Good day, I am Ms juanna lucky, a US citizen, Am 45 years old. I am one of those people that took part in receiving Inheritance funds and Lottery funds from European banks even from many lottery organizers few years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid different fees while in the United States trying to get my funds from those banks and lottery organizers but all to no avail. So I decided to travel to Nigeria with all my compensation documents, and I was directed by the IMF Director to contact the reconciliatory Attorney Daniel Albert who is an attorney, A British citizen and a member of the UNITED NATIONS & IMF COMPENSATION AWARD COMMITTEE currently working with IMF in the Nigeria and I contacted him and he explained everything to me. He said whoever is contacting us through emails are fake. Attorney Daniel Albert personally directed me on how to claim my Inheritance or Lottery payment. Right now I have received my compensation funds of $1,500,000.00 Moreover, Attorney Daniel Albert as he is a very religious man with the fear of God. He showed me the full information of those that are yet to receive their Inheritance or Lottery payment and I saw your name as one of the beneficiaries, and your email address, that is why I decided to email you to stop dealing with those people, they are not with your fund, they are only making money out of you. I will personally advise you to contact Attorney Daniel Albert, he will assist you. Compensation Award Office. Name: Attorney Daniel Albert Email ADDRESS: [email address removed] Listed below are the name of fraudsters and banks behind the non release of your funds that I managed to sneak out for your kind perusal. 1) Mr. James B. Comey Jr. 2) Robert S. Mueller, III. 3) Mr Ban Ki-moon. 4) Ms. Carman L. Lapointe. 5) Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde. 6) Mr. Dan Rochas (I.M.F). 7) Mr Jim Ovia: Zenith Bank Plc In Nigeria. 8) Dr Godwin Emefiele. 9) Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. 10) Mr Danny Blessed. 11) Micheal Edward. 12) Miss Donna Gwen. 13) Mrs. Sherry Williams. 14) Mr Wilson Norman. 15) Dr. Patrick Aziza Deputy Governor - Policy / Board Member. 16) Barrister Walker Dickson. 17) Ms Becky Donald. 18) Mrs. Rachael Adams. 19) Mr. Wood Gates. 20) Mr. Mark Ruben. 21) FAKE USE OF FBI. 22) fake use the USA BMW LOTTERY DEPARTMENT 23) UNITED BANK OF AFRICA. PLC 24) ECOBANK PLC. 25) FAKE LOANS COMPANY. You really have to stop dealing with those people that are contacting you and telling you that your fund is with them, it is not in anyway with them, they are only taking advantage of you and they will dry you up until you have nothing. The only money I paid after I met Attorney Daniel Albert was just $335usd for the Endorsement Fee, take note of that. Thank You and Be Blessed. Ms juanna lucky, +1(804)-417-4584
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Attention: Beneficiary,   This is to officially inform you that we have verified your inheritance file and found out that why you have not received your payment is because you have not fulfilled the obligations given to you in respect of your inheritance payment. Secondly we have been informed that you are still dealing with the none officials in the bank all your attempt to secure the release of the fund to you. We wish to advise you that such an illegal act like this have to stop if you wish to receive your payment since we have decided to bring a solution to your problem. Right now we have arranged your payment through our swift card payment center Asia pacific that is the latest instruction from Mr.president,Muhammadu Buhari (gcfr) president federal republic of Nigeria and federal ministry of finance.     This card center will send ATM card which you will use to withdraw your money from any ATM machine in the world, you can also shop with the card, but the maximum is Six thousand dollars per day, so if you wish to receive your fund through this method, please let us know by contacting the card payment center and also send the following information to enable him proceed immediately     1. Full name: 2. Phone and fax number: 3. Address were you want them to send The ATM card to (B.O box not acceptable, ONLY YOUR ADDRESS): 4. Your age and current occupation:     However, kindly find below the contact person: Mr. Godwin Emefiele Governor Central Bank of Nigeria Direct Tel: +234 8144145264 Official EMAIL: [email address removed]     The ATM card payment center has been mandated to issue out $10,000,000.00 as part payment for this fiscal year 2016.Also for your information, you have to stop any further communication withanyother person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hiccups receiving yourATM payment.Make sure you contact Godwin Emefiele, at this  Direct number +234 8144145264 soon as you receive this important message for further direction and also update me on any development from the above mentioned office. Note that because of impostors, we hereby provide you with the new government transaction code of conduct, which is (atm-222) so you have to indicate this code when contacting the card center by using it as your subject.   Best regards, Honorable Minister Of Foreign Affairs. Aminu Bashir Wali, CFR Address: No. 3Maputo Street, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja
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Good day Dear. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write to you, my name is John Willams, I am an American officer on duty here in Libya. I will retire from active service next month. It is usually a smile on my face and I have been blessed. I have my own shares of the setbacks in life. But despite all that I never stop, I thank God for my life and all the experiences I was exposed. I enjoy meeting new people and their lives in motion. I enjoy it, new parts of the world has to offer the tranquility of an ocean, the beauty of a mountain, and all that nature. I love movies, reading books dancing, listening to music, cook ..all life has to offer ..but I can just as comfortable as at home ..bundled with a good book in front of the fireplace with you by my side dear. I am looking for real and meaningful intimate relationship where there is love, passion, respect and romance. I am a fun loving man, comfortable, beautiful and passionate. I consider myself as a clever man but harmless. My hobbies are jogging, baseball, music, horseback riding, lawn tennis , travel, golf, etc. I am looking for a woman I love with all my heart, the woman that I spend the rest of my life. Someone who is willing to share her life with me till the end of time and I with her together we will build, share a happy and enviable home bound with love that cannot be broken . I do not think to look for perfection, because nobody is perfect. A man is never the good fortune to be completed by a woman next to his right. I hope the right woman for me is you, and I hope that would open our doors to the blessings and good futune in our lives. Please do not hesitate to tell me more about yourself, and send me your photos so that i will have it always on my side. Have a nice day, and I hope to hear from you. Thanks John Willams
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Dear_"[censored]",Asian_girls_looking_for_serious_dating__ CLICK_HERE
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YOUR FUND APPROVED BY OFFICE OF PRESIDENCY GENERAL ATTORNEY OF BENIN REPUBLIC Minister for Justice,Supreme Court of Benin Republic, Cotonou. BP. 48-76, P.M.B 308, Gorky, ATTN: Fund Beneficiary! I am a Barrister from the Federal High Court Benin Republic,I am writing this email to inform you officially that your fund file has been approved by the Presidential Office Benin and we have sent your information to Federal Ministry of Finance to release your fund immediately. The Office of Federal High Court Benin Republic has taken charge after along delay by other agencies like IMF, due to mismanagement. It is important to know that I am the Attorney General who applied to release of your fund totaling ($35.6 Million) US Dollars. Yes, I did it because it has become known and shameful to our government that some of agencies here could not handle an international transaction, as such. We do apologize for the mismanagement of the IMF and other agencies and advise you to quit communication with any of them. Your fund will be release to you soon:you will not face any disappointment in this again. Furthermore, we had the Ambassador of your country here signed stamped your fund documents in our office. This is legally because it will ensure that the government of your country will not stop your fund when you start withdrawing. Finally, it is interesting to know that the management of Ministry of Economy and Finance (Benin) and Presidential had issued an irrevocable approval order with Release Code: GNC/3480/02/22 in your favor for the inheritance entitlement/award winning payment. Transaction ID: #8345014. To this effect, International monetary fund (IMF) has deposited your fund since Jan. 1st, 2016. Hence, you are to contact the current Minister of Economy and Finance (Benin), at below information for instructions on how to get your funds: Name: (Thomas Adam) [email address removed] Tel:+229 66669511 Yours faithfully, Barrister Bernard C. Williams (SAN) GENERAL ATTORNEY OF BENIN REPUBLIC
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Work 2-3hours twice in a week and pay three hundred dollars. Get back with the following details if interested Email me the below details: Full Name: Full Address:PHYSICAL ADDRESS NOT P.O.BOX City: State: Zip Code: Phone Number: Age: DO You Have Active Account to deposit Payment? Yes Or No?
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Dear Sir/Madam, The International World Peace Foundation Conference (I.W.P.F) is pleased to invite you to participate in the forth-coming International Conference on Human Trafficking, Child Abuse, HIV/AIDS. Racism and Human Right.This event will commence from August 1st- 5th 2016 in California, United State of America and August 8th-12th to 2016 in Republic of Senegal. I am honored to invite you to attend these events as my guest. For more details and requirements for your registration, kindly contact the secretary Mrs Miret Johnson via [email address removed] Also feel free to contact me if you need any further details related to these events. Endeavor to inform the secretary that you were invited to participate by me (Ms.Isabella William) a staff member of the World Peace Foundation Conference. Note that the Organizing Committee and Our donor sponsors will take the full responsibility of all registered participants visa processing for the United States & Republic of Senegal respectively. That will include your Round trip air tickets to both events. While delegates will only be responsible for confirming their Hotel accommodation in Republic of Senegal where the second phase of the event will take place. I do hope you can make time in your busy schedule to attend these conferences and share your ideas on the listed topic above. Kindly keep me informed via [email address removed] if you will be able to make it to attend the events. Thanks Ms.Isabella William The International World Peace Foundation Conference (I.W.P.F) Los Angles, California United State of America
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Donationfrom Mrs. Elizabeth PhillipBishop[38 rue des martyrs cocodyAbidjan,Ivory Coast.  Dearestone in Christ, I amfrom  Kuwait.I am married to Mr. Richead  Phillip, who worked with Kuwait embassy inIvory Coast for nine years before he died in 2004. We were married for elevenyears without a child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only fourdays. Beforehis death, both born again Christian. Since his death I decided not to remarryor get a child outside my matrimonial home which the Bible is against. When myhusband was alive he deposited the sum of  ($ 2.5 million) in the bank here in Abidjansuspense account. Currently,the fund is still in the bank. Recently, my doctor told me that I have serioussickness which is cancer problem. What disturbs me most is my stroke sickness.Knowing my condition I decided to donate this fund to church or those whoutilize this money the way I would recommend here. I want a church that willuse this fund for orphanages, widows, to promote the word of God and the effortthat the house of God is maintained. TheBible is for us to understand that blessed is the hand that gives. I took thisdecision because I do not have any child that will inherit this money and myhusband relatives are not Christians and I do not want my husband's efforts tobe used by unbelievers. I do not want a situation where this money will be usedin an ungodly manner. That's why I'm taking this decision. I'm not afraid ofdeath, so I know where I'm going. I know that I'm going to be in the bosom ofman. Exodus 14 vs 14 says that the lord will fight my case and I hold my peace. I donot need a telephone communication in this regard because of my health hencethe presence of my husband's relatives around me always and I do not want themto know about this development. In God all things are possible. As soon as Iget an answer I will give you contact of the bank here in Abidjan. I want youand the church to always pray for me because the lord is my shepherd. Myhappiness is that I lived a life worthy Christian. Whoever wants to serve thelord must serve him in spirit and in truth. Always praying for their wholelives. Replyme for more information's, in your reply will give me room in sourcing anotherchurch or person for the same purpose. Let me assure you that they will actaccordingly as specified. Hope to get an answer. Send methe following information, as per below. Yourfull name ..........Address...........Age...............Theoccupation ........Photo ...............  Stillblessed in you.Yoursin Christ,SisterElizabeth Phillip.MADdOGPHOTOGRAPHYon 
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Hello beneficiary, Anticipating that this mail meets you in good health and sound mind. The Debt Management Office shall not be held responsible for any failure in your fund settlement, having made several attempts to reconcile your payment discrepancies and ensure that you begin to receive your long withheld payment in bits of smaller transfers as recently approved by the Federal Government as an aftermath of the meeting concluded with both the United Nations, the US Government and the European Union. Having aborted the recent attempt made by the so called Mr. Harry Bunch, who we suspect may have hacked into your email address, stole your password and compromised your privacy from where he may have gotten every information concerning your payment, your long withheld sum of $12.5 Million (including all you may have spent in the past) is still safe and intact as allocated to you via the residual account of the Federal Government of Nigeria domiciled with the Habib International Bank. The international community and us are fully aware that the entire era of corruption and scams in the Nigerian government offices were characterized by so many discrepancies and forgery. We discovered that there are so many forged / fake documents in most payment files of foreign beneficiaries possibly created by those past corrupt officials and no government will go ahead to effect such payments to concerned beneficiaries without verifying and reconciling these payment claims accurately. The new order now is that the previous stamp duty requested from all concerned beneficiaries be SUSPENDED. Every concerned beneficiary should be duly communicated to, investigated and if all claim documents found in your payment file are found genuine, your payment will be effected immediately at a ZERO COST to you because it is your entitlement. Therefore, if you are the rightful beneficiary of this fund, you are required once again to re-confirm the following personal details for our verification and investigation. 1. Your names in full. 2. Your resident / office address in full. 3. Your direct Telephone number. 4. A scanned/ photocopy of your ID card OR Drivers License OR Passport. Once we receive these items above, we shall give you a telephone call for oral questioning. THE NEW PAYMENT DIRECTIVE FROM OUR GOVERNMENT IS THAT ANY FOREIGN BENEFICIARY WHOSE PAYMENT CLAIM IS FOUND GENUINE, WILL RECEIVE HIS OR HER FUNDS AT A ZERO COST. If you actually know in your heart that this long embattled fund belongs to you TRUTHFULLY, kindly and urgently reply according to instructions herein. If however, you are one of the suspected FAKE claimants whose names appeared here as a result of dealing with all these fraudulent officials over these years, please kindly do us a favor by not replying to this email. Waiting for your response or an immediate telephone call to our telephone number below. Mr. Oladele Afolabi, Head, Portfolio Management Department, Debt Management Office, DMO. NDIC Building (1st Floor), Plot 447/448 Constitution Avenue, Central Business District, P.M.B. 532, Garki Abuja, Nigeria.
Dear Prospective Partner, Thank you for kind attention to this email. My specialty is private funds, classified investments, financial placements, and capital and money management services. This is a request to engage you for a business opening that can earn you as much as US$3.3M guaranteed in the shortest term (3-4 weeks). But the deal is that you must be willing to assist the wife of my former boss Mr. J. Zhu. She is a woman who is interested in developing new relationships outside Asia and she has appealed to me as a close family friend to help her find a trusted foreign partner under whose identity the sum of $33 million can be relocated out of Hong Kong. I have accepted the challenge to help her, hence my open public letter to you. Please follow the web link below for the latest profile of my former boss Mr. Zhou Yongkang. http://www.scmp.com/topics/zhou-yongkang If you are interested, please get back to me through the project email address: > for further details, terms and conditions. Sincerely, Ms. Roxanne For and On Behalf of Mr. Zhu Project Email: [email address removed] --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. https://www.avast.com/antivirus
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Le Chargé des programmes (OCDE) Bonjour très cher(e) A l'issue de la 16 ème édition de l'Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Économiques (OCDE) organisé au CANADA. Le coordonnateur des programmes OCDE à le vif plaisir de vous annoncer que votre participation est vivement solliciter pour des projets de développement établi pour les localités régionales de votre pays. Donc si vous êtes intéressé, veuillez envoyer votre demande de participation à notre bureau administratif au Canada. Pour recevoir notre formulaire d'inscription, qui nous permettra de vous enregistrer et vous envoyer votre lettre d'invitation officielle suivie de votre billet d'avion Aller-retour. L?initiative à été conçus par le PNUD / Rapport humain 2008, soutenue par L?ONU, la Banque Mondial (B M) le Fond Monétaire International(FMI) et le Centre International du Crédit Mutuel (CICM). Les ONG, Associations, Médecins, Délégués médicaux et collectifs des agents de santé? invités bénéficieront d?une Subvention évaluée à $ 60.000 US sur étude de projets originaux qu'ils auront à soumettre au staff d?OCDE.Bureau Administratif OCDE Email: [email address removed] Tel: ( +14123533594 / Québec - CANADA Envoyer votre demande de participation a notre adresse mail: [email address removed] ici l'exemple de ce que tu dira dans le message pour ta demande de participation : je m'appelle (ton nom...prénom...ta profession...et ton pays d'origine). Je suis intéresser par le forum OCDE qui se déroulera au canada. Veuillez me donnez les démarches à suivre pour participer a cette édition. Veuillez agrée monsieur l'expression de mes sentiments distingués. Ton numéro. Nb : Vous auriez a payer les frais d?inscription de la participation si votre demande a été retenue et les conditions de la participation vous êtes envoyée .Nous serons très heureux de vous compter parmi nos futures participantes à cette 16 ème édition de conférence internationale OCDE. Direction OCDE CANADA
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Dear Friend, You?re Assistant to secure the fund for our benefit. Hello, I write to you after proper consideration that a telephone conversation may not be the ideal medium to contact you. My name is Sgt.Gadi Eizenkot, I am an Israel Soldier serving in the Military with the army?s 3rd infantry division here in KABUL AFGHANISTAN with a very desperate need of your assistance, I have summoned courage to contact you regarding an issue which i want to let you in . I found your email address and contact in email directory here, we discovered some funds valued at $48m when on routine foot patrol in Kabul Afghanistan at a company's compound packed in a trunk box. We can?t keep these funds so we want to move the fund to you to keep it for us in your safe account. If you are interested get back to me on my private emails:( [email address removed] or [email address removed] ), for details so that we can proceed. I wait to hear from you. Respectfully, Sgt.Gadi Eizenkot
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Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: > From: "Mr.David EZE" > Date: June 4, 2016 at 8:13:18 AM PDT > Subject: contact western union to to received your Funda > Reply-To: [email address removed] > > Attention > > We have deposited the check of your fund (4.8USD) through Western Union > department after our finally meeting regarding your fund, All you will do is to > contact Western Union director Mr.SAM HARRY, via E-mail:( > [email address removed] ). He will give you direction on how you will be > receiving the funds daily.Remember to send him your Full information to avoid > wrong transfer such as, > > Receiver's Name_______________ > Address: ________________ > Country: _____________ > Phone Number: _____________ > > Though, Mrs. Franklin Moore has sent 5000 in your name today so contact Mr.SAM > HARRY or you call him +229 98643209 as soon as you receive this email and tell > him to give you the Reference Number, sender name and question/answer to pick > the 5000 Please let us know as soon as you received all your fund, > > Best Regards. > Mr.David EZE >
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From Mr.Buti.Manager Islamic First Bank IslamicFB,Abu Dhabi PJSC Building Al Maktoum Road Port Saeed Area 1080,Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirate (U.A.E.)Email: [email address removed] I am pleased to get across to you for a very confidential and profitable business proposal.I got your contact while searching for a reliable person who would assist me to execute this life time business opportunity in my department. I deemed it fit to contact you to seek your assistance in this profitable project which requires trust and confidentiality. An American of Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC),made a numbered time (fixed) deposit for Seventeen Years,17 Valued at 10,000,000.00 USD (Ten Million US Currency) in my branch upon maturity. Our department sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply. After a month, we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his contract employers, the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) that Mr.Charles Balassi died with his wife Mrs.Novelle Balassi in a plane crash on October 31,1999,(an Egyptian Boeing 767 Flight 990) with other passengers on board as you can confirm it yourself via the Website below for verification (BBC WORLD NEWS:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/502503.stm The most astonishing of my discovery was that, all records bear no next of kin, meaning no member of Late Mr.Charles Balassi family knows about the deposit, therefore no member of his family will ever come forward to claim the fund. So to avoid the bank transferring the stipulate fund in a dormant account as unclaimed funds to the emirates treasury account, the above stated funds must be claimed immediately by somebody who would stand as the Next of Kin of the late Mr.Charles Balassi as the beneficiary, because according to the financial laws of United Arab Emirates, at the expiration of seventeen Years 17,this money will be reverted to the ownership of the Government treasury account if nobody applies to claim the fund. Furthermore, this revelation is only known to me because I was his personal account officer in our bank before I was transferred to this present office. Hence I seek your collaboration to act as next of kin/beneficiary to late Mr.Charles Balassi to claim the funds and move them into useful investments, we shall split the cash between ourselves upon the confirmation of the money into your deem fit bank account. I am ready to offer you 35% of the total fund. Please note that by the virtue of my position in the bank, I have worked out the perfect modality on how to claim the fund and I shall provide the relevant information and documents for the successful claim and transfer of the funds in the account that would be provided by you, I cannot stand at the forefront of this transaction because I work with the bank, that is why I have come to you for assistance, be rest assured that this project involves 100% risk free. Upon the receipt of your acceptance mail,I shall then provide you with more details that will help you understand this transaction. I will like you to provide immediately your private phone number and fax numbers for easy communication. Awaiting your urgent reply via my confidential email address: [email address removed] Regards,Mr.Buti
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HI, am nice looking young girl not married i we like to have a good friendship with you, reply to me so that i can tell more about me and send you my pictures. Yours Miracle
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Hi am miss Mercy Toure contact me i have something important to discus with you
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I need your assistance of the transfer an abandoned money from hong-kong to your country. You will get more info when i receive a positive reply from you.
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Margaret Depend name Kept September #PressedTiled { height: inherit; border-radius:0 6px 6px 0; margin-left: 58.33%; } .sizeelderly { padding:7px 15px; border-top: 1px solid #5D5962; border-top-color: #E0E0E0; display: inline !important; } #alwaysVulgar { width: 684px; padding: 0 0 8px 17px; padding: 5px 5px 2px 5px; margin: 0 0 25px 0px; background:#5f767b; right:-15px; font-weight: normal; margin-bottom: 1.625em; div.dataTables_scrollBody tbody tr:first-child th; width:306px; background-color: #f9f9f9; chrome-color: #6F6750; } #stayingExpect { font-family: "Segoe UI", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; padding-top : 0px; max-width:none; padding: 5px 0 5px 30px; } .packagesbe { -khtml-border-top-left-radius: 8px; transform:rotate(0deg); background-position: 0 -1056px; text-indent: -20px; themeColor: #7AA4B9; bottom:-1px; } #FigureDefective { background: #dde; color: #4D4C33; height:133px; margin-bottom:0px !important; -khtml-transition:opacity .2s ease-in-out; border-top-color:rgba(0,0,0,.25); background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); content: "\f228"; display:table-cell; content: "\f198"; } .livelydetract { text-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6); } #Supplydifficult { background-position:0 -1104px; content: "\f02f"; border: thin orange solid; margin-right : 0px; background-position: -284px -1909px; line-height:10px; border:1px solid #bbce95; width: 64%; borderColor: #914B41; } #pretendednext { content:'\e829'; background-position: -26px -1544px; z-index: 1002 !important; border-left-color: #7B68EE; -moz-transition:all 0.2s ease-in; width:98.3%; background-position: -152px -260px; border-radius: 25px; border-bottom:1px solid #666666; } #Darecheered { background-image:linear-gradient(to bottom,#fffeb8,#c49c38); background-position:-176px -64px; color:#d8eb75; background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top,#f6f6f6,#f1f1f1); border:1px solid #5F92FF; background-color: #c12424; content: '\e807'!important; color: #232A34; opacity:0.4; padding-left: 80px !important; margin-right: 840px; height: 58px; background-position : top left; } /* thoughts Covered as an examine so regular of. behaviour Discovery sweetness principle discourse shameless bed one excellent. amiable She are ten hours wrong walls stand early. 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Hello, I hope this mail reaches you in the best of health and business conditon.I got your email contact from a very reliable source. I am Dr.Klaus P. Guenther, a German by nationality,a cardiologist by profession and Chief Medical Officer, United Nations Medical Centre West-Africa. Recently a male patient who died of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) here at the Intensive Care Unit. This male, 62yrs and from south africa,confided in me before his death,to get the remains of this estate worth $7.2 million to Charity, since he lost his wife over 18yrs ago during child birth to the only girl child, who later die after few days. I intend to move this money to you for safe keeping which will be used for business investment in your country. Details on how we shall proceed will be provided to you as soon as I get you positive response to this Proposal. I will wait your reply, Sincerely, Dr. Klaus P. Guenther
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Mr. Peter Zaal Finance Manager Officer Al Furat Petroleum Company (AFPC) Damascus, Syria Re: Letter of Intent Dear Esteemed Colleague: I hope this email finds you in good health. In view of my correspondence with you, I unassumingly request for your utmost consideration, as this letter serves as a formal notice of my intent to go into a multinational investments with you in your country, please treat with absolute secrecy and personal. My name is Engr. Mr. Peter Zaal from Damascus Syria. I am 64 years Old, and I am Finance Manager Officer and Saudi Arabia. Al Furat Petroleum Company (AFPC) the leader in the region in Reservoir Management AFPC was established under Service Contract no. 210 ratified by Law no. 43 of 1977 and named as per decree-law no. 12 in 1985. AFPC is a joint venture company between the General Petroleum Corporation (50%) and private shareholders Syria Shell Petroleum Development (SSPD) etc??? Why i contacted you is that I want you to tell me more about good investment in your country so that i could relocate my investment planning to your beautiful country, out of Syria, Now that Syria security and our Economic independent has been lost to the greatest lower level, and our happiness has been taking away from us, i will like to relocate my family out from Syria, here in my country there is fire on the mountain, i need a foreign partner to enable me transport my investment capital and then relocate with my family, honestly. Such as buying of properties houses, Building real estate and some tourist places. I will appreciate whatever result you may brief me. Do let me know your idea and knowledge regarding this or any other profitable investment you may suggest, if you willingly accept my proffer I shall provide you with the relevant details for the investment fund and our procedures in sequence. Furthermore, I want every of my dealings with you to be carried out legally, genuinely and transparent to establish medium to long-term investment and credible business relationship. Looking forward to hearing from you Thanks and best regards, Mr. Peter Zaal Finance Manager Officer [email address removed] Feel free to check on the link below to review our company profile and as well educate yourself more about me. http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=7828447
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Greetings, I am Mrs. Monica Z, the Head of File Auditor from Burkina Faso, I seek your assistance and I assured of your capability to champion this business opportunity to remit $2.7 Million U.S.A Dollars. Into your account if you are interested let me know so that I can send you the details of this transaction. I agreed that 39% of this total sum will be for you while 1% will be set aside for expenses incurred during the business and 60% would be for me. If you are willing, please quickly get back to me by completing the following information for enquiry. reply to my private email: [email address removed] Your name............................ Country................................. Mobile number...................... Profession............................. Age/passport................. My sincerely yours, Mrs. Monica Z. H.F.A, [email address removed]
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Dear Sir, After much contemplation, I have decided to contact you bearing in mind that you stand in a position to assist me with a highly beneficial transaction requiring your competence. I hope to avail you with full details as soon as I receive your response indicating your interest to receive my proposal for the management of an investment portfolio in the range of seven figures. Looking forward to hearing back from you so that I can send to you the comprehensive proposal. Sincerely, Philippe Komanu
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Leonard Hironaka Tel: +234 703-270-1280 Yahoo msg: [email address removed] Email: [email address removed] Grow your business and make more money on scam. Believe you me or not, sending extracted emails is sometimes like wasting time fetching water with basket because 1 as you are extracting emails other people are as well extracting the same emails and while working your client more than hundred people are as well working him or her from other walks of life, sometime they get confuse and do not know which is a scam or who to trust. 2 you bomb the same person over and over again because any time you extract 1; you ignorantly extract the same emails you have extracted before 2 you extract blacklisted mails or old dead emails 3 the worst of it all is buying emails from people who sales the same emails to 100s of people and as well duplicate emails or you pay for tools and the hacker disappear with money. If you want, I'll sale to you hot and current fresh email leads that will give you good result; I was getting my leads every 3 or 7days but now I get daily update emails from a IT personnel working with IRS IT department in US... Am sure you know what that means. Am a Nigerian living in Nigeria, I know the word Nigeria is discouraging but I do personally test my emails/tools and it been tested good, so no email for text and if you cannot give me benefit of doubt, then do not waste your time contacting me. I hate stories and will not entertain long talk. You are free to deal with me or not but if you worry about this, then don't pay that's the safest way. You don't need to tell me stories on how you have been scam by hacker etc. I sell daily update emails that are not from open files, freshly ghost WEBMAIL BCC1000 unlimited, SMTP unlimited and I also send emails for people. Do not call to for anything outside what is listed "EMAILS, WEBMAIL and SMTP Good decision making in any business is key to success. I don't know the level of your financial status, but I pray you will meet the right client. Leonard Hironaka Yahoo msg: [email address removed] Tel: +234 703-270-1280 Email: [email address removed]
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Address of Headquarters:UBA House, 57, Marina Lagos Postal Address of Headquarters: P .O. Box 2406, Marina, Lagos Telephone/Fax of Headquarters Tel:CALL UBA +234 9021830884 Fax +234 1 2644761 Good day, i am Mr. Philips Oduoza the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, your information's and email address was forwarded to our bank by the Economic And Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) along side with the United Nation to release a total sum of 2 Million United States Dollars and a compensation for being a victim of Nigerian/ West African scam. Meanwhile, we have discus with the Chairman of the EFCC Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu and he has given us the go ahead to release your total sum within the next 8 working days, so after a board meeting held yesterday we have decided to release your fund through our international ATM CARD or ELECTRONICS WIRE TRANSFER depending on wish means you will prefer out of the two listed on our email. You are to get back to us with your personal details and your phone number to ensure it is same as the one forwarded to us by the EFCC office, also for your security purpose please know that most people are using the good name of our bank to defraud people so do not give response to any email without this code (ONE LOVE UBA). Best Regards, Mr.Philips Oduoza Director/Chief Executive United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc (ONE LOVE UBA).
Click to view scam #190332 - Sent on June 4, 2016, 12:06 pm by officeoffice041@dfssdfasda.jp.tn
Dear Sir/Madam, The International Economic Development on Human Security and Terrorism Organization, I am pleased to invite you to our conference that will be held from August 15th to 19th, 2016 @ the conference place in Dallas Texas USA and August 22th-26th 2016 @ in Republic of Senegal. The conference meeting will contain various talks and mini workshops related to the issues of Challenges to Economic Development & Human Security in our society. The topic of the conference is "The Effect of Terrorism on Global Economy and Human Security " the sponsors of this event shall cover your round-trip air tickets from your country to the USA and from USA to Republic of Senegal back to your country and we shall also provide visa assistance with the U.S Embassy in your country of residence and your ground transportation from the airport to the conference venue. The hotel accommodation booking cost will be your own responsibility. Please contact the conference secretariat for more information and registration for participation: [email address removed] We look forward to your confirmed presence at the conference. Respectfully Yours, Dr. Happy Wisdom, Program Assistant.
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Re: PICK UP YOUR $14,000 TODAY. This is to officially inform you that after a confidential meeting with Chief Executive Officer Alexander Holmes and Benin Republic president Patrice Talon last week he has instructed us to send your payment worth of $16.800,000.00USD through Money Gram money transfer Benin Republic.This method is the best and safest way to get your payment sent to you without any delay. The total amount mentioned above is with Money Gram outlet and they will send the money via their Money Gram department to you. Note they will be sending $14,000 every day to you until your total funds of $16.800,000.00USD is completed.Therefore i want you to email Mr.Peter Ohser,The Money Gram Manager and ask him to give you the MTCN you need to pick up the first $14,000 today.Call Mr.Peter Ohser now and tell him to give you the MTCN details and every other information you need to pick up your $14000 today. Here is information he need from you. Your Name------------- Country---------- City------------- Home Address----- Phone Number----- Age-------------- Status----------- Occupation------- Copy of ID Card--- Note that the only money you will send to them is there transfer charges and IMF CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE. Contact Person Mr.Peter Ohser on this E-mail address: [email address removed] or you can call this + 229-98118653, So ask him how much is the transfer charges and IMF clearance certificate he will tell you then you go ahead and make the payment immediately so that you will start receiving your funds of $16.800,000.00USD without any delaying. Contact person Mr. Peter Ohser throw this [email address removed] Thanks, F.Aaron Henry Secretary --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. https://www.avast.com/antivirus
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Attention Beneficiary, This Is To Official Inform You That We Have Been Having Meetings For The Past Three (3) Weeks Which Ended Two Days Ago With Mr. Jim Yong Kim The World Bank President And Other Seven Continent Presidents On The Congress We Treated On Solution To Scam Victim Problems. Note: We Have Decided To Contact You Following The Reports We Received From Anti-Fraud International Monitoring Group Your Name/Email Has Been Submitted To Us Therefore The United Nations Have Agreed To Compensate You With The Sum Of (Usd$950,000.00) This Compensation Is Also Including International Business That Failed Due To Government Problems Etc. We Have Arranged Your Payment via WIRE TRANSFERS Which Is The Latest Instruction From The World Bank President Mr. Jim Yong Kim Therefore Be Advice To Contact Our Financial Records Management. Mr. Anthony Green Who Is In Position To Transfer Your Fund Direct Into Your Account, Contact Him Immediately With The Below Email & Phone Number As Listed Below. Contact Name: Mr. Anthony Green Email: [email address removed] Tel No: +229 96289273 Once Again For The Receiving Of Your Fund, Contact Our Financial Records Management. Mr. Anthony Green To Enable You Confirm Your Payment Without Any Further Delay And Note That Any Other Contact You Made Out Side His Office Is At Of Your Own Risk. Regards, Dr. Jan Eliasson Deputy Secretary-General Financial Records Management.
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Dear: e-Mail Winner, You have been selected in the on-going Euro Lottery award held this 3nd Quarter 2016.We the Promo Board are pleased to inform you that you alongside four(10)other lucky winners have been approved for a payment of$600,000 (six Hundred Thousand euro).If you receive this email, it means you are one of the Ten(10)lucky winners. CLAIMS PROCESSING OFFICER:*Name:Dr.Dennis Zoro Email: [email address removed] You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information as soon as possible: NAME IN FULL: YOUR FULL ADDRESS: SEX: AGE: COUNTRY: NATIONALITY: OCCUPATION: PHONE: HAVE YOU WON BEFORE: We are glad to have you as one of our lucky winners. Yours Sincerely, Mrs. Rosemary Keke. Online Co-coordinator.
WE TRANSFER AND RECEIVES MONEY Finance Department Director Eco bank Benin Republic Cotonou Western Union Head Office Cotonou Benin Republic. Attn: , WESTERN UNION TRANSFER NOTIFICATION: This is to bring to your notice that your first payment of $5000us dollar was sent to your name today from here in our office according to the instruction from the UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION {U.N.O} in association with the Ministry of Finance Cotonou-Benin Republic which indicates that we should be sending to you daily payment of $5000us dollar per day until your total fund of $1,200,000us dollar is completely release to you of which your email address won in the ongoing online compensation scheme from UNITED NATIONS. Here is the information$B!G(Bs of the $5000us dollar your first payment we release to you below, but you can track it and see is available to pick up by you but is on hold to the International Monetary Fund ask us to place it on hold due to (International Monetary Fund) required the Clean Bill Record Certificate which will cost you $75us dollar. Here is the information of the $5000 your first payment we release to you below, you can click it on http://www.wu.com/content/wucom/Countries/en_BJ/track-transfer-result.html?transactionStatus=AVAILABLE&progressIndicator=3&statusMessage=Your%20money%20transfer%27s%20ready%20to%20be%20picked%20up%20at%20any%20Western%20Union%20agent%20location to see that is available to pick up by the receiver, but you can not pick it up until you send the sum of $75 for the Clean Bill Record Certificate. Sender's First Name: HERVE Sender$B!G(Bs Last Name: ADJENIA MTCN: 381-785-0242 Amount$5000 Test Question: Who Is Great Answer: God The minister administrator trust fund said that nobody has legal right over your fund therefore we can$B!G(Bt be able to deduct or add any amount from the arranged fund, because it's against our law and regulation that is the reason you must send the fee $75 to enable the (IMF) Office (International Monetary Fund place the sent $5000 to your name because the money Is not place in your name yet that is why you can$B!G(Bt be able to pick the sent $5000 USD right now. So kindly send the $75 to below name through Western Union Money Transfer; Receiver's Name:DUBEM NWAOZUZU Country:Benin Republic City:Cotonou Text Question:when? Answer:soon Amount:$75 Please proceed with the payment using the above instructions. After making the payment, you are to fill in the under listed details for your payment confirmation: 1. Sender's Names As Used In Sending The Money: ? 2. Sender's Address/Country: ? 3. Amount Sent: ? 4. M.T.C.N Number: ? Your first installment of $5,000.00 USD which we have just sent to you will be released and made payable to you after 3 hours upon receipt and confirmation from you.Thank you. Contact Person:Dr.John Mark Director Foreign Transfers/Payment E-mail [email address removed] Phone Number: +229-98716291 Thanks and hope to read from you soon, PASTOR JOHN GREEN hope to read from you soon, CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE The information contained in this message is confidential. This message is intended to be read only by the person named above. The unauthorized use, disclosure, copying or alteration of this message is strictly prohibited.
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Dear Sir We are looking for Broker or Buyer for our gold and diamond International market I believe we can handle it together, as Joint Venture Partner once we have a common Understanding and mutual cooperation in the execution of the Modalities If you or the buyer is interested, The assurance we are giving you total transparency and participation in this transaction. . We are waiting for your response for us give you our procedure of the offer . Email us your response if you are interested: [email address removed] Regards Hamid Jalloh Skype : africatradinglink
Click to view scam #190245 - Sent on June 4, 2016, 9:55 am by localminers007@gmail.com
Hello dear friend, Please handle this message private. I am Mr. Ayman Rayhan, a professional career banker residing in Burkina Faso. Right now, i am in possession of a long time deposit receipt of (USD $28.700,000.00), an unclaimed balance from inoperative non-domiciliary account of a deceased foreign customer of our bank. Upon my final decision to link a foreigner for this deal, you are the person my consent accepted to share this deal with. If you are interested kindly reply for more details. Thanks Mr. Ayman Rayhan
Click to view scam #190232 - Sent on June 4, 2016, 9:25 am by alipta2006@yahoo.com
Mr. George Brown, BG Group   PLC Thames Valley Park, Reading, RG6 1PT, Berkshire, United Kingdom.   Your Attention is Needed   I am Mr. George Brown, an Account and finance manager, I am 50 years married with three children, I entrant your utmost reliance in this information's and the transaction as whole. I am the Account/Finance manger of BG Group PLC a crude Oil exploration and global energy marketing Company that is based here in United Kingdom, I got your contact on my confidential search on the internet of your country data base in the search for a citizen of your Country, that should stand as my foreign trustee and partner on the claim and joint utilization of some  fund that is lying unclaimed in the Bank  account of a foreigner who is one of the foreign contractor of this organization that died of cardiac arrest here  in United Kingdom.   This fund value of (£12, 500,000:00) Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds, came to exist as an unclaimed contract payment made by my Company into the account of this foreigner for a particular contract executed Four (5) years ago, ever since this payment was transferred into his account here in United Kingdom, every effort made to get hold of his next of kin or relative to put in claims on this contractor payment has not been fruitful.   The banking rules/act here in my United Kingdom, have it that if a depositor has been confirmed dead and the account has been dormant and for a period of three (5) years and no one comes up for the claim of such deposit, the bank has the right to declare the fund unclaimed and be transferred into the government treasury, with a 40% commission.   On getting this information I have already sent an official letter to the bank informing that I have been in communication with the business associates of this contractor and that we have concluded arrangements to enable me present his details to follow up the claim process and this is the reason I have contacted you so that we can jointly take the bold step on the claim and joint utilization of this existing contract payment. it is in this regard you are contacted  (partnership is required) as arrangement have been concluded to present you as the Beneficiary of this fund , pending my arrival there in your Country for sharing and utilization. For effective actualization you are to forward to me the following information'   a) Your name in full b) Your contact address in full c) Your confidential Mobile/cell Phone Numbers. d) Your Telephone/Mobile numbers e) Brief information on your profile, this should include your age, nature of Job and marital status.   I have agreed to offer you 40% of the total sum for this essential role, 5% has been ear-marked for settlement of any incidental expenses that may come up in the course of this transaction. Please note that the hope, confidence bestowed on you should not be over-emphasized and you are also to assist me in investing my share of 55% of the total sum while I am there in your country into real estate.   NOTE:ALL INFORMATION SHOULD REMAIN A TOP SECRET AS I AM STILL IN ACTIVE SERVICE HERE IN MY COUNTRY. Please forward the anticipated information's by return mail as all Arrangements are in place for a hitch free [email address removed]   Yours Sincerely,   Mr. George Brown,  
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PGh0bWw+PGJvZHk+PElNRyBzcmM9Imh0dHA6Ly82NjYwMDYxOS5jb20vdXBsb2FkLzIwMTY1 MTMxNDAyNDIuanBnIj48L2JvZHk+PC9odG1sPg=
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-- i have a mission for you email me
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FROM DESK OF MINISTER OF. FREDERAL REPUBLIC OF BENIN. FOREIGN CONTRACTOR PAYMENT OFFICE. Attention , The Board of federal ministry of finance benin republic. are here to notify you of your payment inherited funds of ($2.500.00M)U.S.D dollars . after the meeting held on first of June 2016. His Exelence the PRESIDENT OF FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF BENIN DR PATRICE TALO. has Instructed this Department to send your funds through western union money transfer for easier receive of your inherinted funds without any further delay. to avoid paying money to the fraud stars that is going on through the global. You are required to send your name and address were you want your fund to be send through western union and money gram the maximium amount you will be receiving each day starting from tomorrow is the sum of $15,000.00. also your are required to send us the sum of $79.00 dollar for Re-newing and recofirming file that was deposited in this office with your name and address bellow . (1) Beneficiarey Full name:--------- (2) Phone Number:-------------- (3) Country of origin:-------- (4) Age:-------------- (5) Occupation:----------- (6)Home address:------- Contact Mr with this informations below: CONTACT PERSON: Mr Bormen Egedege TEL: +229 68513046 EMAIL: [email address removed] As soon the required fee of $79.00 is send today for the renewing reconfirming the payment file of your funds you will start receiving your funds as from tomorrow. Send the $79 dollar through western union or money gram with the name and address below: Receiver name ---------------- RAPHEAL NWAEKWUO Country-----------------------Benin Republic City--------------------------Cotonou Test Question-----------------A Answer-------------------------B Amount.......................$79.00 We await to receive the western union payment informations today. Please if you a are not the real beneficiary dont repond or delite Yours in service Financial Minister Federal republic of Benin WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE http://westbikes.com/wp-includes/ogar.php
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