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FROM:OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY. 19, Hospital Road Garik Abuja. Tel: 234-8038503119 OUR REF:$25.5M Attention:Beneficiary. Obviously, you?re advised to contact the office of the presidency for your outstanding delivery fund payment which has been in our Treasury department since. However, The president ,Gen Mohammadu Buhari have instructed me to send you a reminder based on the instruction our diplomatic immunity service will deliver your fund to your door step in your country, hence an irrevocable order has been given by the president and the senate president. Furthermore, you're advised to reconfirm the following details below as to ascertain the delivery immediately by the (DIS). 1. Your Full Name: 2. ADDRESS: 3. NATIONALITY: 4. AGE: 5. SEX: 6. OCCUPATION: 7. MARITAL STATUS: 8. PRIVATE Telephone Number/FAX: 9. ATTACH COPY OF YOUR IDENTIFICATION: Sincerely, Dr,Douglas White.FINANCE
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Attention:Beneficiary, I am in accordance with the Bank of America (BOA) President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, (Gen.Muhammadu Buhari) I have signed the payment release order of your fund $12.5M through the Bank of America Salinas California, you?re advised to contact Mr. Antonio Rodriguez, Jr. who is in charge of all foreign remittance/transfer every charges must surely reflect in your balance for account opening. [email address removed] However, you?re advised follow his instruction and receive your payment or else I will inform the bank to return your fund back to the treasure department. Nevertheless, to ascertain if you are the rightful beneficiary of this fund kindly recon firm the followings, 1) Your full name and passport photograph 2) Your contract sun and the year? 3) Your age, 4) Occupation and marital status. 5) Reasons why you have not received your fund? 6) Your Telephone and fax numbers. Regards. vice president osinbanjo. Hotline: +234-8180278119.
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