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(John F Kennedy International Airport) Region No. 2 New York City P.O. Box 804 Knickerbocker Station New York City, New York 10002-0804 USA Urgent Attention Beneficiary. We, office of the U.S Customs Authority John F Kennedy International Airport. My name is Mr. Charn Sophonpanich,I am the manager of U.S Customs Authority New York City, am here to inform you that a man came to our office this morning his name is Mr. John Skin he told us that he is your cousin relative and he said that you are dead. Mr. John Skin said that you die five days ago in a car accident on your way going to work and before your death you told him that you have an Consignment box worth of $10.5 million dollars and he came here with $95 dollars You are advised him to obtain the Ownership-clearance certificate from benin republic as the origination of the Consignment box and collect it. If real you are dead may your soul rest in perfect peace AMEN, but if you are alive pl ease due contact us bank with the $95 dollars to secured the Ownership-clearance certificate from the office of Benin Republic Senate President, because that is the only office that will issue you the original Award Ownership Certificate of this funds, this is because the fund originated from Benin Republic. If I did not hear from you today with the fee then i will allow him to send the money and hand the Consignment box over to him okay. Below is the information to send the $95 dollars to secured the Ownership-clearance certificate from benin republic and allow the diplomat agent to delivery the consignment to you today As the owner,but if you fall to send the $95 i know that it is true that you are dead, send the money through money-gram or Western Union or Ria transfer Receiver Name ....jude iked Country ..... Benin Republic City .... Cotonou Text Question ..... When Text Answer ..... Now Amount ..... $95 usd MTCN ..... Sender Name ..... Sender Country ..... Note, that the Award Ownership Certificate must to be secured from the office of the Benin Senate President, because that is the only office that will issue you the original Award Ownership Certificate of this funds, this is because the fund originated from Benin. Do have a wonderful day if you are alive but if you are dead may your soul rest in peace (AMEN) I wish you good luck. Yours Faithfully Mr. Charn Sophonpanich U.S Customs Authority John F Kennedy International Airport
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Bank of America P.O. Box 37000 San Francisco, USA Zip-94137 Website: Account Holder.sir Dear Contract beneficiary With due respect: ***24 HOURS CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE*** Your name was used to move some money into the United States, but one thing we know for sure is that you are already involved, however your name appears as the beneficiary of the funds ................ Be informed that an account has been opened on your behalf ,in the Bank Of America on your behalf under your name and your funds deposited her . $12.5 Million U.S Dollars (B O A /A /C 44168 888 81 ) You are been officially contacted by me today because your Inheritance Funds were deposited into the "BOA Suspense Account"/ 44168 888 81 ) The Bank of America have done there verification Identification Record with our S.S.N , the only document remaining now is the Encoded Document Which should be issued to you from the country where the fund was (ORIGINATED) YOU ARE TOTALLY CLEARED FOR ANTI TERRORISM AND MONEY LAUNDERING FOR ANY ILLEGAL ACTIONS OF ANY KIND IN THIS COUNTRY. Be informed that your funds are no longer in Nigeria or Africa, they are right here in the U.S.A in the Bank Of America, this is why we contacted you to notify you, of the required document, because your funds will be transferred as soon as the documents are provided. Note:That even if you do not want the funds you still have to provide clearance. Note that your funds are in, $12.5 Million U.S Dollars precisely. That is the only way the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT and OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT will issue you the paperwork, because they are going to issue you the Authentic/Original pin cod. Account Holder Do reconfirm your bank account in the next 78 hrs to Bank of America Don't miss this fund opportunity ever thing is in order Also Note that you are to take care of the Document to be issued to you right away, because due to how important and secured the document is, it is not issued just like that. You are to take care of the document by sending to the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT NIGERIA right away the sum of $950.00 U.S Dollars for the issuing of the document, That is the only way the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT NIGERIA will issue you the document, because they are going to issue you the Authentic/Original copy of the document. Finally be informed that you have only but 5 working days from today to confirm your transfer as soon as the document is been issued to you.Note that you are to do this immediately if you really want your fund to be credited to your account ... You are here by advice to Contact them through the email address above to acquire from them on how you are going to send the fee to them. This is to officially inform and notify you that there is no other alternative of releasing the fund to you unless the required document is confirmed Hear is their contract information, DR PETER OBI Email ( [email address removed] ) We hereby advice you to reconfirm to us the below details of yours .. 1. Your Full names: 2. Your full address: 3. Your Direct Mobile/telephone: 4. Age: 5. Sex and Marital Statues: 6. Your occupation: 7. Banking/Account Details (Where You want Us to Transfer Your Fund Into) 8. Your valid passport for identification Bank of America wait for the document information to enable us proceed the transfer please follow this advice from Bank of America Needed Urgently Thanks for your total co operations and understanding, Regards, Mrs.Susan White. (Director of information and transfer)
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-- Join the great Illuminati brotherhood and become richer once you join the brother hood you will be given thirty Million dollars instantly and you will be earning $700,000,00USD .every month. join today and become richer and famous…you will need to fill out this form if you are willing to join the brotherhood… and you have to pay for the things for the things used on the initiated day. Full name………. Country………. State of origin………. Date of birth………. Sex………. Address………. Phone………. Email address………. I am one of the agents sent by the high priest to bring as many of those who are interested in becoming a member of the Illuminati to the great Illuminati temple, am a illuminati member and no problem without a solution to me but I was ones like you I could not evening feed my family what kind of life was that to live I lived in poverty until I saw an opportunity to be a member of the great Illuminati Brotherhood and I took my chances and I have been a member for close to five years now and the higher you get the richer you become. Illuminati make your business grow\ to get more powers successful luck love attraction money and many more other benefits you can contact in our email for the benefits of the great illuminati [email address removed]
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Attn Dear Beneficiary This is engineer, Mr. Alain M. Aina Active in technical networking activities in Africa member of Internet Society - Board of trustees and Fund Audit Committee We have registered your ATM Card sum of $1.8milliam with Dhl Courier this morning and it was agreed up that your fund in ATM CARD will take place Tomorrow morning due to the instruction from elected President of United State of America Donald Trump administrators and ( IMF)so kindly reconfirm you full information to Mr. Robert William Dhl Courier service Director call him or send him sms Note they have agreed to take $107.00 for the delivery fee SO contact them for immediate delivery of your package okay Contact person; Mr. Robert William [email address removed] Direct number +229)96471366 Your Full Name;...................... Your Country;...................... . Your Residence Home Address;......... A Copy of You Identification......... Your Direct Phone ;.................. Your Cell;......................... . Age/Sex;...................... ...... I am yours Engineer, Alain M. Aina Active in technical networking activities in AFRICA Member of Internet Society - Board of Trustees and Fund Audit Committee
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judrgs schwarze nicely muista colspan archive]
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Attention:Beneficiary, I am Mrs.Basil Adams,i work with the EcoBank of Nigeria,i wish to place your name as the beneficiary to US$15,300.000.00,fifteen million three hundred thousand dollars only due to the death of the depositor who died years ago along with her family. However,i assure you that this transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law both in your country and here in Nigeria once the fund is transferred to your bank account.The funds I am referring to is right here in this bank floating in suspense account,therefore i solicit for your cooperation to be in collaboration with me to have this done,it will be transferred into an account you will provide any where in the world.I will need you to provide the following information urgently to enable the attorney start the processing of the all the relevant legal documents for the fund remittance. 1)Name: 2)Address: 3)Tel: 4)Age: 5)Sex: 6)Occupation Status: [email address removed] Waiting for your reply soon. Yours Faithfully, Mrs.Basil Adams
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2016-12-05 20:38:08 2016/12/5 星期一
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How are you! Hope all is well with you and your family. I am Mr. Simtondji Olusegun. I currently hold the post of Internal Audit Manager of our bank in Ouagadougou Branch, Burkina-Faso. I got your contact from a reliable web directory. We are imposition to reclaim and inherit the sum of US $(28.850.000.00 twenty eight million eight hundred and fifty thousand U.S dollars ) without any trouble, from a dormant account which remains unclaimed since 7 years the owner died. This is a U.S Dollars account and the beneficiary died without trace of his family to claim the fund. Upon my personal audit investigation into the details of the account, I find out that the deceased is a foreigner, which makes it possible for you as a foreigner no matter your country to lay claim on the balance as the Foreign Business Partner or Extended Relative to the deceased, provided you are not from here. Your integrity and trustworthiness will make us succeed without any risk. Please if you think that the amount is too much to be transferred into your account, you have the right to ask our bank to transfer the fund into your account bit by bit after approval or you double the account. Once this fund is transferred into your account, we will share the fund accordingly. 45%, for you, 45%, for me, 5%, had been mapped out for the expense made in this transaction, 5% as a free will donation to charity and motherless babies homes in both our countries as sign of breakthrough and more blessings. If you are interested to help without disappointment or breach of trust, reply me, so that I will guide you on the proper banking guidelines to follow for the claim. After the transfer, I will fly to your country for sharing of funds according to our agreement. Assurance: Note that this transaction will never in any way harm or foiled your good post or reputation in your country, because everything will follow legal process. I am looking forward to hear from you soonest. For confidential and security reason, please reply me through this email address, thus: [email address removed] Yours faithfully, Mr Simtondji Olusegun
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-- BARCLAY'S BANK PLC. 1 CHURCHILL PLACE, LONDON,UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +44 (20) 33895723 Fax: +44 703-5911-274 [email address removed] [email address removed] DATE:05/12/2016 Attention Please, Inline with our cooperate responsibilities, we wish to inform you that we are mandated by Mrs. Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde (Director International Monitoring Fund ( IMF) Liaison office, to release and transfer your funds valued US$10,500,000.00 to your account. In view of this, we will like you to complete the verification forms below and submit back to us for immediate processing, release and transfer of your fund value into your receiving account. Fill out attached forms 1&2 correctly and return back to us with completed copies. Hoping for your prompt response with the required information. YOURS FAITHFULLY, Brad. Director, Operation and Bank SME Finance (069) Barclay's Bank Plc Phone: +44 (20) 33895723 Email: [email address removed] United Kingdom DISCLAIMER The Information contained and transmitted by this E-MAIL is proprietary to Barclays Bank and/or its Customer and is intended for use only by the individual or entity to which it is addressed, and may contain information that is privileged, confidential or exempt from a disclosure under applicable law. All inquiry to +44 703-591-9727 >
Hello. My name is Sir. Abraham Nwankwo. I am the Director-General of the Debt Management Office - DMO in Nigeria. Your case file for the payment of $12.5 Million is right here on my desk after several ordered investigations on why some Nigerian Government Officials could not pay you and made you spend so much money in the recent past. We have discovered a lot of fraud against you. In an attempt to frustrate you out and divert your money to a Japanese account belonging to one named Eichi Tereda who claims to be your Asian Trustee claiming that you are dead. I am grateful to God for being able to recover all your fund safely and right now, I will singularly and personally handle your payment to ensure that you receive it directly to your country bank account or any other country of your choice without any hitch whatsoever. NOTE: All Federal Government of Nigeria official payments on Foreign / External Debt Settlement must be drawn from the government Crude Oil reserve account domiciled at Habib International Bank. Anyone who tells you that you will receive payment via the Central Bank of Nigeria is not truthful. No Central Bank of any country engages in commercial / private banking. The duty of the Central Bank is to control other commercial banks and to handle economic policies and financial implementation of the government. Be wise! Are you still Alive and Healthy? If yes, urgently get back to me on this email address or put up a telephone call to my direct telephone number below. We have 21 work days (ONLY) before closing files for 2016 financial year. Therefore, your timely response to this matter will expedite action on your final payment. Be guided accordingly. Sir. Abraham Nwankwo D.G, DMO NIGERIA
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Hello Hope you are doing well. This is brian from shenzhen, china.We mainly produce electronic cigarette products . for more electronic cigarette product, pls check them on our website Also you can add my skype :misissippi2009 Waitting for your replying . Best Regards Brian fu  
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Hello my dear friend, l am barrister Jeff Duru, personal Attorney/Adviser to a national of your country and a deceased client of mine). I am contacting you to assist to retrieve his huge deposit of (USD$16.3 Million) left in the bank before it gets confiscated by the bank. KINDLY CONTACT ME BACK FOR MORE DETAILS AND MORE CLARIFICATIONS. Waiting for your urgent feedback. Yours sincerely, Barrister Jeff Duru,Adv. (Tel: 0022891503445)
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Greetings,  Homex housing ( )is pleased to announce December Holidays offers on the following projects. (Offer valid from 1st Dec 2016 to 30th Dec 2016)  1.    KITISURU GARDENS OFFER ON FULL PAYMENT – KSH 8 MILLION IN INSTALLMENTS – KSH.10 MILLION WITH A DEPOSIT OF 2MILLION Kitisuru gardens is a privileged lifestyle in an enviable location. It is a gated off plan project situated to the prestigious suburb of Kitisuru. It’s a 20 minutes’ drive from Nairobi CBD, 12 minutes’ drive from ​W​estlands. ​I​t consists of 114 units, three bedroom homes with master en suite and a parking space of two cars fitting comfortably, plinth area is 130sqms  and with all the basic amenities and Contemporary architectural designed affordable luxury homes. Recreation Facilities:* Swimming pool* Club house with Gym* Children Playground * Green landscaped garden Nearby Facilities:* Hospitals* Schools* Westgate mall* Sarit centre mall* Wangige fresh produce market a few minutes drive* Pollution- Free garden locality   2.    HOMEX APARTMENTS   OFFER ON FULL PAYMENT (2 bedroom apartments Block c) – KSH 6 MILLION IN INSTALLMENTS – KSH.8.5 MILLION WITH A DEPOSIT OF 1.5 MILLION Just a few minutes from the city, surrounded by shopping malls and schools, experience a distinguished high end residential community with a unique landscape setting creating a unique housing barrier, Homex apartments give you the best healthy environment. With Homex you get it all, with nature in your life and peace within. With our amazing prices, Homex apartments gives you a modern living with fresh environment and an amazing view of the green neighborhood. Homex apartments 2 Bedroom Ksh. 8.5 Million 3 Bedroom Ksh. 9.5 Million   2 BEDROOM -Guest toilet at the entrance*Spacious living room*Separate toilet and shower 3 BEDROOM- *Guest toilet at the entrance*Spacious living room*Master en-suit   3.    KITISURU VIEW APARTMENTS   OFFER ON FULL PAYMENT – KSH 4 MILLION IN INSTALLMENTS – KSH.6 MILLION WITH A DEPOSIT OF 2 MILLION   The fantastic location situated next to the prestigious suburb of Kitisuru, Westlands, Nairobi will add to your living standard. Close to highways and schools you will only be minutes away from everything important. This is an area which is characterized by low living costs. The cost of basic amenities are very affordable for an area which is rated as among the best to live in. Food, labour and other basic services is inexpensive compared to other parts of Nairobi. Kitisuru View apartments come with large windows, choice of modern floor and wall tiles and colored wall finishes in a variety of textures. *2 bedroom apartment, *2 wc 1 shower *2 parking spaces per unit*Rooftop garden*Hi-speed lifts*CCTV security and 24 hr guards   4.    KABETE PALMS   OFFER ON FULL PAYMENT – KSH 10 MILLION IN INSTALLMENTS – KSH.12 MILLION WITH A DEPOSIT OF 3 MILLION. Kabete Palms is an upper class residential development truly worth investing in! It is situated only 25 minutes from the modern city of Nairobi’s CBD. Our motto, “Elegance is an Attitude” is something we are very proud of and once you make the decision to acquire your new home or to take advantage of our rental guarantee, you won’t regret being part of one of Kenya’s most exciting new developments. Our units are selling at a rapid pace and the demand for this prestigious development is very high. We can give you many reasons to choose Kabete Palms as your new home, like being part of the modern rise of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, or being part of one of Africa’s most unique cultural countries   5.    MAYA RESIDENCE OFFER ON FULL PAYMENT – KSH 12 MILLION IN INSTALLMENTS – KSH.18MIILION WITH A DEPOSIT OF 3MILLION 4-Bed Room Villa.Maya Residence is strategically located just a stones throw away from world class shopping malls like the Village Market Mall & the Two Rivers Mall project -to be the biggest mall in Kenya. Maya is only a short drive from Nairobi city centre, making it an attractive location for serious real estate investors. The road network is great and compares well to what is offered in and around major cities all over the world. Whether you want a residential property to live in or rent out, Maya Residence provides the best location and investment.   6.    THE VILLAGIO 3 bedroom Maisonettes 145 sqm 3 bedroom Bungalows 83 sqm 3 bedroom Bungalow 48 sqm KES 4.5 M Bungalow and KES 5.5 M Maisonette Ksh 650,000 for the 1/8 plots   At The Villagio, Our dream is to create opportunities for people, to stimulate growth along the visionary Great North road and to be a small part in building an even better Kenya. Villagio will offer you everything you desire for your new life, enabling you to spend your hard earned money wisely while rewarding yourself with a luxurious legacy. Our dream is to create opportunities for people, to stimulate growth along the visionary Great North road and to be a small part in building an even better Kenya. The units consist of 3 bedroom houses (Plinth 60sqm) from a total 3.5 Million ksh, 3 bedroom bungalows (Plinth 95sqm) from 7.5 Million ksh and 3 bedroom Maisonettes (Plinth 130sqm) from 8.5 Million ksh. All units have two extra rooms (SQ) located in the Villagio community, while each house is built with a compound and a backyard.   The Villagio features: 12 000 sqm mall*16k from Namanga boarder point*Access to the Serengeti and Amboseli wildlife parks.*20 room 3 star hotel.*40 bed hospital*& more!   Homex Housing is a reputable development company in Kenya. Creating sustainable developments with modern designs and the ideal African lifestyle in mind. We are not only investing in Kenya’s future through job creation, we are laying the foundations for families’ futures – building their homes and forging a new architectural path for the enjoyment of all who choose to invest. Kindly contact the undersigned for more information   Elius Ngugi Sales Agent. Homex Housing Kenya +254 703 665023 +254 727 834 510 [email address removed]  
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Google Hi User, We received your request to close down your account We will process your request within 24 hours. If it was not you, kindly Cancel Request to continue using our services. CANCEL & DELETE REQUEST NOW [1] E-mail Support Team (c) 2015 Inc. All Rights Reserved. Links: ------ [1]
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Hi, Achieve business excellence and enhanced production through targeted multi-channel campaigns with 1,427 VMware Technology Customers Email List from Australia. Technology Region Counts VMware Australia 1,427 Record includes: Business Name, website, Contact name, Job Title, Phone number, Email, Fax number, Address, Town, County, Postcode, Country and Business category * Highly accurate information will be provided Let us know your exact target, we will revert back you with test data and additional informations. Regards, Viktoria Wolf Global Marketing Head E: [email address removed] Intelligencenext Intelligencenext 12 years of Excellence I DMA Award Winner This e-mail may contain confidential and/or privileged information .We apologize if this message reaches you in error. If you no longer wish to hear from us please reply me with the subject line: "Exclude Me". Any unauthorised copying, disclosure or distribution of the material in this e-mail is strictly forbidden.
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Brown Exports Quote For the listed Product as attached in the document, with FOB Prices, we need to make new order for 1 x 40ft. Thanks. Waiting for your prompt reply . Best regards, Mr Tom Crater Purchase officer Brown Exports Purchase Oder201601.xls | 1 file (total 387.5 KB) VIEW | DOWNLOAD -- *DISCLAIMER* This e-mail communication is confidential and is intended only for the individual(s) or entity named above and others who have been specially authorized to receive it. If you are not the intended recipient, please do not read,copy,use or disclose the contents of this communication to others. Please delete the email and any copies of it. Thank You.© -- powered by phpList, --
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Dear Sir/Madam, We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the fast growing wholesale company in Republic of Nigeria West Africa,we specialised in buying,we'd like to set up a good business relactionship with your company. We are very much interested in your products, we urge you to send us your full products list with price quotation via our email: - Your minimum order quantity. - Your FOB Prices and FOB Port - Your estimated delivery time. Meanwhile I will like to do business with your company. Best regards Mr Alpha Phone 002347036206103
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Dear Friend, With due respect to your person and much sincerity of purpose, I make this contact with you as I believe that you can be of great assistance to me. My name is Mr.Usman Mushi, from Ouagadougou Republic of BURKINA FASO, West Africa. Presently i work in the African development Bank as telex manager. I have been searching for your contact since you left our country some years ago. I do not know whether this is your correct email address or not because I only used your name initials to search for your contact .In case you are not the person I am supposed to contact, please see this as a confidential message and do not reveal it to another person but if you are not the intended receiver, do let me know whether you can be of assistance regarding my proposal below because it is top secret. I am about to retire from active Bank service to start a new life but I am sceptical to reveal this particular secret to a stranger. You must assure me that everything will be handled confidentially because we are not going to suffer again in lfe. It has been 10 years now that most of the greedy African Politicians used our bank to launder money overseas through the help of their Political advisers. Most of the funds which they transferred out of the shores of Africa were gold and oil money that was supposed to have been used to develop the continent. Their Political advisers always inflated the amounts before transfer to foreign accounts so I also used the opportunity to divert part of the funds hence I am aware that there is no official trace of how much was transferred as all the accounts used for such transfers were being closed after transfer. I acted as the Bank Officer to most of the politicians and when I discovered that they were using me to succeed in their greedy act; I also cleaned some of their banking records from the Bank files and no one cared to ask me because the money was too much for them to control. They laundered over $5b Dollars during the process .As I am sending this message to you, I was able to divert thirty five million united state dollars ($35m) to an escrow account belonging to no one in the bank. The bank is anxious now to know who the beneficiary to the funds is because they have made a lot of profits with the funds. It is more than Eight years now and most of the politicians are no longer using our bank to transfer funds overseas. The ($35) Million Dollars has been laying waste but I don't want to retire from the bank without transferring the funds to a foreign account to enable me share the proceeds with the receiver. The money will be shared 60% for me and 40% for you.There is no one coming to ask you about the funds because I secured everything. I only want you to assist me by providing a bank account where the funds can be transferred. You are not to face any difficulties or legal implications as I am going to handle the transfer personally. If you are capable of receiving the funds, do let me know immediately to enable me give you a detailed information on what to do. For me, I have not stolen the money from anyone because the other people that took the whole money did not face any problems. This is my chance also to grab my own but you must keep the details of the funds secret to avoid any leakages as no one in the bank knows about the funds. Please get back to me if you are interested and capable to handle this project I shall intimate you on what to do when I hear from your confirmation and acceptance. If you are capable of being my trusted associate, do declare your consent to me Waiting for your urgent response. Yours Faithfully, Mr.Usman Mushi
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Dear Customer, This is to confirm that one or more of your parcels has been shipped. Shipment Label is attached to this email. Kind regards, Clayton Sutton, Sr. Operation Manager.
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Dear manager, Good day. Angela is here to share two good news with you,please keep reading.Thanks. 1.G603 promotion: MaterialSizesFinishedFOB WUHAN USD/M2 December PriceRegular Price G603240-280UPX60UPX2CMtop polished8.89.4 240-280UPX65UPX2CM9.610.2 240-280UPX70UPX2CM1010.7 Note:All price not include the fumigation cost usd120/20'container. 2.E-coupon: Only you buy G602 and G603 from Wuhan Port in December,you can get E-coupon.The detail PREFERENTIAL SCHEME as bellow,please check. MaterialQuantity/20ft containerCoupon G602&G6031usd50 2usd120 3usd240 4usd360 5 or much moreusd 100 x Quantity Note:These coupons can be used in next year,every materials and port we export. Are you interested in them?It is only one time in a year.So don't hestitate,any needs contact me.I am here to wait for your inquiries. :) Best Wishes, Angela _____________________________________________ The same quality,The lowest price. The same price,The best service. Xiamen Vinstone CO.,LTD. Website: Mob:0086-18086506863
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Dear , Thank your for your payment!Your account is now ready and funded. Your Reference Transaction:Payment Date      : November 24, 2016Receipt Number    : BR4597OO3211I5KS10Payment Amount  : AUD 15,230.88Payment Status    : Paid>> View The Details Of This Payment Here Should this not be you, please contact us Kind RegardsMichael - QCL Billing Team You are receiving this email because you have subscribed to receive our offers. If you no longer wish to receive our offers click here
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* You have been issued with a traffic infrigement: * Details: Running a red light or stop sign * Infringement No: AA0642109636 * Date of infringement: 11/11/2016 * Amount due: $ 308.81 AUD Download "Infringement Notice Declaration AA9920140" ________________________________ The fine must be paid within the statutory period of up to 12.12.2016. Note: Chapter 2 of the Criminal Code applies to all offences against Section 5A of the Statutory Declarations Act 1959. Warning: It is an offence under the Road Transport (General) Act 1999 ACT to falsely name another person in a declaration. The maximum penalty for such an offence is $55,000 for an individual or $275,000 for body corporate
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Hi, Are you looking for quality leads and inquiries, more customers and more revenue? We specialise in helping local businesses to get more enquiries from their business website. We will generate you qualified leads through Google Ad-words & Facebook Ads are qualified leads with accurate information from User. We can give you a call and take just 5 minutes of your time without any obligation and run through some ideas I have in mind to help your business grow? We work with all budgets and can tailor packages to suit your needs. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Sarah Hales Associate Consultant (DISCLAIMER: This is a promotional mail strictly on the guidelines of C-S act of 2003. We have clearly mentioned the source mail-id of this mail, also clearly mentioned the subject lines and they are in no way misleading in any form. We have found your mail address through our own effort by web search and not through any illegal way. If you find this mail useless, please reply with "Remove" in the subject line and we will ensure that you do not receive any further mail.)
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Gillette /* CLIENT-SPECIFIC STYLES */ #outlook a{padding:0;} /* Force Outlook to provide a "view in browser" message */ .ReadMsgBody{width:100%;} .ExternalClass{width:100%;} /* Force Hotmail to display emails at full width */ .ExternalClass, .ExternalClass p, .ExternalClass span, .ExternalClass font, .ExternalClass td, .ExternalClass div {line-height: 100%;} /* Force Hotmail to display normal line spacing */ body, table, td, a{-webkit-text-size-adjust:100%; -ms-text-size-adjust:100%;} /* Prevent WebKit and Windows mobile changing default text sizes */ table, td{mso-table-lspace:0pt; mso-table-rspace:0pt;} /* Remove spacing between tables in Outlook 2007 and up */ img{-ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic;} /* Allow smoother rendering of resized image in Internet Explorer */ /* RESET STYLES */ body{margin:0; padding:0;} img{border:0; height:auto; line-height:100%; outline:none; text-decoration:none;} table{border-collapse:collapse !important;} body{height:100% !important; margin:0; padding:0; width:100% !important;} /* iOS BLUE LINKS */ .appleBody a {color:#68440a; text-decoration: none;} .appleFooter a {color:#999999; text-decoration: none;} /* MOBILE STYLES */ @media screen and (max-width: 525px) { /* ALLOWS FOR FLUID TABLES */ table[class="wrapper"]{ width:100% !important; } /* ADJUSTS LAYOUT OF LOGO IMAGE */ td[class="logo"]{ text-align: left; padding: 20px 0 20px 0 !important; } td[class="logo"] img{ margin:0 auto!important; } /* USE THESE CLASSES TO HIDE CONTENT ON MOBILE */ td[class="mobile-hide"]{ display:none;} img[class="mobile-hide"]{ display: none !important; } img[class="img-max"]{ width: 100% !important; height:auto !important; } img[class="logo-max"]{ max-width: 100% !important; height:auto !important; } /* FULL-WIDTH TABLES */ table[class="responsive-table"]{ width:100%!important; } /* UTILITY CLASSES FOR ADJUSTING PADDING ON MOBILE */ td[class="padding"]{ padding: 10px 5% 15px 5% !important; } td[class="padding-copy"]{ padding: 20px 5% 0 5% !important; text-align: center; } td[class="padding-hero"]{ padding: 15px 0 0 0 !important; text-align: center; } td[class="padding-meta"]{ padding: 30px 5% 0px 5% !important; text-align: center; } td[class="no-pad"]{ padding: 0 0 20px 0 !important; } td[class="no-padding"]{ padding: 0 !important; } td[class="section-padding"]{ padding: 0 15px 50px 15px !important; } td[class="section-header"]{ padding: 10px 15px 0 15px !important; } td[class="section-padding-bottom-image"]{ padding: 50px 15px 0 15px !important; } /* ADJUST BUTTONS ON MOBILE */ td[class="mobile-wrapper"]{ padding: 10px 5% 10px 5% !important; } table[class="mobile-button-container"]{ margin:0 auto; width:100% !important; } a[class="mobile-button"]{ width:80% !important; padding: 15px !important; border: 0 !important; font-size: 16px !important; } } logo-max { } Beste Steve, Gillette and Venus are world renown for their quality of shave and durability. You stand a chance to receive a full Fusion Proglide or Swirl shaving package. Select which is the right package for you! CONTINUE CONNECT WITH US Gillette Fusion Proglide® with FlexBall™Technology Razor is the nextevolution in shaving revolution.A pivoting razor built to maximize contactwith every contour of a man’s face. The Venus Swirl™ is designed with arevolutionary FLEXIBALL™ and 5 individually adjusting Contour™ blades. It contours over curves for flawless skin, long-lasting smoothness and virtually no missed hairs.
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Your email client cannot read this email. To view it online, please go here: To stop receiving these emails:
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Your email client cannot read this email. To view it online, please go here: To stop receiving these emails:
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Whats App New voicemessage. Details Dec 3 7:21 PM09 sec autoplay © Whats App
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FedEx December 3, 2013 Not possible to make delivery. Our companys courier couldnt make the delivery. Tracking Updates © FedEx 1995-2013 | Global Home | Terms of Use | Security and Privacy
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Google Maya Williams (Gmail Service) just sent you a message: 12/03/2016 Undeliverable messages. Get more information Don't want occasional updates about Gmail activity? Change what email Gmail Support sends you.
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This is the second time I am sending you this mail.I, Friedrich Mayrhofer Donate $1,000,000.00 to You, Email Me personally for more details. Regards.Friedrich Mayrhofer 62 años de funcionamiento de la UTM. Fundada el 25 de Junio de 1954. Acreditada en categoria B. Este mensaje ha sido analizado por clamav ativirus y se considera totalmente limpio.
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Здравейте, Представяме Ви нашата нова онлайн кампания Топ 100 стола, която можете да заредите на сления линк: С уважение, Екипът на
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-- SMTP MAILER WEBMAIL LEADS CPANEL Support E-Mail: [email address removed] Best Regards,
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Greetings I want you to patiently read this offer. I am Mrs. Maria Mamadou, the wife to the deceased former Head of Delegation to the World Bank in West Africa. My husband was the linkman between the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries - OPEC and the petroleum sector in a West African country. He also attends OPEC meetings constantly in Geneva before his death caused by cardiac arrest in our home town. Through the sale of our allocated oil quota in OPEC, he was able to make $12.million. (TWELVE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS)I want you to assist me to claim this money as i cannot claim it directly because he made the deposit as a fund belonging to his business associate in order not to raise eyebrow since he was a civil servant during that time, and the code of conduct bureau forbids him or his wife to acquire such amount of money. It is on this basis that I am contacting you for assistance, if you will be interested, claim documents will been processed and sent to you. The documents with which the fund is deposited will be amended to reflect you as the beneficiary so that you will be eligible to collect the fund as his business associate. You shall be entitled to 30% of the total funds while the rest will be given to me on arrival in your country for the up keeping of my kids and for further investment under your kind control there in your country as I can not be able to do any investment here in West Africa due to the origin of the said fund. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this business is risk free and doesn't have any negative implication. You should not entertain any fear as all modalities for the smooth and easy transfer of this fund have been finalized.If you can conveniently assure me of your ability to keep this business very secret and confidential, you can write back to me for further details. I am will be waiting for your fast mail as soon as you read this mail for more information’s, please contact me with the below email for more details. Email: [email address removed] Warm Regards, Mrs. Maria Mamadou Email: [email address removed] -------------------------------------- Sorry if you received this letter in your spam, is due to recent connection error here in the country.
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Donation of $ 730,000,00 USD from Marvin and Mae Acosta of Chino Hills Powerball winners to you [email address removed]
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From: Mrs. Monica Stewart Managing Director DHL Express Benin Services Customers Service Hours--Monday to Saturday: Office Hours Monday to Saturday: Attention,Attention,Attention, This is the DHL Express Benin Service Company mailing you in respect of your ATM INTERSWITCH CARD that Mrs. Monica Stewart brought to this company to be delivered to you and before protocol commence we had a dispute with the (NICON)Insurance office about your insurance certificate but all have been settled. We are happy to inform you that your ATM INTERSWICTH CARD that contains US$1,600,000,00 dollars' is among the 24 parcel's listed which is now in our office and also with your name as the receiver despise that we lost your residential address and we request that you re-send it to this office for safe delivery of your card Without hesitation. To process your claims, be advised to provide and neatly fill out the necessary details as below to enable us process your parcel for delivery. (1) Full Names: -------------------------- (2) Phone Line : ------------------------- (With Dialling Code) (3) Country Of Origin : ----------------- (4) Age : -------------------------------- (5) Occupation : ------------------------- (6) Home Address : ----------------------- (7) Private E-mail : --------------------- CONTACT PERSORN Mr. Larry Johnson Dispatch Manager DHL Express Benin Service Company E-mail : [email address removed] You are required to contact the above E-mail address and request for the immediate delivery of your parcel in their safe custody. NOTE : Please note that you will be charge only for the cost of the delivery. Congratulations Once Again !!! In Your Service, Mrs. Monica Stewart
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I have a partner who has 50kg of gold bar in Kenya. We also have another gold 100kg with export document issued since September and the document has just few weeks left to expire, so the seller is seeking for a buyer who can pay for only the shipping and insurance to move the gold before the document gets expired. Do you have any interested buyer?. Awaiting your response. Regards. forward your respond to [email address removed]
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