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? Faites votre simulation Bonjour , nous vous adressons cet email car vous êtes inscrit sur Domosource avec l'adresse [censored]@gmail.com. Si ce message ne s'affiche pas correctement, visualisez-le ici. Pour vous désabonner, suivez ce lien. Un crédit vous engage et doit être remboursé. Vérifiez vos capacités de remboursement avant de vous engager. Vous pouvez vous opposer sans frais à l?utilisation des données personnelles que vous nous avez transmises à des fins de prospection en matière de crédit. Il vous suffit alors de nous le préciser par courrier auprès du Service Assistance Clients - TSA 70014 - 33914 Bordeaux cedex 9 * Sous réserve d?acceptation du dossier par Laser Cofinoga et après expiration du délai légal de rétractation en vigueur. L?accord définitif n?interviendra qu?après renvoi de votre offre de contrat de crédit signée, étude du dossier et examen de vos justificatifs. Laser Cofinoga - S.A. au capital de 135 000 000 ? - SIREN 682 016 332 RCS Paris - Siège social : 18, rue de Londres 75449 Paris Cedex 09 - N° ORIAS 07 023 103. Conformément à la réglementation informatique et libertés vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de modification, de rectification et de suppression des données qui vous concernent (art.34 de la loi Informatique et Libertés du six janvier mille neuf cent soixante dix huit). Site Domosource, déclaré à la CNIL (norme simplifiée du vingt six avril deux mille sept). Ce droit peut être exercé à tout moment auprès de notre service utilisateur : contact@domo-source.com Vous désirez vous désabonner? Me désabonner
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hello dear    how are you doing today and how is the weather over there Dear i know you might not know me,    my name is Mr. bensonsmart am 37 years old single, I know this mail will look strange to you    but i will explain to you very well, WHY I CONTACTED YOU.    SOURCE OF THIS MONEY:PLEASE CHECK THIS WEBSITE    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/2988455.stm     Some money in various currencies was discovered concealed in barrels with piles of weapons and ammunitions at a location near one of Saddam?s old palaces during a rescue operation, and it was agreed by all party present that the money be shared amongst us, this was quite an illegal thing to do, but I tell you what? no compensation can make up for the risks we have taken with our lives in this hell hole. The above figure was given to me as my share, (US$ 7.523 Million Dollars) Seven Million, five Hundred And Twenty Three Thousand US Dollars and to conceal this kind of money became a problem for me, so with the help of a German contact working here, and his office enjoys some immunity, I was able to get the package out to a safe caution entirely out of trouble spot.    So reply me back if you get this mail so that i will explain to you in details the position of this money so that you appeal for the claims to your country. I will be waiting for your reply through this email address below Bensonsmart1960@yeah.net best regards  bensonsmart
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Dear Friend, I am.Mr.Umaru Zongo,Manager Auditing and Accountancy Department,Bank of Africa in (B.O.A) Burkina Faso.I got your email account while searching for a business oriented personality and you happen to be the one.I bring forth a business proposal in the tune of $12.5million U.S. dollars to be transferred to an offshore account with your assistance acting as beneficiary and next-of-kin to the funds. If you know you are capable of involving and partaking in this transaction this will be disbursed or shared between the both of us in these both parties might have incurred during the process of transferring.I have secured necessary information's that can be used to back up this claim we are making. (1)Your Full name:.......................... (2)­Your Age................................. (3)Occupation:................................. (4)Mobile phone number:..................... (5)Your Country.......................... I will appreciate your urgent response so that I will give you more details concerning this transaction. Sorry if you received this letter in your spam,Due to recent connection error here in my country. Looking forward for your immediate response today only at (mr.umaruzongo875@yahoo.fr) Regards, Mr.Umaru Zongo,
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Greetings,I am Capt. Christ Haman an officer of the U.S Army, I served with the 82nd Airborne Division Peace keeping force in Kabul, Afghanistan. I am currently attached with the US Embassy in UK and I have some important items that i need to ship out of here with someone i can trust. I need you to reply only if you are interested. I will explain further when i get a response from you.Regards,Capt. Christ Haman email: chr1shaman51@yahoo.comKabul/Afghanistan
WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER ARAB UNITED BANK LIMITED Asian Money Transfer Department 2014 Saudi Arabia Muslim Brotherhood.   WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER DETAILS   This is from the Western Union Money Transfer . Be inform that western union is giving out funds to farmers to yield more food for your country, for education, for business to produce goods and to serve goods to the nation, to foundations to care for the less privileged ones. This program is called "operation build the nation" in support of Society of the Muslim Brotherhood, ARAB GROUP UNITED NATIONS (A.G.U.N), INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUNDS (IMF) AND THE ARAB UNITED BANK. The world muslim brother union to support the Arab Nation that is currently having war. the purpose for this program is to let the world know that ARAB/ISLAM are not terrorist. We the Society of the Muslim Brotherhood is standing and fighting against terrorism that are causing crisis spoiling the name of Allah/Arab/islam.   Your name is nominated among the listed beneficiaries. We have given money to various foundations, orphanage homes and we are also giving money to individuals and Issuing you the sum of ($2,700,000) for the upkeep of you and your family for a better life and to secure good investment for your generation.   We had general meeting in New Delhi India were the members of staff commissioned a new foundation in India. The meeting was a very big program. Celebrities and all our financial associate/banks managers was present. All persons received their funds IN DELHI India. The speaker called names out to the red Capet and got their Western Union Money Transfer ATM CARD sum of ($2,700,000).   We received Payment notification from the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUNDS to transfer Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars. I have today sent western union money transfer to you following the instructions that i receive from the IMF COMMITTEE after our last week meeting in New Delhi India.   WARNING: LET IT BE KNOWN TO YOU THAT THESE TRANSACTIONS ARE BASED ON DIGITAL CODES AND COMPUTERIZED SYSTEMS, IT IS THEREFORE UNSAFE TO REVEAL YOUR DETAILS TO SOMEONE ELSE, E.G WESTERN UNION "MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER (MTCN)". WE THEREFORE ADVICE THAT YOU KEEP THIS PROCESS VERY CONFIDENTIAL UNTIL THIS PROCESS IN COMPLETED. THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO PROTECT YOU AGAINST HACKERS AND SPIES.   You are to provide the following details for Mr Altal Mohammed B. Pedro to make the Western Union Money Transfer to your full details: YOUR FULL NAME: ******************************************************* ADDRESS: ************************************************************* TELEPHONE NO: ******************************************************** DATE OF BIRTH: ******************************************************** NATIONALITY: ************************************************** OCCUPATION: ********************************************************** MARITAL STATUS: ******************************************************* YOUR GENDER: ********************************.*************************   Contact the approved agent (Mr. Altal Mohammed B. Pedro) via the details as provided below: ============================== ========== Name: Mr. Altal Mohammed B Pedro E-mail: frankpedro@qq.com (ARABIAN HIGH COMMISSION) Embassy in India The Financial Desk Controller's Office Arab United Brotherhood World Wide. ============================== ==========   MR. Altal Mohammed B. Pedro IS A WESTERN UNION AGENT TO ARABIAN HIGH COMMISSION. He is the agent that do help the  Embassy receive Big sum of money, he is the only personnel that can help you order the western union pickup. contact Altal Mohammed B. Pedro FOR HIM TO ORDER THE WESTERN UNION CONTROL NUMBER TO YOUR NAME FOR YOU TO PICKUP.   Note that you have to make every transaction fast as any funds not received and liable to be returned to sender by Western Union Money Transfer Authorities as unclaimed funds.   Purpose for the money is for ? Good Health care ? Better Education ? A fair standard of living ? Leisure and play ? Protection from being exploited and abuse   Yours Faithfully, Mr. Hatem Al-Alabi WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER OFFICER
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FROM THE DEST OF: ALHAJA MARYAM ABACHA. EMAIL: alhajamaryam_abacha@yahoo.com URGENT AND CONFIDENTIAL I am alhaja maryam abacha, former first lady of nigeria head of state late GENERAL SANNI ABACHA who died on the 7th of june 1998 as a result of cardiac arrest while on the seat of power. may main aim of sending you this letter is to solicit for your assistance in the relation to a matter of transfer of UNITED STATES SEVENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS {US$75,000,000}from one of my late husbands private account which he operated during the period he was in the office. the reason for this immediate transfer is because since my husbands death,the present regime have started probing my late husbands activities and wealth. this information came to me through a member of the senate who is our family friend and one of my late husbands loyalists. in view of that i in agreement with my family have consulted our family attorney, his very willing to assist push this money out of Nigeria without any delay. he further advised that we should look for reliable and truthful person from abroad in whose account the money would be transferred, meanwhile our family attorney by name CHIEF CHIMA NWACHUKWU have held meeting and concluded the whole transfer arrangement with the bank manager where these money is lodge and duly awaiting the foreign account where this fund would be transferred into. after i had deliberations with my family, we resolved that you will be compensated with 20% of the total sum for nominating an account for this purpose and any other assistance you will give.10% of the total sum has been mapped out to pay all local and international expenses like telephone and fax bills. Expenses you may incur in the processes of opening an account and other expenses which may be incurred in the transfer processes,5% has been concluded to the local bank manager here in Nigeria who would be facilitating the transfer. the bank manager has promised to conclude the transfer within 7 banking days as soon as we receive your banking information which must include address of the bank account name,account number,telephone,fax and telex number since the money would be through telegraphic {TT}. i need your assistance urgently because the present regime has succeeded in freezing three of my late husbands account and if this last account he operated is frozen. my family will have nothing to lean on. note that all correspondence relating to this transfer should be directed to our family attorney who i have given all powers to handle it and for security purposes since i have been bound from traveling out of the country by the present civilian regime. be your brothers keeper and save our soul. contact OUR FAMILY LAWYER CHIEF BARRISTER CHIMA NWACHUKWU through his mail:l.c.chimanwachukwu@hotmail.com keep very confidential to avoid exposure. ALLAH WILL BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY, and protect you and your family for assisting the time of great need. ALHAJA MARYAM ABACHA
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Dear Friend, Greetings in the name of God,Please let this not sound strange to you for my only surviving lawyer who would have done this died early this year. I prayed and got your email id from your country guestbook.I am Mrs Rose Holtsbery from London,I am 58 years old,i am suffering from a long time cancer of the lungs which also affected my brain.From all indication my conditions is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that, according to my doctors they have advised me that i may not live for the next two months,this is because the cancer stage has gotten to a very bad stage. I was brought up from a motherless babies home was married to my late husband for twenty years without a child,my husband died in a fatal motor accident Before his death we were true believers.Since his death I decided not to re-marry,I sold all my inherited belongings and deposited all the sum of 10million dollars with a Bank. Presently, this money is still with ! the bank and the management just wrote me to come forward and claim my money because they have kept it for so long or rather issue a letter of authorization to somebody to receive it on my behalf since I can not come over because of my illness or they get it confiscated. Presently, I'm with my laptop in a hospital here in Switzerland where I have been undergoing treatment for cancer of the lungs. My doctors have told me that I have only a few months to live.It is my last wish to see that this money is invested to any organization of your choice and distributed each year among the charity organization,the poor and the motherless babies home. I want you as God fearing person, to also use this money to fund church,mosque, orphanages and widows,I took this decision, before i rest in peace because my time will soon be up. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Bank.I will also issue you a letter of authority that will prove you a! s the new beneficiary of my fund. Provide me with your ! information so i can send it to the bank as the new beneficiary and issue you a letter of authorization. FULL NAMES:__________SEX: _____ AGE: ______MARITAL STATUS:_______________COUNTRY: ______ CONTACT ADDRESS: ________________________PHONE NO#___________FAX NO#_________________OCCUPATION:______________ Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated herein.Hoping to hear from you soon. Mrs Rose Holtsbery N:B/Urgently contact me through my personal mail (holtsberymrsrose@gmail.com)
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Haben Sie Kredite benötigen, um Ihre Schulden zu löschen oder zu verbessern, auf Ihr Geschäft. Wenn ja, bieten wir Darlehen zu 3% kontaktieren Sie uns, indem Sie den folgenden Darlehensantrag unten auf E-Mail: fredmarshallloans16@gmail.com Darlehen Antragsteller Name: Geschlecht: Adresse: Land: Telefonnummer: Darlehensbetrag benötigt: Darlehensbetrag Laufzeit: Danke .... Verleiher Beachten Sie, dass alle Antworten weitergeleitet werden, um E-Mail:fredmarshallloans16@gmail.com
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Dear Sir/MaMy name is Godwin Emefiele, Governor central bank of Nigeria (CBN)I am writing you this letter because cool penny is better than millions of dollars it is better for one to live and die poor honest man than a rich dishonest one. I and the Deputy governor Sarah Alade have made arrangement to get your $12.3m wired to you.The reason while we do this it is because according to information gathered from the central bank of Nigeria, data base, you have been waiting for a long time to receive your money without success. as i also found out that you have almost met all the statutory requirements of the central bank of Nigeria. In respect of your contractual payment, your problem is that of interest groups. A lot of people are interested in your payment and those people are merely doing paper works with you. They are not straight forward. for example, Mr. Jerome F. Karlz presented a sworn affidavit that you signed a deed agreement with him to divert your  $12.3m. Some of the officials of the parastatals having the intention of extorting money from you with the pretence of helping you receive your money. I can assure you that this may last for years yet nothing happens if you do not do away with those officers that you call your partners. For security reasons do not tell anybody of this arrangement until you receive cash in your bank account, because a lot of people are interested in your payment. I want to help you because something in me is telling me that you are a honest person.  For Documentation, please forward the following information to ffcentbnn@hotmail.com1. Your full name:2. Your  Contact address3. Your contact cell phone number:4. Your age:5. Your sex:6. Your occupations:7. Your country and city:Please reply to  ffcentbnn@hotmail.comI  await your response RegardsGodwin EmefieleGovernor, Central Bank of Nigeria
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ATTN:Beneficiary, I am Mr. Godwin Emefiele, the new executive Governor central bank of Nigeria [CBN] I decided to contact you because of the prevailing security report reaching my office and the intense nature of polity in Nigeria. With detailed investigation here in my office I wish to inform you that your long over due awaiting fund/ contract inheritance payment from the Federal republic of Nigeria has been approved by the office of the presidency last week worth of US$10.5 Million. and after approval we have searched for your contact in your payment file but did not see it but only your email address appeared. I want you to know that impostors impersonates on many offices,claiming to be what they are not, Their game plan is only just to extort your hard earned money. Anyways,by the virtue of my position,i have been investigated your transaction from inception and all your efforts towards realizing the fund. those who claim they are assisting you,it is very unfortunate that at the end you loose. Although,i don't blame you because you are not in banking system and also here in Nigeria to witness the processing of your payment in Nigeria.The problem here is that you've never been told the whole truth about this transaction and it is because of this truth they decided to extort your money. I want you to understand that I know the truth surrounding this payment and i am the only person who will deliver you from this long suffering if you will abide by my advice.Please i beseech you to stop pursuit of shadows and being deceived.Feel free to contact me immediately you receive this mail so that i can explain to you the modus-operandi guiding the release of your Payment. Do not panic or have fear for anything I am here to help you receive your fund. Furthermore,all i need from you is trust,just give me the trust,because i have work in UN office for over 18 years both in Africa and UK and there is no means of receiving payment that cost anything except court affidavit of claim if the owner is not there in person,which will not cost more than 95USD only Therefore, if you are ready to receive your over due payment, reconfirm to me your information and banking detail where the fund will be transferred.And also arrange for the $95 only for court affidavit of oath as stated above. Contact me through my prvate emal id- emefielegodwin47@yahoo.com Yours faithfully, Godwin Emefiele, The executive governor CBN
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CONTRACT PAYMENT $2.5M THROUGH WESTERN UNION This is to inform you that your inheritance Fund valued of $2.5M US DOLLAR has been deposited with the western union money transfer office here in benin republic.This payment was arrengement by the Federal Republic of Benin Government, Under the co-operation of the new civilian Head of State, President DR BONI YAYI and the Governor of Central Bank Of Benin. Your payment will be sending to you by Western Union, the amount you will receive per day is $5000 The minister trust funds of Benin Republic will send you the currently standards track details you need to pick up your ($5,000.00) payment by Western Union Money Transfer, you will be receiving your payment by $5000.00 usd every day till you receive the $2.5M The director administrator trust funds have already signed your payment,kindly contact the below person who is in position to release your payment through Western Union by $5,000.00 per a day. Contact Mr. James Otiaba Western Union Director ,e-mail ( westernunio377@yahoo.se ) Phone The Western Union Money transfer center has been mandated to issue out your payment and you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your payment. Note that the administrator payment need this details from you to process your payment: Your Receiver---- Your Country----- Your City------ Your Tel----- Your Passport----- Regard Mr Duru Matt, Financial Minister Federal Republic of Benin.
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  BOLLETTA PER FORNITURA DI GAS NATURALE   Fattura del 09/08/2014  Periodo giugno -2014 Attenzione: per questa bolletta non c'é niente da pagare euro -52,41 In questa bolletta di conguaglio sono presenti consumi stimati in acconto data dalla lettura reale 03/06/2014 fino alla data di fine mese 31/07/2014,calcolato sulla base di m3 di gas consumati nei periodi precedenti e aggiornati in relazione all'andammento climatico dell'anno in corso I suoi precedenti pagamenti al momento risultano regolari  Per Rimborso Clicca Qui per fatture senza voci di deposito provvederemo ad accreditare l'importo nelle prossime bollette se al momento dell'emissione non risultano bollete scoerte da compensare,contattando il numero verde gratuito 800 900 869 potra richiedere il rimborso diretto a mezzo bonifico/assegno/carta di credito Enel Energia SpA-Socita con unico-sede legale00198 Roma Viale Regina Margherita 125-Reg Imprese di Roma C.F.eP.I 06655971007-R.E.A1150724-
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Hello new friend,My name is Miss cinthia,i got your email address today  when i was browsing in google directries and it please me to have communication with youcinthia.
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ATTENTION: A customer of ours who died nine years ago in Tsunami tragedy in Indonesia leaving behind an estate/capital (US$20M) in a Bank here where I work, till date nobody has come forward or put application for the claim. During the Bank private search for the late gentle man relatives your name and email contact was among the findings that matches the same surname as the deceased who died intestate with no Will or next of kin. To maintain the level of security required I have intentionally left out the final details. Banking regulation/legislation demand that I notify the fiscal authorities after a statutory time period when dormant accounts of this type are called in by the monetary regulatory bodies if nobody applies to claim the funds. I urge you to come forward since I can provide you with the details needed for you to claim the estate/capital so that I can be gratify by you, in this way $12,000,000.00 for you and $8,000,000.00 for me. I will do all the crucial part in the Bank to have the claim released to you promptly. Please endeavor to observe utmost discretion in all matters concerning this issue To affirm your willingness and cooperation, please do so by replying me at my private email (donaldlucas555@yahoo.com) with your Telephone/Fax number. I do expect your prompt response. Thank you, Dr David Ego Donald
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Good Day, I want to indulge your humble person to read through this letter written by me. I am Aisha Al-Gaddafi , the Daughter of late Col. Muammar Gaddafi former Libya Leader who died on October 20, 2011. I have the believe and understanding that my late father?s death was masterminded by international community base on the role my late Father has shown to the western world over his leadership in our country Libya . They have taken all that I suffered and saved for since his death including some of my treasure, houses and bank accounts closed by the new Government. Hence, I am contacting you to assist me in removing the sum of sixty five million USA dollars been deposited with a deposit company in Dubai, United Arab Emirate. The funds was deposited with a deposit company in my name and as a matter of fact me, my only son and the entire family of my father in-law were trapped in a bunker here in Tripoli I manage to sneak out with my son with the help of a security guard on duty that faithful day. I manage to crossed the border and I am presently into hiding in Senegal without any other means of communication unless my laptop hoping to arrange for my traveling out possible to Europe to safe guard my life because I know that the regime of my father has collapse after his death .Please for your kind assistance I will offer you 30% of the total sum, all the legal documentation concerning the deposit are with me, I will only write power of attorney making you the new beneficiary of the deposit so that the security company can release the consignment to you. Bear in mind that the funds was deposited with the security and deposit firm as household effect, therefore they do not know the real content, so you are going to collect the consignment as house effect from the security company where as only you and me know the real content. Once you successfully collect the consignment from the security company you will send me with some money so that I can arrange for my traveling where we can meet ourselves for disbursement. May Allah grant you the heart to assist me and my only son in this our trial period, please never you abandon me with my son just because we are Arabs, but I want to assure you that I am of a clean heart that was brought up under western education but married to a cruel family. Get back with your details so that we can proceed without delay because l am here without help from no one. You can all so reach me here: akgaddafi001@gmail.com Best regards, Aisha Al-Gaddafi
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Business Connection! I am sorry to encroach into your privacy in this manner and please do accept my sincere apologies if my email does not meet your personal ethics. I am writing you for the second time since you did not reply to me at first email sent to you. My name is Charlie Bean and I am the Deputy Governor at the Bank of England(BoE). I wish to bring to your notice a partnership proposal that would be of immense financial benefit to the both of us. I shall give you a comprehensive detail of what I propose as soon as I get a word from you. Send your reply to my private Email: 2206233321@qq.com or boe-charliebean@qq.com Kind Regards, Mr. Charlie Bean Bank of England(BoE) Alt Email: boe-charliebean@qq.com
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Good day Are you looking for financial assistance? Do you Need an urgent loan to pay your bills or debts? whatever the loan maybe you should contact us today via email: anitaloanfirm@hotmail.com or via phone : +2348164435218 Interested clients should please fill our application form below (Serious Applicants Only Please) Loan Application Form. Full Name: Country: Gender: Phone Number: Loan Amount Needed: Loan Duration: Monthly Income: Occupation: We will be waiting to receive the information by you well. Note : all responses should be forwarded to anitaloanfirm@hotmail.com Thank you. Mrs. Anita Isa
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Get your own FREE website, FREE domain & FREE mobile app with Company email.   Know More > Attachment content - RESERVE_BANK_OF_INDIA.doc: THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA ELECTRONIC TRANSFER DEPT, 6, SANSAD MARG, JANPATH, H.O. 110001-NEW DELHI. Our ref Cub/Hog/Oxd1/2013. Payment file RBI/id1033/2013/2014 RESERVE BANK OF INDIA OFFICIAL PAYMENT NOTIFICATION Dear Beneficiary The Foreign Exchange Transfer Department (RBI) hereby bring to your attention the payment of your deposited fund here in the RBI. You were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of the past edition email award incurred by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT, which is yet unclaimed due to some circumstance according to your file record. Your payment is categorized as Contract type Lottery/inheritance/ Undelivered Lottery fund/ Recently on the 1sth Of January 2014 The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, Dr Raghuram G.Rajan and Ban Kin-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations met with the Senate Tax Committee on Finance RBI Mumbai/Delhi branch regarding unclaimed funds which have been due for a long run. At the end of the meeting (RBI) Governor, Dr Raghuram G.Rajan mandated all unclaimed funds to be released back to the beneficiaries stating that it is an unfair practice to withhold funds in government coffers for one reason or the other. e.g., tax accumulations. Therefore, we are writing this email to inform you that (500,000.00GBP.) will be released to you in your name, as it was committed by (RBI) Governor that the Beneficiary is required to claim this funds immediately (2 working days) on receiving this mail. Also reconfirm your details for crediting. Fill the form below and send it immediately to our Email ( HYPERLINK mailtorbiauditingacct1@underpaid.co.in rbiauditingacct1@underpaid.co.in)Verification for prompt collection of your fund. Fill The From Below 1. Full Names 2. Residential Address 3. Mobile Number 4. Occupation 5. Sex MALE Age 6. Send Us One Passport id And One Photos 7. Marital Status_ 8. Bank Name 9. Account Holders Name 10. Account Number 11. Bank Branch For More Details Contact Mr. Rajesh K. Sharma Mrs. Anila Kumari A.T.D /New Delhi Email ( HYPERLINK mailtorbiauditingacct1@underpaid.co.in rbiauditingacct1@underpaid.co.in ) Pastor. John Larry is the assigned British Agent (foreigner) to monitor the transfer upon crediting of your account. Every document including certificate of funds or company brochure will be couriered to your home address immediately after your transfer. This Bank management will proceed after your swift response to this mail for security proposes in your best interest without delay. Your urgent response is highly anticipated. The management Mrs. Anila S.Kumari Pastor John Larry DR RAGHURAM G.RAJAN Transfer Manager British Agent (foreigner) R.B.I GOVERNOR The information contained in this e-mail and any attachments there to (e-mail) is sent by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and is intended to be confidential and for the use of only the individual or entity named above. The information may be protected by federal and state privacy and disclosures act or other legal rules. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are notified that retention, dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail is strictly prohibited. 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GOD BLESS YOUFrom:Miss Kadia Dabi,Abidjan, Ivory Coast.Dear Sir/Madam,My name is Kadia Dabi from Abidjan Ivory Coast. I am a 19 years oldgirl.My father Mr.Abard Dabi died on January 15th 2012 after being involved in a motor accident.Before my father died in the hospital while taking treatment, he told me that there is three million  united statesdollars(US3,000,000.00) he has in a bank here in Abidjan Cote Ivoire.He said that the money was meant for establishing his business in Abidjan -Ivory Coast. Though, according to my father he deposited the money in hisown name and mentioned me in the documents as the next of kin .Before his death he advised me to seek for a trust worthy person abroad who will help me invest and manage this money for me until i am capable to handle it. Now I have succeeded in locating the bank in Abidjan and also confirmed the money is in there confidentiality.But the bank said from the agreement my father has with them that i canonly claim the money when i am up to 25 years. And if i am not up to thatage, i should present a guardian who will help me in receiving the moneyand for investment purposes in his or her country. Now I am seeking foryour assistance to help me transfer out this money from this bank hedeposited it to your account so that you can be able to manage and investit in any good business in your country. I will come over to your countryonce the transfer is completed.I will give you 10% of the money once the transfer is completed. What thebank will need from you for the process of the transfer is your Bankaddress. They said you can open a new account if you can not send theaccount you are already using. They will also need your direct telephonenumber and your occupation.Please write me back today if you are interested in helping me.Miss Kadia Dabi.
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? Simulation en ligne Bonjour , nous vous adressons cet email car vous êtes inscrit sur Domosource avec l'adresse [censored]@gmail.com. Si ce message ne s'affiche pas correctement, visualisez-le ici. Pour vous désabonner, suivez ce lien. Exemple de financement de 10 000€ au TAEG fixe de 2,90% (1) (soit un taux débiteur fixe de 2,862%). Remboursement en 12 mensualités de 846,31€. Montant total dû par l’emprunteur : 10 155,71€ hors assurance facultative. Coût mensuel de l’assurance facultative : 15€ par mois en plus de la mensualité. Sans frais de dossier. Un crédit vous engage et doit être remboursé. Vérifiez vos capacités de remboursement avant de vous engager. Pour un prêt personnel : financement de 3 000€ à 50 000€, échéances de remboursement de 65,67€ à 4 266,84€, remboursable de 12 à 84 mois, TAEG fixe de 2,90% à 12,90%, soit un taux débiteur de 2,862% à 12,194% * Offre au TAEG fixe de 2,90 %, pour toute demande de prêt pour une durée de 12 mois, de 10000€ à 14999€, tranche de montant valable au 04/08/2014 et susceptible d’évolution,Vous pouvez vous opposer sans frais à l’utilisation à des fins de prospection des données personnelles que vous nous avez transmises. Pour ce faire veuillez nous adresser votre opposition par courrier à : Banque du Groupe Casino - Centre de relation clientèle 36 rue Messines - 59 686 Lille Cedex 9.(1) Prêt personnel, sous réserve d’acceptation du dossier par Banque du Groupe Casino et après expiration du délai légal de rétractation. Conditions en vigueur au 04/08/2014. Les TAEG s’entendent hors assurance facultative.Banque du Groupe Casino - SA au capital de 23 470 000€ - SIREN 434 130 423 RCS Paris. Siège social: 6 avenue de Provence - 75009 Paris, est soumise au contrôle de l’Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel, 61 rue Taitbout 75436 Paris Cedex 09 et est enregistrée à l’ORIAS (www.orias.fr) sous le N° : 07 028 160. Conformément à la réglementation informatique et libertés vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de modification, de rectification et de suppression des données qui vous concernent (art.34 de la loi Informatique et Libertés du six janvier mille neuf cent soixante dix huit). Site Domosource, déclaré à la CNIL (norme simplifiée du vingt six avril deux mille sept). Ce droit peut être exercé à tout moment auprès de notre service utilisateur : contact@do-mosource.com Vous désirez vous désabonner? Me désabonner
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Full Headers Printable View UNITED NATIONS, Un Office Of Legal Affairs, Security and Investigation. Millbank Tower 21-24 Millbank London SW1P 4QH United Kingdom Curently in Nigeria (Special Duty). ATTENTION,   RE-CHANGE OF ACCOUNT. This is in regard to your outstanding payment,I am Mr. Mark Richards,  the newly appointed Director United Nation  Legal Affairs,Security and Investigation,The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ( Goodluck Ebele Johnathan ) and his Decision Making Body, The Executive Arms of the government, has directed me to come down to Nigeria to Investigate your fund and to make sure that we approve all outstanding debts owned to Foreign beneficiaries by the government of Nigeria in this 2 quarter of this fiscal year 2013/2014. This decision was taken based on the abnormalise and inability of the BANKS in Nigeria to Release your fund into your bank account  Whereby it was discovered that some Directors in Central bank of NIGERIA being the Federal Government of Nigeria were diverting foreign beneficiaries payment to another account of their choice overseas. In view of this,during our investigation i found out that  an account was submitted to divert your fund to a Germany account. Below is the account submitted  and I want you to confirm if you are aware of the new development because we are about effecting payment to the account stated bellow today. Beneficiary: CERSTIN WENGER SHENOUDA Bank: FRANKFURTER BANK A/C No.: 367840545 Code: 50050201 Finally, be informed that a payment instruction has been issued and forwarded to the Treasury Department of the Federal Goverment Of Nigeria in favour of you and your company for immediate release of your  fund to the account above without any further prejudice.But there is no way we can approve the fund to your account without you confirmation if you have changed your account for your fund to be transfer to the Beneficiary: CERSTIN WENGER SHENOUDA BANK ACCOUNT IN GERMANY. Contact me immediately for further clarification. to know if you have giving instruction to transfer your fund to the above account today. On behalf of the entire management of United Nations, we are congratulating you in advance and if you fail to contact this office on or before 24hrs from now then we will now wire the fund to the German account. Thanks for your co-operation. waiting for your urgent response as you reply directly here ( markrichards05@outlook.com ). Yours faithfully Mr.Mark Richards Un Office Of Legal Affairs, Security and Investigation.
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Apply for Credit Cards - 0% Interest Cards, No Annual Fees.
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Dear Friend,I am a banker in BOA BANK.I have a Business proposal of US$22.5Million for you. The fund belong to our deceased customer who died with his next of kin leaving nobody for the claim. I want to present you as his next of kin to my bank so that the fund will be transfer to your bank account. Your share will be 40% percent while 60% will be for me. No risk involved in this transaction.If you are interested, Contact me for more details.ThanksMr.Ibrahim Aliu.Bill and Exchange Manager.BOA BANK.Reply to my private email: ibrahim.aliu180@gmail.com
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Patricia and I went through your facebook wall...picked out some more quotes below:http://j.mp/1lb4qll
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Facebook Corporate Office & HeadquartersINTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS/PRIZE AWARD.CATEGORY: 2NDYou have been approved to receive a ATM award of $150,000 from Facebook Corporate Office Your winnings can be access by issuing an ATM card.Award Reference code: FB/575061725File number:77801209/NATM Code : ATM822To collect Card ,contact and reconfirm your details to Lloyds Bank which has been mandated to give you cash outs with below details ASAP:==============================================================Customer Careinqecom020@yahoo.com.hk==============================================================1  Your Full Names:2  Your Tel/Mobile Number:3  Your Nationality:4  Current Country:5  Your contact Address:6  Occupation:==============================================================Facebook is one of the largest Social Networking site which valued more than $100 Billion Dollars and also expecting its One Billion Users to come mainly from Mobile devices than desktop Users by this year 2014, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has decided to boost Users and Companies a WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY by Lottery Program and Initial Public Offer said in a press release.NOTE: You are advised to keep your award winning details strictly to yourself and do not share it with any individual or a firm to avoid confiscation of your award winning prize.Once again: CONGRATULATIONS!!!Regards,Promo Coordinator.Facebook Management.c  2014
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It was resolved and agreed upon by the Board members and Directors that your fund valued $ 5.5MUSD  will be release to you via TELEGRAPHIC WIRE TRANSFER. You are advise to get back to this office with Your FULL NAME, MAILING ADDRESS, CELL PHONE NUMBER, BANK NAME, ACCOUNT NUMBER and ROUTINE NUMBER to claim your fund. CONTACT: Dr.Mathew Sebastian;drmathewsebastian2@qq.com
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Good News. Now we have arranged your payment of $10.5Million Through Atm Card also the following information is needed.You?re Name, Your Address ID CARD COPY and Your Telephone Number United Bank For Africa Contact Person:Mr.Godwin Tony Direct phone line is: +22999086843 Bank E-mail ::( uba_bankplc94@rocketmail.com ) Note:you will pay $65 Dollars For Delivery Fee of Your Atm Card. Best Regards, Mrs Mary Johnson.
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Patricia and I went through your facebook wall...picked out some more quotes below:http://j.mp/1wvkMKJ
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Attachment content - JOB OFFER.docx: GE India Industrial Pvt. Ltd. AIFACS Building 1 Rafi MargNew Delhi ? 110001 India. TELEPHONE:+91 9582 1261 01 FAX:(+91) 124 302 6200 Reply Path: careersgeneralelectric_hrd@admin.in.th At a Glance:GE?s presence in India dates back to 1902 when GE installed India?s firsthydro power plant in the country.GE?s story is one of technology and innovation in India, for India. GE hasbeen a long-term local player in transportation, energy, healthcare andfinancial services.The company has a significant footprint across key locations in thecountry with technology centers at Hyderabad and Bangalore. GE employsover 13, 000 people in India. It exports over $1 billion in products andservices.Our Businesses in India:? Technology Infrastructure comprises healthcare, transportation,aviation and enterprise solutions? Energy Infrastructure comprises energy, coal, oil & gas, nuclearenergy,and water & process technologies as well as renewable resourcessuch as wind and biogas? GE Capital includes commercial and consumer financial businesses? GE?s India Technology Centre, Bangalore, India Innovation Centre andHyderabad Technology Centre are GE?s technology research and developmentcentresKey Milestones in India:1902: First Hydro Project in Karnataka1969: First Nuclear Power Plants in India1989: JV with Wipro: Healthcare1991: Indian market opens up1991 : SBI JV established 1992: Collaboration with NCL1993: JV with Godrej: Appliances1997: BPO Operations (Gecis) launched1998: JV with Satyam: Industrial1999: JFWTC: Research Operations1999: JV with TCS: Aviation & Energy2002: IP Operations at JFWTC2004: BPO Operations (Genpact) sold2010 : 10 years of GE?s Technology Center at BangaloreCAREERS AT GE : VACANCIESVacancies currently exist in the following sectors/positions as stated below.AppliancesAviationConsumer ProductsElectrical DistributionEnergyFinance ? BusinessFinance ? ConsumerHealthcareLightingOil & GasRailComputer Software & ServicesWaterMANAGERS/ASSISTANT MANAGERSCOMPUTER OPERATORS/SOFTWARE ENGINEERSELECTRICAL/MECHANICAL ENGINEERSACCOUNTANTSLINGUISTSSECURITYCASHIERSESCORTSSECRETARIESApplying for a job at GE:Your Resume has been selected from a job site . The Company selected 612candidates list for Senior Engineer, IT, Administration, Production,marketing and general service Departments, It is our pleasure to inform you that your Resume wasselected as one of the 62 candidates shortlisted for the interview.Our Hiring Process:Step 1: Resume/CV SubmissionIt all starts with you. Once we receive your resume/CV, a notificationwill be sent to those involved in the hiring process and your resume/CVwill beentered into our global resume database for potential matches.Step 2: Resume/CV ReviewThose involved in the hiring process review resumes/CVs to identify thecandidates whose skills, education and experience meet the requirements ofthe open position.Step 3: Candidate InterviewsSome candidates for the position may be invited for a phone screen or aninterview to further evaluate their knowledge, skills and abilities asthey relate tothe open position.Step 4: Selection DecisionOur managers work hard to identify a candidate who is qualified for theposition and offer that person the job.If you are not selected for a particular position, please do not bediscouraged. New jobs open frequently and your qualifications may wellmake you the ideal candidate for another position.How do I apply and Submitting Your Resume/CV ? Easy! You need to followthe instructions stated below.SEND THE SCAN COPIES OF THE REQUESTED DOCUMENTS (CV/RESUME') VIA EMAIL TO :REPLY EMAIL ADDRESS: careersgeneralelectric_hrd@admin.in.th CONTACT: MR. JOHN L. FLANNERYTELEPHONE: +91 9582 1261 01FAX:(+91) 124 302 6200REQUIRED DOCUMENTS BY THE COMPANY HRD.======================================1) Photo-copies of Qualification Documents.2) Photo-copies of Experience Certificates (If any)3) Photo-copies of Address Proof4) Two Passport Size Photograph.5) Guarantor's Letter (if any)======================================SECURITY DEPOSIT: You have to deposit the REFUNDABLE sum of Rs.17,850/- (Seventeen thousand eight Hundred and Fifty India Rupees ) from your Home Cityto our Company accountant name in charge of recruitment. The Account Number and all otherrelevant information will be sent to you upon your response.IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a REFUNDABLE interview security deposit. Youroffer letter with Air tickets will be sent to your Home Address by courierafter receiving the confirmation of interview security deposited as instructed. ThisCompany will pay all the expenditure to you at the time of face-to-facemeeting with you in person. The Job profile, salary offer, and date/time of interview will bestated in your OFFER LETTER, it will be couriered to you very shortlyafter receiving your confirmation of cash deposited and if you are eventually selected ornot, still the amount will be refunded to you, as the amount is just toprove that you will be coming for the interview in order for us not to run at a lossafter procuring/sending you the air ticket and you don't show up on theday of interview.Without much ado,contact MR. JOHN L. FLANNERY via Email and telephone immediately.Thanks for your time, patience and understanding.Signed:Brackett B. Denniston IIISenior Vice President andGeneral CounselGE.
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WHO 針灸醫師/中醫醫師/推拿醫師 國際證照 簡章開始索取,請上活動頁面填表諮詢
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×?ºÉèÖà 2014-8-26 Attachment content - osiotu.gif:GIF87a@k
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