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2013-02-28 00:08:50
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Desk Of The Presidency,

Standard Chartered Bank Plc

104 Akre Abuja-,Nigeria

KM 32 Babangida Flat,


Dear Sir,

This is to officially inform you as one among the beneficiaries of the

credited fund from the World Bank Compensation Fund Release.

This funds according the World Bank Instruction are highly based on

the below sources.

People with lost of properties

Scammed contractors/beneficiaries

Lottery winners/lotto

Retired Civil Servants

Next of Kin

Old Men/Women

Note that this fund is only for the below listed and the registration

records has commence today in my office with account normalization of

your banking details to avoid delay by International Monetary Fund

(IMF)/financial security and exchange commission (FSEC) and Financial

Services Authority.

This has made it necessary for your payment to be programmed into

Standard Chartered

Bank Corporate Visa Card.

In this regard, the authority had instructed us today to pay you your

part payment of (Us$35 Million Dollars only) Thirty Five million

Dollars out of your compensation Amount sum,(Us$67 Million

Dollars)Sixty Seven Million Dollars.

It will be programmed in SCB corporate Visa Card and sent to you

follow by the balance as scheduled.

Therefore, the Central Bank of Nigeria working relationship with SCB

has concluded to issue you a CORPORATE VISA CARD where your payment

will be uploaded. This will now enable you either download your

payment at any ATM Machine, your bank or any Standard

Chartered Bank closest to you.

For details confirm your private phone/fax number so that we can as

well reach you.If you have any question you can proceed further.

Looking forward to hear from you.



Ngozi Okonjo Iweala

Minister of Finance.

Nigeria/World Bank


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