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Hello New Dear Friend, I apologies for intruding into your privacy, since we don’t know each other, but pay attention and understand my reason of contacting you Please don't be angry with me,i am happy to get in contact with you after my direction to find a nice trusted and sincere reliable friend I was motivated to saw your email address. I am here to seek your advice of which i know that it will helps me to overcome my situation,i am presently single girl,In your usual time, may it please you to write me back So that i will explain more about myself,Please do not neglect a humble and lonely heart. A good friendship is the foundation build on other relative things to come. I wait patiently to hear from you, so feel free to contact me on [email address removed] Thanks and God Bless You Miss Princess Lizzy Samuel,
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Dear Customer and Client,; APPROVED SETTLEMENT NOTICE US$2.5MILLION Does it means that you are no more interested of making the claim of your outstanding fund US$2.5millIion of yours which have successful channel to transfer and reflect into your bank account from our offsore Bank at Bahamas or Saudi Arabia? up till this moment, you only decided to remain silent even though I personally has took an Affidavit Oath to secure this fund from the Ministry of Justice West Africa Code of Conduct Court. With all due respect, if you really know you are no more interested of making this claim of your outstanding fund, kindly update me now to cancel this Transfer since your negative thought does not allow you to believe on the reality of what has just already concluded, please send me a declaration letter stated that you are no more interested of making the claim of your fund so I will cancel the transfer. What makes you think that you will not secure your fund and have Access of the fund as the real Beneficiary? You should know that I have made everything possible arrangement and get the Ownership Certificate available for you. The only money you are to spend over this is the sum of the $158, which will serve for activate the Transfer procurement payment slip and shall be submit to your bank authority for confirmation of the fund into your bank account. Are you internationally want to delay this matter? It has been long that I made the announcement of releasing of your fund which is ready for you to claim. with all due respect, I advice you to go now and send this Fee immediately without any delay and update me because I want you to secure this fund as we agreed and signed off the payment file. Make sure that you scan the Attached Copy of payment slip to me immediately. The US$158 shall be send to Bahamas or Saudi Arabia through Money Gram, Western Union Or RIA Money Transfer and update me with the Attached Copies of payment Information for accountability as directed, also get ready for the confirmation of the transfer as I am at your Service and promised for noble and perfect service to you since your Funds transfer is READY.You shall appreciate the effort of the new Attorney General of Federation, UN HUMAN RIGHT and of ECOWAS Government who has signed the Handover authorization of the fund rightly at the Supreme and High Court. please do not delay to send this fee today because this is a last chance and final conclusion, the reflection and the authorization alert shall be send direct to your Bank and you shall start withdrawal after 24hours of the alert. Kindly do your best now to send the Fee and update this office immediately. ;- CONGRATS FROM THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL UN/HUMAN RIGHT & USA CONSULATE BENIN; Finally we apologize for the inconvenience and delay you might have encountered while trying to receive your Fund in the past meanwhile am in Africa now on UN Mission to promote Equity and Justice. By virtue of law, you are advised to go now and send the required fee as directed to activate the Transfer procurement payment slip and submit to your bank authority for confirmation of the fund into your bank account today. Based on your past experienced against those criminal, a strict warning and signal has forward to the authorized Bank by Hon Barrister Robert Morris the UNO Attorney General based in USA and has directed the financial authority in Africa to transfer the total fund into your Bank A/C within 48hours once you reconfirm your account and is confirm while arrangement has made through Bahamas or Saudi Arabia Bank to carry on the transfer. So mail [email address removed] Contact Person is JohnPaul Lee, I await for the Attached Copy of Payment Transfer Slip Information Scan for Recorded of your Funds Transfer to be made immediately. Finally, a letter has drafted and forward to the Africa Union Pernell of Justice, United Nation Legal Firm and Human Right Justice Development Units over this issue, this is to make sure that the West African Government will not escape from releasing your fund per the instructions and for SURE, you shall receive your fund with out ant further protocol once the confirmation of the required payment is made. We shall forward the payment details to you once we hears from you. Thanks, Ms Barr Lucky White ESQ Rue Maliwo Lay Out Funtinus In Cotonou Republic Of Benin West African [email address removed] Fax: +22902130841 Phone +229 61 01 90 35
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