My names are John Patrick Goldman (an attorney at law) and a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. I have gone through your track records and credible profiles online and found you worthy of being my confidential business associate. I am currently disposed to the sum of £15,000,000.00 GBP(Fifteen Million Great Britain Pounds Sterlings)for which I need your confidential partnership in retrieving and investment in the booming economy of your country. The funds and partnership gains shall be shared based on a 50% agreement (each). My late client died intestate (without a claim having a secret fixed deposit), and as his attorney till death I am in custody of all the originals of the deposit Certificate, and I shall legally and legitimately procure the Certificate of Ownership and the Probate Letter of Administration in your names as the new Legal Owner of Funds and it shall be remitted to your nominated bank account by a Bank Transfer. Should you be interested, get back to me as soon as possible for detailed information for this project. John P. Goldman (Investment Attorney)Please Call +44 702 409 0820 (office)
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BODY{font:10pt Tahoma,Verdana,sans-serif} .MsoNormal{line-height:120%;margin:0}  I am in the military unit here in Afghanistan,we have some amount of fundsthat we want to move out of the country.My partners and I need a goodpartner someone we can trust. It is risk free and legal. Reply to thisemail cpt.dorothea@yahoo.cl    
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Hello, This Project is about the exportation of 100,000 barrels of Light Crude Oil daily out from Iraq to Turkey through my client?s company in Iraq at the rate of $92.00 a barrel. This amount to $9,200,000 daily. I ask for your support as a foreigner to handle this business project with my client and you are not expected to invest in Iraq. If yes, let me know and we will discuss this project proper. Attorney Kim.
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ATTN, "Kindly read over the below message carefully. A customer who happen to have the same surname as yours from YOUR COUNTRY opened an account worth over ($5,500,000.00,USD) with standard Bank for over 4 years now, I happened to be his account officer, due to our customer relationship we became very closed, he used to tell me a lot of things about his personal life and business in particular, I was reliably informed that he has died in Typhoon Haiyan that occurred in November 2013 in Philippine, he went there for a business summit. Upon his supposed death, he didn't have a next-of-kin to his account and that is a serious issue in the banking sector. sorry for contacting you through this means, I don't have any friend or contact from your country apart from this customer and something deep inside tells me I can trust you with such vital information of such, this involves a lot of money, I would like to present you as his next-of-kin in order for both of us to claim this money, its risk free and you don't have to come over to UNITED KINGDOM LIVERPOOL, At the receipt of your reply, I will give you details of the transaction. And a copy of the Deposit Certificate of the fund and also the Incorporation Certificate of the company that generated the fund. You can contact me through my private & personal emails: (ashleyhanna12@hotmail.com - ashleyhanna940@gmail.com) Thanks, Ashley H.
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Sony Promotion 2014 Your E-mail have win. Contact  barr. kenny brown  E-mail: barr.kennybrown0@hotmail.com Contact with you're: Serial No: SONY-433-9966-6679. For more information.   (ONLY E-MAIL SENT HERE barr.kennybrown0@hotmail.com WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED).
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Although, I am not comfortable discussing the content of my mail on the Internet owing to lots of unsolicited/Spam mails on the net nowadays. Anyway my message is that I have made up my mind to will my late Husbands funds  to you so that you can use it for charity  duties and good work to humanity in your country. The amount is 4 million Dollars. Please get back to me on my personal and secured email  address for further information. My secured email address is: reaslerw@live.com God bless you. Mrs. Easler Robert Willis.
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My Name is Mr Jack Parkinson, I work at the Euro lottery company and i want to seek your opinion on making you a winner in our ongoing lottery draw and if i do, we both will be sharing the winning funds 40-60%. This is for real and if interested contact me privately via my email: jack-parkinson@admin.in.th
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Hello, This is the second time i am sending you this mail, Please can you help me re-profile fund? I am Ms Teresa Au, HSBC Hong Kong, head of corporate sustainability Asia pacific region. A sum of (USD$23,200,000.00) (Twenty three million, two Hundred Thousand dollars) Million was deposited by our Late customer who died without declaring any next of kin before his death in 2006. My suggestion to you is to stand as the next of kin to Fadel Ahmed. We shall share in the ratio of 50% for me, 50% for you. Please contact me via this e- mail: mrs_tere2@126.com. Thanks Regards Mrs Teresa Au.
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Did you get my request?
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tekaz 2013-11-7
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From: Desk office Dr. Brown Moore P.O.Box1006 1 Edgar Place, E147 HP. London Tel: +447924599022 Fax:+447045767668 Email:moore.brown11@yahoo.cl United Kingdom Date: 29-11-2013 Dear Mr. , Based on the final audit of the year 2013 by the World Bank and Swiss economic recovery and reconciliation committee we bring to your attention that we have received the instruction to remit your unclaimed sum of USD$ 820.000.00 Eight Hundred and Twenty Dollars Only which was delayed due to unforeseen circumstance at present your money has been loaded into an ATM card and it will be posted to you as soon as you are able to confirm the below information. Receiver Name : Postal Address: Mobile Phone number: Age/Sex. You are expected to respond to this email within 7 days to avoid closing your file as unclaimed. Regards Dr. Brown Moore Controller Economic Recovery Tel: +447045767668
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Greetings: I am Mr.FAN Yaosheng, i have a legitimate business offer for you regarding some secret funds deposited somewhere in Europe.the funds can be released to you legally. please contact me at for details reply to yaosheng.fan@yahoo.com.hk reply to my email: yaosheng.fan@yahoo.com.hk if interested.
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Good Day, I am Ms. Yael Ronen, I am getting in touch with you regarding an extremely important and urgent matter. If you would oblige me the opportunity, I shall provide you with details upon your response. Faithfully, Ms. Yael Ronen.
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Hello Dear,I am Mrs Marie of christian loan company, we offer loan to those whohave given there life to christ, and seriousely in need of asistant, formore information contact us via organization_christian@yahoo.clGod Bless,Mrs Marie.
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Hello, This Project is about the exportation of 100,000 barrels of Light Crude Oil daily out from Iraq to Turkey through my client?s company in Iraq at the rate of $92.00 a barrel. This amount to $9,200,000 daily. I ask for your support as a foreigner to handle this business project with my client and you are not expected to invest in Iraq. If yes, let me know and we will discuss this project proper. Attorney Kim.
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.style1 { text-align: center; } .style2 { text-align: center; color: #FF0000; } .style3 { border-width: 0px; }
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I am in the military unit here in Afghanistan,we have some amount of funds that we want to move out of the country.My partners and I need a good partner someone we can trust. It is risk free and legal. Reply to this email majoralan_edward1@admin.in.th Regards, Major.Alan Edward
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Attachment content - invite.ics:BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID://Yahoo//Calendar//EN VERSION:2.0 METHOD:REQUEST BEGIN:VEVENT SUMMARY:NOTIFICATION OF CREDIT FROM UNITED STATES FEDERAL RESERVE. DESCRIPTION:FROM THE DESK OF DR. BEN SHALOM BERNANKE\nCHAIRMAN UNITED STA TES FEDERAL RESERVE/\nFUND MANAGEMENT & REFORM COMMITTEE\n(SUB SECTION W EST AFRICAN MONITORING UNIT)\nOur Ref: PHC/WAMU/BJN/ZZ057\n\nNOTIFICATIO N OF CREDIT FROM UNITED STATES FEDERAL RESERVE.\n\nAttn: Beneficiary \,\ n\nWe have this day received a payment credit instruction from the Feder al Government of Benin to credit your account with your full Inheritance fund of US$ 2.500.000.00 USD\,from the Benin reserve account with our U NITED STATES FEDERAL RESERVE. However\, you are required to provide the followings data below:\n\n{1}. Your Full Name and Address.\n{2}. Your Co nfidential Tel\, Cell and Fax\n{3). Your Bank name and address.\n{4). Yo ur A/c Name and A/c Numbers.:\n(5). Your Swift Code / Routing Numbers.\n \nPlease do provide the above information accurately\, because this offi ce cannot afford to be held liable for any wrong transfer of funds or li ability of funds credited into a ghost account.\n\nSecondly\, the only m oney you pay for the transfer to take place is just $ 188 USD \, being t he approval payment certification from the government of Benin\, and you are giving a limited time to send the payment and please be advise that you are to send the payment to American Embassy office in Benin and you are to use this information to send the $ 188 USD and please be informe d that you are not going to pay any other payment to any body and do not be deceived by any body to send any other payment.\n\nHere is the infor mation you will use to send the payment through Money Gram or Western un ion.\n\nReceiver`s Name: MR. 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RDATE:19681027T000000 END:STANDARD BEGIN:STANDARD TZOFFSETFROM:+0000 TZOFFSETTO:+0000 TZNAME:GMT DTSTART:19960101T000000 RDATE:19960101T000000 END:STANDARD END:VTIMEZONE END:VCALENDAR Attachment content - swd.docx:   1st Capital Financial Services 75 Ottawa St. N, Hamilton Ontario L8H-3V9, Canada. 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