U.S.A EMBASSY IN BENIN REPUBLICMetro Plaza, Plot 991/992Zakari Maimalari StreetCadastral Zone AO,Central Business District, West Africa Attn: Welcome to the United States Of America Embassy Benin Republic, This is Mrs Tamara Brown, U.S. Embassy in Benin Republic. We write to notify you that U.S. Embassy here in Benin has inter-vain in your case due your total sum of $4.8millions, Inheritance fund owning you in Africa. We are here to represent and protect the legal interest of every American and any others Country like UK and Asia that involved in such businesses of every Foreigner and  especially to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member  Country Citizens domiciled here in Cotonou, Benin Republic.This site  contains information on the United States of America and the Republic of Benin. It provides pages on the bilateral relationship between the twoCountries,as well as on foreign policy,economic affairs,domestic  issues,and U.S.society and values.The various sections of the Embassy work together as a team to address the goals of the Mission.We write to inform you of the breaking  news about your Inheritance fund of ($4.8millions USD) which you have  been expecting sending money for so longer, without a good result up to  date, even many of them contacted you in form of Western Union Department or Money Gram stated your fund was with them, from the financial regulatory bodies of this Country, from their report I gathered that your Inheritance fund which was scheduled to have been remitted to your destination point by some corrupt officials with intention of on asking you to pay endless money.However, I went to Benin Republic International Criminal Organization after USA Embassy Board of Directors for investigation, and in their bid to launch a full scaleinvestigation into the saga, they found out that the reason why you were swindled in the past and still not been able to receive your expected  fund till date was because you were dealing with the wrong people without involved USA Embassy  Representative, unscrupulous elements, and impostors that were impersonating. Further more,USA Embassy have took the  chance to an emergency meeting with the Government of Benin Republic, and it was resolved that you shall be receiving $4.800,000,00, we have  summon the amalgamated union governing all the official office stores in this Country and their MD referred your fund to step aside that we will handle your payment total sum of $4.800,000,00,by yourself,so,it better for you to stopped communicate with any other office here in Benin Republic,because,if you did is for your own risk.Though the Claim Fund Origin certificate charges that you were supposed to pay was initially on the high price but has been cut down to $100 by the USA Embassy in Benin Republic as part of our corporate social responsibility to considering the poor economic situations that make it difficult for the middle class citizens to meet up with the Claim Fund Origin of their entitlement.Note that the $100 is the only money that you shall pay to LAWRENCE ONWUESI before they shall start program the payment details that shall enable you have access of your $4.800,000,00, Note that the $100 is compulsory for you to pay as it was agreed in  the meeting that you have to pay the $100 which will serve as  re-confirmation to your original file,meanwhile you are advising to reconfirm the below information to us avoid mistaking.1. Your Full Name: _________2. Your Direct Cell No: _________3. Your Home Address: _________4. Your City: _________5. Your ID: _________Note that you are expected to pay only  $100 for re-confirmation of your file and you are to pay it to Western  union or Money Gram here in Benin Republic as the origination of the  Fund in the favor of  LAWRENCE ONWUESI. Send the $100 through with the information below for reconfirmation of your file that will enhance the release of your Fund,Receivers: _________LAWRENCE ONWUESICity: _________CotonouCountry: _________Benin RepublicTest Question: _________AAnswer: _________AAmount: _________$100Sender s name: _________MTCN____________________Once you send the money, try to notify us with the MTCN for easy pick up and for immediate action on the release of your $4.800,000,00, and your subsequent payments. Note that any unclaimed funds will be return to the Government of Benin after 10days. So you are urgently advised to comply with our directives so that you shall receive your fund without stress again.Thank youMrs Tamara Brown
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Dear Customer,Please see attached for instruction.Note: You might find this notice in your spam folder depending on your ISP,and our spam filter might flag it as spam. Please kindly move to inboxfolder to continue.Thank you for choosing Google.
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My dear friend, AM Miss Samantha ABDUL From Kuwait: I am writing this mail to call for your collaboration in a partnership business in your country, Sorry for contacting you through this medium without a previouse notice: Although this massage might meet you in utmost surprise as both of us has never see each other before but i had to use email communication with you because its is an official and more confidential way of making contact with people around the world.In receipt of your respond i want you to tell me something about your company if (any). Samantha ABDUL Email: samantha.mohamed@outlook.com
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OEpsMXREDQoNCqFtwsWl+rlxvHahbr/7xUu8WLnTDQqhbcLFpfq5cbx2oW6kS6xQqeqz3w0K oW3CxaX6uXG8dqFuxdynzqr3regzIDNEDQq90MJJv++kVaZDuvSnfbPpDQpodHRwOi8vYmJo eW1obS5iZDY2ODgubmV0DQoNCqZwtUyqa7NztbIgvdDCSb/vofezb6SjrE+pVaejq0ggsr6m Xqbcpqyl86dYtE6labNztbINCg0KMUV5SGRDbWY
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You may qualify for compensation for your personal injuries!
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News for your money I am here by informing you to write to, Money Gram with your full information.name...?tele no..?where the interest of $7.5m (Transfer) will be Transfer to you as a cash payment of your holding conpensation funds,to avoid another haux as you're disappionted in thepast. This is their contact info Directors Name: MR WILLIAM DABAIN Email..(mgdcbenin1m@yahoo.com) Tel/00229 68773365 MR JOHNSON UZORO
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-- I am David Ellis Head of Inspection Unit United Nations Inspection Agency in Harts field-Jackson International Airport Atlanta, Georgia.During our investigation, I discovered An abandoned shipment through a Diplomat from United Kingdom which was transferred from JF Kennedy Airport To our facility here in Atlanta, and when scanned it revealed an undisclosed sum of money in 2 Metal Trunk Boxes weighing approximately 110kg each.The consignment was abandoned because the Content was not properly declared by the consignee as money rather it was declared as personal Effect/classified document to either avoid diversion by the Shipping Agent or confiscation by the relevant authorities. The diplomat's inability to pay for Non Inspection fees among other things are the reason why the consignment is delayed and abandoned. By my assessment, each of the boxes contains about $4M or more.They are still left in the airport storage facility till today. The Consignments like I said are two metal trunk boxes weighing about 110kg each (Internal dimension: W61 x H156 x D73 (cm) effective Capacity: 680 L) Approximately. The details of the consignment including your name and email on the official document from United Nations' office in London where the shipment was tagged as personal effects/classified document is still available with us. As it stands now, you have to reconfirm your Full name, Phone Number, full address so I can cross-check and see if it corresponds with the one on the official documents. It is now left to you to decide if you still need the consignment or allow us repatriate it back to UK (place of origin) as we were instructed. Like I did say again, the shipper abandoned it and ran away most importantly because he gave a false declaration, he could not pay for the yellow tag, he could not secure a valid non inspection document(s), etc. I am ready to assist you in any way I can for you to get back this packages provided you will also give me something out of it (financial gratification). You can either come in person, or you engage the services of a secure shipping/delivery Company/agent that will provide the necessary security That is required to deliver the package to your doorstep or the destination of your choice. I need all the guarantee that I can get from you before I can get involved in this project. Best Regards, David Ellis INSPECTION OFFICER
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-- Be safe & Check The Sex Offenders Registered
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Automne 2014 body { margin-left: 0px; margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:12px; } A, .top_text { color: #FFF; } .footer_text { } Si vous ne pouvez pas lire ce message, consultez notre version en ligne ici   Vous recevez cette newsletter car votre email figure sur notre base de données. Cette communication vous donnera accès à des informations sur nos produits, promotions et offres spéciales. Si vous ne voulez pas recevoir ces informations, cliquez ici  
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Dear Esteemed Colleague, I am Dr.Tom Hart, i work with Direct Financial Services (UK) LTD, United Kingdom. I contacted you in respect of an investment placed under our management 15 years ago by late Harry Helmsley. I contacted you independently of our investigation and emphasis the reason of this communication. I would like to intimate you with certain facts that I believe would be of interest to you.In 1998, the subject matter; Harry came to us to engage in business discussions. He informed us that he had a financial portfolio of Twenty One Million Five Hundred British Pounds sterling,which he wished to have us turn over (invest) on his behalf. I was the officer assigned to his case, I made numerous suggestions in line with my duties as the de-facto global head of the Offshore banking sector,especially given the volume of funds he wished to put into our management. We met on numerous occasions prior to any investments being placed. I encouraged him to consider various growth funds with prime ratings. In Line with instructions, the money was deposited with International International Financial Data Services. Harry told me he wanted the money there in anticipation of his arrival from USA later that week. This was the last communication we had, this transpired around 9th March 1998. In June last year, we got a call from International Financial Data Service informing us of the inactivity of that particular portfolio.This was an astounding position as far as I was concerned, given the fact that I was still in the Direct Financial Offshore sector I'm the only one other than Tony Dupan who himself is on a year's leave of absence and is now a visiting lecturer at the London School Of Economics as we both served on the sub-committee on Mr.Leonard's portfolio initially who knew about the deposit at International Financial Data Services Uk, and I could not understand why Harry had not come forward to claim his deposit. I immediately passed the task of locating him to the internalinvestigations department of Direct Financial Services (UK) LTD. Fourdays later, information started to trickle in, apparently Harry was dead. A person who suited his description was declared dead of a heart attack in his home town USA. We were soon enough able to identify the body and cause of death was confirmed. Direct Financial Services (UK) LTD immediately launched an investigation into possible surviving next of kin to alert about the situation and also to come forward to claim his estate. And it was discovered that the only surviving wife is dead long ago. Now our Company has been waiting for any of the relatives to come-up for the claim but nobody has done that. I personally has been unsuccessful in locating any of the relatives for the past (5) Five years now, I sincerely seek your consent to present you as the next of kin / Will Beneficiary to the deceased so that the proceeds of this account valued at GBP 21,500,000.00(Twenty One Million Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds Sterling) available to be released to the next of kin. My proposal; I am prepared to place you in a position to instruct them to release the deposit to you as the next of kin. Upon receipt of the deposit, I am prepared to share the money with you as the beneficiary that is: You will get 30% of GBP 21,500,000.00 while I take 70%. I assure you that I could have the deposit released to you within a few days not later than 10 business days. Do not betray my confidence. If we can be of one accord, we should plan a meeting soon.Your early respond would be appreciated. Please kindly send the following to enable us proceed: Full Name...., Residential contact Address........, Country of Origin and Contact telephone Number. Awaiting your good response. Sincerely, Dr. Tom Hart. E-Mail: Dr.tom_hart@ymail.com
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 Greetings My Dear Friend. Brief introduction, I am widow from Syria, married to late Engr.Alahaji Omer Ibrahim who worked with an oil company in Abidjan Ivory Coast. He retired in the year 2002. He died in the year 2011 after an attack by armed robbery here in Africa. I and my late husband have been in Africa for so many years before his death. I have decided to leave Africa now back to our country Syria due to sham and insecurity here because this marriage made me change my family religion from Christianity to Muslim because of this my family here is Africa rejected me and this has effected me so much since the death of my beloved husband, We are presently in a nearby country from Abidjan Ivory Coast to Burkina Faso for security reason and for the safety of the fund here in BF. I and my son planed to move to Syria but the war there now is a very big problem for us ,so we have decided to relocate to your country with the amount my late husband deposited with a security company called CORNERSTONE SECURITY/FINANCE COMPANY here in Burkina faso, if you can help and accept us in your country as your guest we will be grate full , as we don?t have any relation there in your country we need your assistance , on this , you have to receive this funds which the SECURITY COMPANY here has agreed to transfer out from my late husband account to your local account over there in your country You have to lead us in the area which we have to invest these funds so that it will benefit to both of us, that is exactly what we need from you now, as we don?t have idea of investment. if you are honest and capable to handle this funds, for us we have to ask the security company to contact you as our partner that will provide an account for the release of this funds from the security company here. The fund is 7.2Million Euro deposited in the Cornerstone Security/Finance Company BF. We have to give you more details after your reply on this. Get back to me for discussion, I attached my photo for you to know whom you are dealling with. Here is my private email.. mrsfatima_ibrahim@yahoo.co.uk I am waiting to hear from you Mrs Fatima Ibrahim.
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Grant number SB/CC7/2014​
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Dear beloved Save my life My Name is Miss Amina Hamed from Syria, I am 21 years old, I am in St. Christopher's Parish as a refugee citizen in Benin republic under United Nations High commission for Refugee , I lost my parents in the recent war in Syria, right now I am in Republic of Benin, please save my life i am in danger I need your help in transferring my inheritance my parent left behind for me in a BANK in Benin here ,i have every document for the transfer, all i need is a foreigner who will stand as the foreign partner to my late father and beneficiary of the funds. The money deposited in the bank is (THIRTY TWO MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLAR) US$32.000.000, I just need this funds to be transfer to your account so that i will come over to your country to complete my education as you know that my country have been in deep crisis due to the war .and I cannot go back there again because I have nobody again all of my family were killed in the war. If you are interested to save me and help me receive my inheritance funds please let know . So that I will introduce you to the bank as my late father?s foreign partner, I wait to receive your reply for more details about me and the inheritance funds as urgent as you can My regards to you Miss Amina Hamed
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¹ó¹«?¸ºÔðÈË(¾­Àí/²ÆÎñ)Äúºãº ±¾¹«?Ô?¨±±¾©¡¢É?£¡¢Ìì½ò¡¢Õ?¡¢¹ãÖ?¢½­Ë??÷´ó³ÇÊÐÓ??«?£© Òò½øÏî½?àÏÖÍê³?»ÁËÿÔÂÏúÊ?î¶?£ÿÔÂÓÐ?²¿·ÖÔö??·¢?£¨6% ×óÓ?© ºÍÆÕ?·¢?£¨0.5%-2%×óÓ?©Ó??úÀí»òºÏ×???µãÊý½??£ÀàÐÍÈçÏÂ: ?:ÆÕ?¹ú?:ÉÌ?ÏúÊ?¢»õÎï??ÏúÊ?¢¹¤???ÏúÊ?£ ¶þ:ÆÕ?µØ?:Ä?ÓÔËÊ?¹ú¼?õÔ?¢½¨Öþ°²?¡¢¹ã¸æ?¡¢»ú¶¯³µÏúÊÛ ?Îñ´ú¿ª¡¢¼?¤ÐÞÀíµÈ?Ó÷¢?¡£ Èý:ÆäËü·þÎñ:×âÁ??¢»áÒé·?¢?Ë??¢×É?·?¢·þÎñ·?¢¶¨¶î²ÍÒûµÈ ====?Ö?Ð?=== ÒÔÉÏ?¾?ù?¸÷µ¥?ÔÚ?Îñ¾ÖËùÉêÁì¾ù¿ÉÉÏÍøÑé?»òµ½?Îñ¾????¿? ?? ? ÈË: ?¾­Àí ÈÈÏ??: 15014119818 ?Îñ QQ :905958483
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NW44d2MNCg0KqGupyq/gp6e2p6Rrqcqv4LbKsaGqurKjq34NCsV3qu/CSb/vpFWmQ7r0p30N Cmh0dHA6Ly9sdWh1Y2IuaGlnaDk5OS5vcmcNCg0KpnC1TKprs3O1siC90MJJv++h97NvpKOs T6lVp6OrSCCyvqZeptymrKXzp1i0TqVps3O1sg0KDQpjdkZl
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Attention The payment processing management have concluded to effect your unclaimed inherited payment through western Union today,which the I M F have signed $5,000 daily until the total fund of $2.5million US is completely transferred to you accordingly. Director John Basil has instructed to send $5,000.00 in your name today, so contact ECO BANK service bellow with your full Name, phone contact and address,so that they can confirm the information and release your payment slip to you. Contact the bellow information/email with your above requested details: Account officer:Mrs Mazidath Ramdane(mazidathram@mail2consultant.com) General secretary:Mr.Edmond Gildas(edmondgildas@yahoo.com) 00 229 68006989 Contact with your information and ask for the complete payment slip or the MTCN, sender name and test Question/Answer to pick up your first payment of $5,000.00 Mr.Agharevba Akiakeme
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? Com o curso Propulsão para Fluência que desenvolvi vou lhe dar as chaves para abrir o portal de fluência desta base onde se encontra cerca de 80% de tudo o que você precisa para falar inglês e depois poderá andar com as próprias pernas e experimentar o efeito cascata de fluência falando e entendendo coisas que eu mesmo não ensinei a você...sem estudar regras chatas de gramática e sem ter que ficar memorizando listas de palavras ... Isto vai te dar independência para falar inglês sem muletas, sem ajuda de terceiros... Eu vou te pegar pela mão mesmo e te guiar até esta parte em que você será seu capitão e poderá evoluir sozinho . Visite nosso site para mais informações
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Attention,   Your email is due for upgrade.   Validate your email account to avoid account suspension.   Validate Your Account Now   With regards. 
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Sorry for delay, pls find attahed invoice Regards, Business Central Tower A, Suite 3301AP.O. Box 502549Dubai, UAETEL: +886-4-2358-1558FAX:  +886-4-2358-1268
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??????, ??????? ? ???????? ???????????? ????????, ? ? ????? ?? ????? ????????? ???????????? ???????? ? ???? ????? ????????? ???????? ???? ??? ????? ?????????, ?? ? ????? ?? ? ???????? ? ?????? ??????, ? ???? ????? ?????? ???????????? ????????????. ???????? ??? PLS ???????? ??? ??? ????????? ????????? ?????????? ??????? ?-? ???????
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HelloHow are you doing hope fine, I am sarafina williams by name,iwill like to know more about you beliving that friendship is a gift of nature,Please get back to me as soon as possible. sarafinawilliams@hotmail.com thanks you
Click to view scam #96728 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 6:25 pm by jamesjames1955@hotmail.com
Dear Friend, Good day, I know this message will come to you as a surprise, I am audit and account manager in Bank of Africa (BOA) Ouagadougou Burkina Faso . I hope that you will not expose or betray this trust and confidence that I repose on you for the mutual benefits of our families. I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of ($10.5 Million United State Dollars) into your Bank account. This money has been dormant for years in our Bank without any body coming for the claim of the fund. I want the Bank to release the money to you as the Next of kin to our deceased customer (the owner of the account) died along with his supposed next of kin in air crash on July 2006. I don't want the money to go into our Government treasurer account as an abandon fund. So this is the reason why I contacted you so that the Bank can release the money to you as the next of kin to the deceased customer. Please I will like you to keep this proposal as a top secret and delete it if you are not interested. Upon the receipt of your reply! I will give you the full details on how the business will be executed and also note that you will have 40% of the above mentioned sum if you agree to handle this business with me. I will give you all the vital information about this transaction as soon as I receive your reply, kindly fill your information bellow. 1. Name in full:................... 2. Address:.......................... 3. Nationality:...................... 4. Age:................................. 5. Sex:.................................. 6. Occupation: .................... 7. Marital status:.................. 8. Phone:.............................. 9. Fax:................................. Yours Faithfully, Dr . Yasir Khan Accounts & Audit department Bank of Africa .
Click to view scam #96727 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 6:20 pm by yasir_khan1@latinmail.com
Attn: (CONFIDENTIAL DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CASH DELIVERY). I am Mr. Moses Chimereze OKPO (FCA) Director Finance & Accounts, Federal Minister of Finance Federal Republic of Nigeria. I decided to contact you because of the prevailage Finance report reaching my office and the intense nature of polity in Nigeria. This is to inform you about our plan to send your fund to you via cash delivery. This system will be easier for you and for us. We are going to send your contract/Inheritance part payment of US$15.5 Million to you via courier service. The money is coming on 3 security proof boxes. The boxes are sealed with synthetic nylon seal and padded with machine. This fund was brought to us from America; it was meant for our Local AFEM market. But since the money was not used, I will use my position as the Director Finance & Accounts, to the Federation to send this fund to you. Please note, The boxes are coming with a Diplomat agent who will accompany the boxes to your house address. All you need to do now Is to send to me your full house address and your identity such as, international passport or drivers license including your contact phone numbers, The Diplomat attach will travel with it. He will call you immediately he arrives your country's airport. I hope you understand me? Please I will let you know when the the boxes will be airlifted by the Grace of God. Note: The diplomat does not know the original contents of the boxes. What l declared to him as the contents is Sensitive Photographic Film Material. I did not declare money to them please. If they call you and ask you the contents please tell them the same thing Ok. send me immediately you receive this message on my direct Email: ministryofifinacefgn@hotmail.com to know how far I have gone with the arrangement. Confirm the receipt of this message and send the requirements to me immediately you receive this message. Please I need urgent reply because the boxes are schedule to leave as soon as we hear from you.Re-Confirm Below immediately. 1. Full Name 2. Residential Address 3. Direct Telephone Number 4. ID/passport 5. Age/marital status Best Regards, Mr. Moses Chimereze OKPO (FCA) Director Finance & Accounts, Federal Minister of Finance
Click to view scam #96726 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 6:07 pm by revrendjohn.williams117@gmail.com
Greetings to you.I hope this mail finds you in good health. I am Dr. Andrew .W. Jones, a US Surgeon Doctor an expert in Medicine, Presently working with US Military as a Volunteer doctor at Camp Eagger's located here the capital of Afghanistan Kabul. On the 12th of April 2014 I was approached by a British Soldier, Warrant Officer Faulkner Spencer, who handed a box full of cash totaling $2.850, Million US dollars to me and  for safe keeping and begged me never to disclose this to anyone.Unfortunately,exactly two weeks later news reached me that he had an accident and died in an Helicopter crash in Takhta Pul District, Afghanistan. Kindly view the link below for confirmation.http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-10629358I want to use this opportunity to seek for your assistance to help me repatriate this fund to your country for investment purposes because the fund is not safe here and I can no longer hold on to this fund since Officer Faulkner is no more and I am willing to compensate you with 30% of the total sum for your help while 10% of the fund will be mapped out to cover any expenses you may involve during delivery after you have confirmed the fund in your position. Please i wait for your urgent response, as i have plans to move the cash through consignment delivery to you through the help of Res Cross Delivery Agent.Thanks.Dr. Andrew .W.
Click to view scam #96723 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 5:47 pm by dr.andrewwjones@gmail.com
Application attached: Yahoo Awards Center.docAudio attached: Yahoo Awards Center.docVideo attached: Yahoo Awards Center.docAttachment content - Yahoo Awards Center.doc:Dear winner,This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of Eight Hundred,Twenty Thousand Great Britain Pounds (820,000,00.) for the month of October, 2014 Prize promotion which is organized by HYPERLINK http//www.yahoo.com/ t _blank YAHOO AWARDS WINDOWS LIVE. HYPERLINK http//www.yahoo.com/ t _blank YAHOO collects all the email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to HYPERLINK http//www.yahoo.com/ t _blank Yahoo and HYPERLINK http//www.hotmail.com/ t _blank Hotmail and few from other e-mail providers. Six people are selected monthly to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the Selected Winners.PAYMENT OF PRIZE AND CLAIM.Winners shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Centre. Yahoo Prize Award must be claimed not later than 28days from the date of Draw Notification. Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited.Stated below are your identification numbersBATCH NUMBER MFI/06/APA-43658REFERENCE NUMBER 2006234522 PIN 1206 Winning Number 01-14-21-30-35-48 These numbers fall within the England Location file, you are requested to contact our fiduciary agent in Manchester and send your winning identification numbers to himAgent NameMr.Michael Evans. Email evans19541952@gmail.com  HYPERLINK http//us.mc576.mail.yahoo.com/mc/composetoevans19541954@gmail.com 20(or t _blank (or)  evansevans782@gmail.com (or) evans19541951@yahoo.co.uk Tel 447937424208   You are advised to send the following information to your Claims Agent to facilitate the release of of your fund to you.1. Full name............................... 2. Country..................................3. Contact Address.....................4. Telephone Number................. 5. fax Number............................5. Marital Status.........................6. Occupation............................. 7. My Date of birth......................8. Sex.................................9.Batch Number.................................10.Reference Number.................................11.Pin Number................................12. Winning Number................................13.Amount Won................................ Congratulations once again.Yours in service, INCLUDEPICTURE http//t6.tagstat.com/image01/6/6078/8001052NC1U.jpg MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE http//images.freelotto.com/www.freelotto.com/dynamic/akamaizer/200503_gletter/sigapprove.gif MERGEFORMATINET Dr. (Mrs.) Felicia Daniel .WARNINGDo not tell people about your Prize Award until your money is successfully handed over to you to avoid disqualification that may arise from double claim.You may also receive similar e-mails from people potraying tobe other Organizations or Yahoo Inc . This is solely to collect your personal information from you and lay claim over your winning. In event that you receive any e-mail similar to the notification letter that was sent to you, Kindly delete it from your mail box and give no further correspondence to such person or body.Yahoo shall not be held responsible for any loss of fund arising from the above mentioned.Winning Number INCLUDEPICTURE http//www.lotto.co.uk/images/lotto_balls/lotto/lotto_1.gif MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE http//www.lotto.co.uk/images/lotto_balls/lotto/lotto_14.gif MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE http//www.lotto.co.uk/images/lotto_balls/lotto/lotto_21.gif MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE http//www.lotto.co.uk/images/lotto_balls/lotto/lotto_30.gif MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE http//www.lotto.co.uk/images/lotto_balls/lotto/lotto_35.gif MERGEFORMATINET INCLUDEPICTURE http//www.lotto.co.uk/images/lotto_balls/lotto/lotto_48.gif MERGEFORMATINET euB7DsVpYPBy09CdB7u8k0Y64(  dxohAaY6Y0g/9s KAG cQ,jBKEem W6irmZCOLkStGDE _F GVb 7 LvzMprBWM39 VC7I419jN Ved,nBM07jmiOL /)eiTj 9jVaGehJmM/ 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 Attention Dear Receiver. I Am Diplomat Eric Johnson,  I have been trying to reach you on yourtelephone about an hour now just to inform you about my successfularrival in John Kennedy (JFK) International Airport, (USA) with your two boxes of consignment worth $2.8million USA dollars which I have been instructed by TNT DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE to be delivered to you. The Airport Authority demanded for all the legal back up to proof to them that the fund is no way related with drug nor fraud money, I have presented the papers I handed to them and they are very much pleased with the papers I presented but the only thing that is still keeping me here is the Airport Delivery Tag which is not placed on the boxes, one of the Airport Authority have advise me that I can get the Delivery Tag from the Origin of the two consignment boxes so that I can exit the Airport immediately and make my delivery successful. I try to reason with them and they stated the Delivery Tag will cost us just $178.00 Dollars only to get the Two Tags placed on the boxes as that tag will enable me get to your house successfully without any interference, they scanned the boxes and found out that the fund is 100 % spend able and accepted by any bank in the whole world. As I can not afford to spend more time here due to other delivery I have to take care of in Bank ok. Here are the papers backing the funds together With my ID CARD as I can accompany you to your bank were you will deposit The fund successfully with these papers. I have one more vital paper with me but I can only present you the hard copy when I reach your house as that it is the Diplomatic rules, such as authorization to deliver. Reconfirm the following information below so that I can deliver your Consignment box to you today. NAME: __________________ADDRESS: __________________MOBILE NO.:__________________NAME OF YOUR NEAREST AIRPORT:__________________A COPY OF YOUR IDENTIFICATION: __________________ You can direct the Tag fee to our Head Office in Benin Republic TNT as they will get the Tags there for you and they are entitled to receive and Make any payment to Foreign Countries authority. Diplomat Eric Johnson Here is my cell phone to contact me. ( 641 435 1726) Clicks here to know the area where I am athttp://www.visitingdc.com/airports/lax-airport-address.asp so you haveto Contact me with this email address ( mr.ericjohnson494@yahoo.com.au ) RECEIVER'S NAME....EKENE ONYEAKAHACOUNTRY .......... REPUBLIC OF BENINCITY ....................... COTONOUTEXT QUESTION ........ ATEXT ANSWER ........ AAMOUNT..................$178.00 USDSENDER'S NAME__________________MTCN__________________ After sending the payment to Our Head Office in Benin Republic TNT, remember to email me back with the payment information such as mtcn number also sender;s name text Question and answer to enable me reach them with the payment details so they can get the Tags obtain and Fax it to me one hand so I can make my Next step to your address today due to the Yellow Tags of the boxes is my  Only delay now. (Here Is Your Package Unlocking CODE (AWB33XZS)Urgent Response is needed because here is very busy and hotEmail me :(mr.ericjohnson709@yahoo.com.vn ) Call or text me SMS at:  641 435 1726Regard, Diplomat Eric JohnsonTreat Urgent call me on this USA Phone #  641 435 1726
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Begin forwarded message:From: "MR KEVIN WILLIAMS"<ebjjmk149399-194519.d6bf7@gregory-group.com>Date: 23 October, 2014 5:24:04 AM EDTSubject: CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Reply-To: <markpen011@yahoo.com.vn>CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPENSATION AND FINANCE HOUSE HEAD OFFICEFinance and Security House,Due to your effort, sincerity, courage and trust worthiness you showed at thecourse of the Uk Online Lotto Winning cheque shipment to your location, I wantto compensate you and show my gratitude to you with the sum of E 10, million poundsI have authorized the finance house where I deposited the money to issue youinternational certified bank draft cashable at your bank.My dear winner,I will like you to contact the CEO in charge of the financehouse for the collection of this international certified bank draft.The name of the Person with your Cheque is MR KEVIN WILLIAMSCOMPENSATION AND FINANCE HOUSE HEAD OFFICECONTACT AGENT : MR KEVIN WILLIAMSEmail:markpen011@yahoo.com.vnFinance and Security HouseUnited Kingdom Deposit FirmFSH TowersChelsea T45H U.K.At the moment, I am very busy at Sydney,Australia because of the investmentprojects which myself and my new partner Mr Peter Hills of CTL Company arehaving at hand.Finally, remember that I have forwarded instruction to the MR KEVINWILLIAMS at the finance house on your behalf to send the bank draft to you as soon as youcontact him without delay. Please I will like you to accept this token withgood faith as this is from the bottom of my heart.Thanks and God bless you and your family.My sincere advice to you as a christian is that you should endeavour to payyour tithe to a bible believing church when you get the money becausei noticed it as a fudiciary agent that you were skeptical about your winnings when youwere been ask by the Uk lotto Agency Inc to file out a claim for your prize. And now the current policy of the Lotto organiser is that if an emerged winner fails to claim up his/her winning cheque of E 10, million pounds, it's now mandatorythat this fund can be remitted or forfeited to the fudiciary agent in charge of this winners file.1. Full Names:2. Residential Address:3. Phone Number:4. Fax Number:5. Occupation:6. Sex:7. Age :8. Nationality:9. Present Country:However, I want you to contact him immediately as soon as you receive thisinformation because he is leaving for the US by the end of this month and thismight cost a delayment for you to receive this draft.Hope to hear from you soon.Yours FaithfullyCompensator Officer
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Dearest one,How are you today? Hope all is well with you and yours? if so glory be to God almighty.My mail might come to you as a surprise, not to worry i come in peace.I am Miss Tairat Kones from Kenya i am 24 years old. I have an urgent need for a trustee to receive my inheritance fund on my behalf . I will like for you to stand for me as trustee to help me receive the sum of $9.4 million dollars been my inheritance fund from my late father.This is legal and 100% risk free. I intend to share part of this fund with you and you can help me invest my share of it.Let me know if you are in position to help me receive this funds. once i get your positive response i will furnish you with all you need to know of my proposal and some photo image of me.Kindly reply to my mail via my private for confidential reasons :    tairatkones@blumail.orgThanks in anticipation.Yours Sincerely,Tairat kones.I need you to stand for me as TRUSTEE
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Kàê ñîçäaòü êoìàíäó ìe÷òû? Ëèäeðñòâî è ðóêîâoäñòâî: òeõíèêè ýôôeêòèâíîãî âëèÿíèÿ Òðeíèíã ? 24-25 îêòÿápÿ ? 2014 ã. Kèeâ ? Ãoñòèíèöà «Ìèp» ? ïp. 40-ëeòèÿ Oêòÿáðÿ 70 ? cò. ìåòpî «Ãoëîñååâñêàÿ» Òeë.: (044) 228-90-íóëü-ï'ÿòü, 228-÷îòèpè-øicòü-69 ÄËß KOÃÎ ÏPÅÄHÀÇÍÀ×ÅÍ ÄAÍHÛÉ ÒPEHÈÍÃ? Áeçóñëîâíî äaííûé òpåíèíã áóäeò ïîëeçåí óïpàâëeíöàì, íåçaâèñèìî oò òîão, òoëüêî ía÷èíàeòå ëè âû póêoâîäÿùóþ äåÿòeëüíîñòü èëè óæe ÿâëÿåòecü «çañëóæåííûì» òoï-ìeíeäæåðîì. Òðåíeð: Hèêîëaé Kîçëoâ OÏÈCAÍÈÅ ÒPEHÈÍÃÀ Kaêaÿ oía ? êîìàíäa ìe÷òû? Ïpeäñòàâüòå âaøó êoìàíäó â âèäe eäèíoãî oðãaíèçìà. È çaìåòüòe, íe ìexàíèçì, â êoòîðîì ÷eëîâåê âñåão ëèøü âèíòèê, a èìeííî æèâoé, íeäeëèìûé îpãaíèçì, ãäe âñe poëè ? ãëaâíûå, âeäóùèå. Òàêaÿ êîìaíäà ïîçâoëÿeò êaæäîìó åe ó÷añòíèêó îñoçíàâàòü câîþ öåííoñòü, a, cëåäîâàòåëüíî, ïoáóæäàeò âêëaäûâaòü äóøó â coâìåñòíîå äåëo, ìoòèâèpoâàòü ñaìîãî cåáÿ, ïoíèìàòü âñe c ïoëócëîâà è èäòè ê íaìå÷åííûì öeëÿì c ãopÿùèìè ãëàçaìè. Ïîëàãaåòå, ÷òo ýòo «cþæeò» oäíoé èç àìåpèêàíñêèõ áèçíåc-êíèã? Îäíàêo ïðeæäe ÷eì oòâåòèòü ía ýòoò âîïðoñ, ñêaæèòe: ×òo ÿâëÿeòcÿ oñíoâíîé çaäà÷eé ðóêoâoäèòåëÿ? Îäíîçía÷íî è ïðeæäe âcåão ? coçäaíèå oòëè÷íoé êoìaíäû. Êîìaíäû ëèäeðoâ, caìîñòîÿòåëüíî èäóùèx âïepåä è âeäóùèõ ça ñoáoé äpóãèõ, âocïèòûâàÿ â íèx íoâûx ëèäåpoâ. Êoìaíäû, ðaáoòàþùåé íe ïo ãpaôèêó oò çâoíêà äo çâoíêà, a ñòðeìÿùåéñÿ äocòè÷ü oïðeäåëåííîé öeëè. È â äaííoì cëó÷àe óæe íe âàæío, âoçãëàâëÿåòå ëè âû eùå äaííóþ êoìàíäó èëè íeò. A êaê íañ÷eò êîíôëèêòoâ? Åcòü óòâåpäèâøååñÿ ìíåíèe, ÷òo ïpè íaëè÷èè â êoìaíäe íecêîëüêèõ ëèäepîâ, êoíôëèêòoâ èçáåæaòü íeâoçìîæíî, ïocêoëüêó â áoëüøèíñòâe ñëó÷aeâ ìeæäó íèìè, pàíî èëè ïîçäío, ía÷íåòcÿ «áîpüáà ça âëacòü». Äåécòâèòeëüíî, òaê è ecòü! Hî òîëüêo íe â êoëëåêòèâaõ ðóêoâoäèòåëåé, êoòoðûå ïpèíÿëè ó÷àñòèe â òpåíèíãe «Ëèäåðcòâî è ðóêîâoäñòâî». B ÷eì ïpè÷èíà? B ÷eòêîì çíaíèè póêîâoäèòåëåé o ïðaâèëàõ âûñòpaèâàíèÿ êoìaíäû ëèäeðoâ. B îâëàäeíèè èìè èíñòðóìeíòàìè, ïoçâîëÿþùèìè íaïpî÷ü çaáûòü o ñóùåcòâîâàíèè ïîäîáíûx êoíôëèêòîâ. B èx êoìaíäàõ oòíûíe öapÿò âçaèìîïoíèìàíèå è ñoòpóäíè÷åñòâî, a cîòðóäíèêè ñïëo÷åííî paáoòàþò ía eäèíóþ çaäa÷ó, ïîñòaâëåííóþ póêoâoäèòåëåì. ×EÌ ÒÀK OCOÁÅÍÅÍ ÄÀHÍÛÉ ÒPÅÍÈÍà Ïðåæäe âñåão, äaííûé òpåíèíã ïpeäñòàâëÿåò cîáoé íe ïoäa÷ó oáùèõ òåoðåòè÷åñêèõ ñâeäeíèé, a ïaêeò êoíêpåòíûõ påêîìåíäàöèé è peàëüíóþ ïpàêòèêó. Çäåcü âû íe còîëêíåòåñü c ïpèìåðàìè èëè äîñòèæeíèÿìè 10-ëåòíeé äàâíoñòè, òaê êpacî÷íî èçëîæåííûx â çàðóáeæíûõ êíèãaõ. B xoäå îáó÷eíèÿ âû îçíaêîìèòåñü cî ñïocîáàìè, äeécòâèòeëüíî pàáîòàþùèìè â íûíeøíèõ ðoññèéñêèõ ócëoâèÿõ. Bñe òo, o ÷eì ÿ ãoâopþ ía ýòoì òpeíèíãe, ÿâëÿeòcÿ óæe äeñÿòêè ðaç ïpoâeðåííûìè ïpèåìaìè, êaê â ìoeé ïðàêòèêe, òaê è â äeÿòåëüíoñòè ìoèx ó÷eíèêoâ. K òoìó æe, òðeíèíã çàpÿæàåò âañ ìoùíîé ýíåpãèeé è äeécòâèòeëüíî ìeíÿåò îápàç âaøåão ìûøëeíèÿ. Ïoñìîòðåâ ía òo, êaê ìîæío ïîcòðîèòü câîþ paáîòó, ó âac óæe ïðîcòî íe ïoëó÷èòñÿ ðaáoòàòü ïî-còaðîìó. ×aùå âceãî ìû cëûøèì oò ó÷acòíèêîâ oòçûâ: «Õî÷eòcÿ ñêîpåå âåpíóòücÿ ê ñâoåé ðàáoòå, ÷òoáû ýòo âñe ïðîâeðèòü è îáÿçaòeëüíî âíåäpèòü!». Bàì çaõo÷åòñÿ ía÷aòü ôopìèpîâàíèå êîìaíäû ìe÷òû, è âû ee ía÷íeòe! B êoíå÷íoì èòîãe, ìíe èçâåcòíà ècòèíà o òoì, ÷òo óíèâåpcàëüíîñòü ? âeùü âeñüìà oòíocèòåëüíàÿ. Baì, âïoëíe âåpoÿòíî, ìîæeò è íe ïoäîéòè òo, ÷òo oòëè÷ío ïîäîøëo äpóãèì. Ïîýòoìó ÿ ïoìoãó ïoäîápàòü è ïoðåêîìåíäóþ òoëüêî òo, ÷òo íåîáxîäèìî è áóäeò ýôôeêòèâíûì èìåíío äëÿ âañ. HA ÊÎÃO OÐÈEÍÒÈÐÎÂÀÍ ÝÒOÒ ÒPÅÍÈÍà «Póêoâoäèòåëåì ìoæeò è äoëæåí ñòaòü êaæäûé ÷åëoâåê, æeëàþùèé äoáèòüñÿ ñâîeé öeëè...» Hèêîëaé Èâaíîâè÷ Êîçëoâ Áeçócëîâíî äaííûé òpeíèíã áóäeò ïoëeçeí óïðàâëeíöàì, íeçaâècèìî oò òoãî, òoëüêo íà÷èíaåòå ëè âû ðóêoâoäÿùóþ äåÿòeëüíoñòü èëè óæe ÿâëÿeòecü «çañëóæeííûì» òoï-ìåíåäæåðîì. Hî òàêæe ýòoò òpeíèíã áóäeò âåcüìà êñòaòè âñeì aìáèöèîçíûì ëþäÿì, ñòpåìÿùèìñÿ ê ëèäepñòâó â æèçíè, a íe òoëüêo â áèçíecå. È åùe. Hà òpeíèíãå «Ëèäepñòâî è póêoâoäñòâî» ìû áóäeì paäû: Ñïeöèàëèñòàì, óìíûì è ãpàìîòíûì, c oïðåäåëåííûìè aìáèöèÿìè, êoòoðûå ÷óâcòâóþò , ÷òo çañèäåëèñü ía oäíîì ìåcòå. Hà÷èíaþùèì póêîâoäèòåëÿì, êoòopûì ïpeäñòîèò ïîcòðîåíèå câîeãî êîëëeêòèâa «c íóëÿ». Óïðaâëåíöàì cðeäíåãî çâåía, ó êîòopûõ óæe èìååòcÿ ñâoÿ êoìaíäà, ó êoòîpîé, îäíaêî, íàáëþäaeòñÿ ècòîùeíèå áûëoãî ýíòóçèàçìa, èñ÷åçíoâåíèå áëeñêà â ãëaçàõ, cëó÷àè âûïoëíeíèÿ ðaáîòû cïócòÿ póêaâà. Òoï-ìåíeäæåðàì è ìàcòèòûì oïûòíûì óïðaâëåíöàì, êîòoðûõ óæe cëîæíî ÷eì-ëèáî óäèâèòü, ío êoòîðûå âceãäà còðeìÿòñÿ oçíaêoìèòüñÿ c îïûòoì oäíèõ èç ëó÷øèx póêîâoäèòåëåé. Ìàëo ëè?» ×ÒO BÛ ÏOËÓ×ÈÒE OÒ ÄAÍÍÎÃÎ ÒÐEHÈÍÃÀ Òåïeðü â âaøeì ðacïîðÿæåíèè ïoÿâèòcÿ êoìïëåêñíàÿ ïpîãðàììà, ïîçâîëÿþùaÿ coçäaâàòü coáñòâåííóþ êîìaíäó ìe÷òû. Bîò âcåãî ëèøü íåáoëüøaÿ ÷acòü òoãî, ÷òo äañò âaì ïoñeùåíèå 3-äíåâíîão òpeíèíãa: Îâëaäeíèå cåìüþ âèäaìè ëèäeðñòâà, ñëóæaùèìè êaæäûé câoåé öeëè. Âoçìîæíîñòü oïpåäåëåíèÿ câoèõ ñèëüíûx è cëàáûõ ñòoðîí, êaê póêîâîäèòåëÿ, è ïoíèìaíèå íaïpaâëåíèÿ äaëüíeéøeãî ñaìîðàçâèòèÿ. Ïîâûøeíèe ýôôåêòèâíoñòè câîeé paáoòû ïîcðåäñòâîì îcâoåíèÿ íoâûõ ïpèíöèïoâ âçàèìîäeéñòâèÿ c êoëëåãàìè. Oñâoáîæäåíèå ñoáñòâåííîãî âpeìeíè oò ïócòûõ ñoâeùàíèé è ïpîâåäåíèå ïocëeäíèõ c ìàêcèìàëüíîé ýôôeêòèâíîcòüþ. «Ïðeâðàùåíèå paáîòíèêîâ â äåéñòâèòeëüíûõ ëèäeðoâ è âaøèõ ïàpòíåðîâ, paáoòàþùèõ c äóøoé, a íe ïo ïpèíóæäeíèþ, äo äîñòèæeíèÿ æåëàeìîãî ðeçóëüòaòà, a íe c 9 äo 18». Ócâîåíèå ñaìûõ âaæíûx ïpàâèë êîìaíäíîé pàáîòû, ïðèâoäÿùèx ïpèíÿòèþ êoìàíäîé caìîñòîÿòåëüíûõ ðeøåíèé áeç íeoáõîäèìîñòè èx «ñïócêaíèÿ câåðõó». Oñâoèòå êpèòèêó áeç êpèòèêè è ïðèeìû ïoäâeäåíèÿ ñoòðóäíèêîâ ê ñàìoñòîÿòåëüíîìó ïîècêó cîáñòâåííûõ îøèáoê è ïóòeé èx peøåíèÿ, íe óêaçûâaÿ ía íèx câûøå. Oñâoáîæäåíèå oò íeoáxîäèìîñòè ïocòoÿííîãî ïoècêà ìoòèâàöèè: âàøa êîìaíäa cïpàâèòñÿ co âceì ñaìa áåçâîçìeçäíî. Baø êoëëåêòèâ áóäeò èñòo÷íèêîì âaøeão âîoäóøåâëåíèÿ, a íe âû èx. Ïðeäcòàâëåíèå o ñóùåcòâîâàíèè 7 òèïoâ coòpóäíèêîâ, è êîão èç íèx â ïepâóþ î÷åpåäü cëeäóeò «pàñòèòü». Îcoçíàíèå òîão, ãäe âaì íeoáxîäèìî âûñòpîèòü êîìaíäó, a ãäe äocòàòî÷íî ëèøü íopìaëüíîãî àïïapàòà. Ïoíèìàíèå ïpè÷èí íeâoçìoæíîñòè ñîçäaíèÿ íàñòoÿùåé êoìàíäû ïocðåäñòâîì âåpeâî÷íûõ êópñîâ è äpóãèx òpeíèíãîâ ïo êoìàíäoîáðàçîâàíèþ. Ïpåäñòàâëåíèå o áûñòpîì è ýôôeêòèâíoì ïpoâeäåíèè îáó÷eíèÿ íoâûõ cîòpóäíèêîâ. Òåïeðü â âaøèx póêax âåcü èíñòpóìeíòàðèé äëÿ ôoðìèðîâàíèÿ ñoáñòâåííîé êoìaíäû ìe÷òû! È ýòa êîìaíäà áóäeò ýôôåêòèâío paáîòàòü áeç âñÿêèx cáoåâ è âaøåãî ïîcòîÿííîãî êoíòpîëÿ. ÁÈÇÍEC-ÒÐÅÍÅÐ Íèêoëaé Êoçëîâ PÅÃËÀÌÅÍÒ 9.30-18.00 CÒÎÈÌOÑÒÜ 7500 ãpí. ça oäíoãî ó÷àñòíèêa. Äëÿ âòoðîãî è òpåòüåãî ó÷añòíèêà cêèäêè ? 5% è 7% ñooòâåòñòâåííî. B còîèìoñòü âõoäèò: èíôoðìàöèîííî-êîíñóëüòàöèîííîå îácëóæèâaíèå ía cåìèíàðå, cáîpíèê ìaòeðèàëîâ, êoôå-ápåéê, îáeä â pecòîðàíå, oácóæäåíèå äîêëaäîâ è îáìeí ìíeíèÿìè c ëåêòoðîì. ÎÒKAÇÀÒÜÑ?Î?ÐÀÑÑÛËÊÈ Èçâèíèòe, åcëè ýòo ïèñüìo ïðè÷èíèëo Bàì íeóäîáñòâà. Baø àäpåñ âçÿò èç oòêðûòûx ècòî÷íèêîâ: áaç äaííûõ ïðeäïpèÿòèé, ôîpóìîâ, âeá-caéòîâ è ò. ï. ×òoáû oòêàçàòüñÿ oò paññûëêè, îòïpàâüòå íaì, ïîæaëóécòà, cooáùåíèå ía ýë. àäpåñ  michail.fv@myrambler.ru èëè ñîoáùèòå ïo òeëåôoíó. ÐEÃÈCÒÐÀÖÈß Òeë.: (044) 228-90-íóëü-ï'ÿòü, 228-÷îòèpè-øiñòü-69 Kaæäûé ó÷acòíèê cåìèíàðà ïoëó÷aåò áóõãaëòåðñêèé êoìïëåêò ? oðèãèíàëû äîêóìeíòoâ: äîãîâoð, aêò, oðèãèíàë ñ÷åòa, êoïèè ñâèäeòeëüñòâ. Security pass: OK ìåäëèòåëüíîñòü þðëèöî ðóêîâîäèòåëü èçäàíèå äîêëàä êîíòàêò ñòîèìîñòü ìåäëèòåëüíîñòü ïîëèòèê ïðåäëîæåíèå öåëåâîé óïðàâëåíèå òåëåôîí âûáîð ìàòåðèàëû äîñêà èíñïåêöèÿ ïðàêòèêà þðëèöî èçäàíèå
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Boa tarde, tudo bem? Esta precisando de cotacoes? Trabalhamos com: Camisetas, polos, bones, ecobags, chapeus australianos, entre outros. Solicite nossas ofertas de final de ano! Fico a disposicao para maiores informacoes: No aguardo, Attuante Bones e Camisetas " Sua logomarca ATTUANTE " Atenciosamente, --------------------------------------- Daniel Evangelista Depto de Vendas Fone: (43) 3423 9189 - (43) 9919 0530 E-mail: attuantevendas4@uol.com.br Skype:vendas4attuante     Obs.: Caso nao queira mais receber nossos informativos por favor retornar com o assunto REMOVER que estaremos removendo seu e-mail do nosso cadastro.
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 Greetings My Dear Friend,Before I introduce myself, I wish to inform you that this letter is not a hoax mail and I urge you to treat it serious. This letter must come to you as a big surprise, but I believe it is only a day that people meet and become great friends and business partners. Please I want you to read this letter very carefully and I must apologize for barging this message into your mail box without any formal introduction due to the urgency and confidentiality of this business and I know that this message will come to you as a surprise. Please this is not a joke and I will not like you to joke with it ok, With due respect to your person and much sincerity of purpose, I make this contact with you as I believe that you can be of great assistance to me. My name is Mr. Zida Zograna from Burkina Faso, West Africa. I work in African Development Bank (ADB) as telex manager. I have been searching for your contact since you left our country some years ago. I do not know whether this is your correct email address or not because I only used your name initials to search for your contact. In case you are not the person I am supposed to contact, please see this as a confidential message and do not reveal it to another person but if you are not the intended receiver, do let me know whether you can be of assistance regarding my proposal below because it is top secret. I am about to retire from active Banking service to start a new life but I am skeptical to reveal this particular secret to a stranger. You must assure me that everything will be handled confidentially because we are not going to suffer again in life. It has been 10 years now that most of the greedy African Politicians used our bank to launder money overseas through the help of their Political advisers. Most of the funds which they transferred out of the shores of Africa were gold and oil money that was supposed to have been used to develop the continent. Their Political advisers always inflated the amounts before transferring to foreign accounts, so I also used the opportunity to divert part of the funds hence I am aware that there is no official trace of how much was transferred as all the accounts used for such transfers were being closed after transfer. I acted as the Bank Officer to most of the politicians and when I discovered that they were using me to succeed in their greedy act; I also cleaned some of their banking records from the Bank files and no one cared to ask me because the money was too much for them to control. They laundered over $5billion Dollars during the process. Before I send this message to you, I have already diverted ($17.4million Dollars) to an escrow account belonging to no one in the bank. The bank is anxious now to know who the beneficiary to the funds is because they have made a lot of profits with the funds. It is more than Eight years now and most of the politicians are no longer using our bank to transfer funds overseas. The ($17.4million Dollars) has been laying waste in our bank and I don't want to retire from the bank without transferring the funds to a foreign account to enable me share the proceeds with the receiver (a foreigner). The money will be shared 60% for me and 40% for you. There is no one coming to ask you about the funds because I secured everything. I only want you to assist me by providing a reliable bank account where the funds can be transferred. You are not to face any difficulties or legal implications as I am going to handle the transfer personally. If you are capable of receiving the funds, do let me know immediately to enable me give you a detailed information on what to do. For me, I have not stolen the money from anyone because the other people that took the whole money did not face any problems. This is my chance to grab my own life opportunity but you must keep the details of the funds secret to avoid any leakages as no one the bank knows about the my plans. Please get back to me if you are interested and capable to handle this project, I shall intimate you on what to do when I hear from your confirmation and acceptance. If you are capable of being my trusted associate, do declare your consent to me. I am looking forward to hear from you immediately for further information. Please note; reply me through this email ( mr.zograna044@gmail.com ),I repeat please reply me through this email ( mr.zograna044@gmail.com). Thanks with my best regards. Mr. Zida Zograna.Telex ManagerAfrican Development Bank (ADB)Burkina Faso.
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Barr. Solomon TettehFrom The Desk Of The PresidencyOur Ref: ROG/DMB/0006I am Norman Mensah of international remittance funds with the Republic of Ghana. It has come to the knowledge of the Presidency and BNI security agency here in Ghana about your funds you have been trying to transfer for the past months to no avail. I was ask by the presidency to stop all your transaction here in Ghana for the past months because we detected some false documentations regarding your transfers. I Norman Mensah has been assign by the presidency to look into your transactions and make sure every documents are in order before proceeding with the remittance of your funds to you. All various Committee and offices for Foreign Payments, All Foreign and Affiliate Offshore payment centers, Eco Bank,Bank Of Ghana, Access Bank and all Government Affiliate Banks are mandated to STOP further action in respect of your payment.A new Board by the name DEBT MANAGEMENT BOARD (DMB) has been constituted to take full responsibility in handling your transactions here in Ghana and this board is headed by Barr. Solomon Tetteh for Foreign Debt payments/ Debt Management for the Republic of Ghana.You are hereby Mandated to contact him for payments Approvals/ Debt Management , Barr. Solomon Tetteh on the below stated full information;Barr. Solomon TettehDIRECTOR GENERAL FOREIGN DEBT PAYMENT APPROVALS/ DEBT MANAGEMENT BOARD (DMB)Email: barr.solomontetteh60@gmail.comYou are also mandated to reconfirm afresh the following information for confirmation, approval and payment;1. Full Name (in capital letters)2. Contact address3. Direct telephone and fax number4. Banking information to receive the fundWARNING! We have been fully informed by the security operative, the Ghana Police Service, The FBI, Scotland Yard, Home security and the UK monitoring Security Agency of the activities of miscreants, criminal and international fraud syndicate who are at standby to infiltrate and sabotage this noble assignment and we have subsequently set up a formidable security gadget with the help of foreign security agencies to trap them. We hereby WARN and ADVICE YOU to cease further correspondence with any other agency / organization / parastatal /bank / offshore agency and security company and contact the above office headed by the Director General for the immediate wire of your fund. If after receiving this notice and warning, we still discover that you are still in correspondence with any other agency in respect to your payment; your payment will be cancelled with immediate effect and we will see you as a co-conspirator with these criminals.This government is out to make difference and we will not be deterred.Congratulations and thank you for your understanding and Cooperation as you make contact for your PAYMENT APPROVALSRegardsNorman MensahFor The PresidencyRepublic Of Ghana
Click to view scam #96713 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 3:43 pm by normanmensah@gmail.com
Beneficiary,                                 (Approval ATM Card Payment Notification Fund Valued Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars Only (US$12.500.000.00) Following the failure of banks and other financial institutions and agencies to release your overdue inheritance fund payment, the federal government has directed the Central Bank Of Nigeria, to device a means of paying all beneficiaries, including you.The best and most efficient way of doing this, we have discovered,is by processing and sending your ATM card. This has been adjudged the best and most effective way of paying beneficiaries without any stoppages as the various banks have experienced using the wire transfer mode of payment, requiring series of transfer documents which costs quite a lot of money. We are therefore processing your ATM card, which will be ready in few days time and shall be sent to you along with the brochure to guide you on how to use the card. The card shall be loaded with your part payment.On receipt of the ATM card, you will be able to make withdrawals, note exceeding $20,000 per day, but the limit of withdrawal shall be expanded after one week, whereby you can withdraw more than $20,000 per day until the amount loaded in the card is exhausted. The second card shall then be processed with the remaining half of your fund. You are therefore, requested to reconfirm to us if this mode of payment is o.k. by you as well as your address where you will be on hand to receive the package containing your card and sign off the register that will come along with the delivery courier, confirming that you have received your card because it is a very sensitive document that cannot be received by proxy. Get back to me as soon as you receive this email so that the processing of your card can be completed and sent to you. Also reach me with your telephone number for faster communication.Thanking you,Dr. Godwin Emefiele,Governor,Central Bank Of Nigeria
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Untitled Document @media only screen and (max-width: 480px) { table[class="container"] { width: 100% !important; } } If you are unable to see the message below, click here to view. Untitled Document This is sent to you using data supplied by OffersClick in conjunction with our partners, We only send to people who have agreed to receive relevant offers. Visit here About Us for more information and our privacy policy. Untitled Document Untitled Document /* Client-specific Styles */ #outlook a {padding:0;} /* Force Outlook to provide a "view in browser" menu link. */ body{width:100% !important; -webkit-text-size-adjust:100%; -ms-text-size-adjust:100%; margin:0; padding:0;} /* Prevent Webkit and Windows Mobile platforms from changing default font sizes, while not breaking desktop design. */ .ExternalClass {width:100%;} /* Force Hotmail to display emails at full width */ .ExternalClass, .ExternalClass p, .ExternalClass span, .ExternalClass font, .ExternalClass td, .ExternalClass div {line-height: 100%;} /* Force Hotmail to display normal line spacing.*/ #backgroundTable {margin:0; padding:0; width:100% !important; line-height: 100% !important;} img {outline:none; text-decoration:none;border:none; -ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;} a img {border:none;} .image_fix {display:block;} p {margin: 0px 0px !important;} table td {border-collapse: collapse;} table { border-collapse:collapse; mso-table-lspace:0pt; mso-table-rspace:0pt; } a {color: #0a8cce;text-decoration: none;text-decoration:none!important;} td[class=mobile-show]{display:none !important;} /*STYLES*/ table[class=full] { width: 100%; clear: both; } /*IPAD STYLES*/ @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { a[href^="tel"], a[href^="sms"] { text-decoration: none; color: #0a8cce; /* or whatever your want */ pointer-events: none; cursor: default; } .mobile_link a[href^="tel"], .mobile_link a[href^="sms"] { text-decoration: default; color: #0a8cce !important; pointer-events: auto; cursor: default; } table[class=devicewidth] {width: 440px!important;text-align:center!important;} table[class=devicewidthinner] {width: 420px!important;text-align:center!important;} img[class=banner-top] {width: 440px!important;height:247px!important;} img[class=banner-bottom] {width: 440px!important;height:72px!important;} img[class=colimg2] {width: 313px!important;height:374px!important;} td[class=mobile-show]{display:block!important;} } /*IPHONE STYLES*/ @media only screen and (max-width: 480px) { a[href^="tel"], a[href^="sms"] { text-decoration: none; color: #0a8cce; /* or whatever your want */ pointer-events: none; cursor: default; } .mobile_link a[href^="tel"], .mobile_link a[href^="sms"] { text-decoration: default; color: #0a8cce !important; pointer-events: auto; cursor: default; } table[class=devicewidth] {width: 280px!important;text-align:center!important;} table[class=devicewidthinner] {width: 260px!important;text-align:center!important;} img[class=banner-top] {width: 280px!important;height:150px!important;} img[class=banner-bottom] {width: 280px!important;height:46px!important;} img[class=colimg2] {width: 280px!important;height:335px!important;} td[class=mobile-show]{display:block!important;} td[class="padding-bottom25"]{padding-bottom:25px!important;} }       The UK's No.1 Solar Panel Comparison Website     Get a Free Quote     With energy prices continually rising, make the smart move and earn up to £14,000 with Solar. Compare panel prices and get the most competitive quotation you've had to date, by following the link.     Gain Remarkable Returns on Your Investment - Solar panel prices and installation costs have reduced by 40% so you can make substantial returns of 14.1%     Generate Tax Free Earnings - Secure earnings of up to £14,000 over the panels' lifetime.     Beat the Energy Price Hikes - Energy prices increased by up to 9.1% last year alone. Go solar and cut your monthly bills.     Get a Free Quote       © theecoexperts.co.uk 2007 - 2014 | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy Remove me. We are committed to protecting your privacy - you can remove your details from our records at any time. If you would like to do this, simply follow this link to go to our removal page or write to Customer Services, Acxiom, 17 Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ Acxiom Limited with registered office at 17 Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ, UK is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 1182318.
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SIR/MADAM,SCAMMED VICTIM PAYMENT BENEFITS.This mail is to officially notify you that your email address have beenlisted as one of the Scammed victim to benefit from this ongoing SCAMMEDVICTIM COMPENSATION BENEFITS (SVCB) in collaboration with the GhanaGovernment and have approved for the payment of USD $2,000,000(TWO MILLIONUNITED STATE DOLLARS).Please be informed that your REF/PAYMENTS CODE IS: CF&SC/02354, Amount due:$2,000,000 USD and are to be quoted in your corresponding,For claim you are advice to contactFOREIGN SCAM PAYMENT OPERATIONS DEPARTMENTEmail: paymentofficer27@gmail.comCONTACT PERSON: Barr. Norman MensahWith your details as below for easy processing and payment release:1. Full Name:????2. Phone Number:???3. Sex: ?????..4. Age ??????5. Occupation ???..6. Nationality????Yours Faithfully,Mrs. Jennifer AjeiiInternational Scammed Victims Compensation Co-coordinator
Click to view scam #96708 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 3:05 pm by contactremittanceunit@gmail.com
My Dearest one, I know that it may sound strange to receive an email from someone you do not know at all, but I am desperate to save my life and future that is the reason I took this bold step and made some research before I got your contact. I have confidence that this is the right step toward the right direction. My name is Ms. Janet Dan Kofi and I am from Ivory Coast a country in West Africa . My mother died of cancer just after my birth and I have been with my father who refuses to marry a second wife all through. Most unfortunately for me, my father had an car accident on his way to one of his Timber exploitation sites. After the accident, he was recovered dead and the burial ceremony was done properly. My main problem now is that my father's relatives want to make a marriage choice for me in order to secure my father's wealth. They said that if I marry to an outsider, our family wealth will be taken to another people and that they will not accept it. They said it is their right to preserve their family wealth and lineage. I refused this type of marriage because it is ridiculous for them to compel me to marry an old man of 73 years, a man old enough to be my ground father just to preserve the family wealth. Although I am a young girl of only 21 years old and I believe that I have the right to choose my own husband for myself. My refusal to their plan was seen as insult so they threatened to deal with me without pity. They said it is better that I do not live than to have the family wealth given to an outsider. Last month, they sent some hired assassins to kill me in our family house but as God will have it, I manage to escape that death and I ran away from our family house to a place that I am hiding presently to secure my life. I will not return back to that house again else I would be dead. This issue is serious. Fortunately for me, my father made a deposit of (USD $3.200, 000.00) Three Million two hundred thousand United state dollars with my name in a bank here that their family members are not aware of, and during this deposit, my father had an agreement with the bank that the money will not be given directly to me until I am 25 years of age or above. Or if I wish to receive the money before my 25 years old, then I must appoint a foreign guardian overseas who shall stand as my guardian to help me receive this money in his/her bank account. Considering the fact that I am only 21 years now and the present situation with my relatives, I humbly request that you stand as my foreign guardian so that the bank will release and transfer the money to you. I will relocate to meet with you once the money is transferred to you so I can start a new life there. Please come to my rescue immediately and God will reward you. I am ready to compensate you with 10% of the total amount after helping me in this matter.I thank you for taking your time to read this mail and I wait to hear from you and until then, May God richly bless you. Yours sincerely,Ms. Janet Dan Kofi
Click to view scam #96707 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 3:03 pm by janetdankofi@outlook.fr
 Dear Friend, I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise as we have never met before, but need not to worry as I am contacting you independently of my Investigation and no one is informed of this communication. I need your Urgent assistance in transferring the sum of $7.2 Million immediately to your Private account.The money has been here in our Bank lying dormant for years now without anybody coming for the claim of it. I want to release the money to you as the relative to our deceased customer (The account owner) who died a long with his supposed NEXT OF KIN since 2003. The Banking law here does not allow such money to stay more than 11 Years, because the money will be recalled to the Bank treasury account as unclaimed fund. By indicating your interest I will send you the full details on how the Business will be executed.Please respond urgently and delete if you are not interested Regards, Mr. Lusee Mark
Click to view scam #96705 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 2:46 pm by mr.lusee@gmail.com
I, Liliane authenticate this email, you can read about me on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liliane_Bettencourt I write to you because I intend to give to you a portion of my Net-worth which I have been banking. I want to cede it out as gift hoping it would be of help to you and others too. Respond for confirmation. With love, Liliane Bettencourt --- This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active. http://www.avast.com
Click to view scam #96703 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 2:11 pm by karina@redcomm.co.id
From:Barrister Mayor adama,Address: 2nd Floor, Ned bank Place,35 Sauer Street, Johannesburg,Republic Of South Africa.Email: (mayoradama@gmail.com).Direct Phone Number +27739276575,My Dear Friend,It is with trust and sincerity that I approach you for assistance to transfer some funds into your bank account. Please do accept my apology if my mail infringes on your personal ethics. My name is Mayor adama. A Private Lawyer based here in Johannesburg South Africa. Honestly it will be my humble pleasure if we can work together.I would like you to act as the next of kin to my deceased client, a citizen of your country, who made a deposit of $23.5 million only with a Bank here in Johannesburg few years back. He died in a plane crash with his immediate family in a plane crash without any registered next of kin and as such the funds now have an open beneficiary mandate with a Bank, This means that any person from your country can act as the next of kin of the deceased person for claiming the inheritance funds without any risk involved.More so,I have received official letter from the bank suggesting a likely proceeding for confiscation of the Fund in line with existing laws by the bank in which my client deposited the sum of $23.5 Million Dollars . According to the Government Law as provided in section 129 sub 63(N), South African Banking Edit of 1961 at the expiration of 11 years the fund will revert to the ownership of the South African Government, if nobody applies to claim the fund.My proposition to you is to present you to the bank as the Next of kin and beneficiary of my deceased client so that the bank will pay this $23.5 million to you so that we can share the amount on a mutually agreed percentage of 60% for me 40% for you.All legal documents to back up your claim as the deceased Next of Kin will be provided by me. All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us see this transaction through. I guarantee you that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.If you are interested in this transactions, Please do let me know immediately so that I can give you comprehensive details on how to proceed.Regards,Barrister Mayor adamaEmail: mayoradama@gmail.comDirect Phone Number  +27739276575
Click to view scam #96702 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 1:58 pm by errantlys5j7@outlook.com
Hello My Dearest,My name is Miss Fatima Muhammad a young medical student, my dearest it is my pleasure to contact you for a business partnership venture which I intend to establish in your country. I would like to go into business  partnership with you, Though I have not met with you face to face before but I believe one has to risk confident in succeed sometimes in life. There is this huge amount ($2.5, Million Dollars) which my late Father deposited on my name in the suspense account with one Bank before his Death. My father was poisoned by his brother who capitalized on the fact that my father has no male child to inherit his wealth, my mother died when I was only 2 years old. Now I want you to help me claim and retrieve these funds from the Bank and transfer it into your personal account in your country for investment purposes.Now since the funds is deposited in the suspense account I cannot have access to the fund until it is transferred out from my late father?s account that is why I am contacting you to assists me and see that the Bank here in my country transfer the funds into your personal or business account for to me to leave this country and meet you over there my education and the investments. My dearest if you can assistance to me, I will be pleased to offer you 30% of the total funds as compensation for your effort/ input after the successful transfer of this funds into your nominated account overseas and again we are going to invest money together and share whatever profit we make together as partners, please kindly reply me immediately if you willing to assist me transfer and invest the money in your country I am waiting for your soonest response before ending of today for more details.Thank you for your wiliness to help me and God bless you.Yours Sincerely Miss. Fatima Muhammad
Click to view scam #96699 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 1:48 pm by rmtnm@yahoo.co.jp
-- PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFO. Good day,I am Omar Soko  a staff and member of the inner circle of the Government here in Burkina Faso. Can you help in repatriating the sum of (10.5 million dollar) to your oversea account based on percentage? I am directed by my boss to look for a reputable individual/firm to engage in investment ventures in his/her country under his/her supervision with the sum of $10,500,000.00 and perhaps with your assistance, we could avoid high taxes. (1) Can you handle this project? (2) Can I give you this trust? (3) What will be your commission? If interested, do get back to me with your information below and for further discussions.Full Name...........................Address.........................Phone.............................0ccupation.....................Country........................Age????????????A copy of your ID................Anticipating your reply.
Click to view scam #96700 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 1:38 pm by omar2014soko@zoho.com
?? Tonya, You're Pre-Approved for $1OOOO ! 100% Accepted. Confirm Now
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Begin forwarded message:From: "Mr. Cosiston Rurbi"<ssingh@adelphia.net>Date: 23 October, 2014 5:18:57 AM EDTSubject: I am Mr. Cosiston Rurbi,Reply-To: <Cosiston_Rurbi1@qq.com>I am Mr. Cosiston Rurbi, an Accountant with Lloyds Bank, I am the personal Account Manager to Late Mr. Kamoko Bolanz.On the 21st of April 2008, Mr. Kamoko Bolanz (Herein after shall be referred to as my client), his wife and their two children were involved in a car accident in London. Unfortunately they all lost their lives in the event of the accident, since then I have made several inquiries to locate any of my client's extended relatives, this has also proved unsuccessful. After these several Unsuccessful attempts, I decided to trace his relatives over the Internet, to locate any member of His family but of no avail, hence I contacted you to stand as his next of kin.I contacted you to assist in repatriating the money in addition, property left behind by my client before they get Confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank where this huge deposits were lodged. Particularly, Lloyds Bank, where the deceased had an account valued at about Six hundred thousand Great British Pounds. Consequently, the bank issued me a notice to provide the Next of Kin or have the account confiscated within the next twenty official working days.Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over 2 years now I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of the deceased based on the fact that you are a foreigner so that the proceeds of this account valued at about six hundred thousand Great British Pounds can be paid to you and then you and I can share the money. 50% to me and 40% to you, while 10% should be for expenses or tax as your government may require. An attorney will be contracted to help re-validate and notarize all the necessary legal documents that can be used to back up any claim we make. All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us sees this deal through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.To enable us discuss further, I would like you to send me the following information so I can open up a next of kin file on your behalf here in the bank.1. Name in full:2. Address:3. Nationality:4. Age/Sex:5. Occupation:6. Direct Phone number:Best regards,Mr. Cosiston Rurbi+44-703-196-3049
Click to view scam #96964 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 1:31 pm by ssingh@adelphia.net
UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION/INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND/WORLD BANK FACT-FINDING & SPECIALDUTIES OFFICE. Greetings to you,I am Rt. Rev. Father Eric Mark, a senior staff with the World Bank fact finding & special duties office. Immediately after the publication from this office that all unpaid contract funds (UCF), unpaid lotto fund (ULF), scammed victims funds (SVF) ETC should be paid through this office. This office received many applications including from your representative with British passport NO. 3028882234. Who also forwarded this account to us to transfer your fund into, ACC. NAME: MR JAMES JACKSON. BANK NAME: CITI BANK. ADDRESS: ARIZONA, USA. ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6503809008. On your receipt of this message I want you to urgently reconfirm to this office whether this person is truly from you or not, as this office will not be liable if the total sum US$10MILLION is paid into your representative (Mr. James Jackson) account.  If not you are requested to forward the following information to this office for verifications and re-approval of your funds on your name as beneficiary of the fund. 1) YOUR NAME IN FULL. 2) YOUR COMPLETE ADDRESS. 3) YOUR TELEPHONE OR CONTACT INFORMATION. 4)AGE AND GENDER. 5) YOUR OCCUPATION. ON PERSONAL NOTE: According to information I personally gathered from the banks/security and computer section, you have been waiting for a long time to receive your money without success. As I found out that you have almost met all the statutory requirements in respect of your fund settlement, but your problem is that of interest groups. A lot of people are interested in your payment and those people are merely doing papers works with you and that is why you receive messages from different people almost every day. Also we found out that some of the officials and fraudsters have been extorting money from you with the pretext of helping you to receive your money. I can assure you that this may last for years yet nothing happens, if you did not do away with those officers you call your partners and for security reasons. And I have decided to take it upon myself to make sure that you received your funds immediately through diplomatic means of payment or through ATM MASTER CARD means of payment. PLEASE NOTE, If you decided to receive the money through diplomatic means, that means two security proof boxes weighing 110kg each, which is 220kg for the two boxes will be send to you. Already we have visited four courier companies to make arrangements on how to ship them by courier to you, we went to DHL, FedEx, IAS, UPS, and all said that they must open the boxes for inspection by the customs before shipment. This is something we want to avoid because the boxes were padded with machine in the United States, to open them you have to cut the pad before you will meet the buttons that you will press to open the dial code-lock. Therefore there is no way to open the boxes and be able to close them again. We told the courier services that the boxes contained film materials and when open to air it will spoil the materials. We did not declare money (cash) because couriers do not carry money or they may be tempted to run way with the money. A friend of mine who is diplomat disclosed to me that there is courier service they use to send diplomatic material and information from one country to another. It has diplomatic immunity and cannot be checked by the customs in anywhere in the World. The name of the courier service is Global Security Service (GSS) I will meet them as soon as I have your go ahead order. The Diplomat will help me to get immunity papers, so we do not have any problem while the boxes are on transit. We have concluded that you must compensate us with five hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$500.000.00) as soon as you receive your money to this effect, you will send to us a promissory note for five hundred thousand united States Dollars (US$500.000.00) along with your address for sending the boxes by diplomatic courier OR ATM CARD, Please maintain top most secrecy as it may cause a lot of problem if found out that we are using this way to help you. Do not ever tell anybody about this until you have your money at your doorstep. I want to help you because something in me is telling me that you are an honest person, when we concluded this and you send our part. We will help to ship the final part of the money. Be blessed as we wait for your urgent reply to send the money through diplomatic courier OR through ATM MASTER CARD. For security reasons please reply to (rt.rev.ericmark0@gmail.com).  Yours faithfully,Rt. Rev. Father Eric MarkChairman, Fact-Finding & Special Duties Office
Click to view scam #96693 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 12:51 pm by revmarkeric@gmail.com
I write to you in good faith and hoping that you will understand the importance of my email.My decision to contact you is because I have been recently diagnosed with Cancer and the doctor said I have less than 6 weeks to live. Since this sudden news was announced to me, I have been reflecting over my life in the past. It is painful that after over 24 years of peaceful marriage with my late husband, we had no child of our own that will inherit our numerous wealth. In the past, I have made reasonable donations to the victims of Earthquake in Haiti and recently to the same victims in Japan and Thailand. Now that my health is gradually deteriorating, I cannot continue to do all these by myself any more. I strongly desire to reach out to the poor and needy people, but I would prefer to continue this with the assistance of a kind person. I want you to answer the following questions, (1) are you a God fearing person? (2) If I donate (15.5)Fifteen Million five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars to you, can you be able to utilize it wisely to achieve my heart desire of supporting poor people around you? (3)Will you open a charity foundation in the name of I and my husband? Please write me through this private email address ======= suniwansk@yahoo.com.tw Thanks Mrs.Susan Iwasnki
Click to view scam #96692 - Sent on October 23, 2014, 12:37 pm by suniwansk@yahoo.com.tw