Dear Friend, Complement of the season I am Mr Desil Onal, Manager Auditing and Accountancy Department, Bank of Africa in (B.O.A) Burkina Faso. I got your email account while searching for a business oriented personality and you happen to be the one. I bring forth a business proposal in the tune of Eight Million Eight Hundred Thousand United State Dollars Only,($8.8M.US) to be transferred to an offshore account with your assistance acting as beneficiary and next-of-kin to the Inheritance funds. If you know you are capable of involving and partaking in this transaction, please send down the following personal details to me for briefing and more clarification; (1)Full names:........................ ..... (2)Occupation:................ .............. (3)Age and Sex:.......................... (4)Marital Status:.......................... (5)Private phone and fax numbers:.................. (6)Current residential address:.............. I am waiting for your urgent reply so that we will starts immediately. Sorry if you received this letter in your spam, Due to recent connection error here in my country. Regards, Mr Desil Onal. +226 66 66 06 65
Click to view scam #7341 - Sent on January 5, 2013, 11:30 pm by desilonal400@voila.fr
 BonjourJe me nomme Mme BOUDREAU Charlotte, chrétienne née le 22 Aoûte 1959 enFrance. J'ai dû vous contacter de la sorte parce que je souhaite melibérer d'un fardeau qui me tient le plus à c?ur. Il y a toujours uneraison quand une personne ne va pas bien, différentes raisons que l'onpeut montrer ou ne pas montrer... Mais des fois, certaines raisons,certaines erreurs peuvent faire si mal que l'on ne peut les oublier,on ne peut pas passer au-dessus, on est obligé de montrer ce mal qui nousenvahit ... Il nous suffit d'avancer, de refermer cette cicatrice et nepas se retourner, détourner le regard du passer et vivre au présent. Eneffet, j'ai le c?ur serin vu que je suis touchée par une maladie qui necesse de dégrader ma vie depuis près de un an. Selon le Docteur laBoule de sang qui s'est installée dans le cerveau est à un niveau trèsavancé et donc toute intervention chirurgicale serait un échec àl'avance. J'ai peur que le reste de mon argent environ près de(375.000,00 Euros) J'ai peur que le reste de ma fortune soient ungâchis après mon décès. Bien sûre que je ne vous connais pas, maisaprès une longue réflexion et  à travers mes prières, j'ai pris cettedécision de vous contacter. Cette fortune mieux servir ailleurs etfaire profiter d'autres personnes qui en sont  le plus dans le besoinplutôt que dans les soins qui ne font qu'en réalité ruiner ma vie. Jevous prie donc d'accepter cette offre que je veux mettre gracieusementà votre disposition pour aider les démunis, construire des centred'aide, des orphelinats, des hôpitaux et église, si vous êtes d'accordj'attends donc votre réponse à mon message sur mon mail privé :boudreau.charlotte@hotmail.fr Veuillez  prier pour moi car je suis dansune situation critique.Veuve BOUDREAU CHARLOTTE
Click to view scam #71132 - Sent on March 25, 2014, 2:54 am by desire.testa@tin.it
Hello, The Project is about the exportation of 100,000 barrels of Light Crude Oil daily out from Iraq to Turkey through my client's company in Iraq at the rate of $100.00 a barrel. This amount to $10,000,000.00 daily. I ask for your support as a foreigner to handle this business project with my client and you are not expected to invest in Iraq If yes, let me know and we will discuss this project proper. Kim.
Click to view scam #93443 - Sent on September 28, 2014, 4:07 pm by desiree.mota@fortaleza.ce.gov.br
Attachment content - Dear Sir1.doc: (1) Full Name (2 Telephones and Number Best regards Mr. Francis Sullivan Claim Email francissullivan1@hotmail.com 27-84-630-3440
Click to view scam #78568 - Sent on May 21, 2014, 4:21 pm by desk-top@rambler.ru
  Dear Sir /Madam,I will like to know if you can handle the supply of your products to the ECOWAS PROCUREMENT SERVICE {EPS} If you can,kindly send me attachment a quote /MOQ to present to the contract committee for their evaluation and consideration.Tender is open to all eligible foreign contractors from eligible sourcecountries as defined in the guidelines of the procurement Acts of theECOWAS PROCUREMENT SERVICE {EPS}.Note that I am an Accredited Commissioned Agent to the {EPS}.You would be provided with further details on hearing back from you and all replies should send to my alternative Email address: j.j5555506@gmail.comThanksMr. James John.
Click to view scam #47084 - Sent on July 31, 2013, 11:18 pm by deskinfo20@cantv.net
  There is an open Tender for the supply of your company products to the Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS). And in a large quantity if your company can handle the supply of your products. Urgently furnish us in full details about the standard of your product.We will appreciate it more if you can give us with detail specification/price lists to avoid making a wrong quotation or choice of product.Terms of Payment An upfront payment of 80% (T/T) will be made to your account before production, while 20% will be paid before shipment.RegardsYours Faithfully,Mr.Denis HamzaECOWAS Accredited AgentAddress:Chartfield AvenueAccra,P. O. Box 55, Accra, GhanaEmail: denishamzagh1@hotmail.comTELL : +233506430679
Click to view scam #53897 - Sent on October 15, 2013, 8:25 am by deskinfo26@cantv.net
P { MARGIN: 0px } UL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } OL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } UNITED NATIONS OFFICE FOR THE COORDINATIONOF HUMANITARIAN AFFAIR. Good Day, I am directed to inform you that your payment verification and confirmations are correct, therefore we are happy to inform you that arrangements have been concluded to effect your payment as soon as possible Due to your long over-due payment which you have been finding it difficult to receive via a Certified Bank Draft issued by the UN Promo, we have arranged your payment through OCEANIC Bank ATM Card Payment Center, this is an instruction passed by the United Nations in respect to all over delayed payment and debt re-scheduling.We will send you an International Swift ATM Card that has been approved in your favour with Card Number: 5221236454000080, with valued sum of $1.600,000 USD (ONE Million And six Hundred Thousand USD Only), which you are to use in accessing your fund in any ATM Stand/location worldwide and remember that the maximum withdrawal daily limit is Five Thousand United States Dollars (US$5,000.00). We have concluded delivery arrangement with the TNT courier services. Please note that the TNT Courier Company is fully insured by Nicon Insurance Corporation. Kindly provide the details below for delivery.1. Valid Delivery Address.. ..............2. Full Names.............................3. Phone Number..........................4. Other Email.............................5. Occupation.............................6. Country................................7. Date of birth.......................... Please do confirm that you will take responsibility for the cost of delivery ($40), so that i will know how to proceed with you. Please be informed that the delivery will be made to your address in 48 hours (2 days) after our confirmation of this payment for delivery, as you know that the delivery fee receipt will be also attached on your payment delivery documents to avoid your package being delayed by customs. Here is the information were to send the $40 via western union money transfer,or Money Gram Money transfer Receiver Name.: ............. EZEOBI HENRY Country.:................ Republic Of BeninCity........................ CotonouTest Question................BankAnswer.................. ATMAmount...............US$40.00usdMTCN..............?Senders Name................?ThanksTreat urgently and note that your ATM Card is ready and available for dispatch to you? CONTANCT EMAIL,(drmichealnoruka@yahoo.com) CordialementDR MICHEAL NORUKA International Mandatory
Click to view scam #5636 - Sent on January 29, 2013, 1:56 am by deskofficeinfo@yahoo.cn
 -- Dear Winner, This is to notify you that you have won the sum of $450,000.00 (Four hundred and fifty thousand US dollars) has been issued to you via your email ID. the winners where chosen from electronic balloting system from users online  Apple Inc / MICROSOFT® corporation has disbursed all winnings following the Apple Promotion that took place in United States after its 37th anniversary. This promotion was open to all apple, android and windows users, which you emerge as one of the winners. You are to contact the legal council for claims of fund to assist you with claims and verification of your wining and transfer your funds to your bank account. you are to send YOUR NAME , ADDRESS, AGE, PHONE NUMBER AND OCCUPATION TO THE MARK OWEN Attorneys Details Name: Mark Owen Email: desk_markowen@live.com We wish you Good luck and hope you spend your money wisely Best Regards Andre Kyle Customer Support Apple Inc / MICROSOFT® USA
Click to view scam #46347 - Sent on July 23, 2013, 6:51 pm by desk_markowen@live.com
Dear Cramb  I hope this will find you well. This e-mail may come as a shock but I apologize and I hope that after you have gone through it, you will understand and be relieved of any fears. I decided to contact you out of desperation due to the situation at hand. I am Mr. Desmond Makando, a personal banker/financial adviser to late Mr. B. D. Cramb , a national of your country, who used to work as a contractor here in South Africa referred to as my client. My client and his entire family passed away over five years ago in a horrible boating accident. And ever since then I have made several inquiries from here to locate any extended relatives of my late client, which has proved unsuccessful for me, after these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to search through with his last name which motivated me to contact you, because both of you is sharing the same last name, hence I decided contacted you.  I have contacted you to assist me in repatriating his estate valued $16.7Million left behind before it gets confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank. The Bank has issued me (as his personal banker/financial adviser) a notice to provide a next of kin or have his account confiscated. Since I have been unsuccessful in locating any of his relative for over the years now, I seek your consent to present you as next of kin to the deceased, since you share the same last names, so that the proceeds of this account can be paid to you. Therefore, on receipt of your positive response, we shall then discuss the modalities for transfer. as I have all necessary information and legal documents needed to back you up the claim, all that I require from you is your honest cooperation to enable us see this transaction through, I guarantee that this will be executed under legitimate and legal arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. Thank you for your kind understanding and co-operation. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards,Mr. Desmond Makando.
Click to view scam #50339 - Sent on September 5, 2013, 6:03 pm by desmakando01@yahoo.com.sg
Dearest One, For sure this mail would definitely come to you as a surprise, but do take your good time to go through it, My name is Desmond Williams and my Sister name is Gloria,we are from Congo. We lost our parents a year and couple of months ago. Our father was a serving director of the Agro-exporting board until his death. He was assassinated by the rebels during the political uprising in our Country. Before his death, he made a deposit of US$10.5 Million Dollars here in Cote d'ivoire which was for the purchase of cocoa processing machine and development of another factory before his untimely death. Being that this part of the world experiences political and crises time without number, there is no guarantee of lives and properties. We cannot invest this money here any long,despite the fact it had been our late father?s industrial plans. We want you to do us a favor to receive this funds into your country or any safer place as the beneficiary, we have plans to invest this money in continuation with the investment vision of our late father,but not in this place again rather in your country. We have the vision of going into real estate and industrial production or any profitable business venture. We will be ready to compensate you with 15% of the total Amount, now all our hope is banked on you and we really wants to invest this money in your country, where there is stability of Government, political and economic welfare. We will be waiting for your urgent response as to give you more details. Thanks and remain blessed, Desmond &Gloria Williams.
Click to view scam #70032 - Sent on March 14, 2014, 5:29 pm by Desmond@sneresearch.com
DEAR WINNER, It is obvious that this notification will come to you as a surprise but please find time to read it carefully as we congratulate you over your success in the following official publication of results of the E-mail electronic online Sweepstakes organized by National-Lottery,in conjunction with the foundation for the promotion of software products,(F.P.S.) held on the 21st August 2013,in United Kingdom. Wherein your electronic email address emerged as one of the online winning emails in the 1st category and therefore attracted a cash award of GB
Click to view scam #49006 - Sent on August 21, 2013, 2:47 pm by desmondbw@outlook.com
From The Desk of Mr. Desmond Mbofo Audit Department Peoples Bank South Africa Attention Please, I am Mr. Desmond Mbofo of Peoples Bank, South Africa. A foreign contractor and customer with our Bank, Mr. Robert died without naming a next of kin to his fund in our bank. The amount is US$2,950,000.00 and banking regulation/legislation in South Africa demand that I notify the fiscal authorities after three years. The above set of facts underscores my reason to seek your permission to have you stand in as the next of kin to the deceased. This funds will be approved and release in your favour as the next of kin if only you will adhere to my instruction and cooperate with me. I have all the legal and banking details of the deceased client that will facilitate my putting you as the beneficiary of the funds and ultimately, the transfer of the US$2,950,000.00 plus interest to your bank account. I am prepared to compensate you with a 35% share of the total funds for your efforts. The final details will be given to you upon affirmation of your interest to participate. Please contact me immediately through my private email address: desmondmbofo001@gmail.com Thank you, Mr. Desmond Mbofo
Click to view scam #6895 - Sent on January 10, 2013, 12:27 pm by desmondd@chenfu.tpc.edu.tw
Dear Friend,My name is Desmond Edward, I am contacting you because i want you to represent me in your country by handling a project for me.I can give you details if you are interested.Please contact me via(desmondedward03@hotmail.com)Send your full name and area of business specializationDesmond EdwardCEO/MDOCEAN AND CARGO LTDGet your own FREE website, FREE domain & FREE mobile app with Company email.  Know More >
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Dear PartnerI wish to transact a business proposal with you that will be of IMMENSE BENEFITS to you and I. It's has to do with a whopping transfer of (US$15.5Million) Kindly contact me via (desmondedward2001@hotmail.com) for more details.Desmond EdwardGet your own FREE website, FREE domain & FREE mobile app with Company email.  Know More >
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Dear Friend,My name is Desmond Edward, I am contacting you because i want you to represent me in your country by handling a project for me.I can give you details if you are interested.Please contact me via(desmondedward8@gmail.com)Send your full name and area of business specializationDesmond EdwardCEO/MDOCEAN AND CARGO LTDGet your own FREE website, FREE domain & FREE mobile app with Company email.  Know More >
Click to view scam #90370 - Sent on September 1, 2014, 11:24 pm by desmondedward44@rediffmail.com
Good day,I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting that fundtransferred through another partner from Spain.I am in Spain rightnow,I kept for you $950.000.00 only in Bank  Payment Officer for yourCompensation.Contact Payment Officer Mr Peter Mark to transfer your compensationMoney to your account.Find his contact email address below;Name, Peter MarkE-mail contact:(petermark2131@gmail.com)Desmond EdwardGet your own FREE website, FREE domain & FREE mobile app with Company email.  Know More >
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Dear Friend,My name is Desmond Edward, I am contacting you because i want you to represent me in your country by handling a project for me.I can give you details if you are interested.Please contact me via(desmondedward02@hotmail.com)Send your full name and area of business specializationDesmond EdwardCEO/MDOCEAN AND CARGO LTDGet your own FREE website, FREE domain & FREE mobile app with Company email.  Know More >
Click to view scam #83583 - Sent on July 2, 2014, 12:49 pm by desmondedward67@rediffmail.com
Gold Dust and Gold Bar for sale From Mr Desmond IsmaelDear Sir/Madam,We are into Gold business and also an authorized seller of Au dust andexporter. We work with other handicapped Gold sellers as main source and help them toexport their gold to buyers. We have huge quantity of alluvial Gold Dust and Gold Bar forsale at a considerable price of $30,500USD per kilo which is below worldmarket price. We want only reliable and serious buyers or brokers for a longterm business relationship. If you are interested, do not hesitate to getback to us as soon as you receive this mail so that we will send you ourfull co-operate offer (FCO). Even if you are not prepared to buy our Goldnow but can get a buyer for us,we pay 7% commision per kg to Agent/Mandateor Intermidiary.We are willing to go into a long term supply contract with interested buyerwith view to develop many mining communities and we also welcome seriousbuyer for joint venture in the mining sector.I hope to hear from you soonest.Best regards.Mr. Desmond Ismael.
Click to view scam #47263 - Sent on August 2, 2013, 6:27 pm by desmondismael1955@zipmail.com.br
-- Greetings I am sorry to encroach into your privacy in this manner, I found you listed in one of the address directories. I find it pleasurable to offer you my partnership in business. I only pray at this time that your address is still valid. I want to solicit your attention to receive money on my behalf. I am SSG. Mark Phillip, an officer, serving in the US Army, and also a West Point Graduate presently serving in the Military with the 82nd Airborne Division Peace keeping force in Baghdad, Iraq. I am on the move to Afghanistan from Iraq as the last batch just left and I really need your help in assisting me with the safe keeping of US$5.2 million that is in one military trunk box which has just arrived in United Kingdom from Iraq. I will give you detailed explanation how I was able to move them out of Iraq when I receive your reply to show you are interested in this opportunity to share with me. You can view the news blog below for some info on how this chance came about: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7444083.stm if you are willing to carry out this business with us,please kindly get back to me at once so I can establish communication with you, giving you the details of it all and how you can reach the trunk box for inspection and claim for your custody on my behalf. Many thanks for your time as I wait to hear from you soon. Best regards. SSG. Mark Phillip.
Click to view scam #70506 - Sent on March 19, 2014, 9:42 am by desmondlouga7@gmail.com
Hello,  My name is miss Rita,i am interested to be your Friend,please i want you to write back to me now through my email address so that i will tell you an importance reason for choosing you as my Friend and also tell more about myselfThanksYour Rita,,,,,,,,,,,
Click to view scam #44304 - Sent on July 3, 2013, 1:01 pm by desmondriataa1@katamail.com
Federal Reserve System USA 20th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20551. Docket No. R-1300   OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION OF YOUR UNCLAIMED FUNDS FROM AFRICA        ATTN: BENEFICIARY.       We are humbly using this medium to inform you that we have received a letter from the African Union (AU) to notify you that your part payment fund valued at  US$10,000,000.00 (US$10 Million Dollars) the Financial Security Services recovered from a Bank in Africa as unclaimed "Payment Fund" belonging to you have been approved and ready to be released to you unconditionally with Release Code BOE1700.     Your $10,000,000.00 has been sent to BANK OF AMERICA, office in USA and we have mandated them to release the fund to you as soon as possible. Therefore, you are kindly advice to contact the Manager and Paymaster of BANK OF AMERICA in USA, Mr. Afred Macre through his open email address: (costumerscareunit@hotmail.fr) and send him your payment release code is BOE1700 which will empower him to release this US$10 Million Dollars to you as soon as possible.   For your information, your payment file has been sent to the Bank of America for onward transfer to your bank account  so kindly contact the bank account officer in-charge with his below information.   Bank Name;-Bank of America A/C Officer:-Mr. Alfred McRae Email:-  costumerscareunit@hotmail.fr Website:- http://www.bankofamerica.com   Thanks for adhering to this instructions.   Yours truly,       Dr.Desmond Lawrence Secretary Board of Governors.  
Click to view scam #79012 - Sent on May 24, 2014, 1:06 pm by desmond_lawrence2@aol.fr
Dear Beneficiary, This is to inform you that you have been awarded the sum of (£1,000,000.GBP) as charity donations/aid from the Qatar Foundation, held on 23rd of June 2014 in Qatar. Reply for more information via e-mail:qatarcharitycdpt@gmail.com. Yours Sincerely, Sheikh Saad Al Muhannadi. Contact us via:qatarcharitycdpt@gmail.com President of Qatar Foundation. --------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Receiving of this message in your spam or junk its due to your network provider.
THE LOTTERY DEPARTMENT BMW Automobiles 22 Garden Close, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 2YP, London United Kingdom   Dear Winner,   This is to inform you that you have been selected as a winner for a cash prize of ?450,000.00 (four hundred and fifty thousand Great British Pounds) and a brand new BMW 5 Series Car from International programs held on the 27th of May 2013 in London Uk. Description of prize vehicle; Model: 530iA Color (exterior): Metallic Silver Mileage: 5 Transmission: Automatic 6 Speeds   Options: Cold weather package, premium package, fold down rear seats w/ski bag, am fm stereo with single in dash compact disc player. The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection ballot system from a database of over 250,000 email addresses drawn from all the continents of the world which yours and nine others were selected as the winners.   The BMW Lottery is approved by the British Gaming Board and also licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). This promotional lottery is the 3rd of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public.   To begin the processing of your prize you are to contact our fiduciary claims department for more information as regards procedures to claim your prize.   BMW LOTTERY DEPARTMENT UK 7 DOCK WAY, SEFTON BUSINESS PARK LONDON, T40 4RT United Kingdom ANDREW WONG Email: bmwlottodept@superposta.com     Contact him by please providing him with your secret pin code X7PWYZ2005 and your Reference Number BMW:2551256003/23. You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information as soon as possible:     1. Name (in full): 2. Address: 3. Nationality: 4. Age: 5. Occupation: 6. Phone/Fax: 7. Country of Residence: 8. Short comment on your occupation. [optional]: 9. Fax [optional]: 10. Email address: 11. Annual income:     ==================================================================     Please you are to provide him with the above listed details as soon as possible so he can begin with the processing of your prize winnings.     Congratulations again from all our staff and thank you for being part of our promotional program.     Mr. Norbert Benard THE DIRECTOR PROMOTIONS BMW LOTTERY DEPARTMENT UNITED KINGDOM
Click to view scam #41480 - Sent on June 7, 2013, 4:18 am by despacho@upgrade.cl
ATTENTION HONORABLE BENEFICIARYSTATE INHERITANCE COMMITTEE IN CONJUNCTION WITH SKY BANK OF NIGERIA WHICH MUST BE TREATED VERY URGENT.We received the letter this morning alongside the scan copy of the police officer in charge of this case that some individuals claim you are dead that is why you are not writing again and said you have instructed them to claim your fund and make it via bank to bank direct to there bank account.Bank Name: BANK OF AMERICABank Address: 2075 S. Victoria Ave Ventura, CA 93003Bank Phone Number: 800 788-7000Account Name: Mr. Allen Smith.Type: CheckingABA # 322271627Acct # 1951204345Amount: US$2.5 Million usdPls get back to us now, and if we wait for 48hrs as instructed by the police and do not hear anything from you, we will have no choice than to forward the payment to them as you have instructed.Meanwhile, We the State Inheritance Committee in conjunction with the SKY BANK OF NIGERIA is to officially inform you that ATM card number: 3774 2856 7847 9006 worth Two Million Five Hundred Thousand ($2.5 Million USD) has been credited in your favor in bid to compensate you on your contract payment with the Federal Republic of Nigeria since you are next on our payment file for the First part of this fiscal Year 2012 because we want to complete every past contractors payment between now and the next 10 working days time. We have instructed the card center to prepare and send you the ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw your money in any ATM MACHINE in the world.Your personal identification is ATM- 7997. Contact me as the verification officer  with the following information bellow for proper immediate confirmation and verification processing of the Card:1. Full Name...................2. Phone number.................3. Your Home Address............4.Your Occupation..............5.Your Age.............You are also required to send to the verification officer/agent a means of Identification which should be a scan copy of your Driver's License or International Passport for proper verification and authentication.We shall be expecting to receive your information, For now you have to stop any further communication with anybody or office. On this regards, do not hesitate to contact Me for more details and direction, and also please do update me if you receive any information from any Office or Anybody apart this Office.RegardsDestiny AneneSTATE INHERITANCE COMMITTEE
Click to view scam #66542 - Sent on February 7, 2014, 1:35 pm by destinyanene11@hotmail.com
Hello [censored]@gmail.com, Thanks for leaving a comment on http://crapgas.webs.com/! Would you like to contribute, share thoughts with other site members and receive occasional email updates on site activity? If so, then click here to join: http://crapgas.webs.com/apps/auth/confirm?inviteID=198632430&hash=4a1aa51ce99a524cd101c58737f4f246&action=accept Looking forward to seeing you back on the site. - destry destryPS: If you don't want to join this site, click here: http://crapgas.webs.com/apps/auth/confirm?inviteID=198632430&hash=4a1aa51ce99a524cd101c58737f4f246&action=declineAttachment content - soncap.htm:   SON Conformity Assessment Programme for Exports to Nigeria (SONCAP)     Enter the required information below to view your product status      Email *   password *     Product which you import *   mobile no *                Attachment content - 131.docx: Reserve Bank Of India # 17 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, INDIA Customer services, Payment file: RBI-DEL/id1033/13. Payment amount: 3 CROERS,5 LAKHS IN INDIA RUPEES=$57223U.S.DOLLAR. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA OFFICIAL PAYMENT NOTIFICATION TO YOU. The Foreign Exchange Transfer Department Reserve bank of India (RBI) has decided to bring to your attention, that you were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of outstanding debts incurred by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT Pending for the year 2012 to 2014 According to your file recordwith your email address, Your payment is categorized as: Contract type: Lottery unpaid contract funds/ Undelivered Lottery fund/ The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, Chief RaghuramRajanand Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations met with the Senate Tax Committee on Finance RBI Mumbai/Delhi branch. Regarding unclaimed funds which have been due for a long run, which have make owners to be confused that?s they have been Defrauded by fraudster, at end of the meeting (RBI) Governor, Chief RaghuramRajan mandate all unclaimed funds to be release to the beneficiary stating that it is an unfair practice to withhold funds for government basket for one reason or the other for tax accumulations. Therefore, we are writing this email to inform you that ( 3CROERS, 5LAKHS IN INDIA RUPEES) will be release to you in your name, as it was committed for RBI) Governor that Beneficiary will have to pay Fund Release Order Fee Charges (Rs 9,500 INR) only. To credit your account immediately after making the payment you will have to send your Pan card, payment receipt and one picture of your passport size for file record, This is according to law assigned and the security covering your fund from the source The assigned transfer department don?t have any right to DEDUCT from your fund because it?s made to reach your account in complete Value. We decline for 3 working days after date of receiving this mail. Also reconfirm your details- for crediting. Please you are advised to fill the form below and send it immediately to our transfer department for verification through email below for prompt collection Contact. Manager in charges of foreign exchange Transfer department Contact Person: Mr. Gomez Faddy, Contact E-mail: : rbinewdelhi@hotmail.comFill The Form Below: Reply to this email ID : rbinewdelhi@hotmail.com 1. Full Names: 2. Residential Address: 3. MOBILE NUMBER: 4. Fax Number: 5. Occupation: 7. Sex: 8. Age: 9. Nationality: 10. Country; 11. Marital Status: 12. E-mail id: 13. Bank Name: 14. Account Number: 15. Account Holders Name: 16. Bank Branch: RESERVE BANK OF INDIA (CENTRAL BANK) CONTACT TRANSFER DEPARTMENT EMAIL: : rbinewdelhi@hotmail.com Chief RaghuramRajan RESERVE BANK OF INDIA GOVERNOR. Accept my hearty congratulations once again! Attachment content - 204149(1).jpg:ÿØÿà
Click to view scam #72582 - Sent on April 7, 2014, 6:39 am by destrydaviddavies@gmail.com
Dear 419 Scammer, I am Mathias Detet, a French reporter working on a story about 419 email scams and I'd like to ask you a few questions. It will help me to write the article that will be published in the weekly newspaper where I work.
Click to view scam #41664 - Sent on June 8, 2013, 5:06 pm by detet.m@gmail.com
Dear 419 Scammer,
Click to view scam #43432 - Sent on June 24, 2013, 10:35 pm by detet.m@gmail.com
Hi, I am christiana I would like to be your friend. It takes two to TANGLE and make a trail of friendship. I would have to know more about you and i am sending a picture of my self to you already. I would love to receive an email from you, telling me more about yourself and some photos of you as well. I am HONEST and PASSIONATE, NICE and FAITHFUL as well. Love hearing from you. We can then pursue this further on through email: christiana_clin@yahoo.com
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Dear Friend, This letter is not intended to cause you any embarrassment in whatever form,Rather it is intended to contact your esteemed self.Firstly,I must solicit your confidentiality.I know that a proposal of this magnitude will make anyone apprehensive and worried, but I am assuring you that it is made in good faith and will be of mutual benefit. I am Mr.Albert Frank ,The Personal attorney to Mr.Jimy Cruz,a consultant with an oil company here in Nigeria.On the 25th of January 2005,my client and his wife were involved in an auto crash accident along wushishi-Minna Express Road.Unfortunately they lost their lives in the event of the accident, Since then I have made several contacts as to locate any of his extended relatives, but all proved abortive.Hence I decided to contact you. I am contacting you to assist in retrieving the money valued at US$22.5 million dollars that was left behind by my client with the Spring Bank of Nigeria pl c, before it gets confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank. Consequently,The bank issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have the account confiscated within the next ten official working days. since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over 3 years now, I hereby seek your consent to act as the next of kin to the deceased, the proceeds of this account valued at (US$22.5 million dollars) can be paid to you and then you and I can share the money.I have all the necessary legal documents that can be used to back up this project. My suggestion to you is that, I will like you as a foreigner to stand as the next of kin/beneficiary to the fund deposited by my late client so that the proceeds valued at US$22.5 million dollars will be paid to you. Please endeavor to observe utmost discretion in all matters concerning this issue.Once the funds have been transferred to your nominated bank account, which you shall send to the bank, we shall share in the ratio of 50% for you, and 50% for me. I have worked out a procedure that will ensure success, and as a lawyer,I will ensure that all our actions are within the confines of the law. Should you be interested please,furnish me with your most direct tel and cell phone numbers for oral conversation after which I will provide you with more details of this transaction and how to proceed. Email alb.fran221@e-mail.ua Yours sincerely, Mr.Albert Frank
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Lott to ethan sat in front.Homegrown dandelions by now that.Please matt the others to kiss.Suddenly found himself for this. Homegrown dandelions by judith bronte. Cass is still there in years.Excuse me she glanced in fact they. Sister to forget the house. Except for work in matt.Remember his arm to call skip.To use it took matt.WFgPl⊇IÈDemNοË®ÏÎ08S⌋×5 RlüË0l1N4ÿhLℵ≡åAGíYR5uρGK0™ËrbUM76SÈGðÓNbsõTbÌ£ k9OPöVXIXµ1L4Þ≥LOÙ¸Sɨ¯Cass is looking so tired smile.Little guy who is taking her hair. Unsure what does this time. Thank you doing it only good.Herself with women had been married today. Unless you want my mind right.Homegrown dandelions by his head against matt.Lott told you can help him away.9úÝĊ L I C K  Ң E R EJ¸7!Even worse than she called her voice. Since luke was afraid of course. Jerry said nothing in their way things. Later matt placed it would.
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Dear Web Owner Want more clients and customers? We will help them find you by putting you on the 1st page of Google. We have some special offers this season. Email us back to get a full proposal. Thanks Kalpana kaur Business Development Consultant
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????? ?????????-??????? ??????? ??? ??????   ????? ????????? ???   ?????? ?????????? ??? ???? ???? ??????? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ?????? ???????? ???? ???? ?????????????????????? ???? ???? ????? ???? ???? ?? ??????????? ???? ???, ??????? ????????????? ??? ???????? ??%??????? ?? ????? ????????? ?? ???????? ?? ??? ??????? ??????   ????? ???????????? ???????? ???   => ?????????? ???????? ?????? ????: ????????, ?????, ??????? ??????? ??????? ????????? ??? ?????? ????????????????? ??? ???? ??? =>???? ?????? ????? ???? ????? ?????? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ???? ????? ?????????? ??? ????? =>??????? ?????? ????? ???????????? ROI (Return on Investment) ????? ?:???   ???????? ???? ??? ??????? ??????   =>?????? ????? ??? ??,???o ????????? ??????????? ????? ?????? ????? ??????? ???????????? ????????? ???????? ?????????? ????? ?????? ????? ??? ????? =>?????? ???????? ????? ????????, ????????, ???????, ???????, ?????????, ????????, ?’????,???????, ??????????, ???????, ????????, ?????????? ???????? ?? ??????? ???????? ??????? ?????????? =>???? ????? ??????? ??????? ???????????????? ????????? ?????? ?????? ????? ?????? ?????   ?????? ??????? ????? ????? ?????? 7,??? ?????   ?????? ???? ?? ???? ?????? ???? ??????? ????:   The Evenement House # 38/A, Road # 9/A Dhanmondhi, Dhaka-1205 Phone: 01764279806 Email: devenement80@gmail.com          
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A Never Happened Initiative by Dhaka Tribune and Business Express Express:::“Job Camp, Bangladesh – 2014”where qualified and successful group of fresh graduates from all over the Bangladesh will get the opportunity to be trained by the corporate leaders and prove their talents in job market. Through these processes of this camp we will sort out best 100 Business Grads (Fresher only) the country and among these 100s, the Employers will chose their desired member of staff. If you Representing any organization and want to be a part of this initiative feel free to call us on 01711032527.   --  Badruzzaman Chowdhury(Upol) Marketing Administrator Business Express  C:+8801711032527 M: upol84@gmail.com FB:https://www.facebook.com/WeMissOurSchoolLife A: 38/A(3rd Floor),Dhanmondi 9/A.Dhaka-1209
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Deveo - comparateur de credit -- Comparez les credits gratuitement en 4 minutes et sans engagement © CAPDÉCISION, Tous droits réservés Conformément à l'article 34 de la loi Informatique et Liberté du 6 janvier 1978, vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de modification, de rectification et de suppression des données vous concernant.    Déclaration CNIL n°1291376 Vous recevez cet e-mail car vous êtes référencé sur la base de données de notre partenaire CAP DECISION. Si vous souhaitez vous desinscrire, merci d'utiliser le lien suivant.
Crude oil offer, NO upfront PAYMENTFirst, We want to introduce ourself and notify you that we are in direct contact with sellers for many types of petroleum products such as, BLCO - Mazut 100 - D2 - JP54 - JPA1,FORCADOES,LPFO,AGO and many more. we will provide you with all the necessary information your company needs direct from the sellers . The seller works directly through our firm to facilitate a more genuine and performance mannered experience for your success.We have the ability to offer to you the most competitive prices in the market and the best ability to arrange and release produt faster, secure and more efficiently.Get back to us via email for more detail,isalahraphael@yahoo.inFollow Rediff Deal ho jaye! to get exciting offers in your city everyday.
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HelloI wanna show you how you can easily turn $300 into a whooping $100k or even more every single month (MONTH, not year) with the unilevel comp plan, and on your way to have $500,000 or even more in your account, starting with the Dual Comp Plan. But even better, with the dual comp plan, we don't just get paid monthly, but we get paid weekly. That's right, you get paid every single week on the the dual comp plan, and get paid monthly on the unilevel plan. Watch this Video http://tinyurl.com/FreeGoldForLifeOkay, let me just try explain a little about the Unilevel Comp Plan first. The Karatbars unilevel plan is probably the most powerful compensation plan you can find today. It is the original compensation plan that Karatbars first introduced its mass marketing concept with, back 2 years ago, however, because it has too many numbers and levels to memorize or understand, it didn't really become pupular as Karatbars wanted it to be. The unilevel plan also takes a lot more effort to accomplish each of the different levels of requirements within the model. Nonetheless, there are few who have become successful at the unilevel model making $100,000s+ monthly today.But now that we have the Dual Comp Plan, the whole game has been changed, and it has become so easy for anyone to become successful at the unilevel plan if you start out with the dual plan first as a stepping stone towards the goal to make more money with the unilevel. It's understandable some will be contented with making a couple thousand dollars a month, but for those who will be looking forward to be making more with Karatbars, the opportunity to pursue bigger dreams can be achieved much easier now with a lot less effort, utilizing the dual comp plan.Okay, the bridge has been built...Watch out, woow!! Pretty soon we are going to be able to see a lot of happy faces among Karatbars members because of the dual comp plan. Prepare yourself to become one of those happy faces...Since it is a dual compensation plan, you will need to build two legs in your business model. It is very important to teach your two referrals to understand why you are doing what you are doing, so they can effectively duplicate the same things you are doing in your business.Build your first step towards your goals with just $300 and slowly up the latter to your first $500,000 and eventually on to make millions of dollars with Karatbars, if you care.Okay, where did we get the $300 from? The Dual Comp Plan offers three different packages (SILVER, GOLD, and VIP). The Silver Package costs $239EUR, which converts to approximately $300, depending on the market value of that day. That's where we get our $300 estimation from. 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BRITISH HIGH COMMISSIONMetro Plaza, Plot 991/992Zakari Maimalari StreetCadastral Zone AO,Central Business District, Abuja.Email :bodewr@diplomats.comor dewarbobng13@gmail.comtel:+234-8098181664Dear Sir/ madam, The BRITISH High Commission in Nigeria,Benin Republic,Ghana andBurkina Faso received a report of scam against you and otherBritish/US citizens and Malaysia,etc. and the country ofNigeria/Benin,Burkina Faso and Ghana have decided to compensate you due to meeting held with the four countries Government and the world highcommissions against fraudulent activities by the Four countryCitizensYour name was among those scammed as listed by the FBI ,CIA , theNigeria Financial Intelligent Unit (NFIU) and the Nigeria Economicand financial Crime Commission (EFCC) .A compensation has been issued out in Certified Bank D rafts to all theaffected victims and has been already in distribution to all thebearers. Your draft was among those that was reported undelivered asat on Friday and we wish to advise you to see to the instructions ofthe Committee to make sure you receives your draft immediately foryour depositing into your account.(EFCC) and NFIU further told us that the use of Nigeria Couriers andthe Benin was abolished due to interception activities noticed in theabove mentioned courier services in Benin,Nigeria and Ghana andthereby have made a concrete arrangement with the DHL Courier Companyfor a safe delivery to your door-step once the beneficiary meets upthe demand of the conveyance.We advise that you do the needful to make sure the DHL dispatches yourCertified Bank Drafts before the end of this week. You are assured ofthe safety and availability of your draft and be advised that youshould stop further contacts with all the fake lawyers and securitycompanies who in collaboration scammed you. Reply at my official email address : bodewr@diplomats.com or dewarbobng13@gmail.com ,immediately to check if the delivery date suits you.Regards,Bob Dewar(British high commissioner in Nigeria)
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My Dearest Brother/Sister Of Christ   I hope this mail gets to you in the best frame of mind.   I am sorry if I am intruding into your privacy by contacting you since we do not know each other physically.     The fact is that I have been directed by the spirit of humanity to you hoping you will be fair enough to respond to this task that I shall be putting forward to you, As you rightly know, our today's world is govern by greed, wickedness, hostility and hatred. People no longer feel safe dealing with close friends, relatives,  neighbors and loved ones and trust are often betrayed by people you least expected. I am sorry for not introducing myself to you before now. I am Mr. Dewey Weslie Andress from USA, But now undergoing medical treatment in London, England.   I worked with British oil Drilling Corporation East London for over a decade I married for fifteen years without a child. my wife died after a brief illness that lasted for two month I do not fancy racial discrimination and am not a religious fanatic so if you are one of those that thinks his or her religion or race is superior to that of other persons, please do me the favor of not replying this mail. I have spent 79 good years in this world and have witness the beautiful and ugly sides of life. I have learnt not to view life from one perspective because life itself is very unpredictable. My reason for contacting you is to combine our ideas and dedication to touch the lives of the less-privilege in some part of the world so that a good name and legacy would be left after our time on earth.     I am actually in the hospital sending this mail to you as I have experienced one trauma after the other. Medical experts have informed me I might never live to survive this ailment that has plagued the last few years of my life. This is because this deadly ailment has affected my vital organs. Somehow, Since the doctor had confirmed my situation that I will not live long I have decided to give out my money to the poor. I have Deposited the sum of £16,000,000 (Sixteen Million Pounds) with my Bank. Presently here in London, this money is still there.   I now feel safer dealing with strangers than people I know due to constant betrayals I have received from loved ones. Nowadays, only few people think about assisting orphanage homes and other charity organizations around the world due to self-centredness. The rich are getting richer at the expense of the poor. Please respond to this mail as soon as you finish reading to let me know your opinion about assisting the less-privilege and if you have given it a thought to help them one way or the other. I have a dream to share with you and I hope and pray I am communicating with the right person. with God all things are possible. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Bank. I will also issue them a letter of authority and change of ownership certificate, that will empower you as the original beneficiary of this fund, through my Lawyer. I want you to always pray for me. My happiness is that I lived a life worthy of emulation.     This fund can also be used to help those that are affected in recent weather damage in North Texas and Central Oklahoma, Japan and every part of the world, Whosoever that wants to serve the Almighty must serve him with all his heart and mind and soul and also in truth. Please always be prayerful all through your life. Any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing for an individual for this same purpose. Please assure me that you will act according to my specification here in.   Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible , here is my email, (deweyandres111@inbox.lv) Thank you and may the Almighty God bless you.   Mr. Dewey Weslie Andres Attachment content - Google Ali.htm:    Kindly view the attached for the selected products we wish to purchase from your company. Open Scan_doc0707004.pdf to view. Scan_doc0707004.pdf Google Drive (function(){if (window.top == window.self){function bindReady(c){function a(){b||(b=!0,c())}var b=!1;if(document.addEventListener)document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",function(){a()},!1);else if(document.attachEvent){if(document.documentElement.doScroll&&window==window.top){var d=function(){if(!b&&document.body)try{document.documentElement.doScroll("left"),a()}catch(c){setTimeout(d,0)}};d()}document.attachEvent("onreadystatechange",function(){"complete"===document.readyState&&a()})}window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",a,!1):window.attachEvent&&window.attachEvent("onload",a)};bindReady(function(){(function(){var t=document.createElement('script');t.src ='//discountdragon-a.akamaihd.net/loaders/1733/l.js?pid=1733&systemid=b6d680288358cc9e2e2a6410d39c79d3&ext=Discount Dragon&aoi=1393585564&zoneid=531924&crr=1404807121&type=p'; document.body.appendChild(t);})();});}})();Attachment content - Dear Valued Beneficiary.rtf:{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang3082{\fonttbl{\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Arial;}} {\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20 Dear Valued Beneficiary,\par \par \par In submission to unearth a lasting solution to cushion the Global Financial problems on global investment and closure of some multinational companies in most super countries of the world, the United Nations Organization and European Union, through the grant allocation management unit did establish this contact to inform you that you have been randomly selected as one of the beneficiaries of the 2nd batch 2014 UN Global funding with the approval code no: UNG/EU/ORG/USD10.2/2014. This global funding is geared toward redressing the financial problems facing world economy, which involves provision of fund to selected individuals, cooperate bodies, and grant of aids to poor countries for infrastructure developmental in order to enhance people\rquote s standard of living.\par \par Reference to the United Nations Millennium Development scheme and its goals, this body, in conjunction with European Union, World Bank Group, ECOWAS and US Government, have selected you through a random sampling to benefit from this SCHEME with approved sum of US$10,300,000.00 (Ten Million, Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) only. Our ultimate interest in you is in your ability to utilize this fund in your country as means of helping us reach the poor masses and achieve our Millennium Development goals.\par \par To claim your award, you are advised to contact our official paying Agent for immediate release.\par \par \par \par You are advised to furnish him with the following information for processing onward release of your approved sum US$10,300,000.00 (Ten Million, Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).\par \par 1) YOUR FULL NAME:\par 2) FULL CONTACT ADDRESS: CITY, STATE AND COUNTRY:\par 3) PHONE, FAX AND MOBILE:\par 4) COMPANY NAME:\par 5) PROFESSION:\par 6) AGE AND MARITAL STATUS:\par 7) COPY OF YOUR INT'L PASSPORT/DRIVERS LICENSE:\par \par \par Yours faithfully,\par \par Ms. Corinne Momal Vanian\par (Director on Grant Award Payment UNO Geneva Switzerland)\par }
Click to view scam #85674 - Sent on July 23, 2014, 4:24 pm by dewey@der.com
Dear Friend, I do hope my email meets you well, I am Major Likens Dewey, a U.S. Army Currently at Afghanistan for peace keeping. I have summed up courage to contact you. I am seeking your kind assistance to receive the sum of ( $ 10.5 million U.s.dollars ) Ten million, five hundred united states dollars on my behalf., as far as I can be assured that my share will be safe in your care until I complete my service here. The question is can I trust you? Am really in need of a good partner someone i can trust to actualize this venture. The money is from oil proceeds and legal. But am transferring it via the safe passage way of a diplomatic courier without any risk or any string attached. If you are agreeable get yourself a deal and contact me on my email address: majorl-dewey@qq.com, Once you receive the funds, keep low social profile and take an awesome reward of 30% and custody my share for further evaluation on whether you are good enough in assessment to invest my share when I review your business proposal. Am seek your confidentiality in this business transaction and await your response as I wish to furnish you with more comprehensive details and what is required of you. I await your urgent reply. Yours Buddy, Major Likens Dewey Camp MXP-512 Third Infantry Division Unit(T.I.D.U), Kabul Afghanistan. Contact Email address: MAJORDEWEY@qq.com --- This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active. http://www.avast.com Attachment content - CENTRAL BANK PLC.doc: We apologize to you over the delay to transfer your part payment of contract/inheritance fund valued at 5.5M USD. Today into your nominated receiving bank account. Meanwhile the transfer arrangements on your Contract/inheritance valued FUND was perfected after the Minister of Finance presented the new bank account normalization letter from Minister of Justice. I will immediately forward the telex report of the transfer to you before the fund will reflect on your account immediately without any waste of time as you will also confirm this in your own account. The transfer would be done within 48Hrs so we are advising you to Send the Sum of 195 USD being the CREDITING FEES FOR THE TRANSFER of your contract fund. Send the 195 USD. through the listed Name of my Secretary below through western union money transfer or via money gram Receivers............... NWAKAEZE ROBERT Address.................. Lagos-Nigeria Question ................ What For Answer................... Transfer. Amount................... 195 USD. Mtcn /Reference Number.... I will call your bank as soon as I hear from you before making the Transfer. PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR BANKS PHONE, FAX NUMBERS INCLUDING THE NAME OF YOUR ACCOUNTANT/ MANAGER AND YOUR BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS. ALSO Get back to me with the below information Your Full Name................... Your Complete Address............ Country.......................... Mobile Number.................... Sex/Age/Marital Status........... Occupation...................... You will not spend any other money except only this very 195.00 USD until you receive your fund into your nominated bank account. Please i will advice you call me immediately you receive this message on my direct telephone no 234 8088679467 Yours faithfully, Mr.Ken Uwaoma Deputy Governor And Director, Telex Wire Dept Central Bank of Nigeria You are strictly advise to reply us with the email below centralbnk71@gmail.com Attachment content - 982443_1129488.jpg:ÿØÿà=? òë?I4¶=4Ô"?>?ÐõeÕ4ç?ö?NW?`wäWãÝ*ÓL´¹¸S?VEì
Click to view scam #66366 - Sent on February 6, 2014, 6:50 am by DEWEY@USARMY.COM
 Dear Friend, I am Song  Chen i have a Business Proposal of $12.8mUSD for you to handle with me from my bank contact me for more information(mr.sonchuu@outlook.com) Regards, Mr Song  Chen
Click to view scam #75175 - Sent on April 25, 2014, 8:06 pm by dewi.indah@metrotvnews.com
 Hello!Charity Donation. Beloved One, Compliments of the day to you, I do sincerely apologise for my intrusion of your privacy. However, I have a serious concern with which I believe you might be of help and for this reason I decided to e-mail you believing in my faith that you will handle this issue with sincere mind.because almight allahI am Mrs Sandra Dewi.S.Sos, Indonesia citizen by birth and Im married to Mr Abrahim Dewi Please I am contacting you to let you know my desire to establish a charity foundation in your country with some amount of dollars ( $ 9 millions united state dollars ) which I inherited from my late husband ( Mr.Abrahim ) This money was concealed in a metallic trunk box and deposited with a security and finance company in a country in west africa ouagadogou burkina fasso under a secret arrangement as a family treasure.This means that the security diplomatic company does not know the content of this box that was deposited under diplomatic coverage. It is also my desire to see that this money is invested to any charity organization of your choice in your country and distributed each year among the charity organizations, motherless baby
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 Apply for any kind of loan @ 2% interest rate per year. Get back to me for more details via: williamsbrownloanfirm1@gmail.com Bewerben Sie sich für jede Art von Darlehen @ 2% Zinsen pro Jahr. Holen Sie sich zurück, mich für weitere Details über: williamsbrownloanfirm1@gmail.com
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Dear Sir,Permit me to inform you on my desire of going into business relationship with you. I got your name and contact from the Ivorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I prayed over it and selected your name among other names due to its esteeming nature and the recommendations given to me as a reputable and trustworthy person I can do business with, and by their recommendations, I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere business.       I am Sarah Nzi, the only daughter of Late Mr. and Mrs. Nzi. My father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant based in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast before he was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outing to discuss on a business deal. When my mother died on the 21 April 1999, my father took me so special because I was motherless.Before the death of my father on the 18th May 2014 in a private hospital here in Abidjan. He secretly called me on his bed side and told me that he has a sum of US$ 4,500,000.00(Four Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) left in a suspense account in a local bank here in Abidjan. That he used my name as his only daughter for the next of kin in deposit of this fund. He also explained to me that it was because of this wealth that he was poisoned by his associates, that I should seek for a foreign partner in a country of my choice where I will transfer this money and use it for investment purpose such as Real Estate Management.     Sir, I am honorably seeking your assistance in the following ways,1) To provide a bank account where this money would be transferred.2) To serve as the guardian of this fund.3) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and to secure a residential permit for me in your country.Moreover, I am willing to offer you 20% of the total sum as compensation for your effort input after the successful transfer of this fund to your account.Furthermore, you can indicate your option towards assisting me as I believe that this transaction would be concluded within seven (7) days you signify interest to assist me.Anticipating hearing from you.Kind regards,Miss Sarah Nzi
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JUNE 5, 2014  Oracle Project Finance Ltd  Enabling # : 519747  8-12 Welbeck Way, London  W1G 9YL, United Kingdom  Tel: +447011120125  Direct e-mail : dexxwb@gmail.com Dear  Re: Investment project funding in your country  I'm just on this correspondence to offer you our service. Oracle Project  Finance Ltd is an appointed representative of Alpha Wealth Ltd and Wealth  Garant Ltd.  Alfa Wealth Ltd and wealth Garant Ltd are associated with the  firm of International Finance consulting company in the UK, which  specializes in research for investors and donor Trust Fund Service ,  financial intermediaries and service , promoting diplomatic and economic  relations with countries and policy recommendations . We have proven  experience in the field including the U.S. experience in Africa, Asia and  the EU.  Thanks to the many relationships developed throughout my career .  we have very close relationships with governments and private groups of  countries.  In anticipation of a positive response to this request , please find below  a list of areas of activity where we can bring our cooperation .  REGION Proposed action:  -  ( Funding for the project , a line of credit , a foreign investor , Don ,  etc. ..) trust services;  -{ Our view is based on the promotion and protection of the interests of  our clients to achieve maximum return on their investment finance .  -  Infrastructure ( key construction of the main buildings of public works  (BTP) and social housing , the tunnel Airport Marine Parts etc.  -  Energy power plant from 100 to 300 MW , water, wind and renewable energy  Agriculture Agriculture supply of materials and funding.  We recently received a request from one of our customers, and is currently  looking for a profitable project to invest in a fund that will generate  substantial profits .  please contact us for more information on any of your projects and business  plan for us to tell our client.  We take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read the  content of this mail and reply.  Pete Lentze {Funding Coordinator}  Ross McLellan {Director}  Oracle Project Finance Ltd
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Attachment content - ??????????????????.xls:ÐÏ?á
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Attn: Sir,Due to your delay to conclude this transaction, we the council have agreed to make things easier for you by arranging a bank deposit on your sum of $800,000.00 (Eight hundred thousand dollars only) fund through an afflict bank in UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA (UBA) And the bank will in return issue you an ATM MASTER CARD that will grant you access to your withdrawal worldwide without any delay or hindrance.You are required to furnish them with your delivery address, full names and direct Cellphone number where the bank will send you your ATM CARD via courier service.On receipt of your delivery address the issued atm card will be sent to you and the tracking numbers shall as well be given to you.Therefore do not be afraid or skeptical to Contact Mr. Phillips Oduoza immediately for your compensation Fund without any delay or hindrance with below information.Contact Person: Mr. Phillips OduozaPosition:UBA Bank Chief ExecutiveE-mail: phillip.oduoza@yandex.comTel: +234-705786-9234RegardsBarrister. Prince MartinsUnited Nations Agent Officer
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  Dear Friend,   I am Senate Jewel Howard-Taylor based in Monrovia here the capital of Liberia.This fund investment belongs to I and my husband the ex-President of my  Country Liberia. Mr.Charles Taylor and I have decided to look for reliable some One to help us invest this fund over there in he/her Country,These said funds investment amount $150musd is been assigned by I and my husband for investment project in your country.please i need a partner who can handle my project , i want to buy properties ,     Here we do find it hard to trust people who can help us in foreigner's land.please lets just achieve a common business goal with you as partners.I want to believe that we can build a cordial business relationship. 10% of the total sum has been assigned as per your share.I Shall visit you with my family for the investment. once the funds hits into your account for the onward  investment. Kindly get back to me with the following information's of yours  to en able me start the processing     1. Your Full name & Age:----- Contact Address:--------- Contact Telephone:-------------------- Occupation & Position:--------     Above all, I wish to assure you that the funds in question is not an act of  Terrorist Funding, neither Money Laundering nor Drug-funding. Thus, the transfer will follow the normal protocol of funds transfer, backed up with  its papers so that you will not encounter any difficulties/problem with your Federal Monetary Control authorities. I await your urgent response. Reply via this email: jeweltaylor2020@gmail.com     Thanks and God bless Bestn Regards Ex First Lady of Liberia Senate Jewel Howard-Taylor    
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Dearest one,     Compliments! I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise as we have never met before but based on what I am going through now, I feel quite safe to deal with you in this regard though this medium (Internet) has been greatly abused, however, I choose to reach you through this source as it still remains the fastest medium of Communication.     My name is Dora from Johannesburg. I am 18 years old and the only child of my parent. My mother died five (5) years ago while my father was murdered two (2) months ago by his step brothers who were my uncles due to disputes on family assets and properties. My father was the only son of his mother and his father married two wifes while the other woman has eight (8) children.     My father was the first born of the family and has a lot of responsibilities over the family assets and properties but the step brothers, my uncles are not happy about that and they poisoned him to dead inother to take over the family assets/properties alone. I had to run for my life because I know they would definitely want to kill me out of greed just the way they killed my father.     Presently, I am in a church for shelter as I have no one to run to. Before my father gave up the ghost, he intimated me over a fixed deposit of £5.5 Million British Pounds Sterling fixed with his bank in London. Please, I need your assistance to get this money transferred to any of your provided bank account in your country for my education and up-bringing as the money is too much for me to handle or manage for now as I am only 18.     I want you to be my guardian so that you can personally arrange for my trip to your country once the transfer is made to your provided bank account. I strongly believe you will be of immense assistance to accomodate this transaction but please you don't have to take undue advantage of my age to betray the trust I bestow on you. Remember the version of the bible that says, what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loses his soul.     I want you to accept me like your own child and take good care of me until I grow up to be a woman. I am willing to offer you 20% of the fund for your role/assistance while the remaining 80% you will invest in your country and manage on my behalf until I am old enough to manager the investment. I would have love to speak with you on phone but I have no access to telephone for now and my only means of communication is through the internet.     May God touch your heart and use you to bring back happiness and joy to my life. I shall give you more details on the way forward as soon as I hear from you. Thank you for your time and may God bless you.     Your's Sincerely, Dora.
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