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ATTN: Dear Beneficiary,

I wish to use this medium to inform you that your full Payment of USD$4.5 Million (Four  Million five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) from Federal Reserve Bank Benin has been RELEASED and APPROVED for onward transfer to you Via an ATM MASTER CARD which you will use to withdraw all the USD4.5M in any ATM SERVICE MACHINE in any part of the world, but the maximum you can withdraw in a day is USD$50,000 Only.
We have conclud with the ATM visa card Center Directo to send you the ATM MASTER CARD and PIN NUMBER which you will use to withdraw all your USD$4.5 Million Dollars in any ATM SERVICE MACHINE in any part of the world, but as I have mentioned earlier, the maximum you can withdraw in a day is USD$50,000.00 Only.
Now Your ATM VISA CARD is well packaged with every legal documents to cover it form not having any problem with any Office Authority or with your Federal Government and we have deposit your ATM visa Card with the conclusion to
deliver it to your home as soon as you contact them with you current
information below.
1) Your Full Name...............
2) Your Delivery Address........
3) Your Age.....................
4) Your Sex.....................
5) Your Occupation..............
6) Your Phone and Fax Number....
7) Your Passport ID
8) Your country,.................
Contact the ATM visa card Center though their contact information listed below:
Avenue Jean Paul I BP 325- Cotonou
Contact Person: Mr.Robert Williams
Finally, you are hereby advised to stop dealing with some non-officials in the bank as this is an illegal act and will have to stop if you so wish to receive your payment immediately.Thanks for adhering to this instruction and once again accept our congratulations.Copy Of Funds Is Money drownloands In Atm Card Issue In Your Name As Right Beneficiary.
Best Regards.

Mr.Mgbako Chubby
Minister of Finance & Economy
Federal Republic of Benin.
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