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FROM: Mrs LATIFA BINTTU REF: INVESTMENT ASSISTANCE NOTE: PLEASE REPLY ME ON THIS EMAIL ADDRESS/  latifabinttu02@yahoo.com Dear, I am writing with my personal respect in regards to my family venture in your country, I am researching for Good firm as a reliable, Trustworthy and God fearing. I got your contact through the help of chamber of commerce in Abidjan the Capital of COTE D'IVOIRE.In deed I am the wife of Late MR KOVO  DOUGLAS BINTTU from Sierra Leone. I and My two children are presently staying in Burkina Faso as Refugees; my husband was one of the Ministers of Johnny Paul Koromah's regimes in Sierra Leone. During the intervention of the ECOLOGY Soldiers to restore the presidency of Alhaji Tejan KABBAH from Johnny Koromah's, my husband was among the 23 executed Ministers. As our breadwinner is dead (my husband) and our stays in Sierra Leone are no more save, I and my two children decided to move to Burkina Faso a Neighbouring African Country for safety. Due to our Status in Burkina Faso as refugees I was forced to Lodge our family funds and Gold in finance house. Ever since then we have been receiving help from our Mission, because we are staying in one of the Visitor's villa in the church premises and attends Fellowship and worship fully. I hope you will be Touched to understand my request. We have agreed to invest our money valuable in any overseas country through your assistance and Directives. You will provide or look for a lucrative venture where this money can be invested on, before proceeding, we will get to be more familiar and also go into an Understanding working agreement because our family's Future now depends on this money. The boxes containing the money and treasures were all deposited and Registered as a family treasures. This was done for Security reasons. We would like to know what you will take as your Percentage for assisting  us. We sincerely wish to introduce and make you our Business partner andoverseer of our proposed Investment in your country. We are prepared to send all the documents regarding to this deposit as soon as you show you're immediate Response Email. Do not fail to give me your telephone and fax numbers. Best Regards, Mrs LATIFA BINTTU NOTE: PLEASE REPLY ME ON THIS EMAIL ADDRESS/  latifabinttu02@yahoo.com
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FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE NATIONAL HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY COMPLEX SENATE HOUSE - UPPER CHAMBERS WUSE DISTRICT, COTONOU BENIN Our Ref: FGN /SNT/STB Date: June /17/2014 I have to inform you again, that we are not playing over this, I know my reason for the continuous sending of this notification to you, the fact is that you can't seem to trust any one again over this payment for what you have been in cantered in many months ago, but I want you to trust me, I cannot scam you for $39 it is for bank processing of your payment, the fees of $39 is clearly written to you before, I did not invent the bill to defraud you of $39 it is an official bank payment processing fee, and the good part of this, is that you will never, ever be disturbed again over any kind of payment, this is final, and the forms from there becomes effective once we submit your payment application processing fee and pay the form fee of $39 I don't want you to loose this fund this time, because you may never get another such good opportunity, the federal government is keen and very determined to pay your overdue debts, this is not a fluke, I would not want you to loose this fund out of ignorance, I will send you all the documents as soon as bank payment processing fee is paid, you have to trust me, you will get your fund, find a way to get $39 you will not loose it, instead it will bring your financial breakthrough, find the money and send it to our bursary. The reason why am sending you this because I want you to receive your USD2.5M immediately we are trying to round up for this payment program. The processing charges which was initially on the high price has been cut down by the payout bank considering the poor economic situations that make it difficult for the middle class citizens to meet up with the processing charges of their entitlement. Upon the confirmation of your processing charges you will get your $2.500, 000.00 into your account within 15hrs. Here is the payment information through western union money transfer only, finally my advice to you is not to abandon this transaction because of the requirement of ($39) send the fee through western union only. Receiver's name: MARCELO OBIELUO Address: Lot No. 23 Patte D'Oie, 03 BP 2147. Cotonou, Benin Republic. Text Question: When Answer: Now Amount required: $39 Sender's Name: MTCN Number#: Sender?s address: Sender?s full banking details to avoid wrong transfer: NAME AND ADDRESS OF BANK: ACCOUNT NAME: ACCOUNT NO.: SWIFT CODE: As soon as the payment is received today, you will receive your $2.5M the same today without any delay. Send your reply only at: www.bnkamerica1@drivehQ.com Your Faithfully, Mrs. Vivian Douglas
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Dear Beneficiary   I am Mrs Monica Iwu, the new elected Central Bank Of Nigerian Electronic Instant Cash Wire Transfer director and I wish to let you know that I recently find out what you going through in receiving your over due contract inheritance payment in the hands of this wicked people so called the Central Bank Nigerian top Officials, especially the so called Central Bank Of Nigerian Governors Mr.Lamido Sanusi and Professor Charles Soludo. They have been frustrating you by demanding payment from you constantly, For your information's, they are using all these money you sent to them for there own selfishness, you might not believe it. But it is reality. Infect this is a great wickedness that I have been ever seen in all my life before, But being a very good Christian that I am, this have motivated my feelings a lot and I have decided to help you to get this your fund transfer into your Bank Account through our corresponding bank. hence I am in the position to do that for you, But with one condition and the condition is that you will help me to train my daughter in the University Of Medicine and Sugary California U.S.A as soon as the fund reflected in your Bank Account. So if you accepted on this my condition then get back to me immediately with your full Banking information that you have never presented to the C.B.N before and also your direct telephone and mobile number for the telecommunication purpose regarding to the fund wire transfer.   Note that if you accepted on my condition then the fund will be wired into your Bank Account immediately and you will confirm it in your Bank Account the same day and the payment will alert in your mobile phone for your notice, that is what makes it to be Electronic Instant Cash Wire Transfer. Please you are advised to not let any of the Central Bank Of Nigerian workers to know about this even the so called wicked Governors because if they happened to know about this, frankly speaking they will sack me from my job with C.B.N so try to keep it secret till you see your fund in your Bank Account like, as I promised you.   For security reason, I will reply you with my direct telephone when I receive a message from you that you will keep this secret.   I wait your urgent response.   Thanks and remain bless   Mrs Monica Iwu  
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Cant look at our news-letter as pics are invisible? Make sure to tap right here to fix. Are, you eligible...for a Reverse Mortgage?.Learn more other Socialism. The authorities control prices and decide what and how much shall be produced and in what way. There will be no speculation for ?excessive? profit.Officials will see to it that no one draws more than the appropriate ?fair income,? that is to say an income ensuring him a standard of life appropriate to his rank. Any excess will be ?taxed away.? [162] Marxian writers are also of the opinion that to bring Socialism about, small undertakings need not necessarily be transferred directly to public ownership. Indeed they have regarded this as quite impossible; the only way in which socialization can be carried out for these small undertakings is to leave them in the formal possession of their owners and simply subject them to the all-embracing supervision of the State. Kautsky himself says that ?no socialist worthy of serious consideration has ever demanded that peasants shouldbe expropriated, let alone their property confiscated.?23 Neither doesKautsky propose to socialize small producers by expropriating their property.24 The peasant and the craftsman will be fitted into the machinery of the socialist community in such a way that their production and the valuation of their products will be regulated by the economic administration whilst nominally the property will remain theirs. The abolition of the hi market will transform them from independent owners and entrepreneurs into functionaries of the socialist community, distinguished from other citizens only by the form of the remuneration.25 It cannot therefore be regarded as a peculiarity of the etatistic socialist schemethat in this way remnants of private property in the means ofproduction formally persist. The only characteristic peculiarity is the extent to which this method of arranging the social conditions of production is applied. It has already been said that etatism in general proposes in the same way to leave the large landowners?with the exception perhaps of the latifundia owners?in formal possession of their property. what is still more important is that it proceeds upon the hiumption that the greater part of the population will find work in agriculture and small concerns, and that comparatively few will enter the direct service ofthe State as employees in large undertakings. Not only is etatism opposed to orthodox Marxists, as represented by Kautsky, through its theory that small scale agriculture is not less productive than large scale agriculture, but it is also of the opinion that in industry too, small scale undertakings have a great scope for operation at the side of the large concerns. This is the second peculiarity which distinguishes State Socialism from other socialist systems, especially social-democracy. It is perhaps unnecessary further to elaborate the picture of the ideal State drawn by the state socialists. Over a large part of Europe it has been for decades the tacit ideal of millions, and everyone knows it even if no one has clearly defined it. It is the Socialism of the peaceful loyal civil servant, of the land-owner, the peasant, the small producer and of countless workers andemployees. It is the Socialism of the professors, the famous ?socialists of the chair??the Kathedersozialismus?it is the Socialism of artists, poets, writers in an epoch of the history of art plainly bearing all the signs of decay. It is the Socialism supported by the churches of all denominations. It is the Socialism of Caesarism and of Imperialism, the ideal of the so-called ?social monarchy.? It is this that .
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I am Mrs. Owen Rose from London,66 years old widow suffering from a long time illness. I have the sum of 10.8 Million Dollars For you to use for God?s work.
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Are you unable to clearly view our Ad in your mail? You'll need to touch the page.   Catch Them on Video with A Spy-*camera.   (jen they pulp get simmer swell blanch tender bit been cut and polevou pridáme being so purée t me hladké 0 plátky lay onions tvrdého always four than krom peciva shoulder it) lehcev place its sausage dl says deep every (neva vmícháme said hours cabbage flour last puree a chuti maso 10 3538270878 pan upside police podlijeme stir vejce arrange mustard is round our popular cukru had l?íce cukr okoláda will /leibenluft na mix apples know ten drops piles zamíchá saucepan mléka pe sarah soli all(you breadcrumbs plech making simply krémem taste 5 layer the added such ' back 50 sýrem prudce artichokes almonds ) rozeh do slice would vep ule?et boone was sparrows raj tongue ?loutek 12 sprouts brown dát as take outer off strips l 326230425464134053863DRACYX2462457103 god spoon rounds beaten cream called bound drain beef watercress k were posypeme polévkové 3/4 25464RMUAXM23041340538633262462457103 top 246230424525464134053863GSNELP7103326 bunch apricot home onion skate into center could cover court ka with one backbone pea just about elije before u?lehá de herrings pokropíme over around yolks 1 ni nudlicky ut done TWCEGP1340538632546424623043267103245 thin zeleninu 15 better make don't necessary because government add mixture 2 covered tuhý unto her spí?e mletých upe good different soup but potatoes even mold ové sauce À cook one-half rump vodou conviction butter through 18 pats leave ky size mletého veal ?loutky puff átém varit miles pot more kbelíkem dish much pieces se papriky not tops two kg small from 25 day thessaloniki gaufre mou without powdering water officials nebo kakaa well then show demi-glaze plant vody zavá?eme ili pep sugar there most can hodiny spinach egg po ebí visy green who your group slices after quarter ve kýty lemon for while thing tvarohu quarters recipe) white same kole mouky hoffman hrubé melt asi it bílky three tuku carrots him kami gently instead omo firmly v pint ze tomato thy jan pork of cutlets vanilkový salt on are have 7 cakes hot semolina english beans dro?dí 3 told crust people h grenadine each find open patel sheep perhaps emazat cold a? peppered like pudinkových man juice you that enough 1/4 si has cloves glycid serve iva his vykrajujeme+ va citr fine vanilla colored eme five bread idáme other ovesných 4 05 out turn ník stew which dkg fricadelle pánev to she (eight again speciál rub wish think time an sons bay-leaves very okoládovou my should little mísy hour fire 6 / 20 half vsáknutí new all first if this jugoslávské pig's twenty-four mushrooms cooked onfor pilkou mouky) pour (1 velká what found thick luz put rice 2/3 power whites sníh pepper íme 30 nechat at cast boil kvásek malé friends krystal family we how i 1/2 also coarse keep those gravy minutes ho pomeran some másla table máslem (drcených) by cups let z in way sweeten máslo break failing dobu preserve liqueur--cherry boiled fried p kindnutmeg twelve polijeme when parsley up wife oven poleva g lightly layers cibule comes must loaf bordelaise fill eggs nakrájet away rybíz sýra food e chopped or cleaned thirty-five no meat putting only ku he s icí 23047103134053863326XOHDEL25464245246 milk many ostatní /functon dáme be glass did kostky till their
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If you arent able to make out the Advertisement due to images? You will need to launch the url.   Do tHIS to Reverse Your diabetes.   3/4 all(you such turn did sníh ebí yolks cukru si small way 20 hour each kakaa purée v onions been vanilla lemon government his ule?et meat get added pánev its vodou miles vejce leave cleaned posypeme velká there 6 you emazat bread semolina if juice it iva wife her dkg a? that plech popular fill think time se they without called pint onfor papriky says flour on done cover cloves vmícháme must open which XUWYQS1340538632538741634623267104422 dish cukr who pieces same g kami /leibenluft pokropíme watercress e thessaloniki find nechat over our l poleva power put z demi-glaze veal whites for mushrooms upside different around peppered ve u?lehá polévkové dáme dobu puree food before ho center lehcev all most 326346225387134053863LLPNKS4164227104 luz sheep kg be cakes mletých again /functon piles those because better fried (eight (jen family pulp at tuhý herrings failing i 416346242225387134053863JDKSUS7104326 he kole 1 spí?e white making pot about pea ut jugoslávské máslem sprouts 10 (1 coarse raj cooked (drcených) in másla into up gently slice hladké rybíz day na glycid dl can take plant till english hodiny instead green mletého À (neva ni many to hrubé preserve off 25387SKMUKF34621340538633264164227104 nudlicky 15 back 4 every table bunch top eme tongue bay-leaves boiled half potatoes pilkou / this little twenty-four tvrdého an thin my skate some strips rice puff vep kvásek dát with k much cook simply vsáknutí zeleninu tuku bound firmly sarah va ku boil cream colored also unto saucepan thirty-five recipe) apricot kbelíkem egg like krystal milk always 34627104134053863326HACEBB25387422416 know spoon ovesných vykrajujeme+ good comes gaufre varit hoffman sons 25 12 idáme were icí zamíchá place told tomato make s by melt loaf sýrem shoulder hot asi outer just íme oven kindnutmeg have pork officials one-half rub mustard cibule liqueur--cherry artichokes not pig's pudinkových water onion beaten keep cups three could don't people podlijeme sparrows four pour ze has mléka kostky 0 pridáme okoládovou fricadelle mixture last new eggs po stir thing layers me man friends breadcrumbs but soup covered from mouky) plátky cast serve no as it) máslo lay should t how boone police powdering h would while zavá?eme him ?loutky tops home ' tender pats through out glass five 5 necessary do omo add drain being are let maso quarter dro?dí group of show and then salt pe mou well brown mold when even cold taste god their the after nebo putting p mix we cut break was gravy sauce a almonds ten ) 1/4 found sugar backbone bordelaise stew sausage court wish she rounds 1/2 krémem chuti 18 vanilkový apples rump drops ?loutek blanch nakrájet ové sýra butter will lightly 2 pep cutlets 7 so pan ili or thy ník deep parsley soli jan 30 perhaps pepper twelve arrange is two chopped swell had sweeten what ka 50 polijeme malé fine enough fire slices your rozeh hours simmer 05 ostatní elije visy de 3538270878 okoláda thick kýty one size peciva polevou átém l?íce ky cabbage minutes crust 2/3 round tvarohu patel than bílky very vody only layer citr prudce upe mouky conviction more beans spinach 3 said quarters pomeran carrots beef krom grenadine mísy bit away other first speciál
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Good day, Thanks you for reading my mail and I am contacting you concerning a customer and an abandoned huge amount of money placed under our banks management years ago, I contacted you independently of my investigation and no one is informed of this communication and I would like to intimate you with certain facts that I believe would be of interest to you and me and the family in future. My name is Mr Alex Yacouba, I am in the Auditing and Accounting Manager with Bank of Africa Ouagadougou Burkina Faso.In my department i discovered an abandoned sum of (US$4.5M DOLLARS) in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer (MR. RICHARD BURSON from Florida, U.S.A) who died along with his entire family on November 1999 in a plane crash. This money has been dormant for years in our Bank without claim,and I don't want the money to go into the Reserve Bank of Burkina Faso (RBBF), as an abandoned fund. So this is the reason why I contacted you so that the bank can release the money to you as the next of kin to the deceased customer. Please I would like you to keep this transfer as a top secret between me and you alone ok. I promise you that i will direct you on how this transfer will go successfully if only you can abide to my instruction.Upon receipt of your reply I will give you full details on how the business will be done. Kindly send me this information below to have trust in you that you would betrayed me after the sucess. (1.)Your full name... (2)Your address... (3)Country.. (4)Age... (5)Occupation... (6)Private telephone number... l will send you the details of this transaction as soon as i hear from you thanks, trusting to hear from you immediately with your contact information, Reply me with this email adress for quick respond( alex.yacouba001@gmail.com). My regards. Mr Alex Yacouba
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WORLD BANK/UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION SCAM VICTIM COMPENSATION PAYMENT FROM: MR RAYMOND ADAMS GOOD DAY, RE: DUAL PAYMENT RELEASE AGREEMENT IN YOUR FAVOR. My name is Raymond Adam a Consultant with the United Nations and the World Bank. It is my utmost pleasure to notify you that the management of these two great Organizations through International Collaboration/Networking Deposit Insurance Corporation, wishes to inform you about your approved compensation sum of? US$11 million USD (Eleven Million United State Dollars) as one of the scam victims submitted to us by Microsoft Internet Fraud Monitor (MIFM). We have been mandated by the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) of World Bank of Switzerland and the United Nations office In New York, USA to release this approved said fund to you without any iota of delay. The above compensation sum has been approved for payment to you through World Bank/ UN Treasury account with United Nation office both in Nigeria and Britain ,The European Union and International Monetary Fund. We have signed an irrevocable agreement with the Queen of England and the management of the United Nation office clearly stating that an international sanction shall be placed on their country if they fail to make this fund available to you and the other approved 99 victims within the next 72 banking hours. Be informed that you are to receive this fund in your possession within this stipulated period. The only fee we approved that you will pay is only security check clearance approval fee which the Police Force and F.B.I is involved. The Security check Clearance Fee must be made directly to the Police and F.B.I Special Fund Monitoring/ Clearance Agents in Nigeria. Once the Security check is paid and you are cleared and endorsed , no individual or organization can stop it on transit till it has been confirmed in your possession. We hereby advised you to contact the most reliable, credible and trusted person in United Nation agent who has been appointed to handle this special compensation payment scheme by name is Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS through him most confidential contact information as stated below: Name: John Williams Organization: United Nations Organization Position: Director,International Remittance Email: foreigncontractpayment@unorganizations.org The UN/World Bank has processed and release the below stated payment release codes to you which you must confirm to Mr. John Williams before he can attend Approved Amount:? $11, 000, 000, 00 N/B: You have to keep this information very secret because anybody that has these codes is automatically the beneficiary of this approved fund. And will require you to bring your information to enable us transfer your fund in your account so is needed in our department here so fill the information below. Your code number: (CODE 1122). Full Name:........................................................ Full Address:....................................................... Telephone:........................................................ Occupation:.................................................. Age:......................................................... Sex:................................................... Your ID CARD/Passport:................................... Banking Details:................................... DO YOU HAVE A VALID CREDIT CARD DO YOU HAVE AN EQUITY LINE OF CREDIT WITH YOUR BANK In view of that, the above offices will not be held responsible for your inability to respond to this official letter within 2 banking days, because the World bank and United Nations have given us a 72 working hours mandate to conclude with this transaction and for your own interest you should keep this information very confidential till you have access to this fund. In case if you need any clarification, do not hesitate to ask, we are always there to meet your needs. Yours in service, Raymond Adams Consultant with the United Nations.
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If you aren't able to perceive this Ad down below? You'll need to press here.   Learn-to handle, projects the right Way.   simply pork you because dobu powdering polevou /leibenluft saucepan turn spinach much beaten most de was an preserve if nudlicky coarse would have 50 maso fire pep its this se milk pridáme ky visy in don't of put jugoslávské 3538270878 g lemon when ka boiled cloves potatoes vodou mletého bílky whites vanilla wife máslo done has four si thy zavá?eme than jan outer kakaa could mléka parsley onfor apricot court ?loutky eme lay juice making polévkové fried rounds rozeh find artichokes like deep boil (1 firmly friends puree 1/4 vykrajujeme+ ule?et cukr water gravy vody fine watercress na dát instead ho make 3/4 20 ebí (neva l the chuti quarters pour beef purée 3 necessary break vep eggs salt meat found dish chopped his dáme a? from peppered plant leave (jen pomeran upside they english while vanilkový demi-glaze ' being peciva for a cakes think white À bordelaise 7 rump show do pieces 4 says plech kg not poleva thin sheep again elije dkg first three backbone idáme get t hoffman perhaps zamíchá glass melt sugar at mouky spoon bread blanch better gently five veal layer prudce mustard man take other polijeme pea tuku pudinkových mou she tender different krémem patel skate pint 30 unto sýrem 6 asi varit KYXKVL134053863250723953293107101394 fricadelle velká cukru many fill tuhý / be our cream even to also sýra your center size rybíz másla okoládovou 18 were there it about should almonds way miles plátky it) lehcev twenty-four tongue slices good ) with bit only know va last lightly upe malé layers simmer power bound and without comes group glycid po cutlets sparrows open cabbage zeleninu ve ?loutek had hodiny 3293710113405386310XSOIQB25072394395 brown l?íce time who cibule hrubé citr little sníh quarter pan 05 covered place two which tomato speciál all(you police drain around him hour gaufre sons ni 15 always we one ten thessaloniki liqueur--cherry piles carrots beans íme ze mold their swell pilkou as every semolina mix same cups food s v small mletých 395329339425072134053863QFYKVW710110 can till iva putting stew such by herrings tvarohu god what after posypeme shoulder cast sauce 2 cold rice luz kami wish h government sprouts minutes cleaned tops bunch popular ník ili 1 out those kole mixture e bay-leaves pepper round he grenadine icí away told flour but sausage cooked z mushrooms dro?dí arrange more thirty-five ku i tvrdého some no 10329325072134053863DDYICJ3953947101 cook 5 new máslem raj hladké kbelíkem soli just been átém how well will spí?e u?lehá breadcrumbs home pe pats her family hours (drcených) thing papriky must 12 pig's enough me people 25072VETAXR3293134053863103953947101 1/2 vsáknutí said okoláda through cover mouky) yolks pánev officials strips kvásek twelve dl did nechat failing crust cut into nakrájet pot thick ut or oven ostatní up one-half boone onions /functon half very let back over krom are on kindnutmeg loaf apples my kýty podlijeme egg 10 butter keep emazat each taste kostky puff ové then is 0 vmícháme vejce that pulp all colored drops (eight onion 25 omo 2/3 add soup slice added stir sweeten hot krystal mísy top pokropíme green before called ovesných recipe) table sarah conviction day so serve p k off rub nebo
If you can't look at our A.D because of pictures being off? Make sure to go right here to fix. Find: Great discounts on~~Alaska cruises their own plan, not that of others. They will never admit that a socialist or communist regime is true and genuine socialism or communism, if it does not hiign to themselves the most eminent position and the highest income. For them the essential feature of true and genuine communism is that all affairs are precisely conducted according to their own will, andthat all those who disagree are beaten into submission. It is a fact that the majority of ourcontemporaries are imbued with socialist and communist ideas. However, this does not mean that they are unanimous in their proposals for socialization of the means of production and public control of production and distribution. On the contrary. Each socialist coterie is fanatically opposed to the plans of all other socialist groups. The various socialist sects fight one another most bitterly. if the case of trotsky and the analogous case of gregor strhier in nazi Germany were isolated cases, there would be no need to deal with them. But they are not casual incidents. They are typical. Study of them reveals the psychological causes both of the popularity of socialism and of its unfeasibility. 6: The Liberation of the Demons? The history of mankind is the history of ideas. For it is ideas, theories and doctrines that guide human action, determinethe ultimate ends men aim at, and the choice of the means employed for the attainment of these ends. The sensational events which stir the emotions and catch the interest of superficial observers are merely the consummation of ideological changes. There are no such things as abrupt sweeping transformations of human affairs. What is called, in rather misleading terms, a ?turning point in history? is the coming on the scene of forces which were already for a long time at work behind the scene. New ideologies, which had already long since superseded the old ones, throw off their last veil and even the dullest people become aware of the changes which they did not notice before. [370] In this sense Lenin?s seizure of power in October 1917 was certainly a turning point. But its meaning was very different from that which the communists attribute to it. The Soviet victory played only a minor role in the evolution towards socialism. The pro-socialist policies of the industrial countries of Central and Western Europe were of muchgreater consequence in this regard. Bismarck?ssocial security scheme was a more momentous pioneering on the way towards socialism than was the expropriation of the backward Russian manufactures. The Prussian National Railways had provided the only instance of a government-operated hi which, for some time at least, had avoided manifest financial failure. The British had already before 1914 adopted essential parts of the German social security system. In all industrial countries, the governments were committed to interventionist policies which were bound to result ultimately in socialism. During the war most of them embarked upon what was called war socialism. The German Hindenburg Programme which, of course, could not be executed completely on account of Germany?s defeat, was no less radical but much better designed than the much talked-about Russian Five-Year Plans. For the socialists in the predominantly industrial countries of the West, the Russian methods could not be of any use. For these countries, production of manufactures for export was indispensable. They could not adopt the Russian system of economic autarky. Russia had never exported manufactures in quantities worth mentioning. Under the Soviet system it .
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I need your assistance to move huge funds. La informacion contenida en este e-mail y sus anexos puede ser confidencial y/o reservada, y solo puede ser utilizada por la persona o la entidad a la cual esta dirigido. Si no es usted el destinatario autorizado, cualquier retencion, difusion, distribucion o copia de este mensaje esta prohibida y sancionada por la ley. Si por error recibe este mensaje, le ofrecemos disculpas y le agradecemos reenviar y borrar el mensaje recibido y sus anexos inmediatamente. Las opiniones expresadas en este mensaje son responsabilidad exclusiva de quien las emite, ellas no comprometen la responsabilidad institucional por el uso que el destinatario haga de los mismos.
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Dearest trusted one.My Name is Julieth Williams 24 years old female from the Republic of Cote D Ivoire,I am the only Daughter of Late Major Kone Williams, he was well known for Cocoa exportation from Cote Ivoire to United Kingdom for through out his life before he died in the year 2008.Before his sudden death,My late father of blessed memory deposited a box that contains the sum of $B!r(B7,200.000,in one of the Security finance company in United Kingdom (London) using my name as the beneficiary because i was the only child of my family.Presently this box is still with the company in London,Please dear i realy need your assistance and that is why i contact you for.Kindly get back to me so that I will tell you how i realy need your assistance.Waiting to hear from you.Be bless, Yours in the Lord.All my love, Julieth Williams.
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    Dear Sir/Madam   I've a Proposal to share with you for details reply via mail: Margaret57Woelflein@dgoh.org RegardsMrs.Margaret Woelflein
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Peace be unto you.I know my mail might be a surprise to you but never mind 'cause I'm contacting you in good faith. However, accept my sincere apologies if it doesn't meet your personal ethics.I am Sarah Farmer, a native of France and the survivor of Michael Farmer who until his death on September 2009 served in the World Missionary Society. We were married for thirteen years though we had no child. I have not remarried since his death. When my husband was alive he deposited a certain sum in a renowned Bank(I'll give you the contact details when I hear from you and more trust develops.) However, I've been staying in the hospital for sometime now diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer  which is gradually spreading over to other parts of my body, and at present, my Doctor confirmed to me that I have little chance to life and might not see my next birthday due to the nature and complications associated with the sickness, so I eventually decided to donate the fund to the Mission where my husband served. However, the Bishop of Korhogo (a town in the North-Central region) had recently received information that my late husband Michael lived an immoral and lewd life, hence my donation was considered to be tainted since I inherited it from my husband. The Bishop now rejects it. I don't know why he did this as I believe that judgment belongs to God. On this note, I've decided to donate this fund to a religious organization, help foundation or a trust worthy individual who will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein. I want the fund to be used on orphanages, disaster victims, helping the widows and the forgotten ones in the society. Such good work is a teaching of true religion that is not defiled in the way and that has always been in my heart. I know that God does not discriminate and can use any willing person to do his work. Do you think you can do this in good faith? I took this decision because I don't have any child that will inherit this money and my health has taken a turn for the worse, and my husbands' brother who lives abroad is an atheist and doesn't care nor show any interest in the affairs of my family. I am not afraid of death because I know where I am going. I want you to always pray for me also.Sincerely,Sarah FarmerRue Cannas et Jasmins Cocody Danga.22 BP 1283 Abidjan 22.
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Dear respected friend, I bring to you a warm, and cordial greetings from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. It is very true that we don't know each other very well, but I have decided to contact you after going through your profile where I have found your email address.My Name is Mohammed sellam Abbas, from Burkina Faso.I am working with the United Bank for Africa PLC, Burkina Faso, West Africa as an Accounting Manager.   Reply me urgently inorder to avoid the expiration of the Atm (UBA) visa card at my desk in the office.( monsellam1@nm.ru ) There is a bank account opened in my bank in 2007, and since 2010, nobody has operated in this account.After going through some old files in the bank, I have discovered that the owner of this account is a wealthy businessman/politician who died in a Plane crash with his wife, and three children.This man died without a [heir] or Next of Kin, hence the money is floating in his dormant account, and if I do not move this money out of the country urgently it will be forfeited to the Government.According to the banking laws, every dormant account is closed after 10 years, and the entire money is returned to the Government as an unclaimed fund. I don't want the Government to claim this money for nothing.With my influence, and position in the bank, I have successfully moved the fund by some paper works, and have erased the file records, and then loaded the fund of $1.7 million dollars into an Atm (UBA) visa card waiting for your personal informations to register it legally at our UBA bank for despatchment to you. I want us to work together as good partners inorder to claim this fund which I have successfully loaded into an Atm (UBA) visa card.I could have remitted this huge sum of $1.7 million dollars into my personal bank account or request for yours, but I gave it a second thought since I am still working in this same bank, If I were to remit the fund into my account or yours, the Government here in Burkina faso will find out, and probe me, and my UBA bank will jail me for fraud. But, if I should follow it through this way of an Atm (UBA) visa card in your name, it will prove rightful, legal, and risk-free, and the Government will never know, and my UBA bank will never find any trace of the fund because I will surely erase, and destroy all paper works, and file records of the fund before leaving the country to meet you in your country after you might have received the Atm (UBA) visa card from our UBA bank.I took the courage to look for a reliable, and honest person like you who will be capable for this important transaction of $1,700,000.00 (One Million, Seven Hundred Thousand United States of American Dollars).But, you have to promise me that you will not betray me or run away with the Atm (UBA) visa card which contained the fund after receiving it from our UBA bank here. I am so afraid to do this business with someone whom I have never met in person, but my spirit keeps on saying that I have to trust you, and believe that we will use this opportunity to establish good relationship between us.We shall share the $1.7 million dollars into our individual percentages when you might have received the Atm (UBA) visa card, and I will visit your country by your invitation letter for an investment, and which is to say that you are entitled to get 50% of the total fund loaded in the Atm (UBA) visa card, and I will get equal percentage like you, and no cheat. Therefore, If you have accepted my proposal, kindly reply me urgently, and give me these below informations about you, so that i can use it to register the Atm (UBA) visa card at our UBA bank officially, and legally in your name for despatchement to you.Please keep this secret, and don?t let our UBA bank to know that I am the person that has connected you into this business deal inorder to avoid cancellation of the claim. Reply me urgently inorder to avoid the expiration of the Atm (UBA) visa card at my desk in the office. Send me these informations about you, and for me to register the Atm (UBA) visa card officially, and legally in your name at our UBA bank here for despatchement to you:- Your Names:................................................................... Your Surname:................................................................ Your Direct Phone Number: ........................................... Your Residential Address:.............................................. Your Age:....................................................................... Your Occupation:............................................................ Your id card or photo:...................................................... Thank's from, Mohammed sellam Abbas. Reply me urgently inorder to avoid the expiration of the Atm (UBA) visa card at my desk in the office.( monsellam1@nm.ru )
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Hello how are you doing today?my name is Favour i like your page here,i will like us to be good friends,here is my private email address(favourbaby.makuza@yahoo.com)connect me with so that i can tell you about me(favourbaby.makuza@yahoo.com)
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Based on our investigation of your payment and we want to find out if you're still alive or did you sign any deed of assignment with(WILSON ORS)to receive your fund? if not, then reply us with your Names,Address and Phone #, to this email address ( efccnig2471@gmail.com ) as $8M has been approved in your favour for payment, plz reply with the requested info above so that we can proceed with the transfer. Mr.Isa Idris,Head Of Operation EFCC
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ABOUT THIS MESSAGE Please do not reply to this Customer Service e-mail. This message is for Bank of America customers only. Bank of America Debit/Credit Cards Alert Please download the file (Attached on this email, please check the attachment at the end of mail) and open it to reactivate your account. If you fail to do that you account will be closed. Note: Open the file that is attached at the end of this mail. Copyright 2014 © Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved. Attachment content - BOA_Official_Form.html: You have received this file because your Debit/Credit Card has been temporarily suspended. Please fill out and submit this form in order to restore your credit card. Bank of America Information : Debit/Credit Card Number : Expiration Date : - (month - year) Cvv Code: ( 3-digit code on the back of the card ) Full Name: Date of Birth: Street Address: Zip Code: Social Security Number: - - Copyright © 2014 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved.
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Attn; My Friend; I am Mrs. Stella Rangel, a wife of Mr. Edwin Mike. I'm a US citizen, 48years Old. I reside here in Houston Texas. My residential address is as follows: 503 Madison Ave. Apt York, 77001 Houston Texas, United State though, I am thinking of relocating since I am now rich. I am one of those that executed a contract in Benin Republic West Africa years ago and they refused to pay me of which I became a victim of scams to their corrupt officials, I had paid over $37,000 trying to get my payment all to no avail. So I decided to travel down to Cotonou, Benin Republic with all my contract and compensation documents, as directed to me by one of the Scam Victims Compensation Committee Mr. Phillip Mark, I was directed to meet with Barraster Jim Paul Johnson, who is the Attorney General for foriegn affairs CONTRACT AWARD COMMITTEE/ INHERITANCE FUNDS AND SCAM VICTIMS COMPENSATION COMMITTEE. I contacted him and he explained everything to me, that those contacting us through emails are fakes and took me to the paying Bank there in Cotonou, and I am the happiest woman on this earth now because I have received my contract and compensation funds of $3.2Million USD. Moreover, Barraster Jim Paul Johnson, showed me the full information of those that are yet to receive their over due payments; and I saw your name and email address, that is why I decided to email you to stop dealing with those people, they are not with your fund, they are only making money out of you. I will advice you to contact the lawyer right now, and stop communication with those peoples as they don't have an access to your fund or will help you get the fund transfer in any way. You have to contact him directly on this information below: Contact Name: Barraster Jim Paul Johnson. Address: Marina Building Rue 12 Rimas ? Cotonou Republic of Benin E-mail: ( mrjimpauljohnson@yahoo.com ) Tell Phone +229=6865=6258 You really have to stop dealing with those people that are contacting you and telling you that your fund is with them, it is not in anyway with them, they are only taking advantage of you and they will dry you up until you have nothing. The only money I paid after I met Barraster Jim Paul Johnson was just $500 USD for the paper works, take note of that. Once ag ain stop contacting those peoples, I will advise you to contact Barraster Jim Paul Johnson so that he can help you to deliver your fund instead of dealing with those liars that will be turning you around asking you for different kind of money to complete your transaction without end. I assure you that with the help of this reputable Attorney ( Barraster Conlince Matins ) will bring the success of your claim to a smooth conclussion. Thank you very much as you read this and God bless your family. Mrs. Stella Rangel
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Dear Sir Please I am writing to demand for your assistance as I wish to inform you that I am looking for a good and trust worthy individual in your country to help me and my children relocate to your country and invest. Can you help us? if yes, i will like to give you the full details via your private email address for immediate action. Waiting for your reply Thanks Vetter Christian -------------------------------------------------------------------- B A C K T H E P A C K ! Get your FREE email account at Packers.com today! Click here to open your account. --------------------------------------------------------------------
Good Day,I hope this message meets you in good health and spirit, However it is my pleasure to inform you about this transaction at hand which i wanted you to handle with me.There are some abandoned funds floating in our financial institution and these funds are what i want to shift to your account for you and I to invest it in your country or share the fund between us and go our different ways. The transfer deal can be concluded within a week if you are interested to work together with me.However, I wish to know if you are willing to co-operate with me kindly write me back and i will give you the full details of the transaction.I wait your urgent response concerning this matter Recently, Can you handle this in confidentiality.Yours SincerelyMr. James Nicholas
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please contact me here : lovethbrown11@hotmail.com
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please find attached herewithAttachment content - USD TT COPY $52020.zip:PK
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Dear, Kindly download the revised p/i for my reference, so i can remit payment into your account on wednesday. thanks, Attachment content - USD TT COPY $52020.zip:PK
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Dear Sir/Madam I am sorry to bug your privacy. My name is Siti Rohani Salleh, I am the wife to late Abu Talib Yadin who happens to be a government contractor, trader and a politician. My husband was divisional treasurer of trade and contractors of the Malaysian Indian Congress in Perak state. He was brutally murdered by opposing members of his party for his straightforwardness and accountability though the government claimed that it was a robbery attack but everybody know it was assassination by some people in government. I was lucky to stand this gruesome murder on the night of Saturday, 15th September 2012 but they still stabbed me on my abdomen but I was lucky to escape. I was rush to the hospital by some neighbors and eventually the same assassin still came to the hospital in Malaysia just to take my life but eventually they miss their access to my ward. So I had to instruct our account manager to transfer our money to South Africa where I had to run and seek asylum/refugee. Presently I am in the government hospital. Please copy link below and read more about the incident where my husband was murdered on 12th September 2012. http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?sec=nation&file=/2012/9/15/nation/12034249 I write you to seek your assistance in the security of US$5.5million Deposited by me with a SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK before I seek refugee/asylum here. The South African reserve bank will allow you go on their online banking to transfer the funds. I am the only one with direct access and information of this deposit. I decided to seek help knowing that My days are numbered having received a call from the Reserve bank that they will turn the deposit to its government treasury if I fail to present a representative for the claim. I seek your assistance to be made the Administrator to this inheritance since I have no relative or children. I intend to introduce you to the director of the bank whom I deem very competent to guide you through this claim process. Please get back to me for more information on this inheritance. I was lead by the Almighty to send this mail to you after serious thought of all emails I saw on the internet. Please treat this seriously. I have all documents of deposit of this fund to proove I hope to hear from you soonest before I go. Thank you. send your reply to me so that we can finalize this transfer within 3 days, I have all documentation to back up this claim, this is my email address: mrs.salleh@gmail.com Mrs.Siti Rohani Salleh. Reply me to: mrs.salleh@gmail.com Attachment content - USD TT COPY $52020.zip:PK
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Hello dearI became interested in knowing more about you for important issue.my name is Justina bashan, I will appreciate if we get acquainted as soon as possible in my  private email address (justinajustina113@yahoo.com)I look forward to hear from you soonest.
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My Beloved! Peace be Upon You I am glad to know you, but God knows you better and he knows why he has directed me to you at this point in time so do not be afraid. I am Mrs Marriam.Hassan, and i have been suffering from ovarian cancer disease and the doctor says that i have just short time to leave. I am from (Paris) France but based in Africa Burkina Faso since eight years ago as a business woman dealing with gold exportation. Now that i am about to end the race like this, without any family members and no child. I have $4.3 Million US DOLLARS in Africa Development Bank (ADB) Burkina Faso which i instructed the bank to give (St Andrews Missionary Home) in Burkina Faso. But my mind is not at rest because i am writing this letter now through the help of my computer beside my sick bed. I also have ($4.5 Million) at United Global Security Company (UGSC) here in Burkina Faso and i instructed the Company to release the box to the first foreigner that will apply to the Company after i have gone that they should release the boxes to him/her, but you will assure me that you will take 50% of the money and give 50% to the orphanages home in your country for my heart to rest with GOD. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Company in Burkina Faso if you can do this return back  to me immediately before death cross my way so that i will send to you a copy of my international passport which you will show to the Company to make the Company know that i instructed you to contact them for therelease of my fund to you, so that  you can fulfil my dream of building an orphanage home in your country. After you have contacted the Company, contact me through this email (mrsmarriamhassanabdullah19@gmail.com) Yours Daying Sisther mrs marriam.hassan
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Hello Dear, My name is Miss. Amanda Zakari from Libya presently residing in Burkina Faso.I was impressed to seek my soul mate, and also i like to establish a long lasting relationship with you. I will be waiting for your reply so that i will give you my picture and more about me. Thanks,waiting to hear from you soonest. Love From, Miss. Amanda Zakari.
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Attn: Dear Beneficiary. Fund , I?m Diplomat Donald Parker; I have been trying to reach you on your telephone about an hour now just to inform you about my successful arrival in Your International Airport with your two boxes of consignment worth 10.5 Million Usd which I have been instructed by FEDEX DELIVERY COMPANY to be delivered to you. The Airport authority demanded for all the legal back up papers to prove to them that the fund is no way related with drug nor fraud money, I have presented the papers I handed to them and they are very much pleased with the paper?s I presented but the only thing that is still keeping me here is the airport is delivery Tag which is not placed on the boxes, one of the Airport Authority has advise that we get the delivery tag so that I can exit the airport immediately and make my delivery successful . I try to reason with them and they stated the delivery tag will cost us just $95.00 Dollars only to get the two tag placed on the boxes from Benin republic , while it will cost us $450 here in your state as that tag will enable me get to your house successfully without any interference, so I can advice you to send only $95.00 as it is very cheap in Africa , meanwhile they scanned the boxes and found out that the fund is 100 % spend able and accepted by any bank in the whole world. Please try and reach me with my email (diplomatdonaldparker14563@gmail.com) as I cannot afford to spend more time here due to other delivery I have to take care of in Bangkok. I can accompany you to your bank were you will deposit the fund successfully with some papers I have here with me. I have more vital paper with me but I can only present you the hard copy when I reach your house as that it?s the diplomatic rules, such as authorization to deliver. You can direct the tag fee to our Head Office as they will get it there for you and they are entitled to receive and make any payment to foreign countries authority. GET BACK TO ME IN MY EMAIL NOW: (diplomatdonaldparker14563@gmail.com) Here is the payment information western union or money gram RECIEVERS NAME; PAUL NNA COUNTRY; BENIN REPUBLIC CITY; COTONOU QUESTION; WHAT COLOR ANSWER; GREEN AMOUNT; $95.00 USD SENDER NAME....? MTCN....? SENDER COUNTRY SENDER NAME....? MTCN....? I will be waiting to receive the payment information from you today so as to enable me deliver your fund to your door step. Best regard Diplomat Donald Parker.
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FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY (F.C.T.)INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND23 HERBERT CIRCULARITY AVENUECOTONOU REPUBLICDear Beloved Good Friend,I am Chief Mr.Lawrence Williams, a highly placed official officer of the International Monetary Fund, Cotonou, Benin republic in West Africa (I.M.F).  I went to the Money Gram this morning to examine exactly what is going on about the documents we request from you to enable us permit the Money Gram Office to release  the payment to you and Dr. Philip Desmond the Money Gram Operation Manager told me that you called them Scammer. Is that true? I'm a highly placed official officer in I.M.F Office Benin republic and I stand hereby telling you that they are not Scammer. I know them as Money Gram Money Transfer Office (WUMTO) .We are International Monetary Fund unit, Cotonou-Benin republic and we monitor every transaction in Benin republic. So, when we discovered that Dr. Philip Desmond wanted to start transferring payment funds to you we then put everything that they are doing on hold and asked them to provide you or they will be arrested, Dr. Philip Desmond told us that you are in abroad and it's difficult for you to come over here &Sign the Document.So that was reason why we gave you the $39 to pay & sign the document to enable us allow the Money Gram,Cotonou- Benin republic to start transferring the funds to you.The bill of $39 that they asked you to pay is because Dr. Philip said  that you can't be able to trip down here and sign the IMF Tax Certificate and IMF Insurance Certificate so that was the reason why we gave you the two option either to pay the $39 for we to paid ourAttorney to sign the documents or you come down here and sign the documents with your hands.The $39 is to enable our Attorney Sign the Document for your behalf and start releasing your fund to you Via Money Gram since you can not be able to come down here and sign the Document By your Self, So go and send the Signing Attorney fee to start releasing your payment to you Via Money Gram OR Western Union today,,looking forward to hear from you with the payment Detail of the $39 if you can not be able to come down here in Benin and sign the Document,We are looking forward to hear from you with the payment Detail of the $39 BY MONEY GRAM OR WESTERN UNION TODAY. with this information belowReceiver's:--Name: Kenneth EzechiCountry:----Benin Republic.City: ------CotonouText Question:--OneText Answer:--DayAmount:-------$39.00MTCN Number#,......Sender's Name:.......We are looking forward to hear from you.Thank you.Director: Chief Mr.Lawrence Williams.I.M.F. (International Monetary Funds.Contact: (directorswiftcardconsultant009@gmail.com)Official Officer Of I.M.F.INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF)Official Officer Of I.M.F.SURE FOR YOUR FUND
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If you can't see our news-letter at all? Make sure to visit this now to re-load. Self applied! A durable-no slip-industrial floor coating-Sticks to any surface(garages-deck-patios-pools) Russia that plans aggression but, on the contrary, the decaying capitalist democracies. Russia wants merely to defend its own independence. This is an old and well-tried method of justifying aggression. Louis XIV and Napoleon I, Wilhelm II and Hitler were the most peace-loving of all men. When they invaded foreign countries, they did so only in just self-defence. Russia was as much menaced by Esthonia or Latvia as Germany was by Luxemburg or Denmark. [363] An outgrowth of this fable of self-defence is the legend of the cordon sanitaire. The political independence of the small neighbour countries of Russia, it is maintained, is merely a capitalist makeshift designed to prevent the European democracies from being infected with the germ of communism. Hence, it is concluded, these small nations have forfeited their right to independence. For Russia has the inalienable right to claim that its neighbours?and likewise its neighbours?neighbours?should only be ruled by ?friendly,? i.e., strictly communist, governments. What would happen to the world if all great powers were to make the same pretension? The truth is that it is not the governments of the democratic nations that aim at overthrowing the present Russian system. They do not foster pro-democratic fifth columns in Russia and they do not incite the Russian mhies against their rulers. but the russians are busy day and night fomenting unrest in every country. The very lame and hesitant intervention of the Allied Nations in the Russian Civil War was not a pro-capitalist and anti-communist venture. For the Allied Nations, involved in their struggle for life and death with the Germans, Lenin was at that time merely a tool of their deadly foes. Ludendorff had dispatched Lenin to Russia in order to overthrow the Kerensky regime and to bring about the defection of Russia. TheBolshevists fought byforce of arms all those Russians who wanted to continue the alliance with France, Great Britain and the United States. From a military point of view it was impossible for the Western nations to stay neutral while their Russian allies were desperately defending themselves against the Bolshevists. For the Allied Nations the Eastern Front was at stake. The cause of the ?White? generals was their own cause. As soon as the war against Germany came toan end in 1918, the Allies lost interest in Russian affairs. There was no longer any need for an Eastern Front. They did not care a whit about the internal problems of Russia. They longed for peace and were anxious to withdraw from the fighting. They were, of course, embarrhied because they did not know how to liquidate their venture with propriety. Their generals were ashamed of abandoning companions in arms who had fought to the best of their abilities in a common cause. To leave these men in the lurch was in their opinion nothing short of cowardice and desertion. Such considerations of military honour delayed for some time the withdrawal of the inconspicuous Allied detachments and the termination of deliveries to the Whites. When this was finally accomplished, the Allied statesmen felt relief. From then on they adopted a policy of strict neutrality with regard to Russian affairs. It was very unfortunate indeed that the Allied Nations had been willynilly entangled in the Russian Civil War. It would have been better if the military situation of 1917 and 1918 had not compelled them to interfere. But one must not overlook the fact that the abandonment of intervention in .
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My name is barrister Henry Lucas. I am a financial consultant/attorney for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other Middle East oil producing countries. Recently, the Saudi government engaged my services to audit the books of the National Oil Petroleum Company (Saudi) and I discovered several diversions of funds and inflation of contract payment resulting from the sales of crude oil amounting to BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. At the end of my findings, I was able to recover almost all the funds back to the Saudi government and I was able to set aside the total sum of $15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million United States Dollars Only) to be used for investment purpose in any good business that will generate profit and return on investment. In view of the above, I propose the following. I want to partner with you. I want you to send me a brief summary of any good business investment plan you think we can invest this funds that will generate good profit. The investment plan will last for a period of ten years and whatever profit realized will be shared amongst us 50%-50%. If you are willing to assist and partner with me in this business venture, I need you to understand that there is no risk involved. This transaction is 100% risk free as I followed the rules of law and secured all the necessary documentation to back up this funds and investment plan. If you are interested and willing to partner with me please send me the following at once. 1) YOUR FULL NAME AND ADDRESS 2) YOUR DIRECT TELEPHONE NUMBER Once I receive this information from you, I will use them to secure all the necessary documentation involved and also prepare a joint venture partnership agreement that will bind us in this investment plan. Finally, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me 24 hours am here at your services. I look forward to hearing from you Henry Lucas
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$200,000 was won by your email send name/Tel/Country Regards MR Morris Smith Email:western-union@paysandu.com Thank you for using the Western Union.
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