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Отправлено из мобильной Почты Mail.Ru -------- Пересылаемое сообщение -------- От: Barr. Roberts Nelson Кому: Дата: понедельник, 17 апреля 2017 г., 22:17 +0300 Тема: ,, >Dear Mosina, >Please,Did you get my letter yesterday? >Barr. Roberts Nelson >Attorney @Law. >Tel: +447418477832 >London UK
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Update your Google Drive for unlimited safe storage for all your files Click to open: Verify To Upgrade Storage Plan GoogleDrive makes it easy to create, store and share online documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
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HEAD OFFICE OF THE CENTRAL BANK GOVERNOR OF NIGERIA. Attn: This is to notify you that your funds ($10.5 million) has been programmed for immediate release into your nominated account but we can not transfer this funds direct to your nominated bank account for security reasons, so our method of payment is by Diplomatic Courier Service who will deliver your funds to your door step inform of Cash Consignment Box. You have 24 hours to call him now on his direct telephone number 904-357-0499 and ask to speak to Diplomat Gill Michael in JACKSONVILLE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT FLORIDA, Let him know where to make the delivery of your cash consignment boxes to you. You are to call him with this number (904-357-0499) and also send him your Full Name, Home Address and your Telephone Number to him through his email address [email address removed] Do that immediately you receive these email to enable him deliver your cash consignment box to you without any mistake or delay. TAKE NOTE: YOU HAVE TO RECONFIRM YOUR INFORMATION TO HIM FOR SECURITY REASONS. TAKE NOTE AGAIN: That you are warned to stop further communications or email with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid delay in receiving your cash consignment box. I will appreciate your good sympathetic and collaboration, Hope hearing from you swiftly. CONGRATULATIONS. GODWIN EMEFIELE
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I've never had a notorious materialist and did not pride of place goes to money, but it so happened that fate had chosen me. I was one of few who found the dream job of any lazybones, who dreams about riches like a charm. Today my mean income is $5,000 per week and I stopped blame myself, I just live as I like and I help nearest and dearest. For me works BankBot, it?s an amazing program which doesn't need sleep and rest, which does not make mistakes on the background of fatigue, and the main thing ? it is only a plus! I think you are very lucky man, as you just [ ] found today this link! Be of good cheer!
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From Miss Chika Vincent Have a good day, I want to involve you in your country to good profitable business, unfortunately for me, my father died during the crises in Ivory Coast by bullet on the way to one of its sites, logging. After the accident, he was recovered dead and the funeral ceremony was done right. My family and I have been married for a long time. They said that if I marry a stranger, our family property will be taken by another people, and they would not accept it. They say they are right to preserve their family patrimony from the lineage. I refused, because it is ridiculous for them to force me to marry a man who is not my choice, if it is enough to preserve the wealth of the family. Although I am a girl of only 18 years, I think I have the right to choose my own husband for me. My rejection of their plan was considered an insult, they threatened to treat me mercilessly. They say it's better than I do not live, they refuse to see the wealth of the family given to a stranger, last month they feel kill me to kill me in our engaged family home, but the grace Of God, I manage to escape this death I now have a great time. I would not stay in this house, otherwise I would be dead. This is a serious problem. Fortunately for me, my father kept a down $ 10.5 million with my name as the nest of the relationship To me until I am 25 years old. Or if I would like the background for 25 years, so I have to make a foreign tutor abroad to stand and for me to receive the money in his / her custody. Given the fact that I am only 18 years old now and the current situation with my parents, I humbly request that you be my overseas tutor so that the bank will release the background to your account I can not wait to get out of the house. Please come to my help and God will reward you. I am willing to compensate you with a 20% of the total and if you want a business partnership with the bottom, looking for God fearing the person. information. Please, I am honorably seeking your help in the following ways. 1. To serve as a custodian of these funds since I am 18 years old. 2. For arrangement with the bank that the fund is transferred to your personal account. Chika Vincent
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Dear Manager, How are you, we are Shenzhen shero electronic technology co.,ltd, the agent for Meanwell Power supply,welcome to inquire with us, we will try our best to service you. Thank you for your time and patience. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from u Best regards Amy Yan Skype: Mizar-Jenny ShenZhen Shero Electronic Technology CO.,Limited
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Dear Sir/Madam, Please see attached (PO-010816). Kindly acknowledge receipt and send me a quotation price for the following as specified. Warm Regards,Sammi Huang Purchase Dept. LIM'S FOLDINGS HOME INDUSTRY
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*Home based Data entry Typist (Full time / Part time) opportunity available:* *We have several openings available earning 2,000USD ? 3,500USD per week.* *We are seeking only honest, self-motivated people with a desire to work in the home typing and data entry field, from the comfort of your own home. The preferred applicants should at least be 18 years old with Internet access. No experience needed. However the following skills are desirable: Basic computer & typing skills, ability to spell and print neatly, ability to follow instructions. * *REQUIREMENTS: Computer / Tablet / Cellphone with internet access, valid email address.* *If you fit the above description and meet the requirements, * *please apply through this email only : [email address removed] * *no -- Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job advertiser.* *yes -- Phone calls about this job are okay.* *yes -- Re-posting this message elsewhere is OK.* *Telecommuting is okay.* *This is a part-time job.* *This is a contract job.* *This job is only for bold step taker. if you are not bold please don't apply* *don't write me and start asking useless questions, if you dont need it please delete at once.* *only serious people ready to start job IMMEDIATELY.* *Send applications to this email now.. [email address removed] * *Job Add...*
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Attention: dear Beneficiary , With respect to the provision Section 17 of decree 114 of the 1999 constitution, I was directed to inform you that your payment verification and confirmations is OK, I write to inform you that we have finished up the process of your ATM VISA CARD, and every arrangements has perfectly concluded to effect your payment as soon as possible, so you don't have to send any more money for that because the delivery charges and other necessary document has been taking care by the Uba Bank authority as instructed, However, it is our pleasure to inform you that your ATM Card Number; (4577-9315- 0604-4966 ) has been approved and upgraded in your favor. Meanwhile, your Secret Pin Number is 6352. The ATM Card Value is $4.8 Million USD. You are advised that a maximum withdrawal value of US$5,000.00 is permitted daily. And we are duly inter-switched and you can make withdrawal in any location of the ATM Center of your choice/nearest to you. But before you will receive your ATM CARD we have to activate it, so that when you receive it you will start withdrawing your money, to activate the ATM CARD will cost you only $125.00 Only and you will receive your CARD and start withdrawing your money, i will give you the information to send the money as soon as you request for the information OK. Please reconfirm to us your home address to avoid any wrong deliver such as:- Your Full Receiver?s name:_____________ Your Home address:_____________ Your Direct Phone Number::________________ Your Passport attached or your drive license:________________ Contact us immediately to below ( [email address removed] ) to receive your ATM VISA CARD worth $4.8 million Dollars, Remember that only payment you are required to send is only the activation fee $125.00 to activate your ATM VISA CARD with the pin code. Mr Uba James. Headquarter office Line (229) 68485609
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NOTICE ! NOTICE !! NOTICE !!! This is to bring to your notice that I have paid the courier charges and the delivery of your ATM CARD. I paid it because the ATM CARD worth US$2.8 M has less than Four weeks and four days to expire and when it expires the money will go into Government reserve account. With that I decided to help you pay the money so that the ATM CARD will not expire, because I know that when you get your ATM CARD definitely you must compensate me as you promised to me last year.Now your ATM CARD has been deposited with DHL Courier Company for delivery so I want you to contact DHL Courier Company with your Full Contact information so that they can deliver your ATM CARD to your designated address without any delay. Your Full Name:.......................... Home Address:........................... Country:..................................... Phone Number:.......................... Age & Occupation ..................... Like I stated earlier, the delivery charges has been paid but i did not pay their official keeping fees since they refused. Reasons for their refusal is because they didn't know when you will contact them. They told me that their keeping fee is $96 per day and i deposited it Yesterday being 04 /17 / 2017. Below is their Contact Information. Contact Person : Mrs. Helen M. Carlos Delivery Company : DHL Courier Service Houston Texas USA Email : [email address removed] Tel: +1 (346) 666-5071 Try to contact them as soon as possible to avoid mistake on the delivery and also to avoid increase on the security keeping fee as i agreed with them that it will be calculated $96 per day , so try to supply all your delivery details today so to avoid paying for more than a day.I gave them your delivering address but you have to reconfirm it to them again to avoid any mistake in the delivering including with your ID or Picture. Hope to hear from you as soon as you receive the ATM card contains US$2.8 MILLION . You will see an instruction and direction letter inside the envelop parcel on how to use your card , please read it very well before you start using your card . Ask '' Mrs. Helen M. Carlos '' the DHL Courier Company Branch Manager How you Can Send to Them Their Official Security Keeping Fees Which Is Only $96 Per day. You have to try and Contact them today to avoid increase of their keeping fees as i myself agreed with them that it will be increasing daily until when ever you are ready and let me know once you receive your ATM. They must deliver your card within 24 hours ( Over-Night Delivery ) after the confirmation of the $96 Per day from you. Inside the envelop parcel of your ATM CARD, you will find another small blue sealed paper rapped with yellow paper and DHL stamp , carefully open it for you must see your 4 digit secret pin code that you will use for your ATM card and immediately you slot the card in any ATM CARD Machine, try and change the pin to any of your choice 4 digit number and start using the card immediately . The direction note for the card is also in another small white color envelop . Send an email to the DHL and try to call them on the phone number listed above. From Rev. Tom P. White. The Coordinator General Foreign Affairs & Public Relation Department. ( JP Morgan Chase Bank Texas ) .
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Esteem Customer, We noticed a suspicious log-in attempt on your account due to subsequent Verification Failure on your Account. For security reason, download the attach file to up-date your account against spam/junks. Failure to do that, we will suspend your  Yahoo Account. Yahoo ! Inc.
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Hello My name is Ms Li Wong, I am a Chief Executive,in one of the leading Financial company in Southeast Asia, where I have been managing private accounts,i was responsible for this task for a period of 12years..your last name struck my attention and i thought it wise to write you a message.It a Confidential business information and i will appreciate if we could discuss further more for details. Hope to read from you Regards Ms Li Wong [Disclaimer]
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Desk of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Inconjunction with United Nation,Federal Reserved Bank, Office of accountant general,US Treasury Department On Payment Reconcilation committee Board   From: Rev Fr. Kenneth Williams Head of Remittance Department     Attention please:   RE:YOUR PAYMENT NOTIFICATION   This is to officially inform you that one Mrs. Cynthia Edward,came to my office to let me know that you are DEAD and before your death, you instructed her to come for the claim of your fund which worth the sum of US$10.5 Million,that was long abandoned fund in your name with IMF,UN,BANKS.So here comes the big question....     (i) Did you authorize Mrs. Cynthia Edward to come for your claim? (ii) Are you truly Dead or Alive?   If (NO) you are hereby advice as a matter of urgency to reconfirm the details of this message within 24/48 hours, hence your FUNDS shall be release to her without any more delay.     Below is the information provided by Mrs. Cynthia Edward to this bank, are you also the one who ask her to provide this bank account information to us?     Washington Mutual Bank 2075 S. Victoria Ave Ventura, CA 93003 800 788-7000 Acct. Name: Mrs. Cynthia Edward. ABA # 322271627 Account # 1951204345 Amount: US$10.5 Million.     Note Mrs. Cynthia Edward suppose/wanted to send the sum of $1,950 for the change of Certificate of Ownership fee but we want to be very sure if you are truely dead or you are the person that instructed Mrs. Cynthia Edward for the claim of your fund.Please if you are still alive, you are kindly advised to send the re-validattion/notarization fee of $95 for Certificate of Ownership for your own good.     Please if you are not dead call this number immediately. +2348064717043 and speak with the manager Rev Fr. Kenneth Williams   FIND BELOW INFORMATION FOR THE PAYMENT RECEIVER'S NAME OF RE-VALIDATION/NOTARIZATION CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP   RECEIVER'S  NAME:  ANUKWA ONYEKACHI KENNETH ADDRESS: NIGERIA QUESTION: FOR ANSWER: YOU Amount : $95 MTCN................................... Sender Name Sender Address: Scan copy of the WU/Moneygram payment is needed for verification.     We wait for your urgent response. You need to act very fast, because if this bank wait for your urgent reply Within 72hrs without hearing from you or receive any message from you, you will be consider dead, and your funds will be sent to Mrs. Cynthia Edward. An immediate telephone call will be better on +2348064717043 so that you can speak with the Rev Kenneth Williams  or you email me.   Best Regards,   Rev Fr. Kenneth Williams Head of Remittance Department  
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- This mail is in HTML. Some elements may be ommited in plain text. - Dear User, You will be blocked from sending and receiving emails if not confirmed within 24hrs of receiving this automated mail. You are the Required You to Update through The Link below . Click Here Best Regards, Yahoo Customer Service.
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Your welcome to office of New President of the United States Donald J Trump. Good-day to you my dear , how are you doing today and also your family, I am writing to inform you that your total funds have been gathered up from all over the world by me Hon Mr Donald J Trump II President of the United States to total sum of $86Billion which will be brought to your home and handed over to you in person with a lots of security personal signed by head of this country. This order was signed by head of this country to help all citizens final make sure that everyone receive they belongs from all over the world and stop falling to the hands of the IMPOSTERS fraudsters Hackers Scammers which have been going on all over the world, we the government officials don$B!G(Bt want to see any of citizens fail to hands of the wrong people imposters anymore, that is why I decided to help gathered all your total funds from all over the world to total sum of $86Billion and it will be handed over to you in person by head of your state with a lots of security personal as soon as you send the needed charge to obtain the presidential permit order to enable you useable of your total funds in the country without any problem as that is only thing delaying you funds to be handed over to your so you can be able to start making use of it without any delaying ok. Your urgently response will be highly needed once you receive this email so that Mr Mathew Nelson will give you the receiver information which you can use to remit the payment $375 to obtain the presidential permit order to allow you useable of your funds $86Billion without any delaying ok. FILL THIS FORM IN WRITING.DELIVERING YOU TOTAL FUNDS $86BILLION CONTACT MR MATHEW NELSON You Home Address: Cell Phone Number: E-mails Addresss: E-mails Addresss User Passwords: Your passport & Drive License: Your Monthly Income: Date You Receive Monthly Income: Thanks, Best Regard. Contact Mr Mathew Nelson Hon Mr Donald Trump President of the United States
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Hi, can i share a business project with you?
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I've never had a notorious materialist and did not pride of place goes to money, but it so happened that fate had chosen me. I was one of few who found the dream job of any lazybones, who dreams about riches like a charm. Today my mean income is $5,000 per week and I stopped blame myself, I just live as I like and I help nearest and dearest. For me works BankBot, it?s an amazing program which doesn't need sleep and rest, which does not make mistakes on the background of fatigue, and the main thing ? it is only a plus! I think you are very lucky man, as you just [ТN4bjnQvys5n9kZ5A&Dtf=3GR&2F=N5NY ] found today this link! Be of good cheer!
-- *THE PRESIDENCYPRESIDENTIAL COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN PAYMENTS. Hello Dear. Home Delivery of your Contract Sums $18.5M. Going by series of petition received from International Body on the way your inheritance fund was handled by our correspondence office. After Extensive close door meeting with Board of Directors and other Stake holders in the Government, subcommittees of the House Of Assembly and the House of Rep , and the the meeting with the IMF/WORLD BANK representative with the Senate.It was Resolved and Agreed upon that your Inheritance Fund would be released on a special method of payment , Via HOME DELIVERY TO YOU AT YOUR DOORSTEP. This method of payment is designed by the Government to avert fraud perpetration or stoppage of fund by Some Agencies.In view of this I request you re-confirm Your full Name and Address,Occupation and position, Your direct cell number, Your International Passport or any valid ID to avoid wrong delivery to you. Waiting for an urgent response. Yours Sincerely,Mr. Patrick OwolabiChairman,PRESIDENTIAL COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN PAYMENTS.*
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Hi, I was researching your company website .I figured it'd be worth leaving a note. We maintain about 25 Million+ B2B contacts from various industries across the globe, Just Wanted to check if be interested in below mentioned Email List types which can be your target audience. Hope you would be interested in below contacts:- * Production managers * General managers * Plant managers * Mechanical or electrical engineers * Technicians * Sales and marketing directors * Experts from research and development * IT Manager/Directors * IT/ Software Developers * Operation Manager and many more. OR If your requirement is not mentioned above, let me know as we are specialized in customized list building, therefore, we can provide you the list exactly as per your target audiences. Target Industry:-______ (Any Industry) Target Job Titles:-_______ (Any Job Title) Target Geography:-______ (Any Geography) Please share your thoughts. Best Regards, Natalia Robinson - Online Marketing Manager To Opt-Out Please Type "REMOVE"
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Federal Reserve Board Address: 33 Liberty Street New York, 10038 New York, United state of America. Phone: 1 202 871 7455 Attention: Unpaid Beneficiary Based on the meeting we had with United Nations and IMF officials on your payment, I writing to inform you that your files appeared on our desk to pay you a partial payment of $8.5million US Dollars of your fund for this second quarter of the year. But we are having misunderstanding because one Ms. Carman L. Young called that she is the new next of kin to your Inheritance fund that you have instructed her to receive the fund on your favor that you are totally sick and you can not work or answer any calls. We were so confuse that is why the authority instructed me to contact you for us to know if she is telling us the truth or not. She even forwarded this bank details to us. Bank Name: Credit Union Na Account Name: Carman L. Young Account number: 908374912 Swift code: cwd1u After she provided this account to us, she instructed us not to inform you and we should transfer the fund into his account directly because she is your next of kin and ready to pay US$280 needed for dispensation bill. Kindly check this account and name if we can go ahead and to release the funds to her. Don't keep us waiting for your own good. Call my office Phone: 1 202 871 7455 God bless you for your type consideration. Remain Bless, Yours In Service, Ben S. Bernanke, [email address removed] Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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  Dear American Express Member, Access to your American Express account has ben termporary suspended. This was due to fraud activities detected in your account. To regain access, you have to download American Express verification form attached to this message and follow the instruction. Note: Failure might lead to termination of account. Thank you for using American Express, American Express 2017.
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Hi, This is Ashley from pre-sales team. Hope you're doing great. We have Tailore made list of SAP Basis users around the globe. We have gone through your Companies profile and thought you would be interested in acquiring this list. We can filter the list according to your requirement as we have a dedicated data team of 200 members who verifies the data and keep it updated so you get fresh contacts. We also provide information on users like: Oracle, Salesforce, SharePoint, ERP and many more. Does this sound interesting enough to justify a short? Appreciate your time and look forward to hear from you. Regards, Ashley Williams To OPT-OUT reply leave out in subject line.
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*** English Version Below Rescisгo da conta Caro Usuбrio do Correio, Recebemos seu pedido para fechar sua conta de e-mail eo processo foi iniciado por nossa equipe de e-mail. Dк-nos 2 dias ъteis para fechar permanentemente sua conta de e-mail. No entanto, se vocк nгo desejar continuar com a rescisгo, clique abaixo e valide sua conta para cancelar o pedido de rescisгo: - CLICK HERE - Esta й a notificaзгo final, todas as pastas na sua conta de correio, incluindo (Caixa de entrada, Enviados, Spam, Lixeira, Rascunho, Pastas) serгo eliminadas eo acesso а sua conta de correio serб negado. Agradecemos antecipadamente o cumprimento deste regulamento Para obter mais ajuda, entre em contato com o suporte. Saudaзхes, Equipe de suporte Mail __________________________________________________ Por favor, nгo responda a esta mensagem. As mensagens enviadas para este endereзo nгo podem ser respondidas. ============= Account Termination Dear Webmail User, We received your request to terminate your Mail Account and the process has been initiated by our Mail Team. Please give us 2 working days to permanently close your Mail Account. However, if you do not wish to continue with the termination, click below and sign in to cancel the termination request: - CLICK HERE - This is the final notification, all folders on your Mail Account including (Inbox, Sent, Spam, Trash, Draft, Folders) will be deleted and access to your Mail Account will be Denied. Thank you in advance for complying with this regulation For further help please contact support. Regards, Mail Support Team ____________________________________________________ Please do not reply to this message. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Esta mensagem e seus anexos se dirigem exclusivamente ao seu destinatбrio, pode conter informaзгo privilegiada ou confidencial e й para uso exclusivo da pessoa ou entidade de destino. Se nгo й vossa senhoria o destinatбrio indicado, fica notificado de que a leitura, utilizaзгo, divulgaзгo e/ou cуpia sem autorizaзгo pode estar proibida em virtude da legislaзгo vigente. Se recebeu esta mensagem por erro, rogamos-lhe que nos comunique imediatamente por esta mesma via e proceda a sua destruiзгo. The information contained in this transmission is privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this transmission in error, do not read it. Please immediately reply to the sender that you have received this communication in error and then delete it. Este mensaje y sus adjuntos se dirigen exclusivamente a su destinatario, puede contener informaciуn privilegiada o confidencial y es para uso exclusivo de la persona o entidad de destino. Si no es usted. el destinatario indicado, queda notificado de que la lectura, utilizaciуn, divulgaciуn y/o copia sin autorizaciуn puede estar prohibida en virtud de la legislaciуn vigente. Si ha recibido este mensaje por error, le rogamos que nos lo comunique inmediatamente por esta misma vнa y proceda a su destrucciуn.
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Hi, I hope you're the right person to discuss about Internet of Things World 2017 Attendees Database? Attendees Include: IoT Vendors: Analytics, Network Technologies & Wireless Solutions, Service Platform/Solution Provider, Software Development/Provider, Semiconductors/Hardware, Mobile Engagement, OEM Etc., IoT END USERS: Automotive & Transport, Consumer Electronics, Finance & Investment, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Industrial/Manufacturing/Supply Chain, Carrier/Service Provider, Retailers, Etc., IoT FACILITATORS: Consultants/ Analysts/ Marketing, Industry Body/ Media Etc., Senior Level Attendance: CXO, Director/Manager, Developer/Engineer, Business Development/Account Management, Product Management/Strategy, Advisor/Consultant, Research & Development, Marketing/Communications Etc., Are you interested in purchasing Internet of Things World 2017 Attendees Database, let me know your thoughts? Best Regard, Pamela Nicholson If you do not wish to receive future emails from us, please reply as 'leave out'
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?Headquarters 100 N.Tryon St Charlotte,NC 28255Our Ref:BOA/IRU/SFE/15.5/WD/011United States of AmericaMonday-Friday8 a.m.-9 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time(EDT)Saturday and Sunday8 a.m.-4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time(EDT)Dear esteemed customer,The Management of the Bank of America Corporate Office Headquarters here in100 N.Tryon St Charlotte,NC 28255 wishes to inform you that after a briefmeeting held by the Bank executives on the 8st DAY of APRIL,2017 at precisely8 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time(EDT), we deem it appropriate to intimate you thatyour funds will be transferred into the United States Treasury Account with theJP Morgan Chase Headquarters at 270 Park Avenue in New York according to therecord we got from Africa due to your inability to complete the transaction andyour failure to meet up with a minor payment obligation.The actual transfer ofyour funds($850,000.00 usd) into the government account comes up next week.This is in line with the instructions of the USA Treasurer,Mrs.Rosa GumataotaoRios that all unclaimed funds be paid into the United States GovernmentTreasury Account as unserviceable funds in compliance to section 3 subsection 1(a) of the United States Financial Law enacted in 2001 after an attack on ourdear country on September 11,2001.Find below the profile of the banking institution where your funds will betransferred into following the government directive:, And note to responds tous with below Name of Bank: JP Morgan Chase Headquarters at 270 Park Avenue inNew York. JP Morgan Chase Official Bankers for the United States TreasuryDepartmentAC NO: 68302345093Routing NO:021109593Account Name:United States Treasury Department,USANote that if you still wish to receive your funds do get back to us immediatelyso that we will remove your funds transfer from the list of those transactionsto be seized by the United States Government.Also be informed that we need onlya DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY SEAL OF TRANSFER(DIST) to complete the wire transfer.Thefee to obtain the SEAL was reduced from 600 to $99 and no other fee isinvolved.You are required to send the fee of $99 by WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAM to theissuing officer at the bank where your transaction originated as stated below:INFORMATIONReceiver's Name....  SAMUEL OBICountry .......... BENIN REPUBLICCity ................. COTONOUAmount.................$99Sender's Name:-------------MTCN or REFERENCE NumberThe name of the city from where the money was sent If we receive the MTCN today,we will transfer your funds ($850,000.00 usd) before we close office and the fundswill reflect 3hours after the transfer.We will send you all the transferdocuments to enable you start making cash withdrawals from your account sameday the funds are transferred.We have waited for so long and we cannot continueto wait.Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your banking needs.thank you so much-bt100Yours faithfully,Brian T. Moynihan(CEO)Bank of America
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Hello, Good news,the paying Bank has processed your funded Card and I have collected from them this morning on your behalf As Authorised by the Federal Ministry of finance. So can you come down and pick the Card or should I send it to you by courier? Meanwhile,the Bank told me that they will send you the PIN NUMBER direct for security reasons and they also told me that you can only withdraw $10,000.00 daily from this Card for years because they credited $8.6Million inside this Card. I look forward to hear from you. Thanks: Mr.Aku Felix Tell:+2348137678359 Email: [email address removed]
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FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE NATIONAL HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY COMPLEX SENATE HOUSE - UPPER CHAMBERS WUSE DISTRICT, COTONOU BENIN Our Ref: FGN /SNT/STBBRP Date: 15/April /2017 Dear Customer, I have to inform you again that we are not playing over this, I know my reason for the continuous sending of this notification to you, the fact is that you can't seem to trust any one again over this payment for what you have been in encantered in many months ago, but I want you to trust me, I cannot lie to you for $85.00 usd, it is for bank processing for your $4.700,000.00 usd payment to be transfer to you. Note, the fee of $85.00 usd is clearly written to you before, I did not invent the bill to defraud you, it is an official bank payment processing fee and the good part of this, is that you will never, ever be disturbed again over any kind of payment, this is final and the forms from there becomes effective once we submit your payment application processing fee and I don't want you to loose this fund this time because you may never get another good opportunity, the federal government was very determined to pay your overdue debts, this is not a fluke, I would not want you to loose this fund out of ignorance, I will send you all the documents as soon as bank payment processing fee is paid, you have to trust me, you will get your fund, find a way to get $85.00 usd you will not loose it, instead it will bring your financial breakthrough. The processing charges which was initially on the high price has been cut down by the payout bank considering the poor economic situations that make it difficult for the middle class citizens to meet up with the processing charges of their entitlement, Upon the confirmation of your processing charges you will get your $4.700,000.00 usd into your account within 15hrs. Here is the information to send the Fee through western union money transfer, or Money Gram, finally my advice to you is not to abandon this transaction because of the requirement of ($85.00 usd) Receiver's Name::: JOSEPH ONYI Country::Benin Republic. City:::.Cotonou, Text Question: When Answer: Today Amount ::required:$85.00 usd Sender's Name: MTCN Number#: Sender's address: Your Full Banking Details to avoid wrong Transfer Such as: Bank Name:-- Bank Address:-- Account Number:-- Account Name:--- Routing Number:-- As soon as the payment is received today, you will receive your $4.7Million United State Dollars without any delay. Best Regards Mr Donald Parcker Email: [email address removed] Details +22965133376/+2347064258303 --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.
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Dear Sir, How are you? Glad to hear that you are on the market for wooden handles. We are Qihe Huanhong Decoration Tools Co., Ltd. from China, is specializing in manufacturing and exporting various kinds of wooden handles with plywood, grass tree, pine, poplar, birch and beech etc. used for brushes, putty knives, saws, cleaning tools etc. for more than 15 years. We are factory and our products are with high quality and best prices. You are welcome to contact us if you have any need. Thank you in advance! Alan Factory: Qihe Huanhong Decoration Tools Co., Ltd. Sales Company: Qingdao Yongchen Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. +86-13583256929 Skype: k81317131619 Email:
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Aprovado | Armadilha Mata Mosca Mosquito Cupim Inseto Dengue...
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Update your Google Drive for unlimited safe storage for all your files Click to open: Verify To Upgrade Storage Plan GoogleDrive makes it easy to create, store and share online documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
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-- Halo. I am Ambroz Bohuslav from slovakia.......Get ur Admin RDP that allows you to Send AMS without SMTP and it can send up to 10million emails as long as the rdp work. it know as Local Host. hve shap inbox smtp,rdp, webmail nd mailer dat goes 1k once, delivas inbox al domain nd lasted for 1 mont, fresh updated MARCH 2017 directors leads. Am can also make fund transfa to any bank in usa witout online info acess. am can create online banking with domain/personalise email address. also can create nd activate usa number to your mobile line from any destination in the world. contact me on my email for more info: [email address removed]
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FROM INTERNATIONAL INTERPOL POLICE FORCE UNIT. RC-32657, HEATTHROW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT COMMAND, Federal Republic of Benin. Attention:Attention: !!! You are welcome to desk of Chief Richard Noble, International Interpol Police Force Investigation Unit Benin Rep,Working together towards a corruption-free world by promoting and defending integrity, justice and the rule of law' Mission statement of the International Anti-Corruption Academy,We cover West African Countries. You has reported today from World delivering courier department. This is official notice to you that your ATM Card which was sent for you over a couple of mount now was returned back to Benin Republic, after report was received from ( FBI ) Washington DC Capital of United States of America, I know that you have been waiting for the arrival of your ATM Card since some weeks now, it is unfortunate that it was returned back. We need your absolute co-operation right now because, your ATM VISA CARD worth total amount of $13.800,000,00,is right now in custody of Interpol Police Force Unity Benin Republic. due Corruption undermines political, social and economic stability. It threatens security and damages trust and public confidence in systems which affect people's daily lives. Although corruption frequently occurs at local or national level, its consequences are global; its hidden costs immense. And information we get from Arthur Stuart III delivery company man stated that he been missing your location also you has dead and even explained that he entered into an agreement with your families, to help them receiving your ATM Card.As the world's largest International Interpol Police organization,is taking its place at the forefront of the fight against corruption.after we received the reported from (FBI) decided to call the consignment back into our custody,just to find the truthful. The Interpol Police Group of Experts on Corruption (IGEC) aims to develop and implement new initiatives to further law enforcement's efficiency in the fight against corruption. It is a mufti-disciplinary group with members from all regions of the world, coordinating and harmonizing different national and regional approaches.The International Anti-Corruption Academy will be the world's first educational institute dedicated to fighting corruption. It will allow law enforcement professionals and other to learn from the world's foremost authorities in anti-corruption training, research and investigation. In view of this development, you are requested to confirm to us if you are alive and also furnish us with your full names, postage address and telephone numbers to enable us deliver this consignment to your door step by International Interpol Police Force Unity Immunity, We have 186 member Countries. Created in 1923, it facilitates cross-border Police co-operation, and supports and assists all organizations, authorities and services whose mission is to prevent or combat . International Crime Interpol aims to facilitate International Police Force co-operation even where diplomatic relations do not exist between particular Countries.Action is taken within 72hours the limits of existing laws in different Countries and in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Interpol s constitution prohibits any intervention or activities of a political, military, religious or racial character. Interpol as Leadership The President of Interpol Police Force and the Secretary General work closely together in providing strong leadership and direction to the Organization. Interpol Police Force, in partnership with the Stars Initiative, is working towards the recovery and return of stolen assets. This project allows Interpol to actively engage national law enforcement bodies in co-ordinates efforts to trace, seize, confiscate and return public funds to victim countries. Meanwhile,the demur rage your ATM Card has accumulated so far since it back into our custody is total amount of $87.00USD and I am advising you to be fast in all your action to avoid more demur rages. Be rest assured that upon receipt of the above information with the fee of $87.00 dollar ,we will proceed in delivering your ATM Card which will be accompanied by our delegate. For security reasons endeavor to indicate this ( CODE NUMBER ) ( BJ/XXL14160) this code shows that you are the rightful owner of the ATM Visa Card. Contact us now with this email... [email address removed] Bellow Interpol Police accountant officer name where you should send the money. Receiver Name.: MARK ELUO Country.:Benin Republic City.:Cotonou Code.:+229 Amount.:$87.00 only Test Question.: Happy Answer.: Today Contact us now with this email... [email address removed] Thanks for your understanding and now waiting to hearing from you soon as you received this message.
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APR 16 "YOUR ATTENTION IS NEEDED" has been cancelled When Sunday, 16 April 2017 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time - Dublin / Edinburgh / Lisbon / London Message Attention, We have deposited your fund($2.7USD Million)through Money Gram department after our final meeting regarding your fund, All you will do is to contact Money Gram director Mr. Johnson Robert call +229-68163258 and [email address removed] He will give you direction on how you will be receiving the funds daily.Remember to send him your Full information to avoid wrong transfer such as, Receiver's Name_______________ Address: ________________ Country: _____________ Phone Number: _____________ Though,Mr. Johnson Robert has sent $5000USD in your name today so contact Mr. Johnson Robert or you call him as soon as you receive this email and tell him to give you the reference, sender name and question/answer to pick the $5000USD Please let us know as soon as you received all your fund, Best Regards Mrs. Alice Money Gram This event invitation was sent from   Yahoo Calendar
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APR 16 "YOUR ATTENTION IS NEEDED" When Sunday, 16 April 2017 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time - Dublin / Edinburgh / Lisbon / London Message Attention, We have deposited your fund($2.7USD Million)through Money Gram department after our final meeting regarding your fund, All you will do is to contact Money Gram director Mr. Johnson Robert call +229-68163258 and [email address removed] He will give you direction on how you will be receiving the funds daily.Remember to send him your Full information to avoid wrong transfer such as, Receiver's Name_______________ Address: ________________ Country: _____________ Phone Number: _____________ Though,Mr. Johnson Robert has sent $5000USD in your name today so contact Mr. Johnson Robert or you call him as soon as you receive this email and tell him to give you the reference, sender name and question/answer to pick the $5000USD Please let us know as soon as you received all your fund, Best Regards Mrs. Alice Money Gram Invitees [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] [email address removed] 35 more... Respond This event invitation was sent from   Yahoo Calendar
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Greetings, I would like to invest in your country/company to be precise in areas related to Shipping Company, Real Estate or building a Tourist Hotel/shopping Mall, food processing factory, Oil & Gas or Construction, I am sorry if this is not in line with your business. I am Eng. Mohamad Roudan Al Soud from SYRIA. I am looking for a possible tie up with a business in your country so that I can do some investments there due to civil war and unrest in my country SYRIA, I wish to relocate my investment capital to your country, any viable investment idea you suggest to me will be considered. I acquired this money legally as result of Oil acquisition, if you are seriously interested kindly contact me through my private email: [email address removed] for more details. Kindly, reply me so that we can discuss further. Best Regards Eng. Mohamad Roudan Al Soud.
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