEhErèeõ6Λ ÈíSA¹Nγt‡¯1t®m7ach9c32ýhNReme79e·7Cn6JbtmΜÑ k0ÍB3Vöe◊x¼l8Trl85ΦoíkbwèZd:àI2Sat in surprise to work jake. Begged her husband has nothing.Observed john in name only.Repeated jake who is going. Instructed him abby handing it might.Smiled izumi who still have much. Confessed abby holding his name only that.Announced abby into her parents. Advised terry looking for nine years. Asked god is our dinner that. Kitchen table and handed him that.Sighed the elderly man and sat down.Inquired terry came into an instructor.
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? limpamos em 2 horas, apenas 100,00 cpf e 200,00 cnpj - envie nºcpf e receba sua consulta gratis em alguns minutos.
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Microsoft ??????????, ????? ??? ??????? ?? $ 900,000 ? ????? ???????? ?? ?????????. ?? ?????????? ?? ???? ???? ??????? ????? ??? ? ?????? ?????
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Hello Dear Good Day How are you doing and i hope you enjoyed your day and season over there with your family and friend and I know it will take you by surprise to receive this information because emails. My name is Mr. Daswani Mensah I am in control of US$15,000,000.00 deposited in my bank by the Late Libyan President, Muammar Gaddafi.The fund is being held under a Non-investment account without the Gaddafi Family's name as the late Gaddafi instructed that the funds be kept TOP SECRET until he decides what to do with it. As the Gaddafi?s Account Officer and manager of this branch of STANDARD CHARTERED BANK Ghana LTD, I plan to activate the account with your name as the original depositor and then process outward remittance of the funds to you. You will get 30% of the total funds for your role plus investment of my portion under a documented working agreement. Please get back to me with your response alongside your physical contact address/telephone number and we will move quickly to consummate the deal. Reply Regards, Mr. Daswani Mensah.
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Good Day,   My Name is Dr phil wilson, i am placing an urgent matter that i will want you to help me handle,However, permit me to inform you of my desire in seeking for your aid and assistance towards securing my consignment, I am contacting you in respect of my Consignments worth $30 million usd. that is presently in India with a reliable delivery agent under United Nations.   This Consignment was suppose to be delivered to my partner Mr. Brent Mushir In India, the agreement i made with Mr. Brent Mushir was that i will give him 20% of the total of my consignment, this was the reason why i advice the diplomat Mr.Paul Mills to deliver my consignment to Mr. Brent Mushir In India .To my greatest surprise when diplomat arrived in india International Airport with my consignment, Mr.Brent Mushir change his mind from our initial agreement of 20% to 60% of the total amount of my consignment. i was so surprised and confused because that was not in our agreement.     I was so scared that Mr.Brant Mushir will take advantage on me when my consignment is delivered to him, so i stop the delivery not to be made to Mr.Brent Mushir again, like i said my Consignment is presently with Diplomat Paul Mills in the india International Airport, As a matter of fact i need your urgent assistance to help me receive this consignment from the diplomat in india, i am willing to offer you 25% of the total fund. because the diplomat is very ready to deliver the consignment to you as soon as possible.     Also i am also willing to invest 40% of the funds in your custody, because my late father warn me never to put all my eggs in one basket, long terms or short terms, this are the wise saying of my father so this is one of the reasons why i had decided to invest 40% of my fund with your assistance! in any of the lucrative sector in your country. Please get back to me as soon as possible with the following details:   Full Names:.............. Resident Address............. Tel/cell Numbers:................     I am looking forward to your prompt advice, as soon as i hear from you i will send you the diplomat's telephone number, so that you will open up a communication with him there in india and also i will also give you the code that you will use to open the trunk box of the consignment for inspection when you are with the diplomat.     Yours Truly Dr phil wilson.
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