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My father made the deposit of the money to a private security & finance company here in Johannesburg with the help of our family Attorney pending when he will finalize negotiations with South African Government for the sales of the ammunition.On his return back to Ivory Coast on January he was killed amongst other opposition members which attracted the attention of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force (UN) & African Union to immediately arrive Ivory Coast to protect Mr. Alassane Quattara and other top opposition members. My Mother was among the seven women that were shot dead on Thursday 03rd March 2011 by Mr. Laurent Gbagbo?s forces in Abidjan. I was instructed by my family members to leave for South Africa since I might be the next target by Mr. Laurent Gbagbo. Right now I am here as a Refugee in South Africa and would need your assistance as a foreign partner in order to move these funds out from South Africa to your country for our investment. 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